Bi-curious Ch. 06


Chapter 6: Birthday Surprise

We got up early Saturday because we had a 12:00 flight. We got to the airport and while standing in line to get our tickets I asked Ursula, “Would you mind if Sharon and I borrow Jason for this trip.”

She looked at me questioningly and said, ‘I guess not why?”

I told her about Sharon and I starting our own mile high club and now we wanted to officially join the club. She said it was fine with her if it was ok with Jason.

The seats were three across and we had the whole row, three on this side of the isle and the three on the other side. Sharon and I had Jason sit between us and Ursula sat between Sandy and Tina. Before they even closed the door I asked for a blanket. Once we were able to unfasten our safety belts I put the blanket over Jason and me. We pulled up the armrest between the seats. I pulled my skirt up and let Jason know I was ready by pushing his hand in my wet pussy. His shorts were soon down and his cock was nudging my pussy lips from behind. I pushed back and opened as much as I could and felt his cock slip into me. He made very slow movement as not to draw attention. It took a little longer with the slow movement but soon he and I both started cuming. He shot deep in me then pulled out. We straighten up and they started serving drinks. As we sat there with our drinks Sharon had her hand under the blanket stroking his cock to get it ready for her.

We were still about an hour out and I looked over and the girls had there own blanket and there was a lot of movement under their blanket. When Jason was ready Sharon turned and pushed her ass as far into his seat as she could. He turned and cuddled behind her. Having already done this I could tell the movement under the blanket. Just watching and knowing what was going on made me hot all over again. I put my hand under the blanket and Jason lifted his leg and I was able to slide my hand between his legs. I could feel his cock sliding in and out of Sharon and I had another orgasm right there.

We were getting ready to land so we all straighten ourselves out. Sharon was the first to leave the plane and Tom gave her a big hug and kissed her deeply. As each of us came out he would hug and kiss us. When Ursula came through the door and saw Tom she ran down the ramp and jumped in the air. Tom caught her and swung her around kissing her deeply.

As he lowered her down to the floor she asked, “Are we finally going to get together?”

Tom, still holding her close said, “If the van wasn’t so full we would be doing it on the way home.”

Sharon kissed Tom and said, “Let me drive and we’ll see what we can do. It’s only right since I just fucked her husband on the plane.”

We put the bags in the back and the van was an older one so it had a bench seat in the front. Sharon got in the driver’s side and Ursula sat in the middle with Tom on the out side. Once we were out of the airport Sharon pulled Ursula’s skirt up to her waist. Ursula slid up to the edge of the seat and opened her legs for her. Sharon was playing with Ursula’s naked pussy while Tom watched. He reached over and took over from his wife and was fingering Ursula.

Sharon said, “Why don’t you take his cock out and ride him all the way home.” No sooner had the words left her mouth and Tom’s pants were on the floor. Ursula raised up and put Tom’s cock in her pussy. She was turned so they could kiss and they were making out like teenagers. They let the movement of the van set the pace for their fucking as they continued kissing and stroking each other.

The van kept Tom’s cock bouncing up and down in Ursula’s pussy but not enough to get either one of them off. When Sharon pull in by the garage and turned off the van Ursula got up turned around and impaled herself with Tom’s cock. Now she was riding him like a cowgirl. We all went up to the bar to see our husbands. We were surprised to find all three of them stark naked. John was behind the bar, as always. Dave and Dale were sitting on the stools with a stool between them. We ran over and kissed our husbands and they stroked and played with every part of our bodies, as we did the same to them. For once it was the girls that were dressed playing with their husband’s naked exposed cocks.

Dave asked, “Where is Tom?”

We all laughed and I said, “He is taking care of some long over due business in the van.”

Shortly Tom and Ursula came in followed by Jason and Sharon. Tom brought Ursula over and sat her between Dave and Dale.

He said, “Guys, this is Ursula.”

I was standing next to Dave and said, “This is my husband Dave.” Ursula reached to shake his hand but I pushed it down to his cock and had her stroke him.

Sandy saw what I saw doing and took Ursula’s other hand and brought it to Dale’s cock and said, “This is my husband Dale.”

Ursula was sitting there with a cock in each hand and looked back at Tina who waved John’s cock at her and said, “This is John.”

I illegal bahis sat down next to Dave and Sandy sat next to Dale. Tom came and sat next to me and Tina sat next to him. Sharon and Jason sat on the other side of Sharon. John fixed us all a drink and Ursula finally let go of the two cocks she had been holding. Before they sat down Tom got naked and told Jason to do the same. This is the first time that all the guys were naked and we were dressed, it is always the other way around.

Tom leaned in close to me and said, “I loved the pictures you sent, especially the ones with you and the waiter.” I couldn’t believe it but I actually blushed.

We sat around talking, the guys had a million questions about our trip. We were stroking the guys. I was stroking Tom and I saw in the mirror behind the bar that Ursula was again stroking Dave. Dave had started to undress Ursula and she made no attempt to stop him. Her top was open and he was just sliding it off. Sharon was already topless and Jason was sucking on her tits. Tom was stroking my thigh and working his way up to my pussy as we talked. He was soon lifting my top off. Within an hour from sitting down everyone was naked, but we were still just sitting around talking, and some stroking and petting.

Tom kissed me then kissed my tits and said he would be back. He went around behind the bar and made an announcement, “We have food in the fridge and if we need anything we’ll order it in. The object of this weekend is to stay naked and enjoy each other. The hot tub is ready.” He turns on the lights out side. “The game room is open.” He turns on the lights in the game room. “And of course the orgy bed will always be open.” He turned on the lights to the dance floor and he had taken 6 of those air-beds, the ones with the legs, and tied them all together, 3 across and 2 deep making one large bed.

He came around and took Sharon and Ursula by the hand and had them stand beside him. Tom said, “We have two objectives this weekend. One is to wish Sharon a happy birthday and feel free to show her your birthday greeting either as an individual or as a couple. Second is to welcome Ursula into our group. Since her husband has already had all our wives it is our turn with her. I’m sure you will all make her feel welcome either as an individual or as a couple or both, it’s a long weekend. I’m going to start things off by giving my wife her first annual royal birthday fuck with the help of our new friend.” He led Sharon and Ursula out to the orgy bed and climbed up in the middle.

We all followed and sat around the edge of the massive bed. Ursula lay on her back and Sharon was on her hands and knees. Sharon started going down on Ursula and Tom brought his cock to her pussy. We all cheered as he entered her and kept cheering him on as he pounded into her. Just as they were finishing up everyone was feeling the need and since none of us had been with our husbands for a week we all started fucking our husbands all around the couple in the middle. Jason being the only one left out and since he was sitting close to me I pulled him over with Dave and I and took his cock in my mouth. Watching everyone fucking and his wife being eaten right in front of everyone was more than Jason could take and he shot in my mouth long before Dave came in my pussy.

Now that we had all been given the much needed fuck people started drifting off in different combinations. I knew that Dave wanted to get back with Ursula so I took her by the hand and along with Jason we all headed for the hot tub. As we walked I looked and sure enough Ursula had Dave’s cock in her hand. It seems that she wanted to get back with Dave as much as he wanted to be with her. From the hot tub I could see the game room and Sandy and Tina with Dale and John were playing pool. They were playing with each other as much as they were playing pool. I couldn’t see Sharon and Tom but found out later that he was watching Sharon’s Friday night party with the three guys. He set the VCR to continuos play so everything we shot during the week kept playing over and over, Larry and I on the beach, Sharon with her three guys, everything.

Tom and Sharon joined us in the hot tub and Ursula moved closer to Dave to make room. The whole time we had been there talking she never let go of Dave’s cock. It was as if she was obsessed with it. I told Dave he should take Ursula to the orgy bed that I bet she would like that cock somewhere besides her hand. She let go long enough for them to get out and dry off but as they walked toward the bed her hand went right back to it. I could see both the game room and the orgy bed. Once Dave and Ursula were on the bed she had his cock in her mouth and did not let go till she had drained every ounce from him. The one thing that will always make Dave hard is eating pussy. It doesn’t mater who’s pussy he just loves eating pussy. He went down on Ursula and I could see her gripping the bed and sure enough it wasn’t long before he was climbing up illegal bahis siteleri her body to slip his cock into her pussy.

I watch as Dave fucked Ursula and I could tell when he was cuming in her and was ready to cum myself. I suddenly realized why, the whole time I had been watching them I was stroking Jason’s cock and he was finger fucking me. His cock looked ready to explode and I felt obligated to do something about it. I got out of the hot tub pulling Jason with me. I told Sharon that we were going to make use of the orgy bed. When we climbed up on the bed Ursula was on her back and Dave was stroking her body. Now they watched as we did just as they had done. I took Jason in my mouth and as I was sucking him I glanced at the TV and there I was bigger than life with Larry’s cock in my mouth. It seemed strange to watch myself sucking one man’s cock while I was doing the same to another man. Jason was cuming in my mouth within seconds. Next he went down on me and my head was next to Dave’s cock. He and Ursula just watched as her husband ate me to several orgasms. When Jason stopped eating me I rolled over and got on my hands and knees for him to enter me from behind. Ursula guided his cock into me and I took Dave in my mouth. Dave came first then watched as Jason pounded into me and finally shot his load in my pussy.

We all lay there stroking each other and no one even seemed to notice us. We were all watching the big screen. I couldn’t believe my head was three times normal size and I had this massive cock shoved in my mouth. About that time Tom and Sharon came in and Tom said he had a gift for all the women. We all gather at the bar and he had us sit with Sharon first then me and Ursula then Tina and last Sandy. He handed us each a small box and when we opened them there was a necklace with our initial on it. The necklace was a heavy chain and the letter was larger than I would have chosen and it had a full carrot diamond where the letter joined the chain. Even in CZ, and knowing Tom they weren’t, they would have cost well over $500.00 each. We all put them on and Tom said he wanted to get a picture of his little sluts for the bar. We all posed with our tits out proudly showing our necklaces and our legs all crossed in the same direction and our arms around each other on the bar. He took several with his regular camera then shot one with his Polaroid. He came around behind the bar and we all turned on our stools. He starting saying, “You girls are part of a special group and when you wear these I hope you will remember our little group, but the necklaces will only fit together when we are all together.” The picture had developed and he put it on the bar in front of us. There we all were smiling proudly and across our chest it spelled out SLUTS. We all laughed and said that we would wear them with pride.

I turned on my stool and said, “Ok, girls, are you ready to show these guys just how big a sluts we can be?” I jumped off the stool and headed to the orgy bed followed by the other four. We jumped on the bed and started kissing and stroking and playing. We started sucking on each other’s tits then went down on each other. We kept switching around, most of the time I didn’t know who was going down on me and I didn’t even know who I was going down on. At one point Sharon and I were on our hands and knees kissing with someone eating each of us. The guys had come over and were standing around the bed stroking their cocks. Sharon and I saw Tom standing there, we looked at each other. Two minds with but a single thought, without saying a word we both grabbed Tom and pulled him on the bed. With in seconds Tina had her pussy in his face. He had his fingers in both Sandy and Ursula’s pussys and Sharon and I were tongue fighting over his cock. We hadn’t said anything to the others but they seemed to know that time on the bed was by invitation only. We let Tom enjoy himself a while and I swung around and Sharon guided his cock into my pussy. I rode him fast and hard and he was cuming in no time. Once he shot his load we shoved him off the bed.

Next we grabbed Dave and pulled him on the bed. Again Sharon and I were tongue fighting over his cock. Ursula was on his face and he was playing with Sandy and Tina’s pussy. After he had his time with all of us I let Sharon take over sucking his cock. He didn’t last as long as Tom did and once Sharon sucked him dry off the bed he went.

Ursula grabbed Jason next and I was right there with my pussy in his face. Tina and Ursula were the ones getting fingered and Sandy and Sharon were the ones tongue fighting over his cock. Sandy finished him off with her pussy and he was gone.

Dale was the next one grabbed. Sandy brought her freshly fucked pussy to his mouth. Ursula and I were being played with while Sharon and Tina fought over his cock. Tina finished Dale with her mouth and pushed him off the bed.

That left only John. John we did a little differently. I went down on his cock while Tina sat on canlı bahis siteleri his face then we got up and Sharon took over sucking his cock and Sandy sat on his face. One more round this time Ursula sat on his cock and fucked him while all four of us stood over him playing with our pussys. He was grabbing and reaching for us and just before he came I sat back on his face Tina sat on one hand and his fingers went right in her. Sandy sat on his other hand and just as he got his fingers into her he lost his load and he was gone.

We brought all the guys back up on the bed and just settled back to watch the video. We had all seen bits of it but it was starting over and we all wanted to see the whole thing. No one was laying with anyone in particular it was just a mass of bodies on the bed.

After the video Tom was stroking Ursula’s tits and asked, “I see from the video that you have been in some threesomes with two girls but have you had two guys yet?”

She looked up and said, “No not yet.”

Tom said, “House rules are that your first three-way with two guys always includes your husband. That way he can share it with you. So look around and pick who you want to join you. You get to pick who you want where.”

I know Tom expected it to be him with all the flirting over the years but I knew who she would pick. I was proud that this Swedish Goddess had chosen my Dave to bond with. Other than the time in the hot tub they haven’t had much time to get to know each other but they seemed to just click. I wasn’t at all surprised when after looking over all the guys she said, “I want Dave fucking me while I take Jason in my mouth.”

Tom looked a little disappointed and Ursula turned to me and asked in that slight accent she has, “You don’t mind do you?”

I leaned down and kissed her lips and said, “I’ll guide his cock into you.”

Ursula got on her hands and knees in the center of the bed and Jason took his place in front of her. She started sucking her husband and true to my word I guided my husbands cock to her waiting pussy. I kissed her ass as I brought the head of Dave’s cock to her pussy and stroked her ass as my husband slid into her. I sat right next to her and watched as Dave fucked her. Jason was over excited and came soon but Ursula held his softening cock in her mouth. When Dave finally shot his load deep in her pussy Jason was ready again and shot a second load in her mouth.

By now it was almost 2 a.m. and we decided to get some sleep. We just threw blankets over us and all settled in to sleep. I don’t even know who I was snuggled up with but just before I went to sleep there was some ones cock entering me from behind. I think it was Jason but I can’t be sure. That’s the way I love to go to sleep, fresh fucked with a cock still in me.

Sunday morning I wiggled out of bed trying not to wake any one. When I got out I looked back and it was Jason that fucked me last night. At least I know though it was kind of exciting not knowing for sure. I went up to the kitchen and Sharon had just finished making coffee. She asked if she should make another pot and I said we could when they stated waking up.

I told her, “I’m glad I got you alone. I was hopping for some time with just you. Let’s go to the bedroom.”

She smiled and said, “Boy you start early don’t you but you don’t have to ask me twice.”

We got to the bedroom and I pulled out a box and handed it to Sharon and said, “I promised you this for your birthday.”

She opened it and there were two double headed dildos. One was long and flexible, you could bend it in half. The other one was shorter and you would have to use it straight on. That’s the one she picked out and said, “let’s try it out.” We both got on the bed my legs were over hers and we had our knees up and brought our pussys together. Sharon reached down and put the dildo in my pussy first then in hers. We started pushing back and forth fucking each other. We both reached down and started playing with our clits. It was fantastic. Sharon started getting forceful and I just lay there and let her fuck me. We were both getting close and then just like a man she gave a few hard shoves with a brief pause between each then collapsed and her legs fell to the bed. She sat up and the dildo slipped out of her.

She came up next to me and stroking my tits and kissing me asked, “Was it as good for you as it was for me.”

I just smiled and kissed her back and said, “It was great, you can fuck me anytime.” The dildo was still in me and she reached down and started fucking me with it. I played with my clit and Sharon kissed me deeply and I came yet again.

We heard noises and put our new toy away. She took the longer one and said she would share this with the other girls they’re going to love it. She put the one we used away and said, “That one is just for us.” We got to the kitchen and Sharon had this dildo in her hand.

Tom and Sandy were just pouring some coffee and when Tom saw the double headed dildo he asked, “Where did you get that?”

Sharon smiled and said, “It’s a birthday present from Lynn.”

Sandy came over and stroked it and said, ‘It feels real, have you used it yet?”

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