Big Superstar Ch. 01


I would like to thank MR0ROMANTIC for taking the time to edit this story.

This is my first ever erotic writing. I have not done any type of creative writing for many years. If you have constructive criticism, feel free to email me.

I plan on releasing chapters 2 and 3 for this story soon. I hope you enjoy.


Dustin was an 18-year old high school senior in Buford, Texas. More importantly, he was the quarterback and captain of his high school football team, the Buford Badgers, and he was a superstar. To be more specific, Dustin was ranked as one of the top high school quarterbacks in the country. If Dustin continued to play the way he had been playing, he would most likely get a full scholarship to a college with a great football team.

Dustin wasn’t just a superstar on the field, he was also a superstar at home – well a little superstar to be more specific. You see, Dustin’s mother, Charlotte, was his biggest fan and she had called Dustin her “little superstar” since he started playing football as a kid. Dustin’s father was not in the picture. He split right around the time Dustin was born. So, Dustin grew up an only child to a single mother. Consequently, they were closer than most mothers and sons, and Charlotte would dote on her son.

Charlotte was 40 years old and still looked amazing. She was very pretty and had long blond hair. She stayed in great shape by exercising with her son. She was thin but not rail thin. Charlotte had a nice round butt but her best feature was her full, heavy breasts.

Charlotte was raised to be a very conservative woman. She always attended church on Sundays. She didn’t gamble or drink. She never used foul language. She dressed conservatively, sticking to loose clothing and never wearing anything revealing.

She had a few boyfriends while Dustin was growing up, but none of the relationships lasted too long for one reason. All the boyfriends thought that Charlotte was too focused on her son and not focused enough on them. Charlotte didn’t mind being single though. She was happy as long as she had Dustin, her little superstar, in her life. He was the center of her world, and she would do anything to make him happy.

Like I said, Dustin was a football superstar, but that wasn’t always the case. When Dustin first became the starting quarterback, he was just mediocre. He was just barely good enough to keep his position. Then things suddenly changed and Dustin got much better at football when he accidentally figured out his secret weapon – sex.

Dustin had a girlfriend named Kim. She was also an 18-year old senior at Dustin’s school. They started dating when Dustin wasn’t playing so well. After a few dates, Kim gave Dustin his first handjob. The next day at practice, Dustin’s play noticeably improved. Even the coaches said so. On their dates, Kim kept giving Dustin handjobs, and he continued to play well. After a while Kim started giving Dustin blowjobs, and his quarterback play went from good to great. Eventually Dustin and Kim started fucking, and his quarterback play went from great to amazing. This continued for a while and things were good for Dustin. Until…

“What do you mean you are breaking up with me!?” Dustin shouted into the phone. “No, no, no. You can’t break up with me, not today. I have a big game in a few hours. Hello? Hello?” Dustin pleaded. Then he hung up the phone when he realized Kim had already hung up on her end.

Having heard the conversation, Dustin’s mom walked into the room and said, “I’m sorry about Kim, my little superstar.”

Then Dustin yelled, “That fucking b-“.

His mother cut him off, saying, “Dustin! You know we don’t use language like that.”

Dustin apologized, “Sorry Mom.”

After a moment, Charlotte asked, “Why are you so upset, Dustin? Not to be insensitive, but you and Kim have broken up dozens of times.”

Dustin realized he couldn’t tell his mother why he was so upset, so casino oyna he just said, “Sorry Mom, but I feel weird talking to you about it,” and walked to his bedroom.

Charlotte was right about Dustin and Kim. They did not get along at all; they were like oil and water. They would fight and break up a lot, but they would always get back together. Dustin would always take her back just because he needed sex to be good at football. Kim would always take him back because he was handsome and muscular, but more importantly, Dustin had a big dick and he was amazing in bed.

After a little while, Dustin’s mom walked to his room and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Dustin said.

Charlotte entered and said to him, “You know you can tell me anything, my little superstar. Now why are you so upset?”

Normally Dustin would never talk to his mom about sex, but he was so upset and he felt like he had to talk to somebody about it, and he considered his mom to be his closest friend. So Dustin explained the situation to his mother, and he tried to avoid using bad language because his mom hated that. “You know how I wasn’t doing so good at quarterback in the beginning? Well, Kim started to… umm… masturbate me and I started to play better. Then she umm… used her mouth on my… penis and I started to play even better. Then we started to… make love and I have been playing great since then.”

Charlotte was shocked to hear all this. She had no idea that her son was having sex. Her immediate instinct was to talk to Dustin about the importance of practicing safe sex, but she realized it was more pressing to find out what was making her son so upset. So, she asked, “Can’t you just masturbate before the football game?”

“I used to masturbate before games before I got good. It never helped. I only play well when a woman… satisfies me.”

Charlotte asked, “Can you find another girl to… satisfy you? You are the captain of the football team, I’m sure you could find someone willing.”

Dustin replied, “Maybe, but not today. I have a game in a few hours. There’s no way I could get another girl by then.” After a few seconds, Dustin hung his head and continued, “There’s nothing I can do about it now. I guess I will just stink up the field today. That will probably kill my chances of getting a scholarship. Without a scholarship there’s no way I can afford to go to college.”

Charlotte could not remember ever seeing her little superstar so upset, and it broke her heart. She wasn’t superstitious, so she did not believe that sex actually made Dustin better at football, but she knew that an athlete’s mood did have a big impact on their performance. And in his current mood, there was no way Dustin would be able to play well today.

Charlotte thought for a while about how she could help her son. As much as she thought it over, she could only come up with one potential solution – she could satisfy Dustin. But she wouldn’t do that, not to her son. First, it would be incest, which was a sin. Second, she was worried about how it could potentially damage her relationship with Dustin; maybe he would treat her differently afterwards.

On the other hand, what if Dustin was right? What if he ended up playing poorly today and it cost him his chance to get a college scholarship. Her son would lose out on getting a college education, just because she was too much of a prude. She would never be able to forgive herself.

Charlotte knew it would be a big sin to have sex with her son or to take his penis in her mouth, but she reasoned that it would be a smaller sin to masturbate him. She thought it would definitely have to be a smaller sin than the sin of neglecting her son in his time of need. So, Charlotte made up her mind – she was going to masturbate her son. She didn’t know if this solution would make her the world’s best mother or the world’s worst mother, but she knew she had no choice. She left Dustin’s room slot oyna to get ready for what she felt she had to do.

After a few more minutes of sulking, Dustin saw that his mom had come back to his room with a bottle of lotion and a box of tissues in her hands.

Charlotte couldn’t believe she was actually going to do this, but she couldn’t stand seeing her little superstar so upset. So, she took a deep breath and explained, “Dustin, we can’t have sex, but I am willing to masturbate you if you think that would help.”

Dustin was completely shocked at this revelation. He had never considered that his mom might offer to do this for him. Dustin quickly thought it over. He felt a little guilty asking his mom do this, but he really wanted this. First, he was desperate to have a girl make him cum, so he could play well at today’s game. Second, Dustin secretly had the hots for his mom for as long as he could remember. He would always discreetly sneak peeks at her whenever he got the chance, especially when he exercised with her. Watching his mom’s big tits bounce when they ran together was one of the greatest joys of his life. So, after a few moments, Dustin said, “Yes it would help, Mom. Thank you!”

Dustin’s mom explained that they would use the tissues to catch his “ejaculate”, so they wouldn’t make a mess. Then Charlotte told Dustin to take off his pants and underwear. Dustin did so and Charlotte could see his flaccid penis hanging down. She had not seen his penis since he was a little boy. It looked so much different now. He no longer had a boy’s penis; this was definitely a man’s penis. Charlotte bent down and poured some lotion in her hand. I can’t believe I’m doing this, she thought. Then she wrapped her hand around Dustin’s penis and started to slowly stroke him.

Dustin loved the feeling of his mother’s velvety soft hand moving up and down his dick.

This wasn’t about foreplay or romance for Charlotte. She just wanted to make her son ejaculate. So, she started to use both hands and stroke him faster. Dustin quickly became erect and Charlotte realized his penis was actually very large. Dustin was much larger than his father; actually, it was larger than any penis she had ever seen.

To Dustin, it felt amazing to get a handjob from his hot mom, but, as good as it felt, he knew it was always took him a long time to cum from handjobs. His mom was being nice enough to do this for him, so he figured the least he could do was think of a way to speed up the process. Dustin looked down at his mom wearing a sweatshirt and baggy pants, and he had an idea. He said, “This is great Mom, but I would cum faster if you took your clothes off.”

Charlotte was surprised to hear this. First, she told him, “Don’t say ‘cum’, it’s a dirty word. You can say ejaculate instead.” Then Charlotte said, “I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to take my clothes off. Besides, why would you want to look at an old lady’s body?”

Dustin replied, “You’re not old Mom and I think you have a smoking hot body.” Dustin had never told his mom that he thought she was attractive and he normally never would, but it’s hard to be secretive with someone when they are stroking your dick.

Charlotte knew it would be wrong to be completely naked in front of her son, but she wanted to help him. She was also very flattered to hear than an 18-year old thought she had a nice body. So, she decided to compromise. “Okay, I will take my top off but I’m keeping my pants on.” Then Charlotte took off her shirt and then her bra.

As his mother dropped her bra, Dustin was thrilled to finally see his mother’s huge, round tits in all their glory. He couldn’t help himself; without thinking, Dustin bent down and started licking his mother’s big melons and sucking on her nipples.

Charlotte thought that Dustin was pushing things too far. As she was struggling to find the words to tell Dustin to stop, she realized that it felt nice to canlı casino siteleri have Dustin suck on her breasts. So, Charlotte decided it was harmless and let Dustin continue, and she resumed jerking him off.

This continued for a while and Dustin thought he was in heaven. But as good as the handjob and tit sucking was, Dustin still couldn’t cum. This was probably because he had gotten so used to having sex with his now ex-girlfriend. He started to think of other ways to speed up the process. Eventually, Dustin built up the courage and asked his mom if she could put his penis in her mouth.

Charlotte felt guilty enough masturbating her son, there was no way she would take his penis in her mouth. That would be a terrible sin. She told him, “Sorry my little superstar, but I can’t do that.”

Then Dustin had another idea and asked, “Mom, can I put my penis in between your tits? Please? It will really help me to ejaculate faster.”

Charlotte’s first instinct was to say no to this idea too. Then she thought it over for a moment and reasoned that it was almost the same thing as masturbating Dustin; she would just be using her breasts instead of her hands. So she said, “Okay, my little superstar. You can put your penis between my breasts, but don’t call them “tits” because that’s a dirty word.” Charlotte had never done this before, so at Dustin’s direction, she lay on her back on the bed and poured lotion between her tits. Then she reminded him, “Let me know when you are going to ejaculate, so we can catch it with the tissues.”

Dustin sat on her stomach and slid his big dick between her giant tits. Then Dustin started to titty fuck his sexy mother. The handjob was great, but this felt even better. He was already warmed up from the handjob and he wanted to cum, so he fucked her tits hard and fast. Watching his mom squeeze her big tits around his hard dick was a dream come true for Dustin.

Charlotte had always thought her son was handsome, but in a motherly way. But now as she looked up at Dustin while he thrust his penis between her breasts, she suddenly realized that Dustin was handsome in a sexual way. He also had an amazing body from all his years of playing sports. Despite how inappropriate it was to do this with her son, Charlotte was getting turned on feeling Dustin’s hot manly member between her breasts.

Dustin knew he was getting pretty close to cumming. He just needed a little push to get over the edge. Dustin had another idea and asked, “Can you talk dirty a bit, Mom? It will help.”

Charlotte had never used dirty talk in her life, but she was willing to give it a shot for her little superstar. “I’m enjoying having your penis between my breasts.” This got no reaction from Dustin. She couldn’t say anything too dirty, like the “f” word, but she thought she could do a bit better. “I love feeling you pump your big dick between my tits.” Charlotte had never said anything so dirty in her life. She was surprised to find that it was very exciting to talk like that.

The dirty talk did the trick. Dustin let out a loud groan. Then he said, “Get the tissue box ready. I’m going to ejaculate!”

Charlotte was extremely turned on by this point. She saw the look of ecstasy on her son’s face and got caught up in the moment. She said, “Forget the tissues. I want you to spray your hot cum all over mommy!”

Dustin was happy to oblige. His dick started to shoot jet after jet of thick cum. First he sprayed all over his mom’s huge tits. Then Dustin fired two thick blasts of cum on his mom’s face.

Dustin fell on the bed exhausted. He couldn’t believe what had just happened, and he couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. It was almost too good to be true.

Charlotte was shocked. She had never seen a man cum so much before, not even close. But she was just happy to help her son. Charlotte looked at her son with thick shots of cum still on her face and said, “I hope you feel better now, my BIG superstar.”

Later that day, Dustin’s football team won their game, mostly thanks to Dustin’s great quarterback play.

As for what happened between Dustin and his mom after the game, that’s a different story. To be continued…

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