Barbie’s PrickTease PlayDates Ch. 06


Dan hit a bit of traffic on the way to La Bella, and he panicked as he checked his watch several times during the trip, thinking that he might be late. The last thing he wanted to do was to keep this girl waiting, because he felt so privileged and just plain lucky to be able to go out on a date with her. He was relieved when the traffic thinned out and he made pretty good time, parking about 5 minutes early. With a little hurrying he made it to the block where the restaurant was located right on time.

As he approached, he spotted his Goddess immediately, waiting for him out front with several other customers milling around waiting for their tables. She wasn’t hard to spot, of course, with the feminine yellow and pink colors of her appearance standing out from a distance before he could see any details. He was truly in utter disbelief that she was actually there, waiting to go out on a date with HIM!

But sure enough, there she was, flipping through messages on her phone, which reminded him of that self-absorbed energy she had when she was standing in line at the coffee shop. And she hadn’t noticed him approaching just yet, which of course gave him an opportunity to check her out, as it were. So as he got closer, his hungry eyes quickly began drinking in everything about the way she looked, and his gaze moved over every inch of her from top to bottom.

The first thing he noticed was her hair, which had been a golden blonde when he saw her the first time the week before. But now it was dyed a whiter bleach blonde, and it had some light pink tints blended into it. The new coloring gave her an even more candy-coated sexpot look, and just like the way she wore it when he saw her for the first time, it was pulled back into a ponytail with a couple of loose, silky tendrils falling down around her face.

She was wearing a fluffy pink marabou feather jacket cropped to about a three-quarter length, and it was clasped together over her breasts. Dan’s eyes moved downward and he caught a glimpse of her exposed tummy, and then he instantly focused in on her sparkly, dangling rhinestone belly piercing.

She had a small, pink, classy-looking designer handbag with a gold-chain shoulder strap dangling from one crooked elbow, and she was also wearing a pair of skintight hot pink jeans, almost identical to those that she had worn in the coffeeshop earlier that week. As he approached, his eyes continued down the length of her body and again he marveled at the pleasant arc of her thighs and the curvy shape of her legs in general.

Finally his gaze moved down onto her shoes. She was wearing another pair of strapless open-toed mules, this time a bubblegum pink that matched the rest of her ensemble. The tiny pink vamp holding her foot barely covered any skin, and it left almost every inch of her dainty feet on full display.

Those sexy shoes had a thin, shiny stiletto heel with a gold metal tip that caught the light as she shifted her weight back and forth from one leg to the other. Shiny pink toenails peeked through the vamp, and he also noticed the gold anklet wrapped delicately around her shapely ankle, complete with a little gold-heart charm dangling from it…

He was still staring at the toes of her delicate, pretty feet as he walked up to her, and he dragged his eyes away, moving up the length of her body again. He realized she may have seen him approaching when he noticed her tucking her phone into her purse. Sure enough, when he looked into her eyes he saw that she was grinning warmly at him, looking like the cat that swallowed the canary. She had obviously been watching him ogle her, and her warm smile made it clear she knew he had been doing it, and that she approved of it too…

Why? Because contrary to what men are usually told (that is, not to stare at women, especially their body parts), Barbie just loved it when guys visually admired her on a date! Showing herself off was very much a part of her orientation, so she liked to dress in ways that tended to encourage such behavior too.

Still, it was normal for a guy like Dan to have conflicted feelings about it; he really wanted to ogle her but he felt very self-conscious about doing it, and she loved that. True to form, he began blushing furiously before they said a single word to each other.

Barbie held his gaze and observed his obvious nervousness for a few seconds while he stared at her. Her smile widened when as she sensed the way her appearance seemed to be making him so passive, and then she decided to make the first move.

“Danny!” She squealed in a sweet, excited voice as she click-click-clicked forward in those heels with her ponytail flouncing around, swishing back and forth behind her. He could see the outline of her large breasts heaving up and down as she pranced toward him in a highly exaggerated girly-girl walk, and his eyes focused on her chest for a few seconds. But then he realized he was staring at just that part of her body and he izmir escort bayan managed to tear his eyes away…

Again he looked into her big blue eyes as she got closer, and before he knew what was happening she rested her hands on his upper chest and slid them upwards next to his neck. “Hi, honey,” she said, with her tone of voice becoming calmer and more intimate.

Her hands moved outwards to the top of his shoulders and she pulled him close, snuggling her upper body into his. She leaned in like she was going to kiss him, but then she turned her head away at the last minute.

As she pressed her body up against his, her fuzzy pink jacket and the massive swell of her breasts pressed against his chest. Her silky blonde hair in that ponytail brushed sensuously against his neck and chest, and he found himself planting a gentle smooch right on her cheek instead of receiving the kiss he thought she was going to give him. But no matter, just being that close to her was absolutely intoxicating!

He began to feet lightheaded in response to her warm greeting; she was acting almost as though they knew each other better than they did, or as if they were already more intimate than they had been just yet. It completely stunned him and it established right away that SHE would be in complete control of whatever intimacies and affections would be shared with him that night!

In fact, he was so startled by this sudden and intimate contact, and especially the way she had given him such an overwhelmingly warm and friendly greeting that his body went stiff. He left his arms hanging awkwardly by his side, unsure of what else to do, as he was overtaken by the vanilla-smelling sweetness of her. And not only did his arms go stiff at his sides, but another part of him started to get stiff too…

Then she pulled back a bit, looking into his eyes as she let her soft hands gently caress each side of his neck. She slid her hands slowly and softly down his chest, and then pulled away, stepping back and smiling again. She eyed him intently, studying his reaction, clearly pleased with the way her instant display of affection had totally paralyzed him.

“Well don’t you look nice, all dressed up in your suit and tie!” She said as she gave him the once over, this time with a bit of a patronizing tone in her words.

Dan was completely flummoxed! With the way she had teased him so expertly at La Petite Mort last weekend, and then the way she had toyed with him during the week with her flirty text messages, finally being in her presence again was really intimidating.

Her sudden transformation from distant, controlling temptress to warm, friendly ‘girlfriend on a date’ was really messing with his mind, and doing it in the best possible way. And for the moment, he was completely speechless! Of course, Barbie could really tell that she had him right where she wanted him…

In fact, even trying to respond to her verbally was too much for him for a few moments. He looked at her as she reached up with one hand and turned her head to the side, encircling her ponytail with her fingers and bringing it around in front of her body. She looked down at it as she petted and stroked it for a moment while he watched, but when she looked back at him he immediately looked away, completely overwhelmed by her smile and her shining gaze.

He tried to express himself with a response, but the words just stuttered out of him, “H-hi there Goddess…I mean, Barbie, I mean…” And then he just froze for a moment with his face flushing red, and began to sputter, “Oh god, I’m sorry, I…I don’t know why I just…I mean, what should I call you?”

He simply didn’t know how to address her, whether it was okay to use her name or if she preferred the title. His question was met by her breaking into a gale of uncontrollable giggles, because she seemed to find his bashful idiocy almost pitifully cute. So she rolled her eyes and giggled some more, coming up close to him again and reaching out to give him a little tickle under his chin with the tip of one of her shiny pink fingernails while she answered his question.

“I kinda like the title, Daniel, I think it’s fitting for me, don’t you agree? But it’s okay to call me by name sometimes too.” Dan just nodded, still completely startled by the way she was acting. It was enticingly warm and sweet but somehow also assertive and powerful all at the same time…

Then she caught his gaze and held it, smiling broadly and making it clear that she approved of the way he was staring at every inch of her. She approached him slowly, moving to his side as she put her hand on his shoulder and let it slide downward, taking his crooked arm in hers and gently tugging on it.

“Let’s go in, shall we?” She said as she started walking him towards the restaurant’s front door in a surprisingly physical and controlling way. She did it so matter-of-factly that he didn’t have time to question how assertive it was, escort izmir but he instantly realized that he loved being “guided” by her like that.

As soon as they got to the entrance, she let go of him and took a couple steps to the side, looking over at him expectantly. When he stared back at her blankly for a moment, she suddenly crossed her arms and began to tap her toe in mild impatience.

Her facial expression went blank too, displaying a gesture of silent “on the clock” expectation that immediately made him feel a bit nervous. But then he realized what she was waiting for, and he said, “Oh, I’m sorry! Allow me…” and he quickly reached forward and pulled the door open for her.

Her slightly cross expression immediately softened into a pleasant smile, and she cooed, “Ooo, a gentleman, I like that” as she clicked past him without even looking at him. She added an obvious little bounce to her step as she went past, and she flipped her hair to the side so that it lightly brushed against his face.

The breeze from outside let her perfumed scent waft into his nostrils, and he breathed in the vanilla sweetness of her as his eyes moved slowly down her entire body while she took a few steps away from him and into the restaurant. There was just something so supremely confident about her demeanor and body language at that moment; it simply floored him.

Suddenly he realized he was standing there foolishly staring at her, so he snapped out of it and walked in behind her, following her like some kind of obedient puppy. He was really feeling more and more like he was in a dream, and he found himself staring at her round, delectable ass pivoting in her hot pink jeans with each step she took.

It was practically impossible for him not to focus on that particular part of her, and right then he noticed that the pockets of those designer jeans were lined with glittering rhinestones! They sparkled in his eyes as they caught the soft light of the restaurant, and they accentuated the impressive curves of her tush as it gyrated with each step she took.

She sauntered up to the hostess counter and got an obvious reaction of familiarity from the girl standing there; they obviously knew each other and Dan watched in fascination as the pretty girl complimented his hot date on her outfit. Again he stared as Barbie posed for her female admirer, almost like there was a level of intimacy between them, and he found it instantly appealing to watch his date openly show herself off for another woman like that…

The two girls chatted for a minute and Dan took an opportunity to look around the room a little, and just like the last time he had been there, the place was a picture of upscale romantic elegance. There was dim lighting, a soft buzz of friendly conversation and the warm intimacy of mostly couples. And just like before, he immediately noticed that the staff seemed to consist entirely of beautiful young women.

Looking back at his gorgeous date chatting with the hostess while he stood there like an ornament, again he was completely stunned and captivated by her raw, girly sex appeal. He couldn’t help but make another pass up and down her entire body with his eyes, but then the pretty hostess came around her podium with two menus in hand. Barbie turned around and

motioned for him to follow them, saying, “Come along, Daniel. Follow us!”

Once again there was an all-too-obvious performance going on as his sexy date for the evening strutted along in front of him towards their table, and Dan followed mindlessly as he observed her in great detail once again.

His gaze began down low and went up her entire body, starting with her hot pink heels and moving up the length of her curvy legs. He lingered briefly on her plump bottom before focusing in on the way her lovely whitish blonde hair swished to and fro on top of her pink feathery jacket while she walked.

He was starting to feel a little light-headed, and he was terrified to note that his cock had already gotten uncomfortably erect in his pants in response to her blonde, fluffy pink and perfumed presence. He tried to hide his bulge with one hand a little bit as he observed the way people sitting at tables were noticing them. Predictably, the men were totally focused on HER, but for some reason, the women seemed to be looking at him, and a few of them seemed to have knowing smiles on their faces…

As they approached a quiet table for two near the back of the restaurant, the hostess gestured to their seats. Then Barbie turned to him with a smile and said in a soft, lilting voice, “Help me with my jacket, will you Daniel?”

Dan nodded dumbly and stepped forward while raising his hands slightly, not sure exactly what he was supposed to do, but Barbie turned around and sort of stepped back into him, looking back at him coquettishly over her shoulder as she moved her arms out to the sides and a little bit behind her.

Dan slipped his hands izmir escort inside the soft edge of her jacket and helped slide it off her shoulders, and she turned her body a little so one arm could slip out of it. She turned to the other side so she could pull her other arm out and then she shimmied side to side a little bit, causing it to slide off her arms the rest of the way.

As her fluffy pink jacket fell free of her body and into his grasp, it brushed against his mid-section, and the sensation of it lightly touching his stiff cock in his pants caused him to gasp slightly. He stood there holding it for a moment, reveling in the sensuality of the feathery material and then he looked at the hostess, realizing that she was smiling at the obvious effect her feminine garment seemed to be having on him.

Meanwhile, Barbie went around behind her chair and then turned to face him, revealing that she was wearing a hot pink, short sleeve, angora tank top which barely covered her enormous breasts. It was a button-down style, quite low-cut as well, and the top button was undone, revealing a mountain of fleshy cleavage.

Apparently, right then was another opportunity to show herself off for him in that moment, and she didn’t hesitate for one second to take advantage of it. So she put her hands on her hips, posing for him with her smile widening as she saw him staring into her eyes.

Since she clearly had his complete attention just the way she wanted, she took a long, slow, deep breath, throwing her shoulders back a little so her chest pushed forward. A slight turn of her upper body from side to side followed this action, as though she was making it a point to provide him a three-dimensional view of her breasts.

It was like she was giving him permission to look at them, or perhaps even suggesting (or insisting?) that he do so. He simply couldn’t help himself as he tore his eyes away from hers and let them focus in on her upper body. Her smile got wider as she observed him focusing in on her chest…

He saw that she wore several gold necklaces of different lengths, each with little heart charms of different shapes and sizes dangling down from them. A thin, sparkling, gold waist chain hung from the swell of her hips, and crossed her tight tummy just below her belly button.

It was clear she was purposely putting on a show for him, and she continued to flaunt her charms for him for a few more seconds, making sure he had the chance to stare at all the little details of her curvaceous upper body.

But after waiting for his eyes to move back up to hers, she said with a hint of impatience, “Well don’t just stand there staring at me and holding my jacket in your naughty boy paws, come over here and hang it on the back of my seat for me! Then you may sit down, Daniel.” The tone in her voice was sweet but firm, and it invited no argument.

Dan felt his cheeks burn as he listened to his gorgeous Goddess scold him and then give him instructions; it was a totally obvious and public display of brazen female supremacy, and he loved everything about it! Barbie watched him, just loving how he obeyed her immediately, and he went over to her and hung the jacket on the back of her chair.

Without being told to do so, he pulled out the chair and looked at her. “Thanks honey!” she said girlishly, her impatient tone completely gone, replaced with pure feminine sweetness. She didn’t even look at him as she sat down in it and slid herself in, closer to the table.

But of course, his eyes were still totally focused and fixated on her, simply adoring the view of her lovely silky blonde hair and her bare shoulders and arms from above as she adjusted herself in her seat. When she was all settled in, Dan went around to his chair and sat down too.

The hostess, who had been waiting patiently for the two of them to get settled, smiled widely at him, clearly noticing and enjoying his mild discomfort and embarrassment. “Well,” she said, handing them their menus, “thanks for coming to La Bella this evening. Your server will be by in a few minutes to take your drink orders, and I do hope enjoy your meal with us.”

As she walked away, Dan noticed with rising anxiety that she made a bee line to the front of the restaurant and began excitedly whispering to several other women working there, and pointing in their direction.

But his attention was quickly recaptured by Barbie, who smiled, leaning back in her seat and spreading her arms in a welcoming gesture. “Well here we are, Daniel!” she giggled. “It’s nice to see you again. Has someone been excited for our date?”

Dan felt his cheeks burning again, and he looked down at the menus and glassware on the table, unable to hold her gaze. He tried to shake off this ridiculous sense of intimidation he felt, and looked back in her eyes, managing a sheepish nod.

Then she reached down into her purse and pulled out a small compact mirror, opening it up and checking herself out in it. She pouted her lips briefly and turned her face from side to side, checking her makeup. Then she said casually “You must forgive me for teasing you the way I did all week long. I do hope I wasn’t being too hard on you…”

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