Beta of the family part two


Beta of the family part twoWhen we got home the next day I knew that my life had well and truly changed for good. My father had obviously been in touch with my mother, because the moment I walked in the door she hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear,  “i always knew you were going to be “the one” your tiny little cock always meant that you were going to be the one to service your father and his brothers, I am so proud of you”She took me by the hand and brought me to her bedroom. She was obviously very excited as she walked me into her huge wardrobe and showed me what she described as “my section” there I saw hanging gorgeous little miniskirt, tank tops and beneath beautiful high heel shoes. She then showed me my lingerie drawer which had stockings, tiny little panties et cetera. Then looking me in the eye she showed me my “toy drawer” it was full of gorgeous butt plugs, ball gags and dildos  of varying sizes, including a horse dildo.  “I’ve given you some of my toys in the short term, so we can share” she picked up the horse  dildoand encouraged me to lick it “can you taste my cunt and ass juices?” Indeed I could, and I loved it.She then took me to the bathroom and we stepped into the shower together, mum took a razor and made sure I had no hair on my body, she then rubbed moisturising cream all over me, occasionally sliding her finger into my ass. She then dress me for dinner choosing a beautiful pink miniskirt and matching tank top, white stockings and no panties.Taking my hand we walked into the kitchen where my men were waiting for me, they erupted in cheers and high-fived each other. Then dad took over announcing “we have bought you a very special pink cage so that we can lock up your tiny little balls and cock” he went on to explain that they would reduce the cage size over time until my genitals were barely noticeable.I should tell you something about my family before all of this happened. My dad was extremely wealthy having inherited his father’s business bakırköy escort which he sold when we were very young and apparently we had enough money so that we never had to work again. We lived in a relatively small town where we were known as the richest family. Apparently because he was so rich from a very young age he had his pick of girls to marry. He had chosen very very carefully, as he needed a woman who would acquiesce and indeed encourage dads alternative lifestyle. Apparently familial relations had been part of his family for generations. He needed a woman who would encourage and help and also breed to provide for his needs.Given his wealth and the relative poverty of the rest of the people in the town we lived in, apparently dad had availed of all of the young flesh he wanted. As a very young boy I had been puzzled by the endless stream of parents bringing their c***dren to meet my dad. But now it was all fitting into place. as we sat around the table dad informed me that I would no longer be going to school, rather getting some homeschooling. That way I could always dress as the sissy in the family, and as I would be going on a d**gs regime to feminise myself it would be much easier not to leave the house. The only problem that he identified was that I would need approval from the local doctor to be able to avoid snooping authorities. When I heard this I giggled. Dad asked me to explain, and I told him that the doctor had been fingering my ass every time I went to visit him for the past five years.  it was this introduction and the pleasure I took from it which had actually led me at a very early age to understand my desires. Dad could not have been more pleased and immediately hatched a plan which would have huge benefits in the years to come.The next day my mother called Dr and explained that she was very concerned as I had refused to get out of bed and was feeling very ill. She explained to beşiktaş escort him that she would have to leave the house and that I would be by myself, but if he could visit she would be very grateful. Clearly the doctor spotted an opportunity that he did not want to miss. Meanwhile my mother put a few discreet cameras in my room and said she was joining my father in the basement where they could view the footage live. About 30 minutes later I heard a knock on my bedroom door and the doctor came in. He was hesitant, but clearly excited as I saw a bulge in his trousers. “Is your mother out?” I assured him that she had gone out and that we were alone. I then told him I had something to show him and to back the bedsheet, revealing my shaved and oiled body with my gorgeous pink cock cage. “What doyou think Dr Nugent” I said. He looked visibly shocked, but then smiled broadly “I see my training has come to fruition, my little boy” then just like we had done numerous times in his surgery he instructed me to pull my knees up to my shoulders and as he squirted some gel in his hand he kneeled on the bed and gently pushed two fingers into my anus. For the cameras  I let out a loud sigh. “Oh that’s interesting, you are taking my fingers much more easily than before” the doctor said “I’ve been practising for you Dr, I hope you are pleased” I told them. Then I did something which I had not had the bravery to do when I had visited him in his surgery, I reach for and traced the outline of his cock in his trousers. Then I slowly unzipped his trousers and reached in and took what I now understood to be an above average cock out of his trousers. “Oh Dr I only recently realised the gift you had given me by fingering my ass for all these years, I think it’s my turn to give you some pleasure” I was gently wanking his cock and looking him in the eye. I could see the lust he had for me and knew that I was in control. “I only recently realised beylikdüzü escort that every time you had fingered my ass and then disappeared that you had been going to wank your cock, thinking about my little ass hole, is that right Dr?””Oh you are indeed, every time after I fingered you I would go to my office, and suck my fingers, and I would cum  in seconds thinking, hoping for the day when I would be able to fuck this ass hole” I can only imagine my parents in the basement listening to this, knowing that whatever they wanted to ask of the doctor in the future they would be able to get. “That’s great Dr I really want to feel this monster in my ass today, but first will you let me taste it”  the doctor proved quite nimbly for his age, and keeping his fingers in my ass shuffled around with his knees either side of my head so that I could easily guide him into my mouth. I quickly engulfed his cock and without hesitation he attempted (successfully LOL) to force himself all the way down my throat. I could hear him gasping.He took his fingers out of my ass and I could see him putting them in his mouth, he obviously loved the taste of my ass. When his cock popped out of my mouth I pulled his hips forward so that I could access his ass hole. I lapped his sphincter enthusiastically and he ground down on my mouth. My tiny clit was throbbing.I was now gagging to feel his cock in my ass, so when he briefly sat up to allow me to breathe I grabbed his monster meat and gasped “in my ass Dr” look back on that He didn’t wait for a second invitation, and managed to finish undressing as he scooted down the bed. I saw his body for the first time and while he was not as ribbed as my brothers he was quite a hung. I d****d my legs over his shoulders and whispered “please breed me Dr, I need your cock and, inside me inside me””I had obviously awoken the a****l inside him, because he completely abandoned any pretence of being gentle, because a second after I fell the head of his cock breach my sphincter, with a loud grunt he forced himself all the way inside me. I screamed in genuine surprise and some pain, but the doctor ignored me and rapidly started to fuck  me with the sound of skin on skin reverberating in the room. I was in heaven.just then the door burst open……………. more to follow

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