Being Neighborly

Public Sex

She was new to the apartment complex. He had seen her move in, and noticed the small amount of furniture and boxes, wondering if it could be real that a woman might be a minimalist like himself. She was cute too. She had auburn chestnut hair that fell just below her shoulders and had a bouncy wave to it, and lightly tanned skin and a petite, yet full figure. She was probably just over 5 feet he guessed, having seen her next to others he knew in the complex, but her full c cup breasts and well cushioned ass accentuated the curve of her little waist even more. He’d imagined his hands wrapped around her waist, among her other parts several times in the few weeks she’d been there. She was a hot little number he’d like to tag for sure. He just had to figure out how to get the opportunity.

As far as he could tell, her type was quite a bit different than him. Jake thought himself to be kind of unremarkable. He wasn’t ugly or anything, but not terribly tall, just brown curly hair and regular brown eyes, and a little overweight. He dressed casually, but maintained his appearances. He tried to work with what he was, and felt he did ok, but was pretty certain he couldn’t compete with the 6 foot, blond hair, blue eyed, built guy that had been coming and going for the last few days from her apartment.

He was daydreaming about the curves of her body some more from his balcony when the knock on his door startled him.

“Holy shit!” he whispered. To his amazement, it was her he saw standing in his door peephole.

He already had a semi from the daydreaming, but at the mere sight of her behind his door, he was fully erect. He adjusted himself the best he could and flattened out his shirt tail to obscure the bulge and opened the door. Since it was the end of a very warm summer, she was in a little strapless purple sun dress, the top obviously stretched to its limit, the bottom fluttering in the hot breeze, inching its way up her thigh. She gave it a quick grab to keep her goodies from being exposed.

“Hey” he said trying to sound cool and collected.

“Hi” she said shyly, “I’m Sabrina. I’m new here, only been a few weeks, and I -“

“I know, I’m Jake. Errr, I’m sorry, finish your sentence…” he said sheepishly.

“No it’s ok. It’s nice to meet you Jake. I’ve seen you around, and I noticed today while you were on your balcony that you have a nice big umbrella. And I was wondering where you got it. I haven’t been able to find one anywhere around, and I like to have plenty of shade to read outside in the afternoons…”

She was still talking, but he hardly heard anything she said after it clicked that she said she noticed him on his balcony…what did that mean? She couldn’t possibly really be interested in him, but the freaking umbrella came from Wal-Mart! Her eyes were a gorgeous shade of green, and they crinkled in the corners when she smiled, and that smile, oh just a little bit crooked, and it was just a little coy, like she was flirting…no…But… Ok, rationalizing this right now was not a good idea especially since she had stopped talking and was now waiting for an answer, except he had no idea what answers he was supposed illegal bahis to give…

“Uh Wal-Mart?” He kind of guessed at an answer, “B-but I got it at the end of last season…?” There was a confused look on her face.


“I’m sorry, what was your last question? I missed it.”

“Oh, I was kind of asking if there were usually any parties or something going on over the weekend since it’s a holiday. I’d like to get to meet people since I’m new…which you already knew…Um but yeah, maybe if you or someone, were going to have a thing…maybe I could crash…or something…maybe.”

“O-oh, yeah. Me and my friends kind of get together a couple times a month. But, uh, we’re just a bunch of guys…beer, belching, and tons of off color humor…you probably wouldn’t be interested in all that. Not to mention video games…you know, ’cause sometimes it’s necessary to shoot something…” she giggled, and he could swear she fluttered her eyelashes.

“Sounds like fun! So Saturday? Like 8ish?”

“Seriously?! Yeah sure. Bring your own drink; I’ve only got new ca-“

“New castle? One of my favorites! Should I bring a case?”

“Seriously?! Ok yeah. Oh and you can bring your boyfriend too if ya want, I’m sure you-“

“What boyfriend?” She asked perplexed…”Oh you mean Scott? He’s my baby brother! My mom sent him over to help me paint and get set up. He comes over ’cause I let him play video games half the time while I do the work. He needs out of the house before he starts his next term.”


“Oh, well, ok. He can come too!” he was trying not to grin.

“Ok, see ya!” and she winked at him. He leaned ever so slightly out of the door…he hated to see her go, but he loved to watch her leave. Her ass had a certain sway under that little dress. Had to be a thong, there were no panty lines. Damn! She was hot!

Saturday came, and 8 o’clock took forever to come around. He was so focused on the clock and when or if she’d show, he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn in “blink” with his boys, who were bustin’ his stones horribly. They were in the middle of another round of “you suck” when there was a knock at the door. He nearly knocked over the entire coffee table in his nervous rush. He got a grip as he walked to the door. Damn, wood again at the mere thought of her at his door… He opened the door, and there she was, hair in a messy ponytail, dangly earrings caressing her neck, button up silky blouse, with just 3 buttons keeping those beautiful perky breasts barely covered, and exposing her belly button. He was pretty sure her bra was the same shade of green as her eyes. Skinny jeans clinging to every gorgeous curve of her hips and thighs, and oh yeah, those were definitely “fuck me” heels if he had ever seen any!

“Am I dressed ok!” she asked, double checking and pulling her shirt closed, looking a little embarrassed.

“You look delicious” he mumbled. “I mean, yes, you look great, fine, great, perfect!” She looked relieved and he could see her breathe again. “Where’s your little brother, um Scott, right?”

“Oh, I’m a big girl, and he’s my little brother…he illegal bahis siteleri doesn’t need to know what his big sister does on her free tim,e” and she winked at him again as she floated past him through his door. He spun around to watch her ass, which looked even better in those heels and jeans.

*Just when I thought wood couldn’t get any harder* he thought to himself.

It was getting late and the boys were winding down into drunken slurs and passing out on the floor. She had brought her case of beer, and held her own, mostly, with the best of their foolishness and even started beating them at a couple of video games. The boys had practically polished off her case along with his, but he had barely polished off 3 beers, with the notion that if he landed her, he would need to be in peak condition. It was likely just a daydream, but it was a good one that kept him with plenty of personal solitary inspiration in his down time. He excused himself for just a few moments, to pump up the “A” game and get ready to turn on the charm. He was just about to walk out of his room, when she poked her head around the door frame.

“Watcha doin”” she said chattily, as she crossed the room towards him, stepping out of her heels.

“Oh ya know nothing really” he said, feeling his pulse starting to rise the closer she got. By the time she got in front of him, she was down to one button on her shirt. He could see her nipples poking through the lace of her green bra. She stood in front of him and began unbuttoning his shirt. He watched her, as she bit her lower lip, and peeked up at him.

“Is this ok” she whispered.

“Way ok” he whispered back.

She gazed up at him, and he bent in slowly and kissed her softly, and she kissed back. He held her face and caressed her cheek, as she finished his buttons. He kissed her again, long and slow, then kissed her cheek, kissed her neck, kissed her chest. That one last button popped open with the quick twist of his fingers and he slid it off her shoulders and down to the floor, exposing her perfect breasts and the rest of her lightly tanned skin. His mouth traveled to her lace covered nipples. With each little flick, each little nibble, he could hear her breath become faster. His hands traveled down her shoulders, unhooking her bra, and then down her back. She slid out of her bra, and he leaned back to take her all in. Her hair fell just across her eyes and he slid it back behind her ear and kissed her again deeply. She let out a small sigh.

*She’s so mine* he thought to himself.

Just then, her hands traveled down his shoulders, and chest, straight to his belt. She nibbled at his lip and tongue, sucking and licking

*I bet she gives good head* is what he was thinking when he realized his pants and boxers were now at his ankles, and somehow, so were hers. Yep – little green thong to match the bra and her eyes… She kissed her way down his chest, taking care to cuddle in his chest hair a little, then down his stomach, and stopping just shy of cock, which was rock solid now. She spun around grabbing his hands and directing him all over her body, while she wriggled canlı bahis siteleri her ass against his rod. He kissed her nape of her neck while he lightly twisted her nipples between his fingers. She sighed a little louder. One hand slid down her side and over her hip, and then into her panties. She sighed even louder. Just as his finger grazed into what he found to be a small patch of hair, she spun around again, pushed him onto his bed and immediately took all of him into her mouth. She caressed the base and his balls while her mouth and tongue danced all over the head of his cock. He let out an “aaaaahhhh, yeah” and she worked harder, up and down, sucking more and more, her tongue wriggling around playing with the tip of him. He moaned louder, and she worked harder and faster and sucking harder and faster.

*Good god she knows what she’s doing* he thought. He started breathing harder, he grabbed a handful of her hair and she sucked even harder and faster. He was panting, almost there, and she stopped. He looked up just in time to see her slide her panties over her hips.

“I’ve been waiting for this since I moved in,” she said and she was on top of him, sliding her hot wet pussy onto his hard cock. She slid every inch of him as far as she could take him and moaned. She started rocking ever so slightly back and forth, he could feel her pussy flexing ever so slightly around his cock. She leaned down and flicked his lips with her tongue, her breasts brushing against his chest. His hands slid down her sides and grabbed her ass and squeezed, she moaned again. She started a slow up and down motion, squeezing as she took him in each time. He buried his face in her breasts, sucking and licking her nipples. She moaned louder each time and began to bounce faster and harder. He watched her as she bounced on top of him, her breasts in rhythm with each pound she took in. He could tell she was getting close by her panting and there was no way he was going to let her go now. He sat up swiftly and wrapped his arm around her. In one swift motion he scooped her off him and onto the bed on her stomach. She squeaked and giggled, but there was no protest.

Her ass was now in the air, taunting him, inviting him…her pussy wet and pink from the pounding it had already taken. He gave her cheek a quick smack and she yipped, but still no protest. He gave it a bite, and still no protest. He drew his body up behind her, his cock rubbing her from her clit to her back door, spreading her juices. His thumb teasing her rim ever so gently. She moaned some more. He opted to not go there just yet, although he was dying to fuck her luscious round ass. He was about to enter her swollen hole again when he heard “Go for it, fuck my ass baby.”

He immediately followed her instruction. She had a tight ass and he slid fast into her, pounding hard. She groaned with thrust after thrust, taking him in deeper and deeper. He pulled her by the hips harder and faster onto him each time until he could hardly take it any longer. Her body tightened and she gasped one last time and he knew she was cumming. At that very moment she tightened in a hard orgasm around his cock he let it go and popped hard in her hot ass.

They fell into a panting, sweaty heap.

“Damn! I’ve been waiting weeks for that!” he said.

She swatted at him.

“What took you so long?! Like I didn’t know they sold umbrellas in Wal-Mart!”

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