Bartender Ch. 01


The city is a place that you can see or do most anything you want. It took me a while to get used to this since I grew up in a small town. One evening I was out at a club and went to find the bathroom. In the process I stumbled across a guy and girl getting it on in the back room. When I opened the wrong door and realized what happened my first instinct was to close it and hope they hadn’t seen or heard me. I left and found the bathroom. When I was done instead of going back out to the club I walked back to the door I accidentally opened moments earlier.

Quietly I opened the door again, just slightly and peered through the 2″ crack. He had her sitting on a desk. Her arms and legs were wrapped around him. His jeans were at his ankles while he fucked her where she sat. They were both into it heavily and neither of them even had a clue that I was watching. When he laid her flat on the desk and fell on top of her I made my move. Pushing the door open just wide enough to enter I slipped into the room. Quietly closing the door behind me, I settled in behind some shelves to watch.

I heard their wet sex slapping together along with their panting and moaning. I felt myself stirring inside while I enjoyed watching and hearing them. He started to talk to her. I listened intently to hear his words.

“Do you remember when you told me you wanted to be gang banged baby?”

“Yessssss, oh god yes I want that so bad!”

“Well tonight is the night.”

“I don’t understand, it’s just you and me here.”

“For now it is, but when the club closes I have made other arrangements.”

“Oh baby, thank you so much! I can’t wait!”

She grabbed his ass and pulled his cock deep into her pussy again while they continued fucking like crazy. He kept talking to her while he fucked her telling her what a good slut she was. She purred at his words and responded physically to prove it. My pussy was pulsing in my panties. I reached under the black skirt I wore to feel that I had soaked through them. Pulling the edge of my panties aside my fingers toyed with my silky wetness while I listened to the lusty scene playing out in front of me.

“Oh baby, I’m cummingggggg!” she screamed.

I watched from my vantage point to see her contorted face of ecstasy. Her body tensed and trembled under him. Her back arched and a loud scream came from her mouth. He drove his cock deep into her pussy and fucked her hard while she came making her scream more and more. After she finally quit cumming he grabbed her body and rolled her over exposing her ass. The pink skirt she wore was hiked up to her waist. Long spread legs led up to a luscious full-sized white ass. She wasn’t a big girl but she was nice and thick, instead of sickly skinny. He slapped her ass a few times leaving bright red prints in his wake. She jumped and screamed with each loud smack.

“We need to get your ass limbered up for tonight baby girl.” “Mmmm, yes get my ass loosened up for my gang bang baby!”

His hands pulled her ass cheeks apart while he lowered his body and lapped at her dark hole. She squirmed and wiggled while he probed greedily at her ass. Fumbling with her purse she tossed him a bottle of lube.

“Fuck, I love that you are always prepared.”

“You know me, I’m a slut. I come prepared ALL the time.”

I watched as he poured some lube into his hand. He stroked it over his cock then rubbed the rest on her pert little asshole, slipping a thick finger inside.

“Oh god yes, that feels so fucking good. I want more. Give me your cock baby, right up my tight ass!”

He pressed his cock to her ass and slid the head in then let it pop back out. Each time the head passed her tight sphincter muscle she let out a small whimper.

“Just leave it in baby, that hurts when you pop it in and out.”

“We have to get you ready for tonight. If you can’t take this I will have to cancel the plans.”

“No nooooo, don’t cancel!”

“Then let me work your ass baby, so you’ll be ready for anything.”

He continued to pop the head in then back out until her screams subsided. Obviously she was starting to relax. When he popped the head out the last time I noticed that her asshole remained more open and wide. He took 2 fingers from each hand and slipped them into her asshole now and pulled from each side, stretching her further.

“Oh fuck!”

“Shhh, we need to do this baby girl.”

“I know, I know, damn I can’t wait till tonight.”

He held her ass open with his fingers, “Mmmm that’s right, if you can relax your ass like this tonight you will do fine.”

My fingers dripped with my juices, listening to them, seeing her pained face, hearing their plans for tonight and everything else had me hotter than hell. My breathing was labored. I could feel my body trembling with desire. I loved seeing her contorted look of pain/pleasure, pushing her limits. I hoped that the gangbang would take place here in the stock room so I could remain hidden and watch. The voyeur in me was exploding inside waiting to see what the evening held.

Somehow I casino oyna managed to hear the last song of the night being played in the club. They always played this song so people knew it was time to pack up and leave. They were oblivious to the song. Her gapping asshole awaited his cock. He pulled his fingers away and slid the head in and pulled it back out. It didn’t pop this time because she was so relaxed. He slid his cock in further. The first 4″ went in easily until he hit the bend in her colon. Slowly he worked to press it deeper. She let out a low moan when he finally rounded the bend and entered her completely.

“Oh shit baby, your hot ass feel so fucking good!”

“Mmmm, now fuck that tight ass baby, fuck it good, ream me out and get me ready.”

He launched into her ass with a slow steady stroke, in and out, in and out. He stroked her hard yet slow building her to another climax. When she was close he reached under and tapped her clit. She exploded and he let out a groan of release while he held his cock deep in her ass. I could see his tight balls pulsing knowing he was spilling inside her. After they settled down, they stood up and kissed. He hurried his pants on and she pulled her skirt down.

“Go to the girls room and freshen up. I will meet you in the hall.”

“Ok baby,” she smiled and left.

He looked around the room. I wasn’t sure if he realized I was there or he was trying to see something else. He walked toward the shelves I was hiding behind. Quietly I moved further down the aisle I was hiding in and slipped under a table. I felt my pulse in my neck. My heart beat so loudly I feared he would hear it. I heard his footsteps get closer, but couldn’t see him now. He made a sniffing sound, like he was trying to smell something. God, I hoped he couldn’t smell the scent of my wet pussy, or my perfume. His footsteps stopped. My heart raced more. Finally he moved toward the door again. I let out a sigh of relief when I heard him open the door to leave and find his girlfriend.

Crawling from under the table I was still apprehensive since I didn’t actually see him leave. Peeking around the corner I didn’t see him. One of the things I hadn’t contemplated was how I was going to get out of the club once the doors were locked. Even if I were able to witness the gangbang he had planned I would need a means of escape without letting them know I was there. The voyeur in me just wanted to watch, not participate.

I turned the doorknob slowly, pulling it open just a crack. He stood in the hallway waiting for her by the bathroom. When she came out he grabbed her and kissed her again.

“Are you ready baby girl?”

“Oh yeah, I am more than ready.”

They turned down the hall and vanished into the club. Slipping out the door into the hall I felt very vulnerable, not knowing if someone else may come down the hall at any moment. Heart racing, palms sweaty I tiptoed on my black stiletto heels, down the hall. When I got to the end of the hall and looked cautiously around the corner I saw the two of them flanked by at least 12 other men. While I was trying to figure out how to get closer a scuffle started. One of the guys grabbed her boyfriend. He fought back but 2 other men grabbed his arms. They tied his arms behind his back and held him. His girlfriend started screaming for them to let him go. They grabbed her and tied her arms behind her as well. Each of them was set in chairs while the men devised their plan.

My heart beat louder than ever. I had a cell phone in my purse. I could call 911, but I was afraid I would give myself away and end up like them. The men argued a bit. I could only make out bits and pieces of their conversation.

“He is the one that arranged…… but…. John has always wanted to fuck a…. “

“Well John can go to…… if he wants to… his rocks…. in some guys… not here.”

The bartender turned the jukebox off and their conversation was clear as a bell. They were going to fuck both of them. I’m sure her boyfriend didn’t bargain for what was going to happen but he had struck the deal and put them in this position.

“No body is going to fuck my ass. I arranged this for my girlfriend only!”

“Shut up slut boi!”

The one named John walked to him and pulled his cock out, slapping him on the face with it. He turned and almost fell off the chair. His girlfriend screamed again.

“Somebody gag that bitch!”

One of the guys shoved his cock in her mouth until she gagged. John held his cock at her boyfriends mouth, “Suck it nice or we are going to hurt your girlfriend.”


The other guy grabbed his girlfriend’s hair and shoved his cock deep in her throat, choking her. Her eyes bulged and tears streaked down her face. He opened his mouth and started to suck on John’s cock, gagging at the thought of what he was doing. His cock wasn’t overly large, but actually smaller than normal.

The other man pulled his cock out of her throat while she gasped to regain her breath. She watched with intensity while her boyfriend sucked on the man’s cock. He slot oyna almost appeared to enjoy it after a while. She coaxed him on, “Suck it baby, god you are making me hot.”

He turned to look at her briefly while he continued sucking. One of the guys pulled her from her chair and untied her wrists. They laid her across a table on her back with her head hanging over the edge. One by one all of the men, except John, came and shoved their cocks into her waiting throat. Even in this position she could still see her boyfriend, now lavishing John’s cock with his tongue.

The men’s cock all varied in size but a few were bigger than others, while others were longer. She thought about how they would feel in her pussy and sucked with a vengeance. Some of the men were white, some were black. They all talked dirty while they fucked her mouth, calling her a whore and slut. The black bartender went about his business behind the bar complacently, as if nothing were even happening. Occasionally he glanced at the scene before him then went back to cleaning the bar.

I watched her boyfriend sucking John’s cock. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought he had wanted this to happen. He didn’t seem to be fighting it too much. His girlfriend was lost to all the cocks around her, sucking them like the perfect slut she was. My pussy ached and throbbed between my legs while I watched.

One by one the guys left her mouth and went to the other side of the table to her pussy. They took turns fucking her pussy next. Her legs spread wide, they laid her open and pounded her pussy while she screamed and moaned at the assault, begging for more. One of the larger men shoved his thick cock in her tight pussy.

“Oh fuck, damn, take it easy big boy, your cock is fucking huge!”

“Shut up slut.” he slapped her tits and made her scream.

I reached between my legs and stroked my clit while I watched. I couldn’t wait to get home and get out my big vibrator. I wanted to get off while thinking of his fat cock stuffed in her tiny pussy. One of the guys grabbed her purse and opened her wallet to see if there was any money in it. He dumped the contents on the table.

“Hey asshole, don’t take my money!”

“What you gonna do, call the cops?” he laughed.

Another of the guys found all her slut-preparedness tools that were stashed in her purse. He held up a small egg vibrator, the bottle of lube and some nipple clamps. He tossed the nipple clamps to John, “Here I know you love wearing these sissy.”

John moaned and ripped his t-shirt off his body, placing the nipple clamps on his pierced nipples. “Damn, I love feeling that burn, Mmmmm.”

He shoved his cock deeper in her boyfriend’s mouth. Spit was dripping down his chin from sucking and gagging. John grabbed his hair and lifted him from the chair and guided him to another table, pushing him across it. Her boyfriend kicked his feet a while until John held his bound arms behind him and reached around to unfasten his jeans, dropping them to his ankles so he couldn’t kick anymore. John was probably a good 5″ taller and beefier than her boyfriend so he didn’t have any problems handling him in his bound condition.

His girlfriend’s pussy was facing him.. Each time a guy went to fuck her all he could see was the ass of her assailant. Then when they stepped away he saw the gapping, dripping swollen pussy lips that were red from abuse. He knew she was loving every minute of his escapade. Right now he had problems of his own to deal with. He had not bargained for the stunt with John but when he saw that it turned his girlfriend on he went with the flow.

Now he was bent over a table with his pants at his ankles and his arms bound behind him. He wasn’t sure how far he was willing to go to turn her on… or if he even had a choice.

One of the guys grabbed her and turned her over and flipped her around so her and her boyfriend now faced one another. She lay on her belly with her ass in the air also. The men fucked her pussy doggy style while he watched her face. Screaming in ecstasy and torment he begged some to stop and others to fuck her harder. Her body shuddered many times. He knew she had climaxed several times. Even as big a slut as she was, she was growing tired and sore.

“Please somebody fuck my ass, my pussy is so soreeeeeee!”

John lowered his mouth behind her boyfriend and spread his cheeks. He had his girlfriend lick his ass on several occasions and loved it, but this was different, it was a man. It didn’t matter the sensations made his cock grow just as hard. John was in his own little world. He had her boyfriend all to himself while the others had to share his girlfriend. He took his time and licked his ass, admiring how his administrations made his balls tighten and his cock grow. He stood and lowered his mouth to his ear, “You like this slut boi, admit it.”


He reached for the bottle of lube and poured some over his ass, massaging it in. One of his fingers slid in his tight ass making his scream. In the meantime the guys were fucking his girlfriend’s ass already. canlı casino siteleri None of their cocks surpassed her boyfriend yet so she took them like a trooper and begged for more.

“That’s it, fuck that tight white ass, harderrrr, harderrrrrr!”

They pounded her ass until one of the larger guys came up behind her. He slapped her ass a few times and admired how her ass gapped ready for him. He shoved his entire length into her. A loud scream ripped from her lungs, taking her breath away. Her demanding voice became a whimper. “Oh fuck, hold up, hold up, shit that hurts!”

At the same time John slipped a second finger in her boyfriend’s ass, “Fuck, your fingers are bigger than your cock, I would almost rather have your cock in me!”

“Mmmm, now that is an offer I can’t refuse,” John laughed.

“Wait, wait, I didn’t mean that!”

“Too late slut boi, pucker up and hold on.”

His girlfriend heard their exchange. “Relax baby, like you told me earlier.”

John’s cock found his puckered rosebud and pressed until the head slipped in.

“FUCKKKK!” Her boyfriend screamed.

Just then the largest of the men came behind his girlfriend to do the same. Even though her ass was relaxed and gapping his bulbous cock head was as wide as her hole. When he pushed it in slow and deliberately it reminded her of her boyfriend, only larger. He touched the curve in her colon like he did earlier. When he felt the slight barrier he made a small upper thrust to pass the bend into her depths. She screamed out and used her hands to try pushing back on his thighs. He grabbed her wrists and used her own body as leverage.

I watched the exchange of looks between the boyfriend and girlfriend as they both had their asses fucked in a virginal sense. The largest cock she had experienced and the only cock he had ever experienced were shoved deep in their ass at the same time. They screamed and begged for mercy from their assailants, asking them to stop but they continued. I don’t know why it turned me on but it did. Maybe I was just as sick as the men committing the act.

The black bartender stood behind the bar and watched also without saying a word. I wasn’t sure if I saw contempt or lust on his face because his lack of any emotion was hard to read. He came from behind the bar. I thought perhaps he was going to join the gangbang but instead he headed my direction… toward the stock room. He was already half way to where I stood when I realized his destination. I ran into the stock room to hide.

He came through the door and looked around. His deep masculine voice bellowed in the room, “Come out, I know someone is in here.”

I stood around the corner by the shelves, trying to breath quietly. I saw his silhouette against the wall, then saw him when he passed the end of the aisle. Apparently he was also a bouncer. I guess his chest around 52″ but he wasn’t big all over. He had the typical tapered V to his body that a body builder has with narrow hips. His thick thighs bulged in his pants. His head was clean-shaven and he was dressed entirely in black. I lost him from my sight and wondered if he had given up thinking it was nothing. He popped around the corner where I hid and quickly covered my mouth with his huge hand. “Be quiet, don’t scream.”

I nodded my head in agreement. He slowly moved his hand to make sure I followed his instructions. “What are you doing here?”

“I, ummm, I well, I was in the bathroom during last call and ummm…

“Why didn’t you just come out and leave when you were done?”

“I… I don’t know…

“I think you do know. You were watching weren’t you?”

“No, I wasn’t watching. I swear!”

He reached to my crotch and felt my panties, “Bullshit, you’re a voyeur.”

I hung my head, “Yes I am, and it gets me so hot.”

He raised my chin with his fingers then put his wet fingers to my lips, “Don’t be embarrassed.”

I licked his fingers and looked into his eyes. When he smiled, it was the first expression I had seen on his face all evening. “Come with me.”

“No, I mean… No, I don’t want them to see me.”

“You are with me, they won’t bother you.”

I trusted him. He was huge and obviously knew how to take care of himself and me. We walked out of the stock room together. My stiletto heels clicked on the wood floor, my wet panties sloshed between my thighs and my hard nipples pressed at the lace bra under my blouse. His massive hand held mine when we rounded the corner at the end of the hallway. They were fucking the girlfriend’s ass and John was still reaming the boyfriend’s ass. They barely noticed us at first. He took me behind the bar with him and told me to stand at the end so I could continue watching at a much closer vantage point.

The both screamed and pleaded with those fucking them. Even though they were screaming I noticed they were both begging also. One of the guys talked over to John and whispered something in his ear. He slid his cock out of the boyfriend’s ass and let him try. Apparently he wasn’t gay but wanted to experience fucking a man. His cock was larger than John’s and made him squeal when he shoved it in his ass. One of the guys sat on the edge of the table and had the girl sit on his cock while another fucked her ass at the same time.

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