Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 22


A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 20). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 22 – Discovering KC’s Talent. A High Stakes Vacation


Tom and I got back to my condo about six o’clock. I was very pleased to see that KC was still there. I was enthralled with her for some reason. I had to stop myself and test why I felt that way about her. She’d touched my heart as fast as Brita had only a week or so earlier.

I had to admit that I found her a lovely human being. Just like the other four girls, I could sit and watch and listen to her for hours and never be bored. She also made my heart beat faster, a feeling I really hadn’t felt until I met Elsa. It was new sensation then, and since, I’d found it with the other ‘sisters’ and Brita.

I suggested that we all go out to dinner at a place called Swans – a family restaurant on the edge of a large man-made lake southwest of the city. Everyone liked that idea, so I let security know our plans.

The girls went off to change, and I noted that Elsa and Cindy had taken KC under their wing. They came back to the living room twenty minutes later tastefully dressed. I loved how each of my girls could come up with so many different ‘looks.’ I had started to catalog them, and I was also learning favorite dresses and combinations that suited me. I especially praised those options.

We had some wine and cheese during the limousine ride out to Swans. Elsa told me the restaurant had that name because swans migrating north or south with the seasons stopped by the hundreds on the adjacent lake. I just liked the food and ambiance.

The advanced security team had already checked out the restaurant and gave us a nod as we disembarked in front of the place. It’s hard to look unobtrusive with a twelve person stretch limousine, and a nearby table of three men and one woman mostly dressed in black. An observant patron might have wondered about the bulges under their suit jackets.

As we started to get seated for dinner, Elsa made sure that KC got a place of honor between Tom and me. KC looked at me with such a grateful expression I thought I’d cry. I’d just made her day were it not for the fact that she’d already spent the day with the girls, a point that she talked about with great enthusiasm.

Elsa sat across from KC, and made sure that I appreciated KC’s artistic talent. She prompted KC to tell me about selling her first painting over $10,000. I then got KC to pull out her iPhone and show me photos she’d taken of some of her work. I loved every one of them, and hoped that the others did too. I told her I wanted to buy several of her originals, and the more I gushed over her work the brighter her blush. I was serious, but I think she thought I was being patronizing. She kept telling me I didn’t need to do that.

As we were prone to do on Sunday nights, we talked about our plans for the next week or two. I commented that I had a trip to San Diego at week’s end for two days. I could tell that piqued Elsa in some way.

Elsa triggered my interest in a lot of ways. She was braless, and wearing a top that was nearly see-through. Moreover, I knew from the limousine ride that she had gone commando. She’d flashed me more than a few times, and even made me hard on the ride to dinner.

Elsa came back to that point even after the conversation had moved on. “Mark, would you be willing to take next weekend off and fly somewhere for a small vacation – maybe in Mexico? I was thinking of Puerto Vallarta, but that’s only one idea. It’s not far from San Diego. We all just want time with you. Tom could come, and I haven’t thought who else.”

I felt KC go very quiet next to me, as though people were talking about a party for everyone else at the table except her.

Elsa picked up those vibes. She announced to anyone listening, “I am of course including KC in this idea.”

The change in demeanor, breathing, and body language was palpable. KC perked right up and brightened with a huge smile. At the same time, I saw tears form in her eyes about being included. She whispered to Elsa, “Thank you.”

I teased Elsa, “I like your thinking. Do you want to find us a place?”

Elsa looked surprised, “I guess. Sure.”

“I have some requirements you might like.”

Elsa looked questioning.

“You meet me there Friday afternoon and depart a week later on Sunday morning.”

Elsa burbled for a few seconds, “You mean canlı bahis şirketleri … nine days? “

“Yes. Oh, and a few other things.”

She gasped, “What?” The happy surprise was evident in her tone.

“First class all the way, but you probably guessed that. Tom and I can’t handle all of you women without help. You’re all going to be horny and wearing hardly any clothes. We need a few more males. Why don’t you invite those four guys you met and Carter, unless Mel doesn’t want him around.”

Mel smiled, “Carter being with us would be outstanding. He’s cool.”

I had a further idea, “Invite Andy and Margo too. Maybe we can do some team building between the CEO and the COO … and besides I like Margo.” I laughed at my attempt at understated humor. Everyone at the table except maybe KC knew I liked to fuck her on a frequent basis.

Elsa teased me, “You just want to team build in Margo’s pussy.”

I smiled, “Oh, there’s a thought.”

“You’re serious? You can take off that much time?” I asked in awe.

I explained, “I’m between deals. That week I was going to be home anyway, and I’d much rather be in a warm weather clime this time of year. Anything I need to do I can do by phone or computer.”

“Do you have any place you’d particularly like to go or see?”

“No. You girls pick it. Wait, another idea. Invite Brita. I know you don’t know her, but if she could come over it might give us a chance to all romance her a little, do some more business, and do that team building stuff.” I gave a lecherous grin.

Elsa’s head was swimming with ideas and with the responsibility I just dropped in her lap.”

Melanie leaned over to her, “Elsa, I’ll help you. I know some of his preferences, although this will be unique.”

We went through dinner. KC bubbled over about having been invited on the week away. She was doubly pleased when she realized I’d whisk her away in the company jet. The bigger worry then seemed to be what to take. Elsa told her, “That’s easy. You take two bathing suits: one decent and one as indecent as you dare. Anything else is superfluous for what I’m thinking.”

We laughed at that thought. I knew if she headed to Puerto Vallarta there were some very upscale restaurants and clubs, but she’d discover that after ten minutes on the Internet.

After dinner, we rode home. As we neared the city, Elsa asked KC, “Can you stay over again?”

KC nodded enthusiastically and those tears of joy pooled in her eyes again. I think I knew in that instant that we had a new permanent girlfriend or wife or whatever we were to each other. I didn’t want her to leave, and she obviously wanted to stay; a winning combination.

We had a relatively quiet night when it came to sex. I made love to KC and Elsa. The other girls went off to play with Tom or by themselves. After I was almost asleep, I became aware of Cindy and Melanie creeping into bed with us. Tom and Sheila apparently slept together.


I held my panic in check. I had a week to structure a major vacation for fifteen of us, assuming everybody could attend. I was suddenly the planner and social secretary for Mark, not that I minded, but I didn’t want to screw up my first serious endeavor for him. It’d be so visible if there were a hitch.

Melanie helped me by giving me a checklist she’d developed about Mark’s travel. I noted the requirement to interface with Mark’s security and started that immediately, talking about our plans with Lucas – the head of security for Worthington – really for Mark.

Next, I had to arrange for the aircraft to be ready, and sort out the schedule so everyone could get there. I finally took in that Mark also owned a larger plane than the corporate jet I’d been on – a long-range custom 737 that could carry about thirty passengers in posh comfort across the ocean or continent. Mark would be in Southern California with the smaller plane anyway, but the rest of us would use the larger plane.

I then called the most upscale real estate agent I could find in the Puerto Vallarta area. When I described what I wanted I was put through to the head of the agency, and given the royal treatment. Ultimately, after checking about costs with Mark, I rented a large villa just north of the Mexican Riviera on a highly prized and very private stretch of land. After that it was back to security and the pilots for final approval. The pilots suggested a helicopter between airport and the villa since the place had a landing zone; I agreed and got him to set it up.

I took on the hardest personal invitations first. I called Brita Jean Thorsen, the CEO of Danskpharma. Amazingly, I got through to her in seconds just at the end of her business day.

“Elsa, this is Brita. I knew the name instantly when my secretary questioned your call. I am pleased beyond description to meet you, even if only by telephone.”

“Brita, the pleasure is all mine. Mark was so bubbly about meeting you and how you two connected canlı kaçak iddaa so well.” I allowed my double entendre to hang in the air for a second. “Part of that is why I am calling. We are planning a weeklong holiday starting on Friday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We are all hoping that you can make it. I think there will be about fifteen of us. Mark specifically asked that you come if you can.”

“Tell me more.”

I described the villa, timing, the other people we hoped could all come, transportation, and almost everything I knew, including security. The fact that Brita didn’t interrupt to tell me she couldn’t make it gave me hope she’d accept.

Finally, I took a deep breath. “Can you make it – Friday night to the following Sunday? Mark said you could return home via coming to headquarters here for a few days if that would also suit you. He said there were some beneficial meetings in which your presence would be valuable both to you and Worthington.”

There was a long silence and I heard some background chatter in Danish. I waited patiently. Brita came back, “In a word yes, I will be there. Saturday afternoon, I think; and I will visit Worthington headquarters on the way home. I will use my own plane to Puerto Vallarta. I’ll get arrival times and such to you by email, if you could arrange for transport to your villa in the helicopter you mentioned I’d appreciate it. I’ll have two security staff with me on the plane; I assume there is nearby housing for them?”

“Yes. I will text you the contact information for Lucas Donovan, our head of security. Your staff may wish to coordinate with him.”

“Perfect, and well done. I look forward to meeting you. Email me as your plans gel.”

“Hmmmm, errr, Brita, there’s one more thing I need to tell you about.”

“Yes, go ahead.”

“The group that is going on this trip … errr, well, I don’t know how much Mark told you, but … well, we are very intimate with each other … and usually quite open about it. I mean, if you come, we can hold off …”

Brita interrupted and she was laughing, “Elsa, you needn’t be so nervous. I am an adult and I am far from being a virgin. What you suggest sounds scandalous … and like a lot of fun. I look forward the trip even more now. You just made me wet. Mark did tell me a little about the antics of you and your so-called sisters, so this is not unexpected. I really look forward to a very arousing and sexual vacation.”

“Thank you for being so understanding … and still agreeing to come.” I put a little emphasis on the last word.

“Oh, I shall cum all right … I hope you put that on everyone’s agenda. We will be in touch about arrangements and I will see you in Mexico. This is exciting in so many ways.”

We rang off.

Instead of calling Andy, who I obviously knew intimately, having made love with him only a couple of days earlier, I called Margo and told her about the trip, particularly about the wild sex I thought we’d have. She squealed in joy at the idea and told me she’d work on getting Andy to go. I left the rest in her hands.

One call to Deke and he practically exploded with enthusiasm about the whole idea. Two hours later, he called me back. Mike, James, and Ryan were in too. Carter could come too. We had the whole contingent: eight men and seven women.

I’d pretty well blown Monday getting everything set up, and I couldn’t have done it without Melanie’s help. I realized in the process that my boss at the architecture firm was being exceptionally solicitous of how I was using my time. I decided I’d better have a talk with him.

I went down the hall and knocked on his open door. “Greg, do you have a minute?”

“Certainly, come on in Elsa. What’s up?”

“A couple of things. I’ll tell you what they are and then we should talk.”

“Uh oh. Sounds ominous. I hope you’re not leaving us.”

“First, I’ve been here today, but haven’t done any project work – I’ve been totally unbillable. Mark asked me to set up a trip for next week, and I want to take time off to go with him. I’m feeling guilty about taking more and more time off, so I think I should go on part time status, I guess.”

Greg studied me for a minute and I could see the wheels and cogs in his head spinning in thought. “Elsa, you are a good hard worker and I don’t want to lose you; you’re one of the best people here and so creative. I can only imagine the pressures that being Mark Worthington’s girlfriend puts on you, and I am very sympathetic to that. I propose that you continue to work flexi time. You’ve been here almost five years. Come June, you were going to get a raise and an additional week of vacation time each year bringing you up to four weeks. We’ll see about the raise. You use that vacation time, and if you need you can even mortgage some time against your future accrual. If the need arises, we’ll just arrange for leave without pay, but I don’t think that’ll be necessary.”

“Thank you, so. I am feeling so guilty.”

“Elsa, canlı kaçak bahis City University has an architecture program. Why don’t you talk to those people and see whether you can get an intern to work with you as an assistant. Unlike many places, we pay our interns. That would relieve you of some work after you get them up to speed, and they could cover for you, particularly over the summer timeframe when school is out.”

“I will, sir. Thank you.”

I went home that night feeling a lot better about my job at Darwin Architectural Group, and how I was nicking hours here and there away from it, usually at Mark’s behest in some way. I told Cindy about my talk with my boss, and she allowed as she would try to do the same thing.

Of course, that night I had a lot to share with everyone about the trip, and I did a great ‘show ‘n tell’ about the villa we’d rented. At least on the Internet, which we projected onto the large screen TV in the living room, the place looked spectacular. Mark looked at me with such pride; I thought I’d burst. I was so glad he liked what I’d arranged. I made sure to acknowledge Melanie’s help.

KC was missing at dinner. She was working at the art gallery until they closed at nine o’clock. Since we’d eaten on the early side, Melanie and I took a walk after dinner to find the gallery and to provide her some company. We strolled along the streets chatting madly with each other about the coming week and all the activities we could sample. About a hundred feet behind us were two armed ninja bodyguards each of whom resembled a line backer for the NFL. Talk about feeling safe much.

KC’s gallery was a brightly lit, stark, modern place with benches, a mechanical ceiling painted black, and about two hundred modern paintings hung on white walls. KC jumped up when Mel and I walked into the place. Her smile was brighter than the hundreds of halogen lights.

KC exuded, “I’m so glad you came to visit. This is almost one of my homes.” She gestured around at the gallery with her arms outstretched. I noted how sharply she was dressed.

We chatted a moment. I asked, “Where’s your stuff?”

KC pointed, “Just in that corner.”

We walked back that way, and I was instantly in love with ten large canvases ranging in size from four-by-four to seven or eight feet square. “KC, they’re all beautiful. No wonder you’re booked out.”

Mel said, “I know it’s not usual, but could I take pictures. We have to show Mark.”

KC nodded enthusiastically. They’re also on my website, but not in high resolution.”

We talked about art for a while. I asked, “Who owns the gallery?”

KC blushed, “I do. I’m just breaking even.”

“Then why do you have your stuff way in the back. You almost can’t see it from the window.”

“I guess I’m modest. I didn’t think it was that good, but I’m slowly starting to realize that some people like it.”

“Like it? People love it. You have all the right touch with color, tones, balance, the symbolism, and everything.”

Melanie asked, “Do you work here full time?”

KC shook her head. “No, I have three other women who also take a shift. Their work is displayed here too.” She pointed to three separate areas on the display floor. “They kind of rent display space.”

“Where do you paint?”

“I have a small studio in the loft I rent as an apartment. I get inspired at crazy hours. Sometimes I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and then paint straight through for a day with barely anything to eat.”

“Just don’t cut off you ear,” Mel teased.

KC led us to a comfortable seating area near her desk. “What’s happening about the trip?”

I gave her a summary of the trip, travel arrangements, and then we used her desktop computer to look up the villa on the Internet.

KC teased, “This isn’t one of those scams where they get you to pay up front, and then you find the place belongs to someone else, is it?”

“Well, two of Mark’s security men are flying down there tomorrow to make sure the place is on the up and up. One of the past presidents of Mexico used to stay there. It’s very secluded, has a large safe room, and provisions for a ring of security around the place. We’ll be safe. Within a half-hour drive there are also some great restaurants.”

“What should I bring to wear, beside the bikinis you mentioned?”

I laughed, “I was only half kidding about the bikinis. I’d bring one regular bikini, one that is positively lewd, some casual clothes to travel in, and a cocktail dress and heels. I think you could fit everything I’m bringing in a small suitcase. From when we get up until dinner, we’ll be doing beach, ocean, or pool things, and evening we’ll probably dine out and then come home and get naked again.”

KC smiled and laughed joyfully, “I have fallen in with a group of sex-crazed maniacs … and I love it. I’ve always thought I was one too, and now I’m sure of it. You’ve all brought out the best in me.”

Mel commented in a serious tone, “We think that we are all hypersexual – and I mean that as a clinical condition. The other word is nymphomaniacs. We all just love sex all the time anywhere and almost with anyone.”

KC giggled, “My kind of people. You play to my long suit.”

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