Biker Bang


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Growing up in the Black Hills meant that I was exposed to the scourge of annual motorcycle rally – or so that is what my parents wanted me to believe. When I was little, we would visit the town during the day and see the crazy clothes, amazing motorcycles, and stare in awe at the “bikers” and their denim and leather. I remember each year there were at least a few scantily clad women who my mother would pretend not to see and not-so-surreptitiously guide us away from the area. But the bombshell women in nothing but a mesh dress, thong, and stickers over their nipples always fascinated me.

We had attended the rally every year I could remember – it was something of a pilgrimage for locals and tourists alike. The squads of bikers rolling down the highways never scared me like it did my family. I remember my grandmother telling me how Hells Angels surrounded her car one time and “terrorized her” until finagling riding off. I never believed it. I knew that most bikers were really lawyers, dentists, and more enjoying time off of their “normal” lives. But I also knew they got rowdy and they were the most scandalous thing in the area. Which meant bikers made their way into my very first sexual fantasies. What I’ve written so illegal bahis far is true. The rest is the first fantasy I remember masturbating to.

I knew I shouldn’t be here, but I couldn’t help it. All I had heard growing up was that I should avoid these people like my life depended on it. But here I was, exploring the motorcycle rally solo. I wasn’t ready to wear the barely-there outfits I saw around me, but I made a point to wear a leather vest with nothing underneath and a matching leather miniskirt. Unfortunately, my big tits didn’t allow for a lot of modesty with my outfit even if I was considerably more covered than the rest of the people at the campground. Rally campgrounds were notorious – no rules, just respect each other. I laughed to myself as that thought went through my head as I walked past a bucking penis (ala a mechanical bucking bull) where two girls were riding it and trying to stay mounted. And I tried not to notice the vulgar things being yelled at them – or them men that were brushing a little too close to me.

Each night the concerts had a performance and the concert was amazing. I was running on a high from the show, not to mention pretty tipsy, as I ventured into the camping area again. I felt myself getting turned on as I walked around and saw the open craziness. People smoking pot, illegal bahis siteleri lounging with tits out, and other things I had never seen. I noticed the tall, muscular man that I had been next to at the concert. Of course we connected in that strangers-in-solidarity way you do at concerts with people you don’t know that you have a good time next to. So as he gave me a head jerk to invite me to his area, I figured it couldn’t hurt. He quickly introduced me to his friends and a shiver went down my spine as I realized they were almost all men – maybe 2 or 3 women besides me. But I realized it wasn’t a trepidatious shiver because it didn’t end at my spine – it went strait to my increasingly wet pussy and made it start throbbing.

I decided to stay and party with them and the increased alcohol was definitely lowering my inhibitions. When they told me that in order to be part of their gang, there was an initiation my response wasn’t fear… instead I straddled the man who said it and said, “oh really?” He grinned and followed with, “oh yeah.” HE shoved his hand under my skirt and his calluses provided more stimulation that I was expecting and my back instantly arched as they all laughed under their breath. He spun me around and said, “she’s ready” and kept me on his lap, my back to his chest, as one of the canlı bahis siteleri girls straddled my and right away shoved her tongue down my throat. I really wasn’t into women but I was so horny I went with it. I felt her stand up while she continued deeply kissing me and my legs were pulled apart and I bit her lip as I felt the other girl start sucking and licking my clit. I was so turned on I came quickly – out in the open in front of the entire group and anyone else walking by the campsite.

The man leaned forward, nibbling my neck, and let me know my initiation was to please everyone there. My brain screamed no but the desire emanating from my cunt meant all I could do was groan in anticipation as I was moved on top of a waiting dick and instantly impaled. Thank god they started me with the smallest man there. The only thing I had had inside me was a dildo and other toys. There was no way of knowing, but my first cock was technically one that I didn’t ask for but that made me even more turned on. I loved being used as a sexdoll for these amazingly masculine men.

They took turns using my cunt to their pleasure until each had a go. I was covered with sweat and had cum all over my tits and my face. I wasn’t even sure how my top had come off – I was too sex-drunk to care or notice. All I could do was sigh in satiated pleasure when they were finished with me. My hole was now stretched and sore from the use of 8 men – but I knew that I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. And I’d have to seek out similar situations to get any satisfaction in the future.

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