Baseball Camp


Basketball Camp

“Jason you need to get moving,” I said as I wrestled my nephews duffel bag out to the car. “I love that boy, but sometimes I need to light a fire under his ass to get him moving,” I thought as I shoved his bag in the car and looked towards his parent’s house. Jason was just walking out the front door with headphones and his phone, and of course a basketball under his arm.

There were two things this 19 year old never left the house without having along, tunes and a basketball. I had offered to drive him to the basketball camp he had been admitted to following graduation from high school. This camp was something that was supposed to help him make the team in college and I was happy to help.

I got behind the wheel as Jason wedged himself into my compact car, at 6′ 6″ he was tall and muscular and I had a difficult time not looking at his crotch. The old cliché about shoe size and the size of a man’s cock did mean something. My arousal always started when I got sight of something that huge.

We drove across town to the gymnasium where the camp would be conducted. I had trouble calling it a camp because it was right in town and I would be there every day watching him play and workout like the good aunt that I am. I am a retired college consular so I know the importance of family participation in these things. My sister in law and her husband both worked full time and were very appreciative to the attention I gave their son.

We walked into the gymnasium following registration and I was immediately taken aback. The place was huge and there were about 20 players in every stage of development. Most were tall but they ranged from skinny to muscular and half had their shirts off playing an impromptu game while they waited for the coach.

Just so my readers understand, I am a self-described cougar, I like variety, which is the spice of life and I like them between 18 and 21 years old. And in this gymnasium it took all my effort not to pounce on one or two of the players immediately. I knew the next two weeks would offer me plenty of eye candy if not a bite of the young stuff I was checking out.

“Excuse me ma’am,” a very strong voice said, “if you want to stay for future workouts you will need to stay on the sidelines.

I turned around and nearly fainted, there was a mountain of a man standing right beside me. He was very dark skinned, probably close to 7 foot tall, and was wearing athletic shorts that did little to mask his manhood. His jersey was very snug and his muscular build was on full display.

“I’m the coach, Anthony,” He said offering his hand, “I take it you are here with one of the players.”

“Yes, Jason is my nephew, he has great promise,” I said promoting my only nephew who I knew would do great things on the court. “My name is Wendy, his mother’s sister-in law.”

“We’ll find out how much promise he has,” Anthony said, “now today’s workout is more about establishing their stamina and fitness for our camp. For this reason this is a closed session, but you are more than welcome tomorrow.” He said gesturing towards the door.

“I will leave Jason in your capable hands,” I said and took his hand again. His strength and power emanated from every pore in his body and my arousal that had started in the car was higher than ever. Jason looked down at my small white hand in his and I slowly pulled away from his hand cupping my fingers around his middle finger, a gesture that my experience signals men that something sexual could happen.

Anthony walked me to the door of the gymnasium, which seemed to signal that he didn’t trust me to leave. He opened the door just wide enough that I had to turn sideways to get out and he smiled saying, “Wendy you are welcome back anytime, I would love to get to know you personally.”

I looked up into his dark brown eyes and saw something that was not there when we were near the players. I intentionally brushed my hand across the bulge in his shorts and he pressed against the back of my hand with had to be a beginning erection and I looked down and could see the outline of his tip. I licked my lips as I looked back into his eyes, “I will take that offer to get to know me personally as a promise.”

His back was towards the players so I let my fingertips pass over the tip of his cock hidden but not noticed in his athletic shorts. My pussy was slick with my arousal as I left the gymnasium, I could feel my waxed lips sliding side to side as I walked. I had chosen not to wear panties and the air blowing up my skirt felt cool against my bald pussy, but did little to cool the heat deep inside.

The gymnasium was part of a larger sport complex so I looked around and saw a skate park a short walk from my car. I casually strolled over to the bench seats where I could watch two young men running the ramps with their skate boards. I could tell they were probably not more than 20 years old so I immediately sat down on the bench and with no hesitation parted my legs offering ankara escort bayanlar the boys a look they wouldn’t soon forget. The skate area was below the sidewalk level and the shorter of the two guys was first to spot my bald slit.

He took a tumble and his buddy gave him a bad time about being clumsy and as he came to give him shit he also spotted the distraction. He was a bit taller and unlike the first guy, bold in his staring at my slit. I pulled my skirt up another couple inches and he did a big circle around the ramp and up to the sidewalk.

“Waiting for someone?” He asked and sat down beside me flipping his skate board around and holding it between his legs.

“You,” I said and put my hand on his bare thigh.

He jerked as if I poked him with something sharp and then relaxed as my hand slid up his thigh and stopped so close to his crotch that I could feel the heat of his cock. “You got anything in those shorts that you’d like to show me?” I said in my sluttiest voice.

He sat speechless for a second then said, “Sure, but not out here in the open, follow me,” he said and jumped up, slammed his skate board down and pushed slowly away towards a small building. He motioned to his buddy that followed him and as I got near I could see it was a restroom. He pulled the men’s room door open as I approached.

I pulled the ladies room door open saying, “if you want some of this, follow me,” and I pulled my skirt up showing them my neatly groomed landing strip patch of hair that pointed directly to my swollen and wet pussy lips as I turned and walked into the ladies room. I looked around, it was not the cleanest place to have sex, but I knew it would better than the men’s room. When the door didn’t move I pushed it open a bit, the tall one, let’s call him stretch, was arguing with the short one, call him Shorty.

“Hey man,” Stretch said, “that slut will fuck both of us, you can’t pass up on that.”

“I don’t know,” Shorty said, “what if she is a cop or something?”

“Fuck you, cops don’t show you pussy to get you in trouble, stay out here if you want, but I know I am going to get some trim.” Stretch said and I pushed the door open for him.

“What’s up with the little guy, doesn’t like women?” I asked as Stretch looked in the three stalls to make sure they were empty.

“Who knows, he is undocumented, always worried about cops you know.” Stretch said with a sneer.

“He is Hispanic?” I asked, could have fooled me.

Just then the door swung open and Shorty walked in smiling from ear to ear. He must have figured out it was safer inside the ladies room than standing outside of it while his buddy got lucky.

“Well, you saw mine, now let me see what you two are packing,” I said as I looked at Stretch and then at Shorty.

“My name is Emmanuel…..”

“No names,” I said, “we are here to fuck, or at least I am.”

I pulled my skirt up to my waist and ran a finger up my slick crease. Stretch yanked his shorts and boxers down and revealed a 7 inch cock that was just about erect. Shorty looked around and slowly unbuckled his jeans and when they fell to the floor his 10 inch cock flopped out and I knew I had hit the jackpot.

I walked over to Stretch and gave his cock a couple of strokes and he was standing tall. I then moved to Shorty, “he is short in height but not here,” I thought as I lifted his meat and felt its size and weight. He was far from semi-erect but looking into his eyes I saw the lust he was feeling.

I pushed him down on the toilet and bent at the waist not wanting to kneel on the dirty floor. I spread his knees with my hands and grabbed his huge chunk of Latin meat and skinned it back revealing a nearly purple tip glistening in the light of the fluorescent light. I licked it roughly and felt his shudder and then I slipped it between my ruby red lipstick covered lips. I felt his cock tighten in my mouth and knew he was going to get had in a hurry.

I loved to deep throat a cock, and knew this one would be a challenge. My poor little dildo that I trained myself with didn’t hold a candle to Shorty’s monster. I wanted to savor this cock and began running my tongue over the tips ignoring his buddy Stretch. This was the cock I wanted in the gymnasium, the cock I knew Anthony had, and now I would have it, down my throat.

He hardened with each pass of my tongue, each time I ran his semi-erect cock down my throat I felt it harden and swell in my mouth. Then there were hands on my hips, fingers in my pussy and up the crack of my ass. I humped back against them and then knew that Stretch would not wait for instructions or permission.

Emanuel put his hands on my head and started thrusting into my mouth and then my pussy was being penetrated by a strange cock. Not the biggest I have had, but it would do if he had any knowledge of how to use it. I felt him slip the head inside of me, he had a cut cock with a helmet he could be proud of and I felt my pussy close around his shaft ankara esmer escortlar and he thrust into me, pulling at my hips. He groaned, I knew he wouldn’t last, a woman knows these things. It was all about his pleasure and I didn’t care, this Latino cock was going to fill me with all the cum I desperately needed.

Stretch picked up the pace, humping he wildly as if he was on some foot race desperate to cross the finish line. I pulled off Shorty, “slow it down a bit,” I scolded, “the idea is to make me cum and then you.”

I knew he wouldn’t listen, his feeble attempt at sex separated him from the true man that was at that moment in my mouth. He was fully erect, I had two hands on his cock and he was hitting the back of my throat without me making any movement. He humped hard and if it hadn’t been for holding his cock at the base he would have choked me completely.

Stretch moaned loudly, “Of FUCK, I am gonna cum.” I humped back against him know my tubes had been tied but waited until I knew he was beyond control, which he reached with the next thrust. “Fuck yea, here it comes bitch, I am going to plant my seed deep inside your fancy ass cunt, your high and mighty show me yours BITCH.”

I felt his first spurt deep inside me and pulled off of Shorty, “You stupid fucker,” I yelled, “if you knock me up I will make your fucking pay.”

My hand stroked Shorty wildly and Stretch sent another rope of cum inside of me unable to control his lust. Shorty groaned and rammed his cock down my throat and blew his thick Latino seed down my throat. I pulled back as he sent spurt after spurt into my mouth and throat and then a shot across my face. I looked up and smiled, “What a fucking stud you are Emanuel,” and I felt Stretch pull out of me.

I stood and looked at the pitiful scare crow of a young man, “You are so pathetic,” I said, “I told you not to cum in me,” I said as I spread my legs and watched his load begin to run down my legs. “Look what you have done, I was ovulating this morning, do you have any idea what that means?”

He was shocked, I could have knocked him off his feet with a feather. I pulled my skirt down, looked back at Shorty who sat on the toilet with his massive cock covered in my saliva and his cum. I bent and kissed the tip of his cock, looked into his eyes, and knew I would see him again. Stretch, well he wasn’t worth the trouble, but he did get me to an orgasm but he’d never know it.

I turned to Stretch, “I know who you are, if I am pregnant you will be sorry.” I didn’t smile until I was clear of the door, the look of horror on his face and his buddy yelling, “now who is stupid? I know enough not to plant seeds in someone else’s garden,” and laughed.

As I walked back to the car with his cum seeping out of me and the taste of Shorty’s cum on my tongue I started thinking about what to wear to the basketball camp tomorrow…

Basketball Camp 2

The alarm beside my bed dragged me out of a deep sleep and as much as I wanted to remain in bed I knew I had so much to do today so I could be the first family member at the basketball camp I had dropped my nephew Jason at yesterday. I flopped my arm across the bed, my husband was up and presumably gone as he always was. “Another morning alone in bed and horny as hell,” I muttered as I flipped the blankets off and ran my fingers over my bare pussy.

I needed to make that morning trip to the bathroom, but then I would return to bed after stopping by my drawer full of toys, “I think the big purple one today,” I thought as I swung my legs off the bed and walked to the bathroom. I pulled my nightgown off and looked at my 34C tits, “still firm and so perfect,” I thought as turned to set on the toilet and finished the task that brought me to the bathroom.

After retrieving my toy I slid back into bed and closed my eyes and my mind filled with that mountain of a man that I met yesterday. Anthony was dark as the night but there was brilliance in his eyes, a brilliance that filled me with lust, I had to have him.

I pushed the large purple head of the dildo between the swollen lips of my pussy and imagined it was Anthony. His black cock penetrating my white pussy for the first time would test the limits of my 53 year old pussy, a test I had studied for so many times before. I knew his cock was huge in length and girth, perhaps the largest I had ever had. The toy slid in, no hesitation, no gentle attempt to test my depths, I knew he would take control of me and I would be but a fuck hole for him.

I imagined his muscular chest pinning me down to the bed, his hips grinding that huge cock into my gut, would the tip of his cock penetrate my cervix? I wanted to know and feel his strength, and then I felt it, the start of an orgasm and I wanted to cum on Anthony’s huge cock. If I did he would know that I was his, at least his for that moment.

I thrust my hips up to meet my hand shoving that huge deep purple toy into my slick pussy, lips spread, sincan grup yapan escortlar my arousal squishing out on my waxed labia. I wanted to please him and then I froze, my orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks. Every muscle in my body reacted to the cock that was shoved deep inside of me, I was cumming and I wanted it to last forever.

It was a good orgasm, but it did not cure my lust for that man that I wanted, I would let him take me right on that basketball court if he wanted, he could take me in any position. I had to have him, TODAY! And so my day began, as it always did, with an unfulfilled lust and sexual need. I quickly showered and then selected the perfect wardrobe. My dress was short and pure virginal white in color, not so short that I looked like a whore, but short enough that it would ride up when seated. Stockings, black with elastic lace tops, no sense messing with a garter belt today.

My shoes were a statement of my desire, stiletto heels that graced my feet and made my legs the object no man could resist. I looked in the mirror, my make up was perfect, not over the top slutty, but it screamed “fuck the bitch in heat,” I thought as I nearly ran to the car and drove to the gymnasium where Jason and the other camp participants could be heard gathering for their opening workout.

I pushed on the double doors with confidence, I was the first family member there and as I walked to the front bench seat along the court the place fell silent. All eyes were on me, the young men, 18 to 22 years old stared at me like I was a goddess from on high. I made an entrance that screamed, “I am ready to fuck.”

I set my purse on the bench, adjusted my skirt and looked at all those athletic faces, strong, viral, and young. Inexperienced in most cases to what a woman wants and needs, and that is the way I liked them. I was like a lioness surveying the savannah for its morning prey, but unlike the lion I was not searching for the weakest, I wanted the one that would match my needs with theirs.

“Aunt Wendy,” Jason shouted with his voice echoing across the gymnasium, “I knew you would come,” he said as he rushed towards me and hugged me.

I smiled, he really was such an attractive young man, the pride of my sister and her husband. I kissed his cheek leaving lipstick to mark my conquest. “How is it going Jason?” I asked as he released me from the hug that did nothing to cool the fire between my legs.

“I don’t know, the coach and I had this long interview and I don’t think he likes me much,” he said hanging his head.

“It will be just fine Jason, I will speak to him, I am sure it is just his way of training athletes,” I said as I let my hands brush across his front and felt his response to our closeness and knew I had produced the desired effect, “Adjust yourself Jason,” I said with that coy smile of control I had over him, “we must not display inappropriately,” I said as I stepped around him to hide him from the players. I knew they cared nothing about Jason adjusting his cock in his jock strap, they wanted me, I could feel it, I knew it.

“Jason,” a booming voice called out, “on the floor, NOW!” Anthony shouted from across the gymnasium. I turned towards the voice, “Hmmm,” I growled in a low guttural way, “My prey has shown himself,” I thought not daring to reveal my needs to Jason.

Jason hustled back to the group and the coach shouted, “let’s do some wind sprints, ten times back and forth, you know the drill” and he blew his whistle and the young men took off running like gazelles across the African plains. It was a site that made my pussy ooze my creamy arousal as I positioned myself on the bench prepared to watch.

Anthony looked my way briefly, I had anticipated this, “he wants me as bad as I want him,” I thought and as his eyes fell upon my seated form I parted my legs, my skirt rose to a dangerous level, and I could see the light burning in his eyes, he saw my bare pussy, no panties to attract my prey, nothing but my waxed labia gleaming with my desire.

My eyes dropped to his crotch, the white athletic shorts moved in front, “yes, he is mine, just a bit more and he will be mine,” I thought as I placed my hands on my nylon stocking covered thighs and I opened my legs further and moved my hands to the elastic tops of my stockings, held that for a moment, then slowly crossed my legs hiding the object of his desire.

Anthony turned back to his players, shouted commands to them, worked them like soldiers in basic training, and I knew his sexual desires were controlling him as much as mine were controlling me. The young men were covered in sweat, some sagging from the exertion, yet he drove them and he would look my way, I refused his desire to see my snatch again, “he needs to earn it,” I thought feeling in control of this tall handsome man.

There was this olive skinned player, jet black hair, and I noticed his smooth skin, not a hair on his arms or legs. His name was on his jersey, it looked Italian. I pulled a small red out of my purse and jotted the name on the pad and added, “strong, muscular, probably 21 no more than 22 years old, Italian, need to have him.” I put the little book back, every accomplished professional keeps notes on their future plans, and he was definitely on my list.

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