Being Watched Part 2

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Being Watched Part 2I had been busy with work the week after I had fucked Robbie in full view of my voyeur. A hot fucking session always put me on a high for quite a period, and I was still on such a high that week. When I came home from work on Thursday, I collected the mail and in addition to the phone bill and a superannuation statement, there was a small unmarked envelope. When I got to the kitchen bench and put down my handbag, I opened the plain envelope first and in perfect calligraphic handwriting the note inside said:”Hello my little exhibitionist,We have not met officially, I do not know your name, but I guess by now you know that I have been keeping a close eye on you. I thought I was being discrete, but clearly not discrete enough. For your part, I think you have enjoyed the attention immensely; looking down into my window, with bare breasts pushed against the glass as you were being fucked silly was a bit of a giveaway.You are a naughty woman aren’t you! You can probably guess what I do when I watch you. I stroke my cock, slowly and teasingly, working myself into a frenzy until the think ropes of cum burst forth. Sometimes I feel like I may not stop cumming, as I watch you pleasure yourself or being pleasured. What now with our “relationship”? I am happy with how things are going. I don’t think we need to meet and form a conventional relationship. Out the window with convention I say. Isn’t it better to have our little sexy secret? Maybe you can think of new ways to tease me from your bedroom palace. The ball is in your court my delightful minx. I look forward to some correspondence from you. You know where I live; if the mood strikes you, slip a little note under my door. Love,Your Voyeur”After reading the note and re-reading it, my pussy tingled and my mind raced. I knew I had been caught out playing along with my voyeur. I was not alarmed by this. I made myself a cup of tea (hot and sweet just like me!) and I pondered the challenge that had been laid down. Did I want to continue this voyeuristic relationship? Yes, I thought. I was clear on this. What now though I thought. What should my immediate response be? After finishing my cup of tea and then turning to a glass of wine, I decided to sleep on any written response. But I also decided on some decisive action for that evening. I showered quickly and still dripping wet, I strolled naked into my bedroom. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of my voyeur’s light on, and the slat of the blind parted. I found my vibrator in my bedside table, laid on the bed with legs spread and unceremoniously toyed myself to a quick orgasm. My pussy was so wet it squelched with every thrust of the toy. After my orgasm had subsided, I got up and quickly closed the curtains. I had clearly signalled to my voyeur that I was all for our relationship continuing, kadıköy escort but I had not signalled what that would entail because I wasn’t clear yet in my own mind. I was distracted all day at work the next day as my mind drifted to what I would put in the note to my voyeur and what I would do. One of my work colleagues, Janelle, noticed how distracted I was and asked if anything was the matter. I smiled as I said no, but if only she knew what I was thinking. I was so desperate to get home that I didn’t bother going to the usual Friday afternoon work drinks. I went straight home and composed the following note. “Dear Voyeur, I know that you watch me and it turns me on. Last night I couldn’t wait to play with myself, to show you that I wanted to continue our “relationship” as you call it. I have been thinking all day of the things I could do to tease you from a distance and make you cum, while I pleasure myself or get fucked by a man. I am indeed a naughty minx with a hungry, hungry pussy. I have some ideas of things that I could do from my bedroom that will turn you on even more. Some surprises indeed are in store for you. XoxoxoxYour Exhibitionist.”As night fell properly, I slipped across the road and made my way to the door of Unit 3A where I silently slid my note, my salaciously teasing invitation, under the door. I went to bed that night without putting on a performance, keeping my voyeur guessing. I did masturbate in the dark though, flicking my finger tips around the sides of my clit until I climaxed. On Saturday afternoon I headed out into the centre of Sydney to visit a femme friendly sex shop in George Street. Luckily pay day was Thursday, because I spent up big on several new toys. I had organised a few weeks before to catch up with some girlfriends that night, and while I went to dinner, I left early. I feigned a headache, but in fact it was my pussy that was aching! I hurried home and went straight into my bedroom and flicked the light on. It appeared from the light in my voyeur’s bedroom, and the telltale gap in his venetian blind, that he was at home. I could just make out some movement in his room. I delved into the bag that contained my new toys and a fuck load of batteries, and my jar of lubricant. I decided on two vibrators for the evening — Jenna’s Dream Dong which was a fat fleshy little number about seven inches long, that had a tip that lit up in multi-colours, and a slimline vibrator about five inches long. I then stood near the window and slowly disrobed, unbuttoning my blouse and revealing my black bra which accentuated the swell of my more than ample breasts. I then slid off my demure skirt to reveal my skimpy black panties. In my underwear I stood at the window and smiled wickedly in the direction of the window of Unit 3A. I then unclipped üsküdar escort my bra, letting my boobs spill out, and then stepped out of my panties. Naked again before the window I was. I moved to the bed and knelt on it, my bum and pussy facing the window. I dipped my fingers into the lube and started to rub my bald pussy, enflaming my clit even further and ensuring that my pussy lips were super slick. I jabbed two, then three, then four fingers into my pussy and started to fuck myself before abruptly stopping and picking up the big dong with the rainbow light show on its tip. I slid it into my cunt and my muscles instantly grasped it’s fleshiness as the vibrations shot through my entire vulva. I fucked myself, burying the toy to the hilt and withdrawing. While I could not see the window, I knew that my voyeur would be watching every thrust, teasing and tugging on his own cock as he did so. With this thought in my mind, my own orgasm started to build. I fucked myself raggedly, my whole body convulsed as I was choked by climax. I was completely out of breath, my pussy couldn’t take anymore and I withdrew the glowing toy from my sex tunnel. I simply lay where I was, affording Mr Voyeur, a view of my temporarily satiated pussy. I wasn’t finished yet though. After a brief quiescence, of simply displaying my sex to my voyeur, I dipped a single finger into the lube, moved it to my little bumhole, and spread around the lubricant, before repeating the dose. Slowly, I then started to inch my slick finger into my bum, momentarily breaching the anal ring, before withdrawing. I finger fucked my bum, gradually working in more and more of my finger until I easily slid the entire length into and out of my anus. I then started to vigorously finger my now welcoming anus, and I quickly jammed in another lubed finger alongside the first. I fucked my anus for about ten minutes, before withdrawing my fingers and reaching for the little vibrator. I lubed it up, positioned it at my anal entrance and then gasped as I plunged it to my bum, lurching forward a little bit on the bed as I did so. The wicked vibrations from the toy shuddered through my whole body. I fucked my bum with the toy, affording my voyeur a no doubt excellent view of me pleasuring my accommodating anus. My pussy was again becoming enflamed, and needed attention. I stopped buggering myself long enough to pick up the other vibrator and then used both of them on myself. It was difficult to coordinate this, but in my lust filled state, I managed well. My voyeur was getting a show tonight – me plugging my bumhole with a vibrator, while I worked a larger one around my clit and into my cunt. It wasn’t long before the twin assault started the first stirrings of climax again. It built slower than my first one, but it was more intense. tuzla escort Breathlessly, I plunged the toys into me, vibrating myself to the peak of orgasm before collapsing down the precipice of pleasure. I was spent, simply exhausted. That would be it from me tonight. With my bedroom filled with the aroma of pussy, I turned off the light and nodded off to sleep. I awoke late Sunday morning, knowing that I had something planned for that evening. The evening was when I knew my voyeur would most likely be in attendance. I did some shopping at lunch time and generally lazed around, but sex was not far from my mind — a near permanent state these days. By dinner time, I was in a state of heightened arousal. After a quick meal, I checked the window of Unit 3A and to my relief; it looked clearly like my man was in attendance. This time I did not do a deliberate strip, just simply took my clothes off as if nobody was watching, and then went and had a long languid bath. After I had got out of the bath I coated my vulva in lubricant before emerging back into the bedroom. I didn’t get dressed, instead I went to my bag of toys and pulled out the toy that the young lass in the shop recommended — a pussy pump, and the big vibrator from the night before. She said some women, herself included loved using the pussy pump above all else, and could not get over how it made them feel. I spreadeagled myself on the bed, put the cup of the pussy pump on my vulva and started pumping. After the first pump, I felt a delicious tightness envelop my vulva. It was only the beginning. With each pump, I felt the excruciatingly pleasant grip tighten. Finally, I couldn’t pump anymore, my engorged pussy filled the plastic cup, nearly making my eyes water. I left the cup on my inflated pussy and started to squeeze and knead my breasts and pinch my nipples. After about five minutes, I opened the release valve of the pussy pump and revealed my huge engorged pussy to myself and my patient viewer. My pussy lips were huge and tingled exquisitely as the blood began to flow again. I was able to grab my entire vulva and squeeze it and shake it, the feeling was extraordinary. Without any further ado, I grabbed the vibrator and jabbed it into my expanded sex. The feeling was like a bolt of sexual electricity. I just simply fucked myself without thinking of anything else, plundering my puffed up pussy. In no time an unrelenting orgasm broke over me, heightened immeasurably by my artificially engorged sex. I shuddered and flapped around the bed in ribald ecstasy. It seemed ages before the feeling began to subside; I remained awash with a post orgasmic daze for what felt like a blissful eternity. Finally the intense feelings began to slip away and my pussy began to shrink back to its pre-pumping size. As I got off the bed, I could see the light on in Unit 3A, and the blind slats were unsubtly parted. I could make out a body at the window, no doubt a naked one. I smiled and waved coyly at the window, before turning off the light and slipping into a satiated slumber. My pleasure was again heightened by knowing that I had been watched…

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