Big Girls Don’t Cry Ch. 02


For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities are at least 18 years of age!

I don’t currently have an editor, so I apologize for any errors in the text. I hope you can forgive my mistakes.

Thanks to johnd28352 for proofreading the story. I hope it cuts down on some of my silly errors. Please don’t blame him if some remain, he had a lot of my mistakes to deal with.


I woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking. I had never eaten this well in the military. I threw a tee-shirt on and followed my nose out to the kitchen to find Lila at the stove. Her bottom was showing from under her tee-shirt too, so I crept up and wrapped my arms around her sliding my half-hard cock into the cleft of her ass.

“Mmm, that’s a wonderful way to show your appreciation, but I am in a hurry to get to work. I need to shower and get ready, so there is no time to fool around” Lila said, but leaned her head back and kissed my cheek.

I ate breakfast, but couldn’t sit around the apartment for long. I had to be active so I started walking through the city and through the parks. The people were an eyeopener; a strange mix of people going to any length to be noticed, and others wanting to hide among the millions of others. Then I saw a guy stalking a lady, he was looking at her handbag from the side of his eyes. As I started to move closer he finally made his move; “Not so fast, buddy” I said, as I grabbed him and flipped him backward by the hoodie he was wearing.

“The Police are on the way,” The lady said; as I pushed him into the wall.

Within a few minutes the officers arrived and took control of the guy.

“Thanks for doing that, so many people in this city stand by and watch. How long have you been out of the service?” The officer asked, as he took my details.

“My time is almost up, I am here visiting,” I said, realizing everything about me screamed military.

“Well, if you ever want a reference to get into the PD we could always use someone who doesn’t just want to watch.” He said, and handed me his card.

“I just might do that,” I said, looking at how the officer stood and moved. “Gulf war?”

He just nodded and touched the brim of his cap in a salute. The rest of the day was uneventful; other than the hot video I got from Lila, showing me the large buttplug she had in her ass. I picked up some fresh ingredients for making the only dish I know how to make spaghetti Bolognese. I had it made and ready for the pasta by the time Lila came through the door.

“Wow! That smells good, I am starving.” Lila said, taking off her coat and heading for her bedroom.

“It will be ready in ten.” I said, and took the top off the boiling water and added the pasta.

It was just about ready when Lila came out of the bedroom in a very sexy see-through teddy slinking over to me and wrapping herself around me. We kissed and made out for a few seconds as I served up the pasta. After eating I packed the dishwasher and washed the pots. When I turned around, I could hear porn playing. The coffee table was moved to the wall, and the blankets were on the floor.

“Are you coming to help me soldier boy, or do I have to deal with this myself?” Lila asked, holding up a massive dildo covered in lube.

“I think I can help with that.” I said, pulling off my clothes as I walked to the blankets.

Lila was leaning back on her elbows with her legs apart, looking at me as I approached. She had a smile on her face as my cock swung from side to side, hardening as I walked.

“You like the look of this new teddy?” She said.

“I like the look of the beautiful lady in the teddy.” I answered as I knelt between her legs.

She gripped my hair and pulled my face into her hot pussy, moaning when I licked her from the bottom of her pussy to her clit. She was wet, I think she has been thinking about sex all day.

“OK, what do you want to do with this monster?” I asked, waving it around like a lightsaber and making the classic Star Wars sounds.

“See if that lightsaber will fit in the darkest galaxy around!” she said, giggling at our silliness and pulling out the buttplug.

I lined up the huge dildo and made the buzzing sound of the lightsaber as Lila rocked her hips in a circle, forcing the dildo into her ass. After a few minutes of struggling, she got the head to pop into her ass. I licked her clit to take her mind off the tightness. Lila turned over onto her knees and used her weight to press the dildo into her ass. With it wedged between her body and the blankets, she continued to force more of the dildo into herself.

“I think that’s it. It won’t go anymore.” she said, rolling onto her back and playing with her clit.

I took control of the dildo and started to make small fucking motions, not rushing, to make sure I didn’t hurt Lila. She was panting and moaning as I began to fuck her faster. We both watched some of the porn clips as brother and sister fucked on the TV. Lila pulled her fingers away from her clit to make sure she didn’t cum too soon.

“OK, casino siteleri pull it out, and let’s see if that cock of yours will fit.” She said, her face flushed with lust and beads of sweat on her top lip.

I lined up my cock as Lila pulled her legs back to her chest, bringing her ass up to my cockhead. I put a dollop of lube on my cockhead and placed it against her opening. Lila was groaning as I pushed against her, then my cock slipped up and over her pussy causing her to grunt and shudder as my cock brushed over her clit. I lined up again, holding my cock closer to the head and pushing.

“It’s starting to go in, fuck your cock is huge!” Lila said, grunting and strumming her clit to distract her from the pressure of my cock.

I watched as her anal ring started to open for my cockhead, it would open a bit then close again as I repositioned my cock. Then as I pushed, it would open more until I could push the head of my prick into her ass. Once in, the ring of muscle closed around the knob of my cock. I held still and let her get used to my girth as she continued to play with her clit.

“Let me know when to go deeper?” I asked, making little in-out motions.

Lila nodded, and I pushed in some more, but stopped when her hand shot up against my body. She reached to my side, pulling me in again, only to stop and pant like she was in labor. Then She stopped me again and looked up to my face, “It won’t go anymore.” She said, still holding me back.

“I’ll pull out, and we can try another time. We got halfway in, but I don’t want to hurt you.” I said, getting ready to pull out.

“No, I want to make you cum in me if I can. It doesn’t hurt it’s just very intense, and I want to know if we can cum together like this.” Lila said, rocking her hips and playing with her clit.

Her ass was gripping onto my cock as I began moving in and out of her. I was struggling to hold back from thrusting into her; and Lila wasn’t helping when she started fingering her pussy while she played with her clit.

“I’m sorry Sis, I’m going to cum, you are just too hot!” I said as I felt my cock start to spasm and shoot the first blast of cum into Lila.

She started frantically strumming on her clit while her ass clenched around my cock. Then her toes pointed straight down as she began to spasm around my cock. Lila hunched up to my cock, and a squirt of something hit my stomach as she climaxed. Her jerking slowed as the last of my seed pumped into her, I eased myself back out and put the buttplug back into her ass to stem the flow of my cum.

“I’m sorry for the mess, I have never done that before. Although I have never had an orgasm with a horse cock up my ass either.” Lila said, holding me close.

“I didn’t even know a girl could squirt when they cum.” I said, my inexperience showing.

I have heard about it, but I have only seen it on porn. I thought it’s just fake like everything else on them.” Lila said, humping her pussy on my hip.

“Are you trying to get me started again? Because I am keen if you are, but I’m not the one working tomorrow.” I said, looking up at the clock showing midnight.

“No, I have to get to bed. Come on, help me clean up here.” Lila said, standing over me, giving me a magnificent view from below.

It was early in the morning and the sun was just coming in the apartment window when Lila came padding out to the kitchen with the blanket wrapped around her naked body, holding out my phone.

“Hi this is Bobby.” I answered, as I put the phone to my ear.

“Sergeant, we are putting together a rescue squad.; you know most of the men in the squad. Would you put off leaving for one more mission? It is going down within three weeks, unless the negotiations go better than expected.” General Mortimer said in his usual Texan accent.

“Sir, I was about to put in my papers today, Sir.” I said, not wanting to get involved in something that starts as a three-week exercise and ends up a year away.

“Sergeant, it’s Roberts, Martini and four others being held in the desert. They are threatening to behead them online live. That can’t happen, Sergeant.” the General said, his voice sounding more solemn than I have ever heard before.

“Sir, I will be back on base tonight, Sir.” I said, not needing any more motivation than my brothers in need of my help.

I turned off the phone, and when I turned around Lila was standing in the middle of the room with tears rolling down her face. Her mouth was open; she was crying, but no noise was coming out.

“I need to go and do this one more thing.” I said, but Lila only slapped my chest when I stepped closer to hold her.

“I will do anything for you! Don’t go! I beg of you, don’t leave me!” Lila said, punching at my chest.

“My brothers will die if I don’t go, it’s my unit that will make the rescue. I could never forgive myself if they get hurt because I was not there to lead them. I have to go, they are going to cut their heads off and show it to the world.” I said, then stopped as I shouldn’t have said that much.

“Bobby, slot oyna what if it’s you?” Lila asked, hugging me tightly.

“Then I know I did everything I could. I can’t guarantee anything; but I will tell you, I will drag myself over broken glass to get back to you.” I said, holding her tight. I was going to miss her now more than ever before.

Lila was holding me tight as I was about to board the plane; they called my name. The plane was waiting for me, so she finally let me go. The sadness in her face broke my heart, but I had to go. Within hours I was reporting to the base commander and getting my orders. Joining the others, the looks on their faces told me of the resolve to save their own. We began planning and then running over the options for the extraction.

Weeks of rehearsing every possible scenario, and it came down to this. We were flying low over the dunes; dropped off with an hour hike to the compound to hide our arrival. It was two hours before dawn, and I was with twenty heavily armed men marching double time. We got to the target just before go time. In the dark, I sent two guys to eliminate the guards on the northern end of the compound. They would probably be missed shortly after sunrise, so we needed to be quick.

We made it over the wall and into the largest building before everything went pear-shaped. We could hear the yelling. Someone had found the guards missing. I could hear men heading to the northern walls; they did not realize we were already inside the building. I saw two men head to a door leading underground, that must be it. I followed my hunch and followed them through the door; bingo, they were heading back out with the six prisoners.

Our guys dropped to the ground as soon as they saw us coming, leaving us a clear shot at the two captors. The silencers took care of most of the noise and the yelling from outside covered the rest. We untied the prisoners and handed them a handgun each and a few magazines. Roberts picked up an AK47 and magazine from the downed guard and followed us back into the compound.

“We have the package. We are in the compound and will have to fight our way out. Attack the north wall, then we will head south.” I said over the radio, hearing the confirmations coming back in my earpiece.

We weaved our way quietly to the south end of the large compound, not engaging until we heard the gunship open up on the north end. We then moved fast, taking down anyone that stood in our way. We made it over the wall before they realized we were even in there. But the open ground was long and clear of cover, and the morning light was starting to reveal our movement. Behind us, we could hear small arms fire. The yelling and firing from behind us was increasing. Then I was knocked forward. I was struck in the back and fell face first into the ground.

I was spluttering and trying to empty my mouth of the dirt and blood. I looked back and saw a group of them swarming through the gates. I got back to my feet as one of the men grabbed my arm, and we ran as fast as we could.

“Southside fast!” I said, as we ran to the first rise and a little cover only one hundred yards away.

It seemed like a thousand yards with bullets whizzing past us. The unit stopped, turned and returned fire then took off again. Then just as we reached the edge of the rise with the following hoard closing fast, we heard the crackling of chopper blades. Our airship rose over the crest and aimed at the group following us. They scattered as we ran under the gunship to the other two helicopters waiting for us.

A week later I was patched up, and received notice that the general had accepted my resignation. Lila was sending me pictures and videos to keep me up to date on the largest dildo, and she had almost all of it inside her ass; as well as pictures of a lava lamp and a baseball bat and a lot of other household items being inserted into her bottom.

“Hi Lila,” I said, when I had my discharge papers in my hand.

“Hi, Bobby, how’s the arm?” Lila asked, smiling into the phone’s camera.

“It’s healing well, I should be able to get my teeth fixed here before I leave next week.” I said, holding up my discharge papers and showing my cracked teeth from the fall, so she could see.

“Oh, Bobby, I’m so happy you’re out! I’m coming to get you, I will take a few days leave.” Lila said, smiling and crying at the same time.

“No Need, just pick me up from the plane on Thursday. Four days, and I will be home for good!” I said, loving the sound of that.

“It’s so nice to hear you say this is home, I have missed you.” Lila said, waving goodbye and flashing me her nipple for good measure. “You will see more when you get home.”

I came through the arrivals gates to see Lila bouncing up and down with excitement. The people around us looked on as she melted into my arms. I was in my uniform, other than the black sling holding my arm up. We did get a lot of “Thank you for your service” from those nearby. I think they thought Lila was my wife, and I let them think that because she kind canlı casino siteleri of was.

On the way home, Lila wanted to talk about the rescue; but, all I could say was they got everyone out and that there were only a few injuries. I left out the fact that two other guys were seriously hurt, but would make a full recovery thanks to body armor. At home, Lila fussed around and got me comfortable.

“Are you after something?” I asked, reaching for Lila and pulling her in.

“I just need you to get your strength back so I can take it all out of you again,” She said, kissing me passionately.

“I have a lot of pent up energy I need to release right now, I don’t have to build up more.” I said, pulling on her nipple through her top.

“Oh, thank God, I’m about to burst!” Lila said, and started to pull my bottoms off.

We pulled off clothes, and they went flying around the room until we were naked and in each other’s arms. Well, my one arm as the other was a little useless at the moment. Lila was on top of me, taking my cockhead in her mouth. I urged her to spin around, so her pussy was over my mouth. In that position, I was looking up at the beautiful pussy and ass I had been longing for.

I pulled her body down to my mouth and licked along between her pussy lips, sucking on her clit then back to push my tongue inside as far as it would go. Lila sucked my cockhead and jacked my shaft with her hands. She was going to get a mouthful if she kept that up for too long, so I pushed her off me gently.

“I’m going to cum soon if you don’t get on me now.” I said, as Lila straddled my hips.

She held onto my shaft and positioned my cockhead at her pussy opening. Lila lowered herself onto my cock and slid down halfway. She had been practicing, and it showed. The rest of the way took a little longer, but we both enjoyed her working her magic as she wiggled and ground her pussy down on my cock. In this position, I had the advantage of using my good hand to play with her nipples and clit, getting her closer to her orgasm. By the time she had her pussy down on my cock, I was almost ready to cum. Lila was not far behind as she continued to wiggle her hips even as I tried to hold her in place.

“I’m going to cum, Honey.” I said, to give her some warning.

Lila laid back and played with her clit in an attempt to cum with me. She almost got there too. As I started to orgasm Lila followed as my last shots filled her pussy. Afterwards we just held each other, happy to be together.

I was even sleeping better; my balls always being empty may have helped. I was going through the application to join the police, and it was taking a long time. Fitness wasn’t a problem; but my references were another thing, as much of the action I had been involved in was still classified. My military friends taking the opportunity to make jokes when being asked about my character was not helpful.

It was early in the morning when Lila got a call on her mobile. I only got her side of the conversation, but it sounded terrible.

“OK Mom, we will be home as soon as I can get leave sorted; it should only take a day or two. Bobby is staying with me so we will both be there soon.” Lila said, trembling.

“Is it Dad?” I asked as she hung up.

“He isn’t doing too well; it’s the last few days and the medication has stopped working. Also, the tumors in his body stop him from being a candidate for a transplant.” Lila said, tears filling her eyes.

“I will get with the airline and arrange the tickets and hire a car. We can be there as soon as you can book leave.” I said. We knew this day was coming, but somehow it didn’t make it any easier with the knowing.

“I might call my boss, she will have an idea of when she can let me go.” Lila said, looking through her contacts on her phone.

“Alice sorry to ring you so early; but my father is on his last days, and Mom needs us to be there. I think I might need a few days. When is a better time to go?” Lila asked into the speaker.

“Lila, just go! I missed my Mother passing and have never forgiven myself. Catch the next plane and go!” Alice exclaimed in a quivering voice.

“Oh, Alice, I can’t thank you enough! I will be back as soon as I can.” Lila said, the news still hitting her.

“Just go Lila, you never know how these things will play out, I will cover you for as long as it takes. Now go, that’s the last I will hear of it.” Alice said, and hung up as she started to cry too.

Lila packed her clothes and I used her laptop to book the flights. We took an Uber to the airport, flew to the nearest airport to home, and drove the hire car four hours to our hometown. I can’t tell you the relief to see Dad still talking to Mom when we walked into the hospital. Oh my God, he looked like nothing I have ever seen before. He was thin, and his hair was pure white. I had never seen him look so sick.

“Hi Daddy.” I said, leaning in and giving him the longest hug.

“Hi Soldier boy, it’s nice to see you, but you might have been better not seeing me like this. Please, when this is over, just try to remember us on holiday at the beach in that old rusty van. That’s the memory I hold onto when things are low.” Dad said in a shaky voice. Man, he used to boom when he talked.

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