Before I Become a Doctor Ch. 01

Group Sex

I undid the top button of my blouse and looked down at my well-exposed cleavage. I took a deep breath before gingerly knocking on Professor Faddy office’s door.

“Please let this work to get the dirty old man to give me a second exam.” I thought.

I felt more than a little ashamed to try to tease my way out of this academic trouble.

The old, fat, disgusting professor never hided his lascivious looks at me in the class, and I could only hope that I could use his perversion to be my advantage in some way to securing a passing result on the graduation comprehensive exam which every graduating medical doctor needed to take. I had failed that exam so miserably because of the hangover symptoms by some fucking party the night before the exam.

“Come in.” the babbled reply came from behind the door.

I felt myself gulp with dreadful agitation as I twisted the handle and opened the office door.

“Well, hello, Lyn. I’m guessing you’re here to talk about your score on the comprehensive exam. Is that precise?” Professor Faddy said and sneered furtively.

“Please, come in and have a seat. And please close the door so we can talk privately.” The sweaty professor said. He pointed to the door and made the gesture of closing it.

“Yes, professor, that is the reason why I am here.” I replied shakily as I was shutting the door.

I quickly hung my laboratory gown on the chair’s backrest and unconsciously grasped the hem of my short, tight skirt to hold it in place against my bare thighs as I was sitting down on my seat in front of the fat professor.

He eyed me hungrily as I took my seat. His eyes shuffled between my honey color skin thighs and my protruding breasts from the upper part of my blouse.

“So, my dear, obviously you’re not doing well in the exam.”

“No sir, and…well, I am hoping that there might be some way to fix my result. My parents would kill me if I flunk that exam!” I exclaimed ankara sınırsız escortlar plaintively hoping to churn the professor mercy up. “May I do some extra work to help my way through this?”

Faddy stared at my moving lips and laughed, he accidentally sent a droplet of spittle across the desk to land on my upper thigh as he did that annoying behavior.

I looked down at the drop of moisture disgusting saliva as I quickly wiped it away with the back of my hand.

I noted to myself “Wash hands… and leg, as soon as I get out of here!”

The professor’s laugh faded and he shook his head.

“Lyn, this is a comprehensive exam. It’s not like English or History or something where you can write a paper. Your result is based solely on your test performance, I’m afraid, and as you know, if you fail this exam, you are not going to make a doctor degree as you wish. The only way to fix this whole scenario is…I am willing to let you re-take the exam to try to get a better result if you like to.”

“Really!? Professor. I really appreciate that.” I screamed with joy.

“Sure I mean it. But I don’t know how much good it would do. As I could see on your performance on the last exam, because we need to do it as fast as we could to be fair for other students, you know…” The professor said and glanced over my disastrous test results on his roster.

“I really was trying, but for some reason, this stuff just isn’t clicking for me,” I replied woefully.

“Have you considered getting some tutoring?” The Professor asked He was intentionally watching my stressful chest heaving up and down with my rapid breaths.

“I’ve tried to find a tutor, but the ones for this exam charge so much and…well, I just can’t afford it.” I replied desperately.

“Hmm. That is a problem,” Faddy nodded. “Well, perhaps you should try again next year then.” He continued.

“I can’t do that! My parents would ankara suriyeli escortlar kill me!! I’d be so screwed if they found out I am not going to graduate this year. shit!!”

“Watch your language my dear, that kind of profanity shouldn’t come out from your lovely mouth.” The professor said and licked his lips.

“I’m sorry, Professor. But my dad is a stickler for me to getting to be a doctor this year. He’d kill me. I’m just so…Urhh. I don’t know what to do! Please, if there’s any way for me to get to pass this exam… I’ll do anything!” I pleaded.

“Well Lyn, perhaps… I could… tutor you, and then you could take another shot for passing the exam.” The professor said and dimmed his small eyes.

“Oh my God! Really?!” I replied excitedly. “That is so nice of you, Professor! Thank you so much…” I continued to thank him.

“Well, before you get too excited, my time is very limited and valuable, so as much as I’d like to, I can’t do it for free, I’m afraid.” Faddy said trickily.

My heart sunk. I barely had any money and I knew that even a bargain-priced tutoring session was probably more than I could afford, let alone the type of intensive help I would probably need it right now.

“Ya…yes, of course, I know that perfectly well.” I murmured gingerly.

“Don’t worry honey, you said you were financially austere, so I’m willing to help you…on the barter system… if you’re willing to, of course.” Faddy said with a lascivious grin as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“Yes! Definitely!” I replied eagerly. “I’ll do anything! Clean your house… wash your car… I can cook… do yard work… laundry…blah blah blah. As your order.” I said sincerely.

The professor made a gesture of stopping my speaking. “But I have in mind a somewhat more… an intimate service… if you get my meaning!” he said raising a bushy eyebrow that seemed somewhat hairier than the top of his ankara türbanlı escortlar entire head.

“An intimate service?” I repeated after him, a feeling of nausea was forming in my stomach as I desperately hoped he did not mean what I thought he did.

“Yes, and in fact, it will more even be related to the comprehensive exam.” Faddy smiled creepily.

“Oh, really?” I asked with a deep breath of relief.

“Yes. Not all of it of course, but there will be some work on the topic involved man and woman bodies in particular!” The professor said and breaking into a loud chuckle interspersed with snorts that sounded to me more like an asthmatic boar.

“Oh…” I gulped, the blood draining from my face. “Man and woman bodies hur?!” I thought in a horror as the image of me rubbing my body on his while he is slobbering all over mine flashed in my mind.

“Oh, God! No!…” I exclaimed out loud too loud than I intended to do.

“Not God, Lyn, just me,” he sneered. “God can’t help you pass the exam. Only I can!” he chuckled. “And I’m assured, by the time I’m done with you, you’ll be very well tutored! Between the two of us, I have no doubt that you’ll be able to pass the exam.” He said and guffawed.

“Oh my God! NO! I can’t do that!” I yelled in a mixture of fear and anger. “HOW DARE YOU EVEN SUGGEST SOMETHING LIKE THAT?!!!” Suddenly furious, I leapt on my feet and turned toward the door direction. “I will be reporting you to the Dean!” I told him angrily.

“You mean my brother?” he replied calmly.

“Da…dean Mark is… ya…your b…brother?” I said in shock, my voice quivering as my pounding heart grew heavy in my chest.

“That’s right. Half-brother, actually, but we’re very close. Just like I’m close with Professor Chai and Professor Korn. I checked your records in preparation of this meeting and I believe you have classes with them, is that correct?”

“Ya…yes.” I stammered quietly.

“Well, if you don’t want to find yourself failing their classes too, I suggest you sit that tight little ass down right now and calm yourself!” Faddy said superiorly.

I hesitated for a moment but finally turned back to him and quietly took my seat.

He sneered pleasingly…

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