BFFs Share Everything


Chapter 1 – Sharing With Beth


The phrase “BFF”, or Best Friends Forever, tends to get tossed about to the point where today it has lost most of its meaning. Yes, I’m guilty as well of using it to describe most of my friends Still, if anyone wanted an example of what it REALLY means to be BFFs, I would hold up my relationship with Beth as Exhibit

. From the time we met as little girls in preschool to today where we’re in our thirties, married with children, we’ve always shared a special bond. Of course we’ve had our ups and downs but we always reconciled and if anything I believe it’s been the struggles that have brought us even closer in the end.

I’ve been fortunate to have been raised by the most wonderful parents anyone could ask for. Oh sure some cynical people might say that’s easy to say given that I was an only child of two professionals, each bringing home six figure salaries. OK, I’ll admit I was spoiled from the perspective I didn’t lack for much but there’s a lot of kids who are financially better off than me who don’t get along at all with their parents. And yes, those same people might say I’ve been “groomed” by my parents for their sexual gratification but that would be so wrong I can’t even begin to express my disgust at such a suggestion. They conveniently forget that I didn’t even start having sex with my dad until I was older so it’s not like I was abused or anything.

What makes my parents so special is not their wealth or sexual activities but the emotional support they provided me and the ethical/moral values they instilled in me. Also, as much as I may have felt differently about it at the time, they were also rather strict with me in many ways which I realize today was for my own benefit and kept me from landing in trouble while still giving me the freedom I wanted. First and foremost they raised me to be a Christian and church has always been a major focus of my life. Most of my ethical and moral values are tied to my religious beliefs, as well as those of my parents – especially my mother.

Beth is my

BFF but my mom has her own special place. She IS my mother so I guess technically that disqualifies her from being a BFF but in terms of sharing my most intimate secrets she’s always been there. For example, it was my mother who I first told after losing my virginity although Beth was a close second.

People always ask me about my sexual relations with Beth. I know what they want to hear – that she and I have had rampant sex since we were little girls. Actually the opposite is true, at least in terms of being physical with one another. Who was the first girl I masturbated with? Beth. Who was the first girl I had sex with – NOT Beth. Who invited me to her sex parties? Beth. Who was the one girl I rarely had sex with at them? The same Beth. Why? It’s hard for me to explain as I’m not even sure how to describe it. I love Beth as a person, not as a lover. I think we both realize that being sexual would bring in an element to our friendship that isn’t needed.

The one thing I didn’t share immediately with Beth was when I started having sex with my dad. With all the time she spent at our house while we were growing up, she knew my parents weren’t hung up about my sexual activities but the rules my parents had were such we didn’t show her – or anyone outside our family, everything. For example, I wore my bikini in the hot tub and my dad wore his swim suit whenever Beth was with us. While my dad might have his usual erection (he IS a man after all so some things can’t be prevented), it stayed in his pants and he never masturbated openly when Beth was with us. When he would have us pose for him and take pictures, while we might have fun wearing something suggestive and posing a little naughty, it never crossed a certain line.

One rule my mother had always been adamant about was adultery. While sex with her father and my dad’s brothers was OK as incest isn’t adultery, it also meant no swinging, swapping, or anything sexual with someone outside her marriage family. She applied the same rule to my dad which meant while I knew he was turned on by Beth, he also never crossed the line with her. Oh sure he might “slip” in the hot tub and grope a little but it was always “accidental” and something we laughed about later rather than leading to anything more.

So that said… enter Beth. While legally she was not my relative, in every other sense of the word she was like a sister to me. Other than my cousin Kristi, I spent more time with Beth than anyone else. We certainly didn’t LOOK like sisters – I’ve been jealous of her boobs since she was wearing a real bra in 5th grade! Then again, look how many REAL sisters don’t look anything alike. We have different opinions and preferences. I’ve always preferred more intimacy during sex whereas she’s been the ultimate party girl. I’m extremely religious but Beth only enters a church when I drag her in. I was having sex with my dad and so far casino oyna as I knew Beth wasn’t (and in reality she wasn’t).

So imagine my surprise, not to mention more than a bit of shock, when my dad suddenly fucked Beth right in front of me one day while we were all in the hot tub together! It’s a long story (I’ve written a diary entry devoted to it) but it was one of those events that stressed our relationship. It was certainly erotic to watch my father fuck my BFF but for him to commit adultery – and right in front of me? Considering how forceful my mother had always been on the subject – and then for her to watch as well (from my bedroom window unknown to Beth but I knew), I couldn’t help but felt a bit of resentment towards Beth. I’d never seen my dad fuck anyone outside my family and never thought he would and here my BFF was the one to lure him into sin.

Of course we made up. Two things helped. First, the next time my dad fucked Beth I didn’t just watch – I made sure he fucked me too! Wow, talk about opening her eyes! Incest was something we’d never really discussed. Really, for 99.99% of the world incest is porn fantasy, not something “normal” people do. Seeing Beth’s expression when my dad’s dick first pushed into me was priceless! Yes, we had some interesting discussions later! In the end I’m not sure she ever entirely understood why I would want to have sex with my own father but like other issues where we were on different sides she accepted it and I think she secretly was turned on more about it than she admitted. To this day it’s something more we have an understanding about more so than discussing it. At the same time I have never pushed her into doing it with her dad as I realize it’s something that just will never happen.

As much as seeing my dad fuck Beth made me resent Beth more than anything else had ever done in our history, I got my “revenge” by seducing her father. He’d been sneaking peeks at us in our bikinis by their pool and I took advantage of his horniness. Granted, I may have used a little blackmail to get my way but in the end all that mattered to me was that he fucked me. Although Beth didn’t see us, I made sure she knew about it right afterwards! She was so mad at me! I wasn’t sure if it was that I’d fucked her dad or that he cheated on her mom that infuriated her more but things were a little dicey between us for a week or so until we inevitably made up. We declared a truce and that was the last time either of us fucked the other’s father.

Over the years Beth has remained my confidante and friend. We both are married now with me having two daughters and her having two sons. Sometimes we joke about our kids fooling around when they get older although I think it’s less of a joke for me than her. One thing we do NOT discuss is incest with our kids. While she doesn’t agree with me on the topic, I know Beth respects me enough to not judge me. At the same I time I respect her views and don’t rub it in her face or make any suggestions about her and her sons. I DO have to admit I’m a bit jealous in that she got TWO sons while I have none. Still, I love my daughters and accept that it’s God’s will.

For those curious, yes we HAVE swapped husbands although only a couple of times. Beth’s husband was a frequent attendee at the sex parties she loved to frequent so they share similar interests when it comes to such things. It’s funny though in that I found it a little awkward having sex with my BFF’s husband, much the same as how I feel when it comes to having sex with her. Not that my husband had any such problems! After all, he was fucking Beth back in school long before he did me. Something about her big boobs attracted the boys like flies! While I’m much more happier with my breasts today, they still pale in comparison with hers and I know from the way he stares at them that Steve thinks so too. Oh well, he married ME after all so I’m not complaining.

Chapter 2 – Surprise Announcement


A few weeks ago I was at Beth’s home sharing a little wine while our kids played in the back yard. While I’m not much of a drinker, for some reason whenever I’m with Beth it seems like a good glass of white wine tastes better than my usual Diet Coke. It was unseasonably warm so we were seated on her back deck. Someday I hope Steve and I can afford our own house as living in an apartment we don’t have the privacy I miss from living with my parents. While not a nudist, I DO like to lay out in the sun naked at times although Steve says I look sexier with tan lines. Having a private back yard also had other advantages which I was exploiting much to Beth’s chagrin.

“Kelly! Really?” Beth exclaimed as she shook her head.

“Hey, don’t blame me,” I retorted, “You’re the one getting me turned on.”

Beth had been relating the details of the last sex party she and her husband had hosted. Being married they weren’t eligible for the ones she use to attend and besides, those had pretty slot oyna much changed over their attendance list as people married and moved. Shortly after their wedding she contacted some of the couples she had known and started a new group with a different twist. Now instead of requiring people to be single and forbidding couples, the new rules allowed for only married couples and both had to be there.

Steve and I had attended a couple of Beth’s parties but neither of us found them particularly fulfilling. For me, I guess I’m getting older as I just don’t find the sex party scene all that much fun. Fucking a series of guys, most of whom I don’t even learn their names, is so impersonal. I’ve become drawn to more intimate encounters, one-to-one where I can spend an evening or even an entire night with a man. Also, while I find being fucked by a married father to be erotic and fulfilling, the shine comes off when the wife is an active participant. It means so much more to me when a man cheats on his wife as it shows me he finds me more sexually attractive than her to the point he is willing to risk his marriage and possibly his career just to spend one time with me.

So while actually participating in one of her parties wasn’t for me, that didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy hearing about them. This was especially true when Beth was telling the story as she was a gifted storyteller and didn’t leave out any details. Given all that, she really couldn’t complain that I was horny as hell now thanks to her blow-by-blow description (sorry, pun intended) and when I’m horny my pussy itches and when my pussy itches I just HAVE to touch it!

“Well don’t let the boys see you at least,” she admonished me, “Last thing I need is for them to ask their teacher any questions.”

I laughed. As a teacher myself I could just imagine a young boy coming to class and asking me why his mom’s friend was sitting in the swing on the porch with her shorts open and her hand down inside. Still, it wasn’t like I had them down to my ankles and was giving them a crotch shot, something I pointed out to their mother.

“I swear Kelly, I don’t know anyone who does that as much as you do,” Beth sighed.

It wasn’t the first time she’d pointed this out… or the hundredth. It was more a running joke by now though and I knew she really didn’t expect an answer. Still, it was fun to tease her a little and as horny as I was my “filters” weren’t in place as they should have been.

“Sorry… I’m so damn horny right now. Imagine if your neighbors were looking through a hole in the fence!”

I was referring to her dialog about the orgy held recently on her back deck. Sure they had a nice privacy fence but that didn’t mean it was impervious to a determined neighbor.

“God you’ve got me so wet!” I moaned as my hand moved faster inside my shorts. They were one of my tighter pairs which made it hard to fit my hand in – too hard at the moment as I was SO close to cumming. Ignoring her sharp look I squirmed and twisted to drop my shorts and pulled them down and over my bare feet, tucking them to the side of me. So much better!

“I’m serious Kelly…,” she started to warn me.

“They aren’t looking,” I gasped, “Almost there…”

Beth’s eyes rolled as she just shook her head. She knew better than to try and stop me when I was horny but that never stopped her from trying. Thankfully they never noticed when my orgasm arrived. I bent over to try to contain myself as my fingers stimulated my swollen clit and then plunged into my soaking wet pussy as I came – almost like a dick entering me.

“Oh god!” I gasped as I came. I looked at Beth and our eyes met. Regardless of what she might say, I could see she was turned on. Over the years we might not have had sex with each other but both of us enjoyed watching the other masturbate. Back when we were preteens it was something new and exciting, now it was like a renewal of those days. Not to mention Beth looked sexy as hell when she was playing with herself!

Unfortunately as I mentioned, my “filters” tend to become more porous at time like this…

“You’re so lucky to have two sons,” I sighed as I leaned back and allowed the aftermath of my orgasm to course through me from the hair on my head to my curled toes.


It was amazing how fast her expression could change. One second mutual lust and desire, now suddenly exasperation and perhaps even a little disgust.

I immediately realized my error and it was like a bucket of cold water over me. Withdrawing my hand from my pussy, I reached down for my shorts and struggled as always to pull them back on.

“Sorry… I guess I got carried away,” I apologized.

Beth’s expression suddenly changed again as she grinned and poked me in the side.

“Oh Kelly, you can be so easy sometimes,” she teased me, “I know you better than that. Maybe fifteen years from now?”

It was my turn to reply with a “Huh?” which just made her laugh all canlı casino siteleri the more.

“OK then… twenty?”

Now I knew she was pulling my leg and we both laughed. For the next few minutes we sipped on our wine and watched the kids. I couldn’t help but reflect how OLD we were getting to be! It was like seeing my mom with her friends when I was a kid. Not exactly a thrilling thought. I could only imagine what it will be like when I hit forty… UGH! My musing was interrupted by Beth…

“Do you remember back when you first did your dad in front of me?”

Whoa, now THAT was certainly a detour I hadn’t seen coming. I looked at Beth a little bewildered, not quite sure how to answer so I just nodded and waited to see where was going with this. Like it was something we hadn’t discussed in ages!

“I’ve guess I’ve always been a little curious, you know?”

No, I didn’t know but I don’t think she was really asking a question as she continued.

“Why did you decide to just do it in front of me? Why not tell me about it first?”

OK, so now what do I say? I was mad at her for seducing my father into sin? I wanted to get back at her for making my mom watch her husband commit adultery? Oh sure my point would have been made if I HAD just told her privately but surprising her as I did by doing something I’m sure she never suspected… that was better. Still, not like I was going to tell HER that. Being BFFs didn’t mean we shared EVERYTHING. Sometimes being a friend also means spinning little white lies.

“I don’t know… I hadn’t really thought about it and it just happened.”

“You DO know I wasn’t as surprised as I let you think I was, don’t you?”

I looked at her, my eyes narrowing a bit as I wasn’t wearing my glasses. Now what did she mean by THAT?

“C’mon Kelly, you think I didn’t always suspect there was something between you and your dad? Like how he was never embarrassed to have a hard-on in front of us? The way you sat on his lap and ground your ass on it? The “accidental” boob groping? The way you kissed him… I mean how many daughters French kiss their own father? And the way you dressed for him and posed for him… I would NEVER have done anything remotely like that with my dad, at least not in those outfits and not in those poses.”

“So why didn’t you ever say anything?” I asked, curious now as much about why she was telling me all this than anything.

Beth shrugged. “Well, to be perfectly honest I wasn’t sure if you were actually having SEX. I mean incest isn’t the sort of thing you think about normal people doing. Sorry… I didn’t mean that the way it came out.”

“It’s OK, I know what you meant.”

“I figured you might be touching more, maybe even sucking him but I REALLY didn’t think you were actually fucking your dad until I saw him doing it with you that day.”

I giggled a little at that. “So you WERE surprised then.”

Beth huffed and dropped her shoulders like I was pointing out the obvious. “Well duh! Face it, incest is the sort of thing I think about happening in the hollers of West Virginia or some pedophile abusing his daughter in a trailer park. I never considered anything like what I saw with you and your dad. That’s what I think surprised me more than anything. It wasn’t like you were acting out some porn scene… I could see how much you adored him and he obviously was totally in love with you in ways I never imagined a father could be.”

“So if I set such a good example, then why didn’t you ever fuck YOUR dad then?” I countered.

Beth almost choked on that one. “Oh Kelly, don’t be so silly. You know perfectly well why not. The same reason every other girl in the world I know doesn’t have sex with HER dad, at least other than YOU. He’s my FATHER! I just couldn’t even imagine doing such a thing and I’m sure he never thought about ME that way.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard THAT one plenty enough,” I grinned, “Most every dad I chat with on-line gives me the same line about his daughter. Oh sure he lusts for her friends but NEVER her. Well, THAT is almost a line of crap when push comes to shove. Just about EVERY father confesses to me sooner or later that he has lusted for his daughter. The difference is most of them never ACT on those feelings. I bet your dad was no different. I saw how we would look at us when you wore those bikinis so skimpy your boobs practically fell out.”

Beth didn’t take my bait, instead changing course a few degrees.

“So may I ask you something? Do you think your daughters will have sex with Steve when they get old enough to be legal?”

I hesitated for a moment. I knew the standard answer I give out to people on-line who ask me this question and I DO get asked it a LOT. “It will be up to them. I HOPE they do but in the end it’s their choice,” is how it goes in one way or another but that’s the general gist of it. But this was Beth and I wanted to be honest with her.

“I expect they will,” I answered more seriously now, “It WOULD be the 3rd generation after all. And you know my feelings about being a proper Christian daughter.”

Beth just smiled at that one. “Somehow I doubt the minister at your church would agree with those thoughts.”

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