Bike Ride with My Daughter Ch. 03


Story so far – after a marriage ceremony on the way to home i grope my daughter and see my wife being groped by her brother while she is on the bike. i soon drive to a theatre and take them in and then they get groped by all — the adventure continues…..

I was crazy! Sex crazy!

That was all what I could express of myself on that day. I had groped my own daughter and fucked her. My brother in law fucked his own sister and let 4 strangers fuck her, not to mention that his sister was my wife. Not enough with the adventure I let my daughter be used and fucked, but the night was still young and I wanted more!

I told her to stay near the bike saying some of my friends will come and I ran to hide. I watched the 2 persons looking from the other side of the gate. They seemed to discuss something, then both of them jumped in. they reached near my daughter.

“What you doing here girl?” one of them asked.

“I am waiting for my Dad,” she replied


“Was that who just went?”

She nodded and they smiled. “Great pa you have dear.”

The tall one came near her and put a hand over her waist and slowly slid to her ass and squeezed them. She moved away.

“C’mon, little girl give us a time.”

“We will pay you,” the short one said wading some notes.

“All you have to do is suck us,” he said pulling out his dick.

She tried to move away but the tall one held her, squeezing her tight ass. He pushed her to the bike as the fat one held her and pulled down her panties. He buried his face in her ass and began licking. Meanwhile the other one forced his dick to her mouth. He held her by her hair and made her suck him. After some time he pulled her up and made her sit on his lap and kissed her. He fingered her asshole and rubbed his dick on her pussy. Getting up he made her lie on the bike and pressed his dick on her ass. I saw him give some thrust then he held her tight. After some time he moved and the tall one repeated the procedure. Then they wiped their dick on her panties and made her suck once more and they left laughing and thanking the stars to their lucky day.

I came as soon as she pulled her panties back and told her to wait in the theatre and went back to see my wife. The four of them were still in the bathroom. They were saying something. I listened intently.

“C’mon piss and show us.”

They were making her pee in front of total strangers and her own brother – the ultimate humiliation. I watched her squat and part her legs. Within seconds I found the golden shower squirt out from her hole. All of them were rubbing their dicks in glee. My fucking maniac was not over. I entered and she abruptly stopped her pissing.

“Why don’t you take her to the theatre and fuck?”

I said “Let others too enjoy.”

“Yeah, why not,” Abu said as she protested.

They made her wear her dress and led her to the theatre. The theatre was still playing the film and another sex scene was on. They made her stand in between, so that all noticed and slowly pulled out her dress. She began to protest but the four were adamant. One of them held her hands and began to tug at her dress which began to fall casino siteleri one by one. Suddenly everyone began to notice the commotion and their eyes transferred to the unbelievable situation. Slowly all of them began to crowd around us. Some of them became daring and pulled at her dress. Some of them cupped her breast and moved fast thinking we would push them away. Slowly slowly they began to feel brave and increased their grope. She was now in her panties and bra. One of them pulled the bra and it fell as she tried to catch it unsuccessfully. She tried to take it from the floor. It was a very good position and a young guy utilized it. As she was bending down to take her bra, he pulled her panties down giving a magnificent view of her ass and her pussy lips. Some of them were taking it in their mobile camera. She jumped up without taking her bra as her panties reached her knees. She tried to pull it up but by that time the crowd had gone crazy. They pulled off her panties and started groping her. She tried to push them off but there were plenty. Soon she was stark naked and all hands on her. Someone held her hand as others fell in. the teen guy spread open her ass and was inserting his finger in. he quickly pulled out his dick and began inserting it. Soon others too began opening her gaps.

It soon became a fun to all. They made her bend and widened her legs. All of them lined behind her and began dipping their dicks into pussy. As each one dipped his dick inside her pussy everyone cheered him. He then moved for the next one to enter. There were around 350 men there. When almost everyone had finished their dipping game Abu came up with his Double dip. One would lie down and she was to sit on his dick then another would insert his dick in her ass. Everyone cheered giving a deaf ear to her protest. One old man was at once on the ground. She might have been his daughters age or younger. The crowd cheered seeing the enthusiasm of the old mine as he lay down rubbing his dick. She was made to sit on his dick as the man tried to insert his dick into her pussy. Then she was made to lie on him, widening her ass. Another person jumped in and began to lick her ass. He licked and teased her asshole, then inserted his finger and teased. Slowly he placed his dick and began to push as the crowd encouraged. He held her boobs and rode her like a matador on a bull. He heaved up her boobs and squeezed them. My wife was biting her lips as both the cocks pumped up her holes. Another one came and stood in front of her daggling his cock on her face. He held her head by the hair and inserted his cock into her mouth. She had her mouth full and was moving up and down by the force of the old man and at the same time forward and back by the thrust of her ass and the cock in her throat.

Another two came up and stood at her side. They held up her hand and placed their dick under her armpit, put her hand down making the dick tight under her arms. Another two kneeled infront of her, one on her left and the other her right. They made her hold their dick and in the rush it was masturbating them easily. I looked amazed as seven people utilized her at the same time. I haven’t seen xxx films slot oyna where seven cocks were worked on at the same time. I wondered if they would cum together. Each was busy doing their works and she was tossed around. She wasn’t sure who she was servicing as all her parts were utilized at the same time. I was thinking that would be the highest when two more came and lay down near her again on her left and right. They told her to fold her leg as she was riding and placed their dick between her thigh and calf. As she folded her leg backwards their dicks were held tight. The armpit fuckers had to bend a little to adjust the crowd but with more to cum all had to adjust. So that made the count to nine. Another one grabbed her long her and was rubbing his dick on it. Well that made 10 not counting the others who were grabbing her breast and teasing her nipples. Ten people being satisfied at the same time. No wonder its said that each and every part of a woman is sexy. Not any of her parts were left out. Some were trying to place their dicks in between her toes and failing because of the crowd.

The man fucking her mouth came first. He pumped all the cum in her mouth choking her as she swallowed the whole of it. Soon he was replaced by another.

It was then they saw my daughter.

“Hey! This one is a girl too,” he shouted – half in surprise and half in delight. All eyes shifted, then widened as they saw the young meat.

“Holy cow!” some exclaimed.

Even the old men got up to get the glimpse and was soon rubbing their cock. It was like a gangbang festival in the balcony. Most of them were naked and pouncing on my wife. Now with the advent of my daughter, there were more eager hands.

She was soon pulled up and stripped. Thirsty mouths grabbed her breast. Two of them were trying to stick their dicks in her mouth. One was busy sucking her ass. The rush was too much and she was toppled down. One young guy who looked like he was still in his school got to her pussy and stacked his dick into her pussy and was heaving. He held her tender thighs and squeezed as he pumped her. He led his dick deep into her and slowly pulled back then again rushed in. she was seeing heaven as the young stud invaded her young pussy giving her swoons never felt. Her cute little ass was squeezed till she shouted out in pain. Her ass cheeks were widened and her asshole highlighted.

One drunkard came and placed the mouth of his half empty whisky bottle on her asshole and plunged it in. he emptied the alcohol into her ass. There was a cheer and laughter as the alcohol filled her ass. He pulled out the bottle and placed his mouth and began to drink the alcohol. This brought out fetish in others. All suddenly understood that this day whatever they did would never come out in public and even if it did they won’t be held accountable. Soon one of them pissed on her and others joined in as the cheers increased. Another one inserted his dick in her mouth and pissed making her drink. She soon moved and spitted out. Another person turned around and made her lick her ass. She moved away but another stranger held her and made her suck the ass. Soon it began a thrill to get the ass canlı casino siteleri licked. Both my wife and daughter were made to lick others ass as their ass began get licked. Some forced them to insert their tongue into their asshole. They knew now they could make them do anything, also they wont have another chance to do such things even with a prostitute. So the men spread opens their own ass cheeks and sat on the girls face making them suck, lick and insert their tongue into their asshole. I too joined the group and made them suck my asshole and lick it. All of them cheered. Abu too came and made his sister tongue his asshole. He then slowly pulled down his foreskin and made her tongue on the joint. She licked it slowly and soon he sprayed his cum on her face.

My daughter’s young ass was in huge demand. Then someone suggested a mother-daughter lesbian act. Ignoring their pleas my wife was pinned down and daughter on her. My daughter’s ass was forced on her face and at the same time her face was shoved on her mother pussy. Both were forced to lick. A huge clapping and cheers broke out as my wife sucked her daughter’s asshole. Someone rubbed my daughters ass on her face forcefully. They led her hands to her daughter’s breast to squeeze and at the same time led my daughters hands to her mother’s boobs. My wife was getting aroused as my daughter licked her pussy. She began sucking and licking her daughter ass. We could see the change as the lust grew in. she slowly teased her pussy. My daughter too got aroused as her mother teased her pussy and ass. Then they told to roll over. Now my wife was on top and her pussy fully immersed in her daughters mouth. She slowly began to rub her pussy on her daughters face as she licked. Once again huge cheers encouraged them. My wife bit her lips as my daughters tongue rocked her. Suddenly she erupted and a liquid flowed out of her pussy filling my daughter’s mouth. Since she was on top, my daughter was forced to swallow it. Happy with the episode all cheered.

But the drama was far from over. The cocks were now steady after the show. Soon my wife and daughter was pulled in. my wife got a dick up her throat and another in her ass while her pussy was widened. Her boobs were squashed. My daughter too got all her holes filled up. It was a merry cum. Everyone lined up to get a good fuck and cum. Some came back again after an assfuck for their mouth fuck.

Soon it was time to go as the film was ending. Suddenly the light came up. The film ended before we expected or had they cancelled the film hearing the commotion. Abu and me looked for the girls dress but they were nowhere to be seen. A huge line was still waiting for their dicks to be drained and others still intent on watching the show. We took the girls out. Abu started the bike and we soon got the girls on it. They were still naked. People were making noise and running behind us, some just for the fun of it and some to get a last squeeze of the juicy ass and boobs. Somehow we took the bike out.

We were on the highway back on our route. Abu had my daughter in front and she was covered with his shirt. I covered my wife with mine. We all were laughing. My dick was on my wife’s ass and it was slowly getting aroused. Abu had already placed his dick on his niece’s ass. It looked like we were going to have another episode on the bike with two girls naked on the bike and on naked dicks on the highway.

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