Bartending during spring break


I was a 22 yr old college student attending classes in daytona beach florida. How could you possibly find a better location for college? In addition to the location I had a ton of other activities that lead to an amazing college experience. I was going to school to be a pilot, I was the captain of the basketball team and I was a bartender at a local club. During the school year I was getting the usual after party sex, and girls wanting to hook up with the athletes. I naturally had the friend with benefits deal with cocktail waitresses at my club. But no matter how great the sex was during the school year, spring break was beyond any guys dreams.

Physically I am very good shape, this comes from years of balling. I am 6 foot 7, shaved head, really blue eyes and a athletic body type. Now back to the story. Each night during spring break brought in the same scene, a ton of hot college girls dressing in hot outfits and just getting wasted. The club I worked for was very lenient with girls stripping or flashing their tits and pussy. However the guys were not allowed to touch the females, the bouncers will toss you faster than you could believe. But while the clubbers could not touch the girls, the bartenders could basically do whatever they wanted. First night down there these two hot girls from california wanted to have whip cream eaten off there bodies. I helped bring them on top of my bar one at a time. The first girl was named michelle(or something like that, like it really mattered casino oyna to me). I took michelle on the bar and had her stand on it. Michelle was wearing a tanktop and a pink bra. She pulled the tank off, then just as quickly removed her bra. Her body was the typical california blonde, she had a great tan and a stomach as flat as a board. Her tits were a little bigger than I would like, she must have had d cups. Michelle then laid down on the bar and prepared for me to lather the whip cream on her tits. I got out the can and sprayed the whip cream all over those big tities. I then climbed on top of the bar and started in on her tits. I got the first tit in my mouth and started sucking the cream off. Her big tities filled my whole mouth, as I just kept pulling on the tits. I then moved over to the second one and instead of just sucking on the whole tit, I started to lick the shaving cream off. I used my tounge on the whole tit, cleaning all the whip cream without missing a spot. As hot as the first experience was it was nothing compared to what her friend wanted. Michelles friend ashley decided to pass on the whip cream, instead she stayed at the bar and made me a better offer. Ashley wanted me to go down to the beach with her after I get off work. This is where the night went from fun to amazing.

I finally got off work at 3am and was looking forward to a little fun. Ashley arrived back at the club right around closing time. We drove in my jeep right down to the beach, and slot oyna in daytona you are allowed to drive on the beach. I parked the jeep and we started on a little walk. She looked amazing tonight, she was wearing a short navy blue skirt and a white tank top. Ashley must have stood about 5′ 2 and weighed no more than 100 pounds. She had long brown hair an amazing tan, as well as legs to die for. We went for a short walk and I asked her if she wanted to take a dip in the water. She asked me to turn around and not watch her undress. I quickly stripped down to my boxers as she stripped down to her thong. Ashley quickly ran into the ocean while I still had my eyes closed. I then followed her into the ocean and swam over to her. She looked amazing with her hair brushed wet behind her head. I went over to her and lifted her up, I put my hands on her waist and litteraly picked her out of the water. This is when I got the first glimps of her amazing tits. She had a big C cup that had the perkiness of a typical 19 year old. The ocean water combined with the glow of the moon made her tits look like the most amazing things I had ever seen. I just held her in my arms and stared to kiss her soft lips. We must have stayed like this for 20 minutes or so. Ashley then decided we should go dry off on the beach. I picked he up in my arms and carried her back to the sand.

After laying her down on the beach I started to kiss her neck and shoulders, then I made my way down to her beautifull tits. canlı casino siteleri I massaged her tits with my tongue, paying special attention to her now hard nipples. After sucking on her tits for what seemed like hours she stood up and started to pull of her thong. With her thong still being wet It got stuck in her hot ass crack, so I helped pull it the rest of the way with my teeth. Pulling down the thong revealed her completely shaven pussy. It was so tight, you could tell that it had barely had a guy inside of it. Ashley then pulled my boxers off of me, this revealed my now throbbing cock. She climbed down between my legs and took my 9 inch cock into her mouth, licking my shaft from bottom to top with her soft tounge. The whole time massaging my balls with her soft hands, gently rolling them between her fingers. She continued to take my dick insider of her mouth, trying her hardest to make me cum inside of her. I told her to pull me out so I could eat out her pussy, fortunately she had other ideas. She did pull me now convulging dick out of her mouth and start jerking me off. She got her little hands and wrapped them around my huge cock, then to my suprise she started sucking on my balls. She got my whole sac inside of her mouth and started sucking on each individual one. Between this and her pulling on my dick I had could no longer hold back. I told her to take me back in her mouth. She naturally took me inside of her mouth and just sucked every bit of cum out of me. I shot more and more down her throat, the whole time she kept working my balls to force more out of me. This girl was doing things to me I could never imagine.

To be continued

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