Becoming a cuckold part1

Big Dicks

Becoming a cuckold part1“Shhhhhh” was all Tish said to me as i was pushed down by the head towards my Girlfriends pussy. I was balking at this because we had just finished making love. “Baby you always said you’d do anything for Me, well I want you to eat My pussy”“But i just came in you”“I know but I’m still horny. I could masturbate instead BUT if I do I’m cutting you off for a month. never mind I’ll do it myself.”Within the seconds of hearing that i was down between Her legs staring at Tish’s pussy swollen red and dripping with my cum. i had often wondered what Her pussy would taste like filled with cum in fact I had made myself cum many a time thinking about it while reading stories about it but I could never do it. It was like Tish had figured out bursa escort one of my dirty fantasies.The scent was strong and musky not completely unappealing. i stuck my tongue out and licked Tish’s clit“oh yes that’s a good boy lick all that cum from Me swallow His seed”i looked up on that comment Tish said “you heard Me I said swallow His seed. Well isn’t that what you want to do lick My cheating pussy? my cock got instantly hard how on earth did Tish know “Lie on your back I’m going to sit on your face IF you don’t do a good job making Me cum I won’t let you watch the first time I fuck Another Man”“i’m sorry what did you say?”“you heard Me I said Lie on your back so I can sit on your face and you can swallow All the Cum inside My used Pussy.”“No bursa escort bayan the other part” “What that you better make Me cum?”“No the other”“Oh That what about that?”“You’re just teasing aren’t you?”With a devilish grin on Her face she said again more forcefully “get on your back I’m gonna ride your face and Yes I said if you don’t make Me cum really good I won’t let you watch or listen to Me fuck Another Man”i rolled over and Tish straddled my face and lowered Herself on my face and ground Her beautiful swollen pussy on my lips. Tentatively I started licking Tish tasted as sweet as she always did but salty. The more I licked Tish’s pussy the wetter she got moaning “Eat My cheating pussy baby eat his cum from Me” Tish then said the ultimate escort bursa comment “Damn it you are a cuckold your cock is so hard keep eating Me” Tish the slapped my cock I let out a surprised ouch “Come on cuckie clean my pussy and make Me cum like the slut you want Me to be” my tongue became a flurry wanting to make Tish cum wanting to make what She had said Cum true. i did want Tish to become a Slut and fuck other Men i did want her to force me to eat Her used pussy that and more. Tish moaned that she was cumming and that I should lick faster. i dug in to Tish’s pussy like it was my last meal Tish gushed almost squirting for the first time. Tish hadn’t touched Me for several minutes but as She came i did as well. I thought Tish would have been done but no she reach down took my second load in Her hand and rolled off me Lick your cum from my hand cuckieAs she said that Tish mashed Her hand on my face smearing my cum all over my face and laughed“Things are going to change around here”

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