Birthday Pleasures Ch. 03


Note: These Birthday Pleasures pieces are excerpts from a novel and not really chapters in an ongoing story. The two characters in each piece are the father, Cicero, and the daughter, Nella.


Nella’s Eighteenth Birthday: October 12 2343

I woke to the feel of something velvety soft tickling my nose, and breathed in the lovely aroma of a rose. I opened my eyes to see father smiling down at me.

“Happy birthday, sweetie,” he said, holding up a perfect pink rosebud. “You’re eighteen and an adult today, and I have some wonderful plans for you… beginning with this.”

He caressed my face with the rosebud, then slowly moved it along my neck and down to my breasts. He drew the soft petals over my nipples, and the delicate touch made me shiver. Father fastened his lips over one nipple, and moaned as it hardened in his mouth. After a while, he turned his attention to the other nipple, and I groaned as he sucked until it firmed in his mouth. A pleasant tingle formed deep in my belly as father flicked the rosebud against my tender nipples. I felt wetness ooze between my legs.

Father stroked the rosebud down my middle, along my legs, around my feet, and upward along the inner leg, until it touched the outer labia of my damp pussy. He caressed my labia with the rosebud, and they opened under its velvet touch. As he drew the flower along my slit, my toes curled upward. The tingle in my belly seemed ready to explode through my body. Father parted my labia, laying bare my hidden places, and gently touched the rosebud on my own pink bud. He stroked, flicked, caressed, feathered, and danced the flower over my clit, until I cried out as the tingling ball exploded into shards of pleasure, and my orgasm flowed over me like a tsunami.

Flushed with the rosy glow and the heat of sex, I took the rosebud from father. He sat back against the pillows at the head of the bed. I kissed him, letting my tongue taste the special flavor of him, and slid the rosebud down his body. I moved the bud up to my lips, kissed it and touched it feather light to father’s glistening glans. He moaned ever so softly. I stroked the soft petals down along his hard shaft, over and around his balls, and up to the bulbous head. I stroked his hard shaft with my hand and the rosebud until he came with a loud grunt and his cum spewed out over the flower. He smiled at me as I wiped the rosebud clean on my inner labia.

“Stay here,” he said. “I have another surprise for you.” He lightly touched his lips to mine, and ran into my dressing room. After a while, I heard water running and father singing an aria from one of his favorite operas. I loved to listen to him sing for he had a beautiful voice. His voice fell silent, and he walked back into the room, his half erect cock leading the way. I grew wet again. He picked me up and carried me into the bathroom.

Oh, daddy, how beautiful!” I sighed when I saw the rose petals floating on the steaming water in the sunken stone tub.

Father lowered me into the lovely hot water filling the large stone tub. I floated among the aroma of roses and the soft touches of the petals. Liquid soap and shampoo stood ready on the broad rim of the tub. Father sat on the edge of the tub behind my head, and worked the shampoo into my hair. He used a brass ewer to rinse the lathered up shampoo out of my dark red tresses. I stood up and he massaged my body with the spicy smelling liquid soap. He slid down into the water with me as I rinsed myself off.

I laughed as father pushed me against the edge of the tub, parted my legs and thrust into me. I reached down and fingered my clit, while he pounded hard into my pussy. In moments we both shuddered in climax, and collapsed into the water. We had been doing the Morning Bath Time Quickie, as I called it, ever since I was ten years old. For me it always was the best time of the day.

Father lifted me out of the tub. Hand in hand, we walked into the shower, where we washed off soap residue and rose petals. He laughed casino siteleri as he took one of the hand-sprayers, set it on cool and sprayed me. I screamed when the much colder water hit me. I tried to wrestle the sprayer away from him with little success. I did manage to point the spray of cool water at his cock and balls for a moment, making him yelp and dance away from me. He sprayed my pussy with the cold liquid in retaliation.

“Off,” I said to the shower, and the water trickled down to nothing. “I think it is time we got dressed, daddy dear.” I pushed him out of the shower. “You have work to do, and I have two exams to write. After that we can have as much fun as we like.” I slapped his tight butt.

In my dressing room, the birthday dress hung ready foor me to put on. “Oh, it’s so pretty!” I said when my eyes lit on it. “Thank you, daddy! I love it.”

Father went to his own dressing room to dress for company was coming in the afternoon for high tea. I dried myself with one of the thick warm towels, and took the dress from its hanger and put it on. The dress was soft white cotton that fit snug down to my waist, and then flared out into a wide skirt stopping just below the knees. Embroidered along the neckline were tiny pink rosebuds, and the hem was graced with full-blown pink roses. A belt of barely opened pink cloisonné roses with a gold clasp went around my waist. I twirled around in front of the mirror.

“Nella, you are the loveliest young woman in the whole world,” said father, holding out a small pink box. “I think this will complete the outfit.”

I took the box from him and opened it: inside lay two tiny roses with sparkling centers. I picked one up. Attached to the back was the tiny limpet that would stick the earring to my earlobe. Father took the earrings and held them against my lobes. In a moment I felt the odd sensation of the limpets taking hold. The earrings looked lovely against the dark red of my hair.

“Thank you, Daddy, I love them,” I said, kissing his lips. “I love you. You’re the best daddy in the world.”

“And you’re the best daughter in the world, sweet Nella,” he said, his eyes glowing with love. “I can’t believe you’re now a grown woman. I hoped this day would never come, sweetie. I don’t want to lose my little girl.”

I kissed him again. “I’ll always be your little girl, Daddy. I promise.”

At four o’clock in the afternoon, Jones announced father expected me in the living room for high tea. Father sat on the large leather couch and on tthe coffee table silver trays stood ready with tiny sandwiches, pastries, marzipan fruits, chocolate dipped fruit, and chocolates. On a tray in front of him stood a teapot covered with a cozy, the spout steaming, a pitcher of milk, a bowl of sugar, and two fine china cups and saucers. On the floor at the far end of the coffee table stood a large box.

I sat down on the couch beside him. “This all looks so beautiful, Daddy,” I said, a smile of happiness playing over my face. “It makes me feel so grown up to be having high tea with you.”

“Milk?” Father asked pouring the steaming golden-red liquid from the pot into one of the cups. “Sugar?”

“Just a tiny bit of sugar, Daddy, and no milk, please,” I said.

He sprinkled a small amount of sugar over the tea, stirred it in, and handed the cup and saucer to me. I put it down on the table to let the hot tea cool before drinking it. Ever since taking a drink directly from a teapot when I was four years old I had been unable to drink or eat anything hot.

While waiting for my tea to cool, I sampled the food and eyed the mysterious box. Father smiled when he saw my gaze go to the box.

I drank my tea in tiny sips, holding the cup by the handle with my pinkie extended like a proper young lady. Father emptied his cup in one gulp and plunked it down hard on the tray. When I put my cup down beside his, he rose to his feet and held out his hand to me.

“Would you like to dance, sweet Nella?”

I took father’s slot oyna hand, and he pulled me to my feet. “I’d love to dance,” I said. “Can we dance the Promenade? I think that’s such a beautiful dance.”

“Of course we can, sweetie,” father said, leading me out into the open area of the room. “Music, if you please, Jones.”

A trumpet overture began the music for one of the formal promenade dances that had become a craze with all people. The sound of a drum beating out a slow, stately cadence began as the trumpet fell silent. I reached out my arm and barely touching father’s fingers, moved forward with toes pointed. We stopped our forward motion as the music of an oboe, flute, and lute played counterpoint to the beat of the drum. I circumambulated father with slow stately steps. I stood in place and he orbited around me. The oboe, lute and flute fell silent and we moved on to the beat of the drum, repeating the circular walks around each other whenever the other instruments joined in, until we made a complete circle of the open space.

After that the music of a waltz started playing; father and I whirled around the room, bodies closely entwined. I felt his hard-on press against me through my dress. Placing my hand on his firm butt I pulled him closer against me and proceeded to rub myself on the cloth covered knob of his hard shaft. The music continued its movement, but we did not. Father and I stood in the middle of our large livingroom and furiously dry humped each other. I gasped loudly as the tingling between my legs reached a crescendo and exploded into a million shards of pleasure. Father thrust a few more times, groaned and jerked and jittered against me. I felt the wetness of his come even through my gown.

Afterward we stripped down to the skin and went back to the couch. I eyed the box, hoping I would find out what was in it.

“Would you like another cup of tea, sweetie?” father said, holding the teapot over my cup. “It’s still warm enough for you.”

“Daddy, stop teasing me,” I said. ” I don’t want tea or anything else. I want to know what’s in that big box.”

“Do you now?” He gave me a sly grin. “Who says there’s something in that box for you?”

Father went over to the box and lifted the top off. He reached inside and pulled out two long narrow boxes, a silver metal platform, and yet another box. He put the platform on top of the coffee table. Three raised rounded buttons decorated the side facing me. Father opened one of the boxes and took out a bed and placed it on the platform. I leaned forward fascinated by the bed a little over a foot long, covered with a emerald quilt, and a mass of climbing pink roses along the headend and one side.

I gasped when father opened one of the long boxes and I saw the female doll inside. It looked exactly like me: with the alabaster skin, dark red shoulder-length curls, slender body and long legs, small breasts, pert rounded butt, red curls on the mons venus of its miniature pussy, and an oval face with green, blue, grey striated eyes, a narrow nose and a wide mouth. Father laid the doll on the bed and covered it with the quilt. Its eyes were closed revealing long dark lashes that shadowed its upper cheeks.

The other long box held a doll in the image of father. It was dressed in dark green tights with a brown leather codpiece, a waist-length emerald green jacket decorated with tiny seed pearls, a cape and knee high boots. Father placed this doll at the foot end of the bed.

“Go ahead and press the button on the left,” said father, sitting down beside me with a large grin on his face. “The girl is Beauty and the man is Prince Charming.”

“Like in the Sleeping Beauty,” I said. I pressed the button and watched the tableau before me.

A soft hum came from the metal platform. Then the Prince Charming doll untied its cape and let it fall. He stepped over the the right side of the bed and gently stroked the Sleeping Beauty doll’s face. The Prince doll tugged at the quilt covering Beauty and canlı casino siteleri it came off revealing her loveliness. He reached down and englobed her breasts with his hands, kneading them, pinching the nipples. She stirred like someone deep asleep who cannot wake. The Prince sat down on the bed at Beauty’s side and suckled on her pretty tits while his hands roved her body.

I laughed in delight when the Prince doll put its hand on the mound of the Beauty doll and opened her up. Her pussy surprised me with its realism. His head went down between her legs and a tiny pink tongue licked her slit and circled her tiny clit until she came with a gasp and a shudder.

The Prince opened his codpiece revealing a sizable erection. Spreading Beauty’s legs wide he entered her, and thrust with long strokes in and out of her. I laughed as the Prince doll came most realistically and Beauty’s eyes opened at the same moment.

“What a delightful gift, Daddy,” I said, throwing my arms about his neck and raining kisses all over father’s face. “Do you think we could play Sleeping Beauty one of these days? You know how much I like to play out our fantasies.”

“Anything you like, sweetie,” said father. “But first I’d like another dance with my beautiful daughter. Waltz, please, Jones.”

The opening notes of the Blue Danube filled the room as he stood and pulled me into his arms. We waltzed until darkness filled the windows. I collapsed on the couch. Father ordered a light evening repast and when the server-bots brought it in, we fell too as if we had not eaten all day.

“I have one more surprise for you, Nella, my sweet. You must wait here until I call you.”

Father went up the steps into the bedroom wing. I sat on the couch waiting. It seemed to take a long time for him to get the surprise ready. I wondered what it could be.

“Can I come yet?” I called out, stepping out of the way of a bot moving a chair back into its rightful place.

“I’m all ready for you,” father called from our bedroom. “I think you’ll love the surprise I have for you, Nella, my sweetie.”

Father waited for me, still nude and partially erect. My pussy quivered and fluid leaked down my inner thighs at the sight of him. He was such a handsome man in all ways.

“Where’s my surprise, Daddy,” I said, bending down and looking under the bed. “I can’t see anything under there. Is it hidden in one of our dressing rooms? Where, Daddy, where?”

Father pulled out a green silk scarf and coming up behind me tied it around my eyes. He guided me to our shower, and positioned me in front of him. I felt his hard cock pushing on my butt, and rotated against the solid shaft. Father groaned. He reached around, opened my outer labia, so that my inner parts were exposed, and ordered the water on. I laughed in delight as the first of the pulsed water jets hit my clitoris. The pulses of water varied in duration, and gave the sensation of being licked by a watery tongue. My orgasm at the water’s touch was the most protracted I ever had. It went on for what seemed like forever, and at the end I collapsed into father’s arms.

Father ordered the water off and helped me out of the shower. He removed the blindfold, wrapped me in a thick heated towel, and carried me into the bedroom. I felt so very loved. Still enervated from that powerful orgasm, I curled up on my side and closed my eyes. Father spooned against me, and his eager cock nosed its way into my tired but still eager pussy. He moved in and out with languid strokes and I loved how he filled me, emptied me, filled me. I moaned in pleasure when his fingers lit on my burning clit and caressed it with a feather touch. Shocks of pleasure shot into my arms and legs making the ends of my fingers and toes tingle. Father tugged gently on my clit and that was enough to set me off; I bucked hard against father’s hand, and my inner muscles fluttered against his cock buried inside me. He groaned loudly and I felt his cock jerk in rhythm with my own pulsations as he filled me with his come.

Father’s cock stayed partly hard and its size kept him buried inside me. Locked together in that way, we drifted into sleep. Such a lovely ending to my eighteenth birthday.

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