Becoming a cuckold part4


Becoming a cuckold part4Part 4Our afternoon carried on we walked down to the all wandered around until we stumbled across le Vie En Rose a cute lingerie store when we walked in it was almost empty we wandered around one of the sales girls came by and said hello “Did you guys need any help?”Maybe in a bit Tish said“Well if you need anything”Tish stopped me cold in the store “I want you to pick out 3 outfits 3 really sexy outfits for me I mean mind numbing balls exploding out fits 3 out fits you would be proud to send Me out to get fucked by another man in”Again I was hard my mind flashed to Tish getting dressed for a date in one of these outfits then pictured a faceless Man undressing His present.“Well start looking”i wandered around the store touching a few things here and there i stopped in turned around to look at Tish the sales girl was standing beside her and they were giggling.“What?”“Nothing”I was slightly concerned that Tish was saying something about my fantasy because some of the caption i had written were of being exposed as a cuckold. Tish turned and whispered to the sales girl they both turned and looked at me and laughed my cock jumped. i really wanted to fucking cum so much so i almost said to Tish i needed to go to the can but i kept thinking i may get laid tonight.i though i would pick out 1 classic 1 risqué and 1 tramp outfits. The classic one turned out to be an emerald see thru teddy plunging neckline that would show her breasts beautifully. The risqué one which i was surprised to see was a leather bustier by the look of it Tish’s breasts would sit out perfectly supported anyone looking would have been able to reach out and tweak her nipples Her very sensitive nipples attached straps for stockings and crotchless panties. I took the two over “I asked for 3 where the third bursa escort this is Sam. We were just talking about lingerie and the effects it has on men”Both of them looked down and noticed my bulge “Would you like Tish to try these on?”“Ummm yeah in a second could you give us a second please”“it’s ok you can say what even you need to in front of Sam she knows why we’re here”i went crimson red in embarrassment had Tish really said we were here to get outfits for Tish to wear for Other Men.“You didn’t?”“I did”“Hey it’s all good more Women are doing everyday taking control of Their sex life it’s just refreshing to see Their partner pic the outfits to have pictures taken in”We all walked to the back corner of the store Sam put the outfits into one of the rooms Tish walked in as Sam walked out their chest rubbed against each other.“Did you want any help?” “No I’ll be fine on the first one” Tish closed the door Sam leaned in bit my ear “Tish told Me everything about you fantasy to watch Her have sex with Other Men She also told Me that you want Her Lovers to fuck Her without condoms”Tish did it she told a complete stranger my fantasy and yet again i was hard Sam reached down and squeezed my cock“It’s ok to be hard it’s not like you’ve done anything about it yet right?”Tish opened the door She look stunning in the teddy Her breast were barley contained inside the teddy her nipples were very hard i knew she was turned on as i could smell her such and intoxicating scent Tish was loving all of this teasing. Was it because i was so attentive more so than normal was it the idea that i got turned on about Her fucking Other Men or was it she loved the idea that she could have any Man She wanted.“Well what do you think?” “i fuckin love it”“So do I it captures your femininity your sexuality ANY Man who bursa escort bayan sees you in that won’t be able to keep His hands off You” “You told him I told you didn’t you?”“I did and he got hard just like You thought he would I’m surprised he’s got a nice size cock”“Yeah and he fucks pretty well too but he’s great at eating pussy we’ll take this one for sure Sam. But can you help Me into the next one I think IF he helped Me he’d be cleaning the floor up of cum”“I think You’re right Tish He looks so wound up”Both Ladies leaned in and kissed my cheeks“Back in a bit cuckie”The door closed and the giggling started again all i could hear was some whispering rustling of clothes Sam opened the door She looked a bit flushed Herself handed me the teddy I quickly put it to my nose and inhaled“it’s soaked too go ahead lick it you have taste from the material I’ll have a taste in here”The door quickly closed and was promptly locked. About as fast as I was hard Yet again so much today I was starting to get blue balls. Now in all our conversation in the past it never came up that Tish had ever been with Another Woman in Her life never entertained the idea either. But there potentially was an opportunity for Tish to dip her toes in that well. Or this was all part of Her teasing me“Oh god yes right There I’m so horny right now”There was only a muffled response and the more shuffling of clothes i know how fast Tish can cum when She’s this turned on then the response i never thought i would hear the I’m cumming moan.A few minutes later Sam exited the room still a bit flushed leaned in “Tish just wants to calm down a little before opening the door She’s afraid She may want to **** you but she did want you to have a reminder”Sam pulled my head down and kissed me i could taste Tish on Her lips“Tastes good escort bursa doesn’t She?”With that I had my second accident of the day. Sam looked down to the growing wet spot laughed and peaked her head in the room“Yep he came in his pants I think We went too far for him”“Ahh poor cuckie Sam you have a bathroom here don’t you?”“Of course but he can’t use it” “Well you could grab a wet cloth or two so he can clean up his mess”“That I can do back in a moment”Tish opened the door pulled me inside and there I was face with A Goddess radiant i fell to my knees Tish has always been a beautiful Woman to me right from first meeting Her but today the smile and confidence being displayed was overpowering the outfit was amazing Her nipples were still erect so much so they looked painful continuing downwards i noticed the Tish had shaved Her pussy not bald but a beautiful 2 “inch patch “you like?”“Oh yes i love it Baby i Love you so much”“I know enough to suffer for Me so it seems you like the idea that Sam went down on Me don’t you baby?”“Of course whatever pleases you is pleasing me”“I’ll tell you a secret”I gulped and nodded my head“Sam was almost as good as you are but not quite you my sweet prince will always be My pussy licker I may never let you fuck Me again we’ll see. But no one eats me like you do. In fact she only licked My fingers after I masturbated”A knock at the doorHere there’s a cloth stay in there as long as you need to clean up.“Tish i can’t do this anymore today i’m going fucking crazy can we go home please?”“Yes, clean yourself up and go pay for the two outfits but let’s see there a few punishments for disobience well 5 cumming again and right now I can’t remember the last but yeah 5 but yes we’ll go home.”I went up to the counter with the outfits as Tish was changing back into Her clothes “That’ll be $159 cuckie”i blushed again pulled my card out and paid. This was beside me when Sam said one of the most humiliating things in my mind “Cum again!” Her and Tish both laughed “We will Sam we will”

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