Birthday Party


During conversations, Cindy had spoken of a fantasy that involved meeting several strangers at a party and then letting them do what they wanted to her. She said she had seen an advert on the internet for a party called “Greedy Girls”. It was to be an occasion whereby the ladies could show off a bit and let a few men enjoy them. As it was Cindy’s birthday as well and she had yet to receive a birthday treat, we answered the ad and were informed of the time and venue. I let her decide what she wanted to wear; knowing that whatever she picked would look great. She went shopping on the Wednesday and returned later that evening with a bag of goodies. She refused to let me see what she had bought though and told me to wait until the Friday night.

Friday night came and Cindy got showered and dressed and put on some make-up. We drove to the house about an hour away and parked up the car nearby. On arrival at the house, our hostess, Emma, met us. She was an attractive brunette about thirty and she wore a tight figure-hugging blue dress. We introduced ourselves and entered. There were four couples there already and a number of younger males, aged between 20-25. The living room was a fair size with a number of three and two seater sofas scattered around. The women were all dressed in a variety of sexy outfits, some quite conservative but some others revealing quite a bit. Cindy took off her black raincoat she was wearing and I saw what she was wearing for the first time. She had bought a new shiny, silver dress that came down to mid thigh and just exposed the lacy tops of white hold-up stockings. It clung to her figure and looked fantastic. She wore a small sparkly pair of shoes. We all introduced ourselves to the others in the room and sat down.

After a while Cindy started chatting to a group of three males; Rob, Jamie and Nathan. She sat between them and I could tell the conversation was getting more heated and hornier. She was laughing and giggling and occasionally one of them touched her legs or breasts. She loved the attention, even though a couple of them were quite shy. The other couples in the room were also sitting now in their own small groups. One of the guys dared Cindy to show her stocking tops, which she did. She was quite flushed and I could tell it was turning her on. Her erect nipples could be clearly seen through her thin dress. ankara duşta veren escortlar They openly groped her and Cindy pretended to push them away, laughing. She opened her legs a bit more and then said,

“Touch my knickers.”

She had a tiny pair of black PVC knickers on. Rob placed his hand on her pussy and rubbed the shiny material.

“You can all touch me if you want to.”

The three played with her as she sat back a bit opening her legs a bit more for access. She told Nathan to take her boobs out and let the others see them. He pulled her dress down a fraction and released her neat breasts. Cindy’s nipples were hard and poked out. She leaned over and started to kiss Nathan. He took her left breast and played with it. The others took turns to kiss and play with her. One by one she unzipped their stiffening cocks and ran her red painted fingernails up and down the shafts, stroking them into full erections. Cindy looked at me and asked me if they could take her upstairs to one of the bedrooms. Other groups had disappeared to the bedrooms as well. She gave me a stern but playful look, meaning that I had to sit and watch her get pleasured. The three put their cocks away again.

“Lets go upstairs then,” she said.

Cindy went up the stairs first with the men behind her, hitching her dress up a little bit; she exposed her bum, encouraging them even more. Cindy found a bedroom free. There were about five in the house as it was quite large. A large king-size bed was situated in the room, against the back wall with red satin sheets on it. It was tastefully decorated and lit with a few lamps beside the bed itself and on a chest of drawers on the opposite wall. She sat down on the bed and Nathan, Rob and Jamie stood near her as Cindy waited to see what would happen next. Undoing their trousers, the males took out their dicks again and masturbated slowly. Cindy beckoned them forward and lowering her head a bit, took them in her mouth one by one, tasting them as they hardened. One of them held her head and pushed her down onto his cock. Cindy took his full length in her mouth as her lips stretched around the base of his thick tool. She decided to stop before they came too soon and climbed onto the bed and lay on it. Cindy smiled and asked them shyly, who wanted to go first.

Jamie removed her little PVC ankara fetiş yapan escortlar knickers and went down on her, licking her pussy. Cindy moaned slightly and arched her back. Nathan and Rob knelt either side of her head and offered their cocks for her to lick and suck. She nuzzled the bulbous heads and kissed their balls. It really looked as if she was loving every minute of being pampered by these strangers. They swapped over and all licked her soaking pussy, even turning her over and licking her from behind. Her arsehole was exposed and Rob licked her, probing with his tongue. Cindy gripped onto the covers as her treat continued. Nathan rolled her onto her side and made to enter her from behind. Cindy told them to put condoms on but Nathan ignored her and slid into her for the first time. She gasped as he went all the way in and pleaded with him to pull out and put a condom on. He ignored her pleas and pushed into her again. Nathan lifted her leg up and held her open so the others and I could see her taking his prick. She turned her head round and kissed him on the lips as he fucked her. Rob lay in front of her and placed his stiff erection into her mouth and she sucked on it greedily, gripping his bum to get more of him in. The three all took turns to make love to her, holding her down over the bed and fucking her as she begged them to put rubbers on their cocks. They roughly entered her again and again, taking her from behind as she knelt on the bed and sucked one as the other rode her. Jamie played with her tits, rubbing his erection on her swollen nipples, smearing his pre-cum over them. Cindy rubbed her clit as they each took turns to use her.

Nathan turned onto her side again and fucked her, pulling out to the tip of his cock and plunging in again. Occasionally he would pull it out and rub the thick head of his cock against the entrance of her arse. Cindy told him not to tease her and said,

“You can put in me if you want, just be gentle.”

Nathan pushed his bell-end against her bum and slid inside her slowly, forcing his whole length up. Cindy breathed in short, sharp breaths as her bum relaxed to accommodate his full length. She told the others to move closer and as Nathan slowly built up a rhythm, she sucked them off, sometimes even managing to take them both in her mouth. Rob lay down in front of Cindy ankara iranlı escort and kissed her, placing his cock inside her pussy. The two moved in rhythm in and out of her, filling both her holes. She kissed them both alternately whilst they played with her boobs. The three changed round and all had a go of my wife as I watched. Cindy was in heaven and it was so sexy. After ten minutes of this, Nathan speeded up and emptied into her tight bum, depositing his cum deep inside her. Jamie quickened and came shortly after Nathan and came in her pussy. Nathan rolled off and Rob climbed onto Cindy and pushed his bursting erection into her bum, pumping her arsehole as Cindy came again and again. She spoke to Rob, telling him how much she wanted his cum in her arse and being a dirty bitch telling them all she wanted to them to take her again and again. Rob came seconds later and jetted hot cum in her bum-hole as she moaned with pleasure.

Cindy told the three to go and have a quick wash and clean up and come back through. They returned five minutes later and Cindy ordered the three to stand in front of her and wank. She knelt in front of them and played with her nipples pulling and squeezing them as the three coaxed their cocks back to full hardness. About one minute later they were rock hard again and, she kissed and sucked their dicks, rubbing them over her face and neck, enjoying being the centre of attention again. Occasionally she would lick their balls and wank them slowly, teasing them until the three were near bursting point. Only one was circumcised, and she slid her hand up and down the shafts, pushing their foreskins over the bulging heads. Rob said he was close to coming and Cindy motioned him to come over as the others moved out the way slightly. Wrapping her lips around his head and looking into his eyes, Cindy gripped his prick and massaged it, tugging at his ball-sac until he orgasmed strongly, cumming in her mouth. The others weren’t far off and Cindy took Jamie next and did the same with him, swallowing all his spunk. Nathan came quickly and gouts of sperm erupted from his penis, showering her face and neck. Cindy put her red lips over him and caught the last spurts in her mouth.

Cindy told me to come over and she took my cock and wanked me slowly, asking me if I had enjoyed watching her with her boyfriends. I told her it had been incredibly horny watching these strangers use my wife like a slut. At that I started to cum and my pent up balls exploded over her tits as she milked the last of my spunk from my balls. Cindy said that she had loved her special treat and hoped it wouldn’t be long until she could perform again.

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