Beautiful Assets Ch. 02

There comes a time in a man’s life when he doesn’t exactly know what he wants, but is content with what he has. A time when a man decides that he doesn’t want to take risks or chances, but instead will sit and long after the things he so desperately desires. This usually occurs when a man is still young…in his 20’s or 30’s…and has his whole life ahead of him. Choices are hard to make, yes, but you can’t just ignore the opportunities in front of you. That will lead to madness.

That’s the case with 28-year-old Nick. Nick was not a professional businessman. Nick was not a rich, gem-collector or wealth enthusiast. Nick was average. Nothing special about him. He had an average house, and average paycheck, and average body…just an average life. The only thing that was possibly above-average concerning Nick was the size of his cock, but that didn’t matter, because he was only average at dating girls. The strange thing about Nick’s “condition” was that Nick continued to tell himself that he was actually doing well. He told himself every morning that he was “above-average,” no matter what his paycheck says. This positive attitude was probably the only thing that kept him going.

A few months ago, however, Nick had an encounter that rocked his world. It was completely the opposite of anything he had ever done. He had made a choice. He had amazing sex with his beautiful next-door neighbor, Julia. Using Julia as his motivation, Nick was finally able to make a decision: to fuck the hell out of her fine ass.

Now, three months had passed, and Nick had intentionally avoided his beautiful neighbor. They had not spoken since the night of their wild sex. Nick pondered many times why this was true. Why would he just give in to his fears, his philosophy on life, and just go fuck her? Or, even have a relationship with her! Imagine that! But alas, he would always choose to just “go the the store” or “go rent a movie” instead.

One cold, January morning, Nick awoke to a cup of coffee. He loved the taste, the smell, and was content. He decided to run outside and grab the newspaper. He bundled up (he was surprised that he had to, since the weather in Texas is so unpredictable), and headed outside. He trotted briskly to the moist newspaper in the middle of the yard, picked it up, and turned back to enter his house…when he heard a sound. It was a very familiar sound. It was Julia’s voice, speaking to someone outside on her front porch.

‘Who could she possibly be speaking to?’ thought Nick. After all, it was about 8:00. Nobody gets company at 8:00.

Nobody except Julia. She was laughing, talking to a tall, muscular male with fairly long, brown hair. The man looked like he could break Julia in half. Nick was astonished. He ran inside, closed the door, ran down his obnoxious maze of hallways, and finally arrived in his bedroom. He quickly, but silently, peeked out the blinds of his “window of guilt,” as he came to call it. He watched the two for a while, then opened the window.

“I know!” Julia’s voice rang out loudly, laughing as she spoke. “I still can’t believe how great it was…” Her voice trailed off…

‘No way.’ Nick thought to himself. illegal bahis ‘She’s fucking another guy?!’

You see, even though Nick hadn’t spoken to Julia since their first fuck, he still felt the stings of jealousy. Motivation enough, it seemed, to finally encounter Julia once again.

‘Not now…’ Nick spoke in his head. ‘Later this evening…’

Around 6:25 that evening, Nick stepped out of his house, locked the door, and headed to his next-door-neighbor’s house. He arrived just as he did three months ago, observing everything on her porch, and paying special attention to the two white chairs that Julia and her “friend” had sat on earlier that morning.

He knocked on the door confidently, and prepared a pose for when she opened the door. It took a while for the door to open. The door opened, and Julia’s bright face peeked through. Her smile faded when she saw who it was. She simply shut the door in his face.

“Julia?” Nick yelled. It was the first time he verbally communicated with her in three months.

“Go away.” Julia yelled back.

“I came to talk to you…” Nick explained.

“You want another quick fuck?” Julia asked harshly.

“No…I just felt jealous of that man earlier.” Nick explained hastily.

“I bet you were.” Julia cooly responded. “There’s a lot to be jealous of, isn’t there?”

“But…” Nick continued. Nick then heard a voice from inside the house that he did not recognize.

“Babe, who the hell is that?” the low voice asked. It was the man from earlier.

“No one, sweety.” Julia sweet-talked. Nick heard footsteps; Julia walked away from the door completely.

Nick was left outside, contemplating his actions the past three months. It wasn’t long before he heard moans.

“Oh, yes…baby….mmmm…fuck my ass…!” Julia panted, gasping for air.

Nick’s cock hardened when he heard this, but his heart sank with jealousy.

“Mmm…fuck…I’m about to…cum…”

Nick considered leaving, but his cock was too hard to ignore.

“Ugh…yeah, baby…I feel that tight ass…” the deep voice yelled.

Nick unzipped his pants and began to stroke his cock, moaning and grunting with the people inside the home.

“Mmm…” he purred. His moans grew louder with his strokes. Eventually, he was practically screaming. Ths situation was just too taboo and too hot for him. Suddenly, the door swung open.

“Get the fuck in here.” Julia yelled, her hair a mess. She was wearing only a thong and the large man was holding her from behind.

Nick quickly ran inside, not believing his luck, and waited for instructions.

“I am still pissed at you, Nick.” Julia explained, a little tipsy. Nick noted the empty bottles of vodka on a table in the middle of the den. “But I need two cocks in me, and that’s all there is to it.”

Nick looked up at the towering giant that was her “partner.” He was very muscular, and had a very large cock, bigger than his own.

“What about him?” Nick couldn’t help but ask.

“Obviously, he’ll be one of the two cocks, stupid-ass.” Julia stated harshly at first, then collapsed into a drunk laughing fit. The large man

also illegal bahis siteleri laughed.

“Hello. I’m Pravin,” the large man stated, extending his hand. Nick shook hands, but couldn’t wait to fuck Julia’s tight butt.

“Well, let’s get started!” Nick exclaimed excitedly.

With that, Nick slowly approached Julia, and began sucking her breasts, biting them in every location…

“No, Nick. Fuck the foreplay. I need cock.” she panted.

Pravin, in one swift movement, thrusted his enormous cock up Julia’s pussy. Julia screamed in shock. She fell over, on the couch, with Pravin under her. Pravin thrusted upward into her pussy while Julia fucked his cock as best as she could.

“My god…Nick…give me some more cock…” Julia commanded. Nick climbed up on top of the mass of bodies and stuck his cock straight down Julia’s throat. Julia bobbed up and down, gagging a few times, and using her lips as best as she could, as if trying to suck his cum to the surface. Pravin continued his pounding, and, with a spare hand, pushed the back of Julia’s head forward into Nick’s cock. Nick was fucking her mouth, Julia was sucking it, and Pravin was helping the whole thing along. It was like a machine. Julia just took it in, her eyes closed, her mouth tightly wrapped around the shaft. Nick was doing some pounding of his own, thrusting his cock in her mouth until he reached the hilt, then pulling out and repeating the process. It wasn’t long before a position change was in order.

Nick pulled out of Julia’s mouth, which smelled of alcohol, and stood aside while Pravin lifted Julia off of his cock. Nick didn’t realize truly how large Pravin’s cock was until now. It was at least 10 inches, a large, purple head crowning the organ, and a veiny, pulsating shaft leading down to cum-filled balls. Nick had a strange desire to see that cock fuck Julia’s ass. Julia then stood up, positioned Nick in front of her, and Pravin

in back of her. She first leaned forward onto Nick’s cock, feeling it fill her. Next, she let Pravin take her ass. That beautiful, lush, creamy ass was parted by a large cock, one inch at a time. Nick moaned upon hearing Julia’s gasps; there was no way that Pravin’s cock would fit in her ass. Still, Pravin continued to watch his cock disappear inside Julia’s pink asshole. Nick was right. His cock was too large. Regardless, they both began

pumping in and out of Julia in both ends, trying to match tempos to make the experience more remarkable. Julia felt full enough to explode. She wrapped her legs around Nick’s waist, and Pravin supported her butt with his hands. Julia was now suspended in air. This gave Pravin better access to her asshole.

Pravin couldn’t wait any longer. He grabbed her butt, and pulled it towards his cock, slamming the girl as far as he could go. Julia moaned and wriggled around, feeling such pleasure. Nick also picked up the pace, fucking her throbbing pussy faster. Nick used Pravin as support as he slammed his cock in and out of Julia’s pussy. Julia couldn’t believe the waves of pleasure running through her body.

“Boys….oh my…mmmm” was all she managed to get out. She was clearly getting canlı bahis siteleri overused.

Pravin felt his cock start to release precum, and the pleasure was even greater now. He slammed his cock up Julia’s butt as far as it could go, but he wanted more. Pravin looked at Nick, and Nick, at Pravin. They both nodded. They both were about to give Julia the ride/s of her life.

After the “signal,” Nick and Pravin thrusted into Julia’s body together, and pulled out similarly. At a fast tempo, they both fucked Julia madly, like animals fighting over meat. Julia screamed, and her muscles contracted. Nick knew that she had cum already. Finally, Pravin found a way to slam his cock entirely in Julia’s asshole, reaching the very hilt. He then pounded and pumped Julia’s ass as hard as he could, feeling her hole

open up and tighten with each thrust. Nick also had his cock entirely inside Julia. Julia seemed to be hanging in the middle of their fun, sweating and moaning. She could hardly take it anymore.

“Oh, boys…yeah…fuck me like that…” she yelled, her voice ringing through her halls.

Pravin’s thrusts suddenly became more rapid and more aggressive. Julia’s eyes popped wide open as she felt Pravin’s hot semen splash against the insides of her ass. Pravin groaned and continued thrusting, releasing more jets into Julia’s ass. Nick, closer to an orgasm than ever, decided to finish as well. He pumped into Julia again and again, looking at the looks on her face, the cum dripping down her leg…

“Ahhh…god…” he moaned.

His cum rocketed throughout Julia’s pussy. Julia moaned when she felt it. As Pravin and Nick unloaded into her, she had another orgasm, forcing more cum out of both Pravin and Nick’s cock. All three of them collapsed on the floor. Pravin was the first to pull out. Semen was literally flowing out of her asshole. Nick finished as well, and pulled out. Julia was sweaty and her face was beet red.

“Wow…” Pravin uttered through gasps.

“Yeah…exactly…” coughed Nick.

When it was apparent that Julia was out cold, Pravin and Nick helped her into a warm bath. Nick decided it was best that he left before Julia regained her sober consciousness, and Pravin agreed. Pravin shook Nick’s hand once more, and thanked him for a great night with Julia, saying that they should double-team her again sometime.

It was now about 8:00. The night air was very cold, and Nick ran as fast as he could to his house. He ran inside, locked the door, and sat on his couch, rethinking everything that just happened. He then noticed the newspaper that he brought in this morning. He retrieved it, unwrapped it, and began to read…

The decisions we make eventually create the person we become. Nick still doesn’t understand this fact, as he is living through his social crisis even still. Hopefully, this strange, eventful January night has played some part in helping him realize that he needs to control his destiny.

After all, beautiful assets do not come to you. You have to seek them out.

* * * * *

Author’s Note: Alright. That was one of the most difficult pieces I have ever written. Give me feedback, give me reviews, give me ratings. If anyone wants to contact me about one thing or another, the best way to do that would be by email at the address in my profile.

Thank you very much for your time. I’m beginning to enjoy my stay here at Literotica.

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