Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 102


A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. Enjoy.

Chapter 102 – The New Guy. Tori’s Prom Dates


Sheila sat in one of the chairs in front of my immense desk. Why someone thought I needed an ‘Executive Desk’ that more closely resembled the deck on an aircraft carrier was beside me. To move papers across it to someone, I had to almost throw them and hope for a tailwind.

The two of us had been going over the chart of accounts for our family finances. She normally handled all the bill paying and home financial things for me, but once in a while she’d give me an update. We were meeting about setting up a budget for the family for the coming year and I was looking at each budget line item and what we’d spent in each of the last five years. The minor issue at hand was how much cash to move into which accounts to fund the next twelve months or so. We were looking back at the past few years for each account to see the trends.

I observed, “Boy, you can sure tell when I met Elsa and Cindy, and put my life on a different track. I don’t begrudge any of these expenses, but the trip to Mexico and all the things going on in St. Croix sure show up as large blips.”

Sheila smiled, “And they keep escalating after that. Do you care?”

“No, I don’t care a bit; quite the opposite. It’s all good. Why did my restaurant bills take such a large jump?” I posed.

Sheila laughed, “Instead of eating three meals at your desk, you keep taking the entire family and any friends that are around to the French restaurant down the street or other places to eat. Each time you order expensive wine, and that usually pushes the bill for each dinner up to over a thousand. Before you started to host all of us, you ate alone a lot. Oh, you also stocked up the wine cellar both here at the condo and at The Meadows; I think that was thirty thousand about three years ago. You’re due to do that again.”

Melanie came in and stood in front of my immense office desk and waited for me to stop my concentration on the spreadsheet in front of me. She asked in a teasing tone, “Do we need to cut back and start paying for some of our own bills – like pay you rent for our share of the condo?”

“NO!” I said sharply as I jerked my head up to look at her. I knew she liked to tease me about my insistence to pay for everything regarding the people I loved. I had eased up a little, especially with the guys so they could save face and feel like they were contributing to the family. I scratched out a quick note to talk to Sheila more about that after Mel asked her question.

I looked at Melanie with a kinder expression, “Question?”

“Yes. Elsa called and she’d like to invite a nice man she knows to our next party. He’d fit in, so to speak.” She assumed a lascivious grin and lightly passed a hand over her groin. “Elsa, Sheila, Cindy, KC, Izzy and I have all met him and fit him in too. I should say, ‘Enjoyed time with him.'”

Sheila nodded enthusiastically. She apparently knew exactly who was being proposed. She said, “Matt is really nice; professional and not at all full of himself. You’d like him.”

Melanie gave me a thumbnail sketch about him, “About forty, handsome, well spoken, well educated, and can fuck like a male mink but in a way that gives his partners copious quantities of orgasms. He also likes to cuddle the people he’s made love to afterwards.”

I shook his head, “You are ever the master of the metaphor. Of course, invite him. Is this the guy you guys met at the club a couple of years ago?”

“Yes, same man. Became single recently. His ex-wife did an ego-destroying number on him. She’d been cheating on him their entire twenty-one year marriage with her high school sweetheart; very two faced.”

“Too bad. Is there an ulterior motive, besides the sex, I mean?”

Melanie twisted her mouth around as she thought for a few seconds, “Yeah, I guess we do. We were talking last night after we parted company with him and think he’d be a nice addition to the family, but it’s a little early to tell for sure. Personally, I’d like him to start to hang out with us and I know Elsa does too.” She looked to Sheila for verification.

Sheila nodded, “It’s funny, but last night as he held us, I was thinking the same thing. He’d be easy to have around all the time – another nice husband.”

I asked, “What luggage does he come with?”

“Besides needing a bit of TLC and some trust in women since he just got screwed over? He’s got two kids in college, only he told me he was having DNA tests run on the kids to be sure they’re his. He loves them, but plans canlı bahis şirketleri to go after his wife’s lover for arrears in financial support if it proves out that he’s not the father. The kids are on his side. Apparently, he’s got a real shark for a lawyer; she knows her stuff and is guiding him along.”

“Geeze, what a can of worms. Anything else?”

“Not that I know of? Sheila, did you see anything?”

“No. He’s an engineer working for a small company doing robotics. I got the feeling he was very creative and innovative. He describes himself as a ‘techy entrepreneur.'”

“Ah, now you’ve baited me. I want to meet the man. Don’t wait for a party to bring him around. Invite him for dinner at the condo so we can go down the street.” I cast a glance at Sheila and added with a chuckle, “My treat.” Since we’d just been discussing my meals budget item I thought she’d react but she didn’t say anything.

* * * * *

Matthew Henderson was exactly as Elsa, Melanie, and Sheila described him, although I couldn’t attest to his mink-like tendencies at that point. I’d leave that to the girls. We sat opposite each other at our favorite French restaurant with some of the other guys and girls in the family scattered around. There were enough of us that we had to break apart and sit at three different tables. Elsa and Sheila sat on either side of Matt; Melanie and KC on either side of me. Matt was cordial and seemed at ease in meeting me without genuflection or obsequious behavior.

After we’d ordered, I said, “Matt, Sheila mentioned that you’re working on something about robotics? Is that anything you can talk about?”

He laughed, “Oh, sure, but once I start I may never shut up. Stop me when you’ve had enough. For starters, understand that anything that has ever been or might be done by a human is being studied to figure out how a robot can do it. We’ve had them in factory environments in limited ways for decades, and they have become more sophisticated and eliminated many repetitive and boring jobs. Most are almost task specific, such as putting an engine in a car. They’re programmed to do specific things and react in a predictable way when something outside their comfort zone occurs.

“Many people also would like a home helper robot, kind of like a combination of butler-maid-cook-valet-and-handmaiden, plus they want it to be handy around the house to do chores – mow the grass, rake leaves, take out the garbage, put gas in the car, buy groceries, do the laundry, get the dry cleaning, and so on. The sci-fi films love to promote these ideas. The more general purpose a robot becomes, the harder it is to program the beast. We effortlessly move our arms and legs, pick up something, do something with it, and set it down. We can program a robot to do mechanical things easily, but once it has to learn on the job, make judgments, weight options, and so forth, things get really sticky and the difficultly with technology platforms, software, batteries, connectivity, and so on become major hurdles. That’s where I am.”

I asked, “What kind of robots are you actually working on?”

“Because of the mass market potential, I guess the home robot, but also on robots than could assist in a health care or hospital situation. We have some prototypes, but by any standards they’re crude and works in progress.”

“How are you funded? Who pays the electric bill?”

“Oh, I thought you knew. I am a professor of bio-mechanical engineering at City University. I hold a non-teaching post, although I am the thesis advisor to a covey of masters and doctoral students working in my lab. They’re great by the way, very smart and many of them work for only some college credits or a small stipend. We have a few on assistantships too. I try to link it all together, and also get some government grants, but with the new administration we expect that source to dry up totally. We think research will be set back a decade or more.”

“What about an industry-university partnership of some kind?” Even as I asked the question, I saw Melanie break into a smile a mile wide. I was going right where she wanted me to go on this one. Years earlier she’d asked me to do something like this, and here the opportunity was sitting across the dinner table from me.

Matt grinned, “To tell the truth, that’d be fabulous. What were you thinking of?”

I spoke, “Commercializing some of the stuff, of course, but also funding some of the research and development. Melanie asked me to try to set up some kind of 10X program or a ten-to-the-ninth program, but we’ve lacked the wherewithal to do that so far. Now, you’re here with the perfect opportunity. I guess the other thing is to provide a landing zone for some of your students after they graduate. We can also provide some test beds for the stuff, and provide you some of the technology we have that you might need. Might a battery that comes close to never running out of power interest you?”

Matt canlı kaçak iddaa lurched forward, “Hell, yes. Portable power sources are one of our biggest bugaboos. We’ve almost given up, and that’s bad because it range limits our prototypes to a fifty or hundred foot extension cord or turns them into klunkers because they have to carry a car battery. Can you really do that?”

“Close. We’ll talk. Why don’t you and Melanie talk further, get some of the legal folks from the university and here involved, and let’s put something together that’s a win for each of us in some way.”

Matt smiled broadly, “Consider it done.”

I smiled, “Now, on another front, I understand you’re coming back for some other conversation and activities after dinner. I just want you to know that I’m glad to hear that. You can meet a few of the others who weren’t home when we came to dinner. I’m sure that by now everyone has heard about you and wants to meet you.”


I lay back as Ryan made love to me in his inimitable fashion; I had my ankles crossed behind his lower back, and was using my legs to help guide and accelerate his thrusts into me, although we were taking it real easy after a ferocious start. We were focusing more on loving than lusting. Like many of the other men in my life who I made love with, he maintained a laser-like focus on the woman he was with, bringing her great pleasure and satisfaction. None of us ever felt anything but love from this master of the feminine body.

A few feet away from me, Tori’s sleek and sexy teen body rode James, her taut teenage breasts swaying and oscillating wildly as she bounced up and down so that his shaft drove into her at a steady rate producing ecstasy for each of them. Both Tori and James were sweaty; they’d been energetically fucking for almost an hour, and I was sure they were burning a prodigious number of calories. By my count, she’d already experienced over a dozen serious and noteworthy orgasms, and half of those had been with Ryan before we swapped partners. Tori had become a near nymphomaniac about sex after her eighteenth birthday, so she fit right in with the rest of us and even recharged some of our own feelings and enthusiasm about sex.

I had checked with Kate shortly after Tori’s prom and hotel sex with Mark, and she’d said that whatever Tori wanted to do regarding sex and relationships, both short and long term, was fine with her. As her mom, she stated that she was always there for advice or to lend an interested ear, but Tori was her own woman and didn’t need a mom micromanaging her. There had been some motherly eye-rolling, however.

Tori, for her part, had allowed herself to fully integrate sexually into the family at a slow pace, both with the men and the women. She’d coupled with each of the men and women on an individual basis, mostly in the privacy of one of the bedrooms. It wasn’t like she was trying each of us out either. No, she was very careful to express her love and affection for each of us. She had what I thought was the right attitude about the sex and relationships, but there was that insatiable desire underlying everything as well, no doubt driven by an excess of hormones that demanded serious fucking five times a day.

Only in the previous week had Tori tried making love in public instead of in the privacy of one of the bedrooms. At her first ‘social’ evening, she had blushed up a storm to a bright pink as June and Mike made love with her, but then she realized that everyone else was just doing their thing, and that she wasn’t being singled out for observation.

Tori got it slightly wrong. Everyone was watching her, but doing so surreptitiously. She was so young, so pretty, so innocent, and so fucking hot, that we all just lusted after the exceptional eighteen year old.

Tori also admitted that watching other people fuck around her made her own libido soar into outer space. She told me, “I’ve never been so horny as I was when I was watching your sister getting fucked royally by Deke and Tom. Suddenly, I understood why everyone liked making love together. It’s tremendously arousing for both men and women.”

One part of her initiation into the family had yet to take place, and that was Ryan giving her The Experience. She knew about it from Mark’s attempts to pleasure her on prom night, but the men had decided to let her get used to the high quantity of sex going on in the family before blowing her mind with further fabulous experiences.

Tori had discovered that she could not only orgasm having sex, but also that she was multi-orgasmic, and could cum freely while engaging with either the men or women in the family. She also hadn’t been exposed to one of our sex parties although she listened intently one evening while Cindy and I talked about some of the parties, what went on, and the mind set and attitude she should take on if she planned to participate.

Initially, Tori was a little intimidated by the prospect canlı kaçak bahis of abandoned sex with relative strangers to her, even knowing that we had some implicit rules such as ‘no means no,’ and ‘everyone respects everyone else.’ I figured she’d skip the next party that first night we talked, but Tori came back with questions night after night after that, until she announced that she couldn’t wait to be at her first sex party.

I also talked to Tori about the various labels that outsiders might apply to her were they to learn of her new lifestyle that involved open relationships and a lot of sex with many different people of both sexes, labels that get tossed around in our fun and games, and labels she might apply to herself if she got down on herself about the sex she had enjoyed or participated in. Words like slut, whore, tramp, tart, mink, slut bunny, hooker, harlot, lezzie, fag, cunt, and a few others came up in our discussion. I wanted her to hear them and put them in perspective given how she’d changed her life by turning eighteen. She took the discussion in the spirit in which it was given.

Tori did say that she had two girlfriends who she was very close to and who she’d told about how she was now living – Darby and Skye. Mark had met both of them at the prom. I raised an eyebrow apparently, as though to say if you’ve told anyone, you’ve told the world.

Tori said, “Relax, they won’t tell anybody because I have an equal amount of dirt on each of them that they don’t want exposed either. I think we just needed to talk to someone since we have similar situations; for one, they both are routinely sleeping with their fathers, and in one case a brother and a couple of uncles. In some ways, my new lifestyle is tame compared to theirs. They both have boyfriends they’re screwing too, so things could get real complicated real fast in their situations were there to even be a hint of what was going on. Both girls would love to come to one of our sex parties. Hell, I’d like to come to one of our sex parties.”

I laughed and acknowledged that indeed the mutual destruction pact the trio seemed to agree to might work for them. I suggested that she try to find a sympathetic ear within the circle when she wanted to talk about what was going on. Tori agreed and informed me that I was henceforth one of her confidants. I felt very special when she said that.

Tori raised a new situation with me, “Elsa, in a month I’ll graduate from high school. There’s a formal graduation dance and party, and I’d like to invite a couple of the guys to go with me and then have some fun with them at a party-after-the-party.”


“Well, that’s the problem. I like all of them, and I don’t want any of them to feel slighted because I didn’t ask them. I don’t care which two, but I want some real sexual staying power with me that night.” She gave me a lopsided grin, but in her look I could tell she was sensitive to how our covey of men might feel if a couple got asked and the rest didn’t.

I thought a moment and said, “Do a lottery, if you don’t care; put names in a hat and do a public drawing.”

Tori smiled, “Oh, that’s a great idea. I’ll do it.”

Fortunately, that evening all the men were home. Tori asked all of them to meet her in the living room at nine p.m., and they all showed up curious as to what she wanted. The pretty teen sure could command attention without needing to explain why. Of course, she showed up wearing a thong and crop top that almost revealed her breasts; every mouth in the room was drooling. The teen had the wiles of a woman.

I stood off to the side as Tori explained finally, “My high school graduation is the last Saturday in May. That night there is a party at the Plaza for graduating seniors and their dates. I have decided to take two dates – two of you gentlemen I hope. It’ll be fun; dancing, lively conversation, and afterwards I have a room reserved upstairs and we can go and carouse. A couple of my sexy friends might join us with their dates, but we’ll have to play it by ear. It may be a younger version of your great parties I’ve heard so much about.” She paused and asked, “Does anybody not want to be my date that night?”

I didn’t like the way she’d phrased the question, because it invited a feeling of rejection on her part if someone opted out. Fortunately, none of the men did. James asked a question about dress code for the dance. Ryan wanted to know the times. Mike whether there was going to be a live band and whether there’d be a meal served there or we’d go out beforehand. Carter asked who the other girls were.

Mark just smiled and raised his hand. “I feel I should opt out, Tori. You and I had such a great date only a couple of weekends earlier. I want to share that experience with a couple of my brothers. Is that OK, otherwise I’ll stay in the running?”

Tori nodded and agreed; she thanked him again for taking her to the daddy-daughter dance. I watched her open a couple of the folded pieces of paper in her ball cap, and then set Mark’s name aside. She put the others back in.

Tori said, “There being no more questions at this point, I have each of your names in the hat. Carter would you draw the first name?”

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