Bi Sexual Wives


Bi Sexual WivesWhen my friend, Samantha, mentioned that she was bisexual, I never thought things would end up like this. After all, we were both happily married women and we loved our husbands. However, we couldn’t deny the intense attraction we had to each other. Things were more than intense the first time we saw each other after we had a discussion over the phone regarding our attraction to each other. Though we were in public, she couldn’t keep her hands off of me. We sat close in the crowded restaurant and she slowly ran her hand up my thigh. I shuddered and she brushed my hair over my shoulder. She whispered “let’s go to the car.”We walked outside and as I got in the front passenger seat, she said “no, silly” and opened one of the back doors. I climbed into the back seat of her tinted SUV. She walked around to the other side and entered the back seat as well. Before I realized it, I was being pressed up against the door and her hands caressed my belly. My back arched at her soft touch, tuzla escort as she slowly moved my dress up over my breasts. She released the snaps of my nursing bra and giggled as my swollen tits spilt over into her hands. Her tongue ran over my nipples fiendishly and I felt my panties soaking by the second. I gazed down at her groping and suckling my tits. Her lust for me was so erotic and I threw my head back and moaned with pleasure.I ran my fingers through her hair and thrust my breasts into her mouth. She continued to suck and softly bite my nipples as she moved her hands to my hips. Her fingers wrapped around the center of my thong at the crack of my ass. As she pulled tightly upward, I felt the thong slowly spread my pussy lips. She moved her fingers around to the front of my waist and slowly massaged my hips. I slid my hips towards her, half laying on the seat. She began to kiss me passionately as she moved my thong to the side. Her tongue caressed mine as her fingers sancaktepe escort glided through my wetness. I arched my back farther as she slid two fingers into my wet pussy. Her teeth softly bit down on my bottom lip as I moaned. She continued to slide her fingers in and out of me, curling them upward and grazing my g spot. My body tightened and I gripped her ass as I came all over her fingers.She laughed and licked my juice from her fingers. She winked and said “yummy.” She put her hair up into a ponytail and began to climb out of the backseat as I pulled her back by her ponytail. Her back pressed against my tits and I kissed her neck. I released her ponytail and ran my hands down her back and around to her chest. I groped at her breasts and I continued to kiss and lick her neck. She turned to face me and I lifted her shirt up. I softly ran my fingers down her stomach and back up to her tits. I then did the same with my tongue. Her body shook and she moaned, üsküdar escort grabbing the zipper of her jeans. I slid the jeans down to her knees and realized she wasn’t wearing any panties. She was so wet that even her thighs were glistening. I bit my lip and stared at her. I began to kiss her hips, working my way up to her breasts. I licked and sucked on her nipples as my fingers softly caressed her clit. I could feel her pussy tighten and I slid my fingers into her. She moaned and gripped the seat as I continued to thrust my fingers into her pussy, harder and faster. I softly bit her nipples as I finger fucked her soft pussy. My hand was soaked with her juices and she thrust her hips at my hand, forcing my fingers deeper into her. She gripped my hair and moaned, knowing that nothing turned me on more. I penetrated her deeper and faster, until I felt her tighten up, crushing my fingers with her tight pussy.A woman in the parking lot walked by the SUV, peering in, and quickly turned away. We both laughed hysterically. Samantha pulled up her jeans and I pulled down my dress. She stared at me a moment and put her hand to my cheek. “We’re going to have to do this more often,” she said as she softly slapped my cheek. I nodded and gave her a mischievous smile.

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