Better Living Through Chemistry


This was the 70’s. Gone was the hippie generation, the war in Vietnam was over and the country was in a gas crisis. Watergate was behind us, and people just wanted to make money. Money was always in style.

I had just turned 18 a month before this story started to happen. To make money since I can remember, I mowed grass for neighbors. Every summer I had a steady supply of customers in my neighborhood. From old Mrs. Watkins who always complained when it came time to pay me, to the Johnsons at the next block. Truth was, the only grass I hated to mow was my own. I got an allowance, but made better money mowing other people’s grass. I used to complain to my Dad, but he would just say that he would start to mow it himself and not pay me anything. He always won.

Mr. Johnson worked for a leading chemical company. He’s the one that told me the story and I don’t have any reason to doubt him as I had seen the results. He wife Diane, worked for a bank in town. She was like a branch mangers. Mr. Johnson’s, Phil, company had invented a couple of new drugs. This wonder drug was to help women who wanted to develop bigger breasts. I never understood how this worked, but it did. I saw the proof. The other one, lowered people, men and women, inhibitions and made them want sex. Like the supposed drug, Spanish Fly.

Now it takes years before the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) will approve a new drug. Sometimes it can take up to 10 or more years. You have animal testing, then human volunteers and countless case studies, before the FDA will allow it to go on sale. Some companies will introduce drugs overseas because the laws are more relaxed. Here’s where things started to go wrong. It seems like Phil was married to Diane, but was also boinking his secretary Jennifer, on the side.

Diane and Phil were both in their early 40’s. Phil was about 5′-9″ and balding. Diane had black hair and a round face and about 5′-4″. The way she had her hair cut made her face even more round. She dressed like she was 60! Now Jennifer was in her mid-20’s with shoulder length bottle blonde hair. She wouldn’t have given Phil the time of day except he was spending a boat load of money on her. Since he had always stashed some money away, Diane never knew what was happening. Of course when things were settled, she did.

It seemed like Phil skipped the animal testing and went straight to the testing on humans. He started to give the breast enhancing formula to Diane and Jennifer. A week went by and nothing happened. He felt like this was a worthless drug. So what did he do? He increased the recommended amount, in both the women. Instead of a eye dropper full, he started spiking their drinks with a shot glass full. By the next week, I noticed that whenever I saw Diane, that her breasts were getting bigger. Both women had to by new bras. Jennifer liked the new her and just assumed that she was either pregnant or just a late bloomer. Not that she needed any help in that area.

Diane went to the doctor, but he couldn’t find anything wrong and just wrote it off to weight gain, which was a side effect. Phil figured that since both women had expanded bra sizes, he would go for more. He went from an eye dropper that was MAYBE a quarter of an ounce, to a shot glass that was an ounce, to just pouring in a healthy slug into each of their drinks. With Diane, he would do this at dinner in her wine. With Jennifer, he would do this during the day in her coffee. Diane soon went from a light 36B cup to a 38C cup. She put on about 20 pounds in the process. Jennifer gained about 10 pounds and went from a 34A cup to a 36C cup. Jennifer didn’t gain as much weight, probably because she was younger and Phil was working it off of her.

The next couple of weeks, Diane then went up to a 40D cup and gained another 20 pounds. She knew she was eating more, but couldn’t stop. She continued to buy clothes that looked like something that my grandmother would wear. Even with the added weight, she was always pleasant to me and would always give me ice tea when I mowed their grass on Saturday’s. I never knew Jennifer, but I heard, after this all came out, she went through about the same thing. She didn’t gain near the weight.

Diane started to question Phil about the changes her body was going through. She never imagined that he was “slipping” her something, but she was concerned over her weight and that Phil had stopped trying to have sex with her. He panicked and told that she was getting older and her body was bound to go through changes. This made her moody and feel like she was unloved and started to drink even more. Phil would find her open wine bottle and pour even more of the liquid into it. He thought he would back off on Jennifer’s dosage, because she had grown to a 38DD cup and was gaining attention from men wherever she went.

In the span of two months, Diane had went from about 135 pounds to close casino oyna to 175. She was struggling to stay in a 44DD bra. One Saturday I came over to mow their grass and found her crying on their back deck. I really felt sorry for her. She spilled her heart out to me. That because she was getting old and fat that her husband didn’t want to have anything to do with her any longer, especially sex.

Truth was she really didn’t look that bad. She still had a cute face, and if she would dress to show off her impressive cleavage, she would attract attention. I told her that. I also told her that Phil was a balding man who didn’t appreciate what he had. This made her laugh. At least I got a smile out of her. Phil pulled up and they went inside to have a yelling session. I went about mowing their lawn.

By the time I was done mowing Phil had stormed out of the house, but not before calling Diane a “fat pig”. I was hot and sweaty and could really use a glass of iced tea. So I gently knocked on the door. No one answered, but I knew Diane was still home. I let myself in. I found Diane upstairs on the bed crying her eyes out. She was embarrassed to see me. Maybe it she was embarrassed for me to see her crying. I told her that I would go downstairs and get her something to drink and be right back. That’s when I found the empty bottle just laying in the trash. It had Phil’s company label on it and said “Breast Enhancer Formula”. So that was what the bum was doing. Giving his wife some kind of formula and that what was causing her breasts to get huge and her to gain the weight. I buried the bottle in the trash then washed my hands. What a “douche bag” he was, I thought.

I went to his briefcase and opened it. There were four more bottles of the stuff and a small bottle labeled “Libido Enhancer”. Now I’m no chemist, I even got a C- in chemistry in school, but I knew what a Libido was. So I poured her a glass of wine and dumped about 1/4 the bottle of the Libido juice into it. I poured myself a glass of tea and took them upstairs. Diane was still laying on the bed crying. I sat the glasses down on the night stand then sat down next to her. I was rubbing her side and back to get her to stop crying.

I told her that she should drink something so she wouldn’t get dehydrated from all the crying. I reached for the glass of wine and handed it to her. She sat up and gulped it down. Diane was dressed in a baggy t-shirt and lose fitting jeans. She did have her shoes off and I could see that she had a pedicure and knew she always had a manicure. Her toe nails were painted a bright red, while her finger nails were a more subdued shade of red. I didn’t know if the stuff in his briefcase worked, or how long it would take.

I just sat there on the side of the bed trying to comfort her. I started to rub the inside of her leg around her knee. I told her that she was a beautiful woman and that her husband was a major jerk for saying that to her. She said it was getting hot in the room. She could tell because I was sweaty. I didn’t bother to remind her that I just had been mowing her grass. I kept rubbing the inside of her leg, but now I worked my way farther up so that I was rubbing the inside of her thigh. She said that she was really hot and then she reached for my iced tea and took a big sip of that. I let my hand run all the way up her leg to her crotch. I figured that she would either throw me out or get so hot that she couldn’t stand it.

I started to rub her jeans right at her crotch, but not on it. She spread her legs further and I took that as my cue to rub her crotch. She let out a moan and started to rub her breasts. I told her that she would be more comfortable if she were remove her jeans and bra. I was pushing my luck. She told me that it had been months since they had had sex together. I pulled her zipper down on her jeans and tugged them down below her hips. She started to protest, but I started to rub her pussy through her panties. She grabbed my hand, but I managed to pull her panties to the side and work a finger into her pussy. Boy was she wet!

That ended all protest from her. She pulled her t-shirt off and unfastened her bra. Her breasts were bigger than anything I had ever seen. It was like someone had cut a watermelon in two and placed them on her chest. I started to pull her panties off and she reached down and worked them off for me. Her pussy couldn’t have been more wet if she had shoved a hose up there. I worked two of my fingers into her pussy and started to work them in and out. Now I’m not the most experienced kid, but I have read enough of my Father’s Playboys to know a little about sex. Also, last Summer, my buddy and I got into a x-rated drive in movie, so I had a pretty good idea what to do.. But other than jerking off, I was a virgin.

I need to do something to free my cock from my underpants and shorts. It was hard and starting slot oyna to ache being all confined. I stood up and removed my clothes. Diane stuffed her fingers into her pussy and was fucking herself for me. I walked around the other side of the bed and laid down next to her. She continued working on her pussy while I started to suck on her nipple of that massive tit closest to me. She sucked in air. I pushed her hand out of the way and replaced it with my own. She started to thrash around caught up in the throws of an orgasm. She was so wet that her pussy was making sucking noises.

Fluids were running out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass, soaking the bed. I pulled my hand out and brought it to her mouth for her to suck off her juices. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that I am hung like a horse. Truth is, I have an average cock. It’s a little over 6″ long, but it is good sized around, almost 2″. I climbed on top of her and she guided me into her pussy. Fortunately from jerking off all the time, I didn’t have a problem with cumming to early. I was ramming into her like a pro. I buried my face into her massive breasts. She held them together so I could suck her nipples. I found if I lightly bit one it would drive her wild. She was moaning and throwing her head side to side, I thought that maybe I was hurting her, so I started to slow down. She grabbed my butt and pulled me tighter and kept telling me “harder”! So I kept ramming her harder.

She announced that she was cumming and it was like someone opened the flood gates. I could feel her juices run out of her past my cock. I just kept up thrusting into her and finally, I could feel my own orgasm building. Now I didn’t have a condom with me, after all, I never gotten laid before. So I started to pull out, She grabbed my ass again and pulled me into her and wouldn’t let go. I exploded into her pussy with the force of a rocket going off. I continued to stay hard, so I just kept pumping her. After about another minutes my cock started to go soft so I pulled it out and it made a “pop” sound.

By now I was covered in sweat, her bedspread was soaked clean through to the sheets, and I was exhausted. But not Diane. I rolled off her while I caught my breath and she just delved into herself with her fingers again. She showed me how to find her clit and rub it. So I did, while she thrust her fingers in and out of herself. It didn’t take long before she had another orgasm. My Parents were gone shopping so it wasn’t like I had to get home. But, I was afraid that I couldn’t leave her like this. How long did this stuff last?

Playing with her huge breasts and watching her fuck herself soon made me hard again. So I got back on top of her and gave it to her again. I lasted longer this time, but didn’t shoot off as much as I did the first time. Diane had another orgasm in the process. When my cock went limp again, I thought I better head for home and clean up. Diane suggested that we go shower together her at her house. I liked her idea better. We got in the shower and she cleaned me up. And wouldn’t you know I got hard again. This time she got on her knees in the shower and sucked my cock until I exploded in her mouth.

She then got up and proceeded to rub her clit until she had another orgasm. Once we all cleaned up, we got out and dried each other off. We walked back to her bedroom and I really didn’t want to put back on my sweaty shorts. She gave me a pair of Phil’s to wear. They were a size bigger, but at least they weren’t all sweaty. She also gave me one of his t-shirts to wear home. She laid there on the dry part of the bed naked and watched me dress. I asked if she was going to be okay now and she said she was. Diane also told me that I should bring dry clothes with me every time I mowed their lawn. I told her that I would and I looked forward to next weekend.

I wanted to tell everyone about this, but I knew I couldn’t. Before I left, I grabbed a bottle of Phil’s “Breast Enhancer” formula to take with me. I pushed my lawn mower back home and put it away. By the time my parents got home, they just figured that I showered and cleaned up when I got home. I didn’t know how much of the formula to use, so I poured the entire bottle into my Mom’s wine bottle. Might as well spread some joy to Dad, maybe he would give me the raise in my allowance I wanted!

Next Saturday came and I couldn’t wait to get to Diane’s house and mow her grass. Sure enough ol’ Phil wasn’t home. Diane sat on her back deck drinking wine while I mowed. She wore a bikini that would cover most women,, but her breasts were even bigger and I was sure that the straps would burst from the pressure any minute. As I mowed she put her feet up on the rail and rubbed her crotch for me. He bottoms were soaked more than I was by the time I got done.

As soon as I was done, we would go upstairs and fuck like rabbits canlı casino siteleri until I couldn’t get it up any longer. She didn’t need any of the Libido liquid after the first time. That Summer she taught me everything about sex you would want to know. There wasn’t anything she didn’t do with me. Diane even let me take her in her poop chute so that I could sink my hands into those massive breasts of hers. I rearranged all my other mowing jobs to the week so I would have Saturday’s free.

By the time she delivered her baby, her breasts were size 60K’s! Fortunately, she hadn’t really put on any more weight. I think having sex with me helped that area. I discovered where Phil kept his “stash” of the formula and kept taking a bottle a week from it. If you steal from a thief, they can’t very well go to the police. I kept pouring into my Mom’s wine at home. She had gone from a 44C bra to a 50D bra by the end of the Summer. Lucky Dad, but he still didn’t give me that raise. So one Sunday morning, I slipped some of that Libido juice into his coffee. He spent the entire Sunday “cleaning” the garage. I bet his cock was sore for a week, from jerking off so much!

I stayed in town and attended the local community college. I would go over to Diane’s house and mow her grass, then plow her. This went on for another several months. I didn’t know what excuse I would use when Fall came, and I finished raking her leaves. Right after Thanksgiving, it game to a head. I came over to “rake” and Phil was waiting on me. By now, what was he going to say? I knew what he was doing and was willing to blow the whistle to Diane. What he said was unexpected. Diane was pregnant, but he didn’t know who the daddy was. He knew I had been taking his breast formula and that had to stop. But as luck would have it, he wasn’t going to say anything because I had him over a bigger barrel.

He spilled everything to me. How he was boinking his secretary, he had knocked her up as well! How he was giving both women his breast formula and if this leaked out, he was screwed with his company and the government. The only piece he didn’t have was who was the father? He figured it was someone at the bank who she worked with. He was going to move out and they were going to put the house up for sale. Would I keep the lawn up, until it sold?

Now I could do one of two things. Not say anything or tell him everything. After all, he just spilled his guts to me. He seemed genuinely sad about everything. Of course maybe it was the threat of federal jail that prompted him to tell me. So I came clean to an extent. I told him that I saw the empty bottle in the trash and found his stash. That yes, I had been taking a bottle from it and giving it to my Mom. That it had the same results that Diane did. But I didn’t confess that Diane’s baby was mine. I was excited and scared at the same time.

I asked if I could talk to Diane, that we had become friends and maybe I could get her to tell me who the father was. He bought this and would leave us alone to talk. Diane was up in the bedroom because they had had a big fight over all of this. Phil didn’t tell her that he had been spiking her wine, or anything like that. After she confessed to him that she was pregnant, he confessed that he had knocked up his secretary as well. That was about all that was said between them. When I walked in, Diane told me the baby was mine and that she wouldn’t say a word about it to anyone. As far as anyone was concerned it was Phil’s and he would have to support it. I told her that Phil was convinced that it was someone at the bank she worked with. This made her laugh. We made love the rest of the afternoon.

After that, their house sold and I didn’t see Phil any more. I did drive over to Diane’s new house, and visit her often. I even helped her with Lamaze class. My parents thought that I was doing a “noble” thing because the poor woman’s husband had ran out on her. Diane and Jennifer both delivered a baby girl about a week apart. Sixteen years later, Diane remarried. I grew up and have always had a fetish for older women that had some extra “padding” and big breasts. Wonder how I arrived at that?

Phil? Phil went to jail for a very long time. Seems when the women delivered their babies, the girls came out with a very health sets of breasts! So much so, that both of them needed bras since they time they started walking. Tests were done and the secret got out. Phil was fired, the company very handsomely compensated both women in order for them to not to sue the company. Everything was hushed up, except for Phil going to jail for drug tests on humans. I understand that now he could use the breasts in jail!

I came out pretty clean, except for a daughter that I love dearly and that has every boy chasing after her because of her 44D chest in high school! Also, before they sold the house, I stole all of Phil’s stash. My Mom now has a 56F chest that she is pretty proud of. Not bad for a woman in her late 50’s. Dad, well he never gave me that raise, so every time I come home for a visit, he has to clean the garage for a day! Dad, you should have given me that raise!

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