Best Birthday Ever


It was my birthday, I had just graduated from college the month before, I found out I had landed my first teaching job this morning. As you could probably gather I was pretty stoked. My name is Hayli and I was in New Orleans this particular weekend. I was visiting an old girlfriend, Katie, who was still going to Tulane and we were planning on doing some serious celebrating.

I remember sitting around in her apartment this particular Saturday evening and painting my toenails as she modeled outfit after outfit. That one too conservative, that one a little too slutty (why did she even own that?), that one made her look like she was twelve. Finally, she came out in a pretty red sweater dress. It was tight and displayed her hot little body. Katie was about 5’3″, brunette, and cute as a bug. She had perfect little titties for her small frame and a bubble butt that looked good in pretty much anything she wore. This dress definitely showed off her ass and the black leggings she was wearing didn’t hurt. They were a little sheer so they almost looked like stockings. This made her incredibly sexy as the dress only came about 6 inches past her cute little butt. Yep, I was going to have to bring it tonight if I was going to be noticed standing next to her.

I wasn’t worried, I had brought my killer “fuck me” outfit. Well, that is a little drastic but I did look good in it. I am about 5’6″ and I like my body. My ass is not as dramatic as Katie’s but it still gets a lot of attention, my boobs, however are my best asset I think. They are very firm and make almost every top I have look good. This particular skirt I was wearing tonight was black and soft. It easily flew up if I even twirled a little. It came around mid thigh and really showed off my long legs. My top was a shiny red tube top that showed my tight stomach. My skirt rode low on my hips so my belly button was on display with another 4 inches of sexy skin beneath it. My top pretty much required I not wear a bra but that was not a problem as my girls still stood up proud even without support.

I finished my toes and they dried quickly. It was 8:30 and Katie wanted to get going soon. I straightened my long blonde hair and picked out a red lace pair of panties. I slipped on black thigh high stockings and my black heels. I quickly slid my top over my head and stepped into the skirt. I was ready and raring to go. Tonight was going to be epic.

We left Katie’s apartment and headed downtown. We were going to a popular club only known to the locals but Katie knew the bouncer so we shouldn’t have a problem getting in. We got out of the taxi and the line was a block long to get in. I groaned but Katie took my hand and led me to the door. I asked her what she was doing as we walked past all the people in line and she just smiled. Standing next to the door was the biggest black man I had ever seen. He had a grumpy face and he was scanning a guy’s ID closely. He scowled at the guy and let him in.

He turned and saw us and his face changed instantly. All of a sudden he looked like a big teddy bear and he grabbed Katie in a big hug. He lifted her easily a couple of feet off the ground and most of the guys were glued to her ass as she dangled from his arms. He set her down, she tugged her dress down and introduced me. He smiled at me and kissed the back of my hand. I blushed. He opened the velvet rope and we walked right in. I heard a few expletives behind us and then he shouted and silence resumed.

The club was incredible, the lights were all over the place and it looked like one of those Hollywood places you see on TV. I was glad I hadn’t worn anything too sheer as I saw a few girls walking around with transparent shirts from the black lights. Katie pulled me to the bar and I stumbled behind her though the crowd. The bartender reached over and kissed her and then put three shots on the bar. She pulled me up and introduced me, he said hello and then lit the three shots on fire. I jumped back a little and Katie laughed. She called me a wuss and handed me a flaming shot glass. She blew out the fire on hers and downed it. I noticed the bartender did the same to his so I followed suit. The liquor hit my empty stomach and exploded. I really should have eaten something. The bartender slid two more drinks over to us and these had actual ice in them. We headed over and found a table close to the dance floor.

The dance floor was electric, there were raised parts and cages and it was never completely lit up, especially near the edges. We were almost in total darkness as we sat only a few feet from the edge. The other thing that was amazing is that it was packed. The people looked like they were all moving together. Katie asked me what I thought and I said it looked incredible. She said we shouldn’t be sitting here long, there was plenty of action and we would not lack for excitement. She had no sooner finished talking in my ear that a guy was standing next to her holding escort ankara out his hand. She smiled, took it, and followed him to the dance floor.

I watched her dance and she was like a wild woman, her hair was flailing and her arms were in the air. The guy was behind her with his hands on her hips as he tried to keep up with her. It looked like incredible fun and then I heard someone clearing their throat. A young guy, looked around my age was standing there. He was really cute with an adorable smile. I quickly followed him to the dance floor and was soon matching Katie. We were dancing close and at one point she pushed her ass against mine and we danced back to back. Our guys cheered as did the crowd. The song ended and we went back to our table. I took a big swig of my drink, I could feel the sweat starting to form on my forehead. This was going to be a blast.

Katie and I spent the next thirty minutes or so on the dance floor with many different guys. They were all cute and they seemed endless, each one cuter than the other. I was sweating like a pig now and my hair was stuck to the side of my face. Katie danced over to me and grabbed me. She pulled me against her and kissed me. I heard the crowd cheer and I grabbed her face and kissed her hard. We held the kiss for about 20 seconds and the crowd was delirious. We separated and she spread her legs around my left thigh and started grinding against me. I held onto her waist and she flopped her head back, her hair flying. I could feel the heat of her pussy on my thigh, my little Katie-bug was really horny.

The next thing I knew I felt hands on my waist and I felt someone grinding against my back. I turned to try and look but I couldn’t see who it was. I heard a whisper in my ear and he said his name was Fred. I yelled back Hayli and he said he was glad to meet me in my ear as I felt something hard grind against my ass. Katie let go of me as another guy grabbed her and started dancing with her in front of him. He had his hands on her hips and he was pressed hard against her back. I felt my guys hands wrap around my stomach and I put my hands on my knees. He pushed hard against me and I pushed back. I was feeling a little frisky myself.

I saw Katie’s guy grab her little boobs and she put her hands over his but didn’t move them. He was kissing her neck and her eyes were closed. I felt a little shiver run through me and then I was turned around. I looked into the eyes of an older guy, well, not ancient, he looked to be in his late thirties but older than the kids I had been dancing with. He had pretty blue eyes and they sparkled at me. He kissed me lightly on the lips and told me I was the hottest thing in the whole place. Flattery will get you everywhere and I kissed him back. His hands were on my back and they slid down to my ass. I probably should have moved them but I didn’t. He squeezed and I put my head on his chest. We danced slow for a little while and then the song ended.

He led me back to my table and there were two new drinks waiting there. I downed half of mine, I was incredibly thirsty. We talked for a couple of minutes and I found out he was married but on a business trip. This caused warning bells to go off in my head. I took another drink and they faded quickly. He asked me if that was a problem and I said not tonight. He smiled and drug me back to the dance floor. The song was fast and we jumped around for a while. Then he grabbed me from behind and was grinding again. I threw my arms in the air as he manhandled me. His hands were on my stomach and one of them slid up and grabbed my right boob over my top. Again, I should have moved it but I didn’t. He quickly covered the other boob with his other hand. I was getting incredibly hot and I felt my nipples harden under his hands.

He moved his hands back to my stomach and we danced around. I noticed he had moved us closer to the edge of the floor but it was still packed with people. I was looking right in the eyes of a cute guy when I felt Fred’s hand slide under my top. I kept looking at the guy and he was staring at my chest. Fred’s hand’s made their way to my boobs and my cute guy could see his hands under my top. I closed my eyes and leaned back as my tits were being groped on the dance floor. He kissed my neck and then bit my ear gently. I moaned, this guy was playing me like a fine instrument. He pinched my nipples and I pushed my ass into his crotch. He twirled my nipples and I kept grinding back against him. I felt his hands leave my boobs and I was sad. He spun me around and kissed me hard. I felt his cock on my stomach and his hands moved down to cup my ass. He held them there for a few seconds and then slid them down to my thighs. He moved them up under my skirt and grabbed my ass. He squeezed and then slid his fingers under my panties and held my bare ass in his warm hands. I was on fire and this guy was gasoline. He kissed me deep and pulled up on my ass, spreading ankara escortlar my cheeks beneath my skirt. I felt his finger touch my asshole and I moaned into his mouth. His other hand stroked my poor pussy and I was immediately soaked. I felt his finger slide into my pussy, another moan.

He turned me back around and put his hands on my thighs. He was pulling me into him and I felt his cock now pushing between my ass cheeks. One of his hands disappeared and I felt something behind me. He fiddled with something and then I felt him lift my skirt. His hand grabbed my panties and pulled them aside. I didn’t even have time to react before his cock slid deep into my wet pussy. My eyes flew open and a few guys were staring at us. Fred started to move in and out of me. I was getting fucked on the dance floor! I had never even thought about anything so dirty but I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t want to stop it. My pussy was soaking wet and he was scratching an itch. I pushed back against him and he drove even deeper. I gasped. Two young guys were looking right at me and I could tell they knew exactly what was happening.

Fred held onto my left thigh as he fucked me. His hand slid up my thigh to my waist, pulling my skirt up with it. I realized my two watchers could see my entire left leg, stocking tops and all. I felt Fred’s right hand slide back up under my top and grab my right boob. He used it for leverage as he pounded my pussy from behind. My two guys were moving closer and then Fred pulled my top down and showed them my right boob. They smiled and reached out to touch it. Again, my head screamed for me to stop and run away but my body pushed my chest out and they each felt my boob. Fred pulled his hand away and put it on my waist, now he was really hitting me. My two guys pulled my shirt down and each kissed one of my nipples. I moaned and leaned back against Fred.

Fred drove deep into me and held on. I knew what was coming and I felt a warmth deep within me. He pulled out and my skirt dropped down. My two guys were still licking my nipples. I felt Fred pull out and then I didn’t feel him anymore. I turned my head and he was gone. My two guys noticed and all of a sudden one of them was behind me and another cock was drilling me from behind. I panicked for a second as I wondered if the entire club was going to fuck me but then I noticed we were in the dark at the edge of the floor and no one else seemed to notice anything. My young watcher didn’t last long and filled me with his young seed. His friend got behind me and entered my now sloppy cunt. I pulled my top back up and I leaned over and put my hands on my knees as he fucked me. He lasted even less time and came in about a minute. They left quickly and I stood up, my skirt falling back in place.

I looked around and no one was even looking at me. I took a step and wobbled, I reached out and grabbed the wall. I was standing next to one of the raised sections. I looked up to see a young girl dancing above me, her panties were yellow.

I made it back to my table and downed the rest of my drink. My head was spinning a bit but I was not even close to drunk. I saw Katie dancing nearby and she saw me and ran to the table. She screamed in my ear and asked me where I was. I just said dancing and she smiled a silly smile. I asked her where the bathroom was and she pointed to the corner of the club. She took my hand and led me in that direction. We were almost there when she stopped. I looked up and saw two huge black guys standing against the wall. Katie ran to them and jumped into the arms of one of them. I stood there and watched her dangle in the air again. He put her down and she hugged the other one. When her feet hit the ground again she introduced me.

The two guys were professional football players and played for the Saints. I recognized the names right away, they were linebackers, I do know my football. I smiled at the one in front of me and he was really cute in a “biggest guy I have ever seen” kind of way. He whispered something in my ear, I didn’t hear it clearly, the music was getting very loud. He motioned for me to follow him and he led me towards the bathroom. There was a table near the bathroom and a stool. My guy looked at the guy sitting on the stool and he jumped off it quickly. My guy sat down and stood me in front of him. He was even taller than me sitting down. He put his hands on my waist and whispered for me to spread my legs. I wasn’t sure I heard him right and then he lifted me up on his lap. I understood and quickly spread my legs and landed spread-eagle across hi s lap. He pulled me a little closer and whispered in my ear again.

I heard him clearly this time and he said I was fucking smoking hot and he would love to show me a good time. I looked at him and smiled. He took that as an answer and I felt his hand touch my inner thigh. He ran his finger along my bare skin between my stocking and my panties and I felt myself ankara kaliteli escortlar start to heat up again. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he kissed me as his finger touched my pussy through my panties. I drove my tongue into his mouth and he pushed my panties into me with his finger. He pulled back and whispered in my ear. He asked me to pull my shirt down and I couldn’t help myself, he leaned over and kissed a nipple as his finger slid under my panties and into my wet pussy. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed my boob into his mouth. He bit my nipple and I moaned. He was rubbing my swollen clit with his finger. My orgasm hit me like a truck and I came all over his finger.

He whispered to me again and I reached down and felt a humongous cock through his pants. I unsnapped them and unzipped them. I reached in and pulled out a monster. It had to be at least 10 inches and it felt like a club in my hands. I stroked it slowly and the head was glistening. I saw a little drop of white on the head and I scooped it off with my finger and licked it off. He smiled at me and lifted me up. He whispered to me, I pulled my panties to the side and grabbed the monster cock as he maneuvered me and then slid me down over it. The first six inches or so went in easily. I felt incredibly full but I looked down to see more cock waiting. I looked at him a little scared and he told me to relax. I took a deep breath and willed my body to settle down. I slid down the rest of his pole and landed in his lap.

I think I screamed but I am sure no one heard me. He was squeezing both of my boobs as I sat on his incredible cock. He pinched my nipples and licked them both. My head flopped back as my wonderful linebacker manhandled my little body. He stopped licking my nipples and asked me if I was ready. I asked him ready for what. He said ready to be fucked. I looked at him and smiled, I said yes in my little girl voice and he lifted me up and slammed me back down. I screamed again.

For the next hour it seemed but I guess it was more like 4 or 5 minutes my incredibly powerful linebacker fucked me like a wildman. He was lifting me up and down, my arms and legs were flopping around and my boobs were bouncing all over the place. I wondered at one time if anyone was watching and I tried to look around. I could tell there were people but I couldn’t see anyone clearly with my head flopping around. Some of my hair was sticking to my face and the rest was flying around. He slammed me back down and held me there and I felt his cock pulse in me. It pulsed hard three or four times and he just held me there. I put my head against his chest and tried to breathe really slow.

I almost fell asleep on his lap. He was holding me gently as his cock softened in me. I didn’t want to ever move. I heard him whisper something and I lifted my head. I asked him if I could stay here all night and he laughed. His laugh was loud and deep and it shook me. He pulled my top up and told me he really needed to go to the bathroom. I remembered then that was where I was going too an eon ago. I slid back a little and his beautiful cock slid out of me. I grabbed it and caressed it. It was still large but now it was soft and pliable. I looked up at him and he said if I kept that up I would be in trouble. I told him to bring it on and he laughed again. I loved his laugh. I slid his cock back in his pants and zipped and snapped him up. I jumped off his lap and stood in front of him.

He got off the stool and hugged me. He whispered and I told him I was staying with Katie for the weekend. He smiled and said he would see me again soon. He turned me and told me to go to the bathroom and slapped my butt. I jumped and laughed at him. I headed off to the bathroom and the urge to pee hit me quickly.

I ran into the bathroom and into an empty stall. Thank god there was no line. I had barely pulled my panties down and sat when my poor bladder started to empty. It felt wonderful. I looked down at my panties and they were soaked with cum. What a slut I was but hey it was my birthday and I could fuck if I wanted to. Finally I stopped peeing and I stood up and pulled up my crusty panties. I should have just taken them off but I liked them and I sure wasn’t gonna carry them around all night. I stepped out of the stall and stumbled to the sink. I looked in the mirror and my hair was a mess. I looked well-fucked and I chuckled. I pushed my hair back and straightened my skirt and top. I looked none the worse for wear. I walked out ready to party some more.

There was a huge crowd around the bathroom and I tried to push my way through. There were too many people and I was just moving with the crowd. I looked for an opening to slide through but there was none. The crowd kept moving and then I noticed we were moving into a room. I fought to try to get through but soon I found myself standing in the men’s restroom. I had never been in one of these and I looked around for a minute. It was different, there was a pipe running along the wall and there was a line of guys just peeing on the wall. I noticed the pipe was leaking water down the wall and there was a drain at the bottom. Very barbaric, I thought.

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