Birth of a Prince Ch. 02


She immediately inhaled my now fully erect, monstrous cock and was getting very acquainted with it in no time. Her sweet lips were gliding down on my cock and I’d feel the gentle yet firm suction of her mouth. Sometimes she’d gently glide her teeth along the shaft on the way up hissing in the process, while dripping lots of saliva on the chocolate pipe.

Her hands were equally lethal, just finding the sweetest spots on the shaft while caressing it up and down. Mom’s blowjobs were wet and very sloppy. Saliva was just running down my shiny, glistening cock onto my balls and the bed, leaving a wet spot right under my ass.

Because she had me in another realm with her mouth, with this incredible mind blowing cock worship, I never saw or heard Dad enter the room until he spoke.

“You know what I love about this bitch son?” He instantly brought me back down to reality with that question.

“Oh hey Dad…uh…what do you love about her?” I sheepishly and embarrassingly inquired not being comfortable about his reaction to all this despite what she told me.

“She knows her fucking place in this world, don’t you slut?”

*Slurp!* “Mmm…You know it DADDY!” *slurp!* *Slurp!* She happily and proudly replied like a true slut.

“And where is your place slut?” He asked her with a thunderous slap on her ass making her flinch, squirm and moan to the obvious sting.

To the uninitiated, Dad has a home-renovating contracting business and has developed some very rough hands that feel like leather working with bricks, beams of lumber and various materials in that industry. So I know she was feeling these slaps across her beautiful ample ass cheeks.

“Oooo…between my MASTER’S legs worshiping his BIG-NIGGA-COCK DADDY…Mmm….”


“AYEEEEEEE…OOOOOOO…G-GoD! SHIT!” She screamed as she was writhing in pain.

Those last two smacks stung and seeing her squirm had awoken a monster in me. She stopped stroking my cock to register and ride out the pain. I instinctively grabbed her hair and pulled her head up to face me. I now felt like a predator about to have his first meal and said:

“Don’t you fucking stop worshiping my cock slut, answer YOUR KING or face my wrath. What is your fucking charge you cum-guzzling-cock-teaser?”

“OHHHHHHH…YES MY PRINCE….YES!” She immediately resumed stroking and worshiping my cock and received two more thunderous ass slap from dad as he was proudly winking and smiling at me.

“To give my body willingly to you both. For I love, worship and serve you both-my AFRO-KINGS, MY SUPERIORS. Like no mother or wife has ever loved a husband and son.”

“Very good ho, now answer me this, do you love my son-your PRINCE?” *SMACK!* He commanded.

“Mmmm…oh yes DADDY with all my heart I so love my PRINCE- your glorious seed so dearly.”

“Are you in love with my son, your future KING you nigga-dick-loving-slut?” Despite the pain, she looked deeply inside my eyes and spoke to me while still stroking and kissing my cock every chance she got. She was a trooper and could take some pain. I am really loving my mom.

And with tears of joy and pure lust in her eyes she replied, “Mmm…I am so in love with you my NUBIAN PRINCE. I love you with all my heart and will serve as best I can.” And gave me the warmest smile once she finished.

*SMACK* “Do you love me, your KING?” Pops demanded.

“My KING…I not only love you but I worship the ground you walk on. Your word is my law. You are the most perfect man I know and live for your happiness my KING. Nothing makes me happier.”

Her head was turned to look him in the eyes as she spoke those words. This was strange, so kinky and sexy. I’ve never felt love like this and was now becoming addicted to it. I couldn’t go back-out even I wanted to at this point. It was then I decided that this was going to be my lifestyle from now on.

“Good girl…now it’s time to atone for you sassiness. Son, she’s made me aware that she’s been cock-teasing you since you’ve been home is this true?”

“Oh hell yeah. This bitch was fucking tormenting me on a regular basis.” I quickly replied. It was time for payback, time to repay this bitch for all of the frustration, misery and raging hard-on she caused me. I saw the fear and excitement in her eyes when I looked down on her, as though she was saying not you too, please don’t punish me my Son. Then something strange was awoken in me. I felt the need to dominate and exert my power over her. And with pops right there encouraging me, I felt very strong and casino oyna ready to conquer the world. The wolf in me has arisen.

I got up and exchanged places with my father. She was between his legs sucking his cock and I was the one smacking her phat ass, caressing her sweet, soft, red cheeks and talking to her.

“So mom, this is the sweet ass you’ve been torturing me with. Will you ever tease me and not please me with it again?” SMACK SMACK*

“Oooowww, no my Prince please forgive me I beg you.” She screamed

“NO! Take it like the slut you are. Suck his cock you cock-teasing whore.” SMACK*

“Yes my Prince.” She gobbled and deep-throated pops who had the biggest grin on his face watching his son master his wife. After slobbering and choking on his cock to my satisfaction I announced, “now it’s time to see if this slut is worthy of our nigga cocks in her pops. Get up so she can lick your ass.”

“Good idea son, you’re evil just like me.” He said as he grinned, got up, turned around on his fours and stuck his ass out.

*SMACK* “Lick his ass slut, lick your KING’S ass and make sure you clean it good.” *SMACK*

All that could be heard were her muffled moans as she dived and had her face buried in my father’s ass while I was shoving her face up it. My cock was throbbing and begging for release during this hot scene. So I spat in my hand to lube the head a little and shoved my BIG PHAT BLACK cock up her ass to both of our delight. Now it was my turn to torture that slut and I was determined to make her pay for all that teasing with my rock hard cock up her ass.

So I tormented her by inserting that hard COCK just past the head. “That’s all you get for now slut, just the head. That big FAT BULBOUS HEAD, since like BULBOUS heads so much.”

“Oh GOD…my Prince, please …”

“Yeah yeah…*SMACK* … get back to eatin ASS slut, you weren’t told to speak.” *SMACK* I interjected.

I couldn’t believe what I was saying and doing to her. This scene had me in a deep trance and that squishy, suctioning noise from me shoving my girthy black pipe up her fat white ass, combined with her constant moans and pleading was feeding the lusty beast in me. The dormant wolf was out. All I wanted to do was Dominate her, the way Dad was. I was power hungry and she was feeding and nurturing the young wolf- soon to be King. I now know what she meant when she said, “through me you will remember.”

I gripped and choked my already hard shaft with my right hand, trapping the blood, thereby making an already swollen and fat cock head even fatter and pulsing with lust, taking up all kinds of space in that oh so tight hole making it wider, and that slut was loving every stroke of it.

“Oh my Prince, yes…take me…take my ass…fuck my ass, it’s yours. Take it please.”

“*SMACK* …Bitch you don’t tell me what to do, I’ll take that ass when I please, not when you say. Get back to licking your King’s ass and don’t stop until you’re told.” I barked as I shoved her face back up my Dad’s ass to his delight evidenced by his laughter.

“Yes my NUBIAN PRINCE.” She mumbled.

I was having the time of my life sliding the head in and out of her eagerly anticipating asshole. She was ready for a reaming and was whimpering after each poke anticipating the feel of my long and girthy shaft that would eventually come at my discretion. Just when she got used to my rhythmic poking of her asshole with my head, I slowly and sweetly slid the entire shaft up that sweet hole.

“Oooooohhhhhh FUUUUUUUCKKK…Ohhhhhh….Yes….my sweet PRIINCE….”

Now I was getting my dues. This was for all the nights I laid up in my bed stroking myself to sleep. “…*STROKE*…OHHHHHHH!!!”

This is for wishing I could fuck the beautiful, large PHAT WHITE ASS that haunted me since my return. The PHAT WHITE ASS she was proudly strutting in my presence with no shame.


The PHAT WHITE ASS that’s caused me so much anguish, grief and confusion. Dayum retribution feels and strokes so good.


“TAKE IT BITCH. TAKE ALL OF IT. All those times you were teasing me with that ASS. The many times you made my DICK hard and dripping with precum with that ass. TAKE IT BITCH.” I reminded her while pumping that long black steel all the way up her ass.

*STROKE*”OH MY GOD…I’m so so sorry my PRINCE…please forgive my sassiness.” *STROKE*

“FUCK THAT. TAKE IT BITCH!…*STROKE* The many nights and days I laid up in this bed stroking myself slot oyna after you came in my room and left me with nothing more than a hard-on and a confused head. TAKE IT BITCH.!*STROKE* *STROKE* *STROKE*”

I was now slamming that hard, angry and frustrated cock deep into her.







With that I was hittin that PHAT WHITE ASS with all the power and speed I could muster while holding on to her hips with dear life. It felt so good that I busted my nut all up in there. Pops turned around and let off into her sweet mouth. We were all locked in a cosmic orgasm that had us creaming at the top of our lungs. And it all came to a very climatic end that fast.

We fell asleep in my bed, exhausted from that torrid threesome. I was nicely awakened in the morning morning by mom’s sweet lips wrapped around my cock. She looked up and smiled lovingly at me when she felt me stirring. “Good morning my PRINCE. How are you feeling today handsome?”

I stretched, yawned, rubbed my eyes and replied. “Oh man, apart from this hunger, I feel fucking great. Thanks to you mom.”

She kissed my cock and replied, “Mmm…You are so welcome my beautiful Prince.”

“Yeah yeah just make sure you get breakfast ready slut. I’m starvin too. This bitch can wear a brotha out right son?” Dad laughed while stretching with both arms above his head. He then got up, walked around the bed, positioned himself behind Anna who nstinctively and without looking, rose her ass up in the air and presented it to him as though it was a sacrificial offering. He smacked it a couple of times randomly switching hands and cheeks for a few seconds then said.

“Mmmm…Time for some good ole vitamin A, right bitch?” Giving Anna the most loving and lustful look after saying that.

“Oh yes my KING, please have my ASS and worship it as you will my KING.” She replied adoringly.

“You see son, this black man’s weakness is a big ASS. I just have to bury my face in it every dayum day.”

He then lowered his head to her swaying ass and began to kiss and lick each cheek so lovingly. I’ve never seen dad like this. Like me he truly was an ASSMAN. He was in his own heaven as he parted her cheeks, took a deep whiff of her ass crack and moaned as the sweet pungent smell of her ass invaded his nostrils. Instantaneously his cock jumped and immediately hardened in response to the smell, feel and visuals. By then she was slobbering, spitting and stroking all over my now fully erect cock. So as he was worshiping her ass, she was worshiping my cock. This was truly heaven.

He was now tonguing her anus deeply and lovingly while smacking it randomly. The more furious he loved her ass the more intense her cock sucking got and it was driving me wild and to the brink of shooting that day’s first load in her mouth. It was getting harder and harder to fight that nut. Finally he did it. The tongue lashing he was giving her ass finally paid off when he brought her to climatic orgasm. She stopped sucking and stroking to ride out the sheer pleasure he had given her. Although her mouth was wide open, no sound came out and I could see her throat expand with her veins bulging at the side of her neck until she finally let out a low but loud moan and dropping her head to the bed like it weighed a ton.


He stood up and had the biggest smile on his face. She sat up, gave him a huge hug and they kissed. He smacked her ass and said, “get back to my son.”

“Yes sir!” She quickly replied and she looked down at my fully hard COCK begging for attention from her.

By now the room was bright as it was flooded by sunlight coming in from the windows. It was then she finally took in my size since it was dark when she first experienced me.

She then grabbed that bobbing cock and was feverishly sucking it while looking at me deeply and talking to me in the process. She was so fucking sexy.

“You are a beautiful Prince. Such a beautiful man with a beautiful cock….Mmmmm!”

“Thank you mom, glad you like it.” I replied, allowing her to sit and ride my pulsating COCK.

“Like it? I LOVE IT son. You are such a beautiful man. I want you inside me all the time. I want you to take and control me. I LOVE YOU son.”

“I canlı casino siteleri love you too mom…mmmm.”

This exchange was so hot, even Dad felt it and was stroking his cock watching his wife-my mom riding me with passion while giving him random glances and encouraging him to stroke it for her.

“Yes my KING, stroke that big black cock for me. You like the way I fuck your son?”

“Oh yes, you nasty slut, ride my seed.” He was stroking his cock with the same fever pitch her ass was rising and dropping on me. The visual combination of both their actions and the sweet feeling of her pussy on my pulsating cock was weakening me.

“Such a nasty KING you are, jerking off watching me ride and grind your son’s cock. God I love you KING.”

“Ah shit, son, she’s such a nasty slut aint she?”

“Hell yeah dad, she’s the best. You are so lucky Dad, so fucking lucky to have a wife like her.”

“Oh look at you two bonding over me.”

“But he’s right, I am lucky, the luckiest man in the world right now to have a such a beautiful and sexy wife that takes care of me and my son. I LOVE YOU BABY.” He said while maintaining that furious pace on his cock.

“Oh GOD, I love you two, I so dearly love my men.” She said as she was furiously riding and grinding on me in the process. This was such a hot scene. Dad took a few steps closer to her and presented his cock to her adoring mouth. She was sucking him with love, the love only a soul mate can give.

“She’s the best right son?” He asked as he was stroking her hair and shoving his HUGE COCK in her mouth making her gag.

“Fuck…yes Dad, simply the best and greatest.”

“Oh fuck this going to make cum….OH SHIT…OH…SHIT!”

She was bouncing on me real fast and hard and upon hearing she was cumming, I finally let go and announced that I too was coming. Upon hearing that she opened her mouth and amazingly swallowed his entire first load and was able to completely engulf his cock with her mouth to take in all the subsequent shots of cum in her mouth and kept swallowing.

As she was caressing and kissing his now limp but still swollen cock, thanking him for the huge load he just deposited down her throat moaning and staring deeply and lovingly in his eyes. After she finished draining his balls he had his right arm around her embracing her and kissing her on the forehead. I then sat up and hugged them both. We were absorbing the high of the moment and bonding. I felt closer to them than anyone in my life. It then occurred to me that that morning’s events was a celebration and devotion to her-our slut. We were showing her how much we loved appreciated her as a woman. It felt so good.

This beautiful moment was interrupted by our grumbling stomachs. “Let me get my beautiful men some food. What would you like my handsome PRINCE?” She asked me with the most adoration in her voice as she smiled.

“Hmm…I could tear through some eggs, sausage and those delicious peach pancakes you make mom.”

She smiled and caressed my face and said, “alright son and what about you my KING? How may I satisfy your hunger this morning?” She asked while looking up at him as she was gently caressing his face as well.

“I’ll have the same love. You know how I like my eggs and sprinkle some of that grated smoked Gouda cheese that I love….hehehe.”

“Alright you two get yourselves ready while I whip this up.” She was smiling and clearly in bliss surrounded by those she loves.

She jumped off the bed, slipped on her satin Kimono that was on my computer chair as well as he slippers and happily made her way to the kitchen. After a few steps she stopped and turned around to look at us and I could see the joy in her eyes and heart. She sighed and said, “how lucky can a girl get?” Laughed and headed out of the room into the kitchen. She couldn’t help but add an extra switch to her ass while she was walking cause she just knew we were staring at that phat ass. And when she made it to the door she turned her head slightly to confirm that we were indeed checking her sexy ass out. We were both squeezing our cocks in unison and biting our lower lips while smiling at her. She laughed and disappeared into the hallway.

“She is one sexy bitch dad! You hit the jackpot when you bagged this one.”

He laughed, padded me on my right shoulder, looked at me and said, “thank you son. I’m glad you appreciate my wife uh.. your mom…hahahaha.”

When he said “mom”, I instinctively thought of my biological mother and wondered what really happened between them and how did he go from a being a black revolutionary to being blissfully in love with this beautiful and sexy goddess of a white woman cooking our breakfast. So I asked him about it and his face turned grim as he was now forced to relive some painful memories of his past.

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