Birthday Surprise From Janice


Three days after my eighteenth birthday my parents left on their annual European tour so I was left to fend for myself. Before leaving my mother had said, “No wild parties while we’re away mind.”

My Dad’s final wink and nudge comment had been, “About time you were getting to know something about girls, isn’t it, Danny?”

Hell, did the whole world know I was still a virgin. Most of my friends at college were forever banging on about their conquests. I was sick of hearing their casual vocabulary of female parts–“tits”, “clit”, “love-hole”.

I had read the manuals in which diagrams labelled the parts more formally, “breasts, clitoris, vagina and labia”, but such knowledge didn’t help a clutz like me, who tended to freeze where girls were concerned.

“Tessa Leyman thinks you’re dead good-looking,” my best friend Jake would tell me. “You should have a go there.”

But somehow the very thought of making a start at any kind of intimacy seemed to be its own barrier. There were quite a few girls and women who could make me wish I had a bit more gumption. Quite a few who set my loins stirring so that I knew for sure which way my sexuality lay, but it was just those first stages which I could never breach with any kind of confidence.

So, came the day I was trawling around the local supermarket for a few things that would at least satisfy my stomach. I had just placed a bottle of my favourite red wine into the basket when a female voice called out, “Why, hello, Danny!”

I turned and knew my face had instantly reddened.

It was Mrs Johansen, my best friend Jake’s mother. Why did my face turn red? Simple! She just happened to be one of the women who set my loins afire.

A woman I’d seen so often in visits to Jake’s home. I’d seen her in a track suit jogging to the local gym. I’d seen her in tight dresses that emphasised every curve of her wonderfully proportioned body. Oh, I’d seen her in so many modes, but the most exciting were those times I’d seen her in her skimpy bikini, sunbathing on their patio. Trying to talk casually to her on those occasions was like trying to breath underwater, as my eyes took in the incredible stretches of smooth skin.

She may have been my friend’s mother, but just about every time I’d seen her I’d get the beginnings of an erection. It wasn’t just the allure of that shapely body. There was also a clouded look about her eyes when she smiled at me in greeting. A sort of furtive promise, which I had put down to my over active imagination.

Jake had told me she had just been eighteen when he was born so that made her thirty six years old. A lady who had married too young, and divorced when Jake was only ten.

And there she was regarding my with cool sexuality from those shadowed eyes as she leaned on her supermarket trolley. She was wearing a pink blouse, unbuttoned low enough to reveal the gentle foothills of her gorgeous breasts.

A couple of beads of sweat had gathered just above that valley, and I had this terrible urge to lean down and lick them away. And that so familiar stiffening in her presence had me ensuring my trolley was covering me.

Her eyes regarded me knowingly, “You look a little flustered, Danny. Shopping not agree with you? Or is it the heat?”

I could have honestly told her it was the heat, but it had nothing to do with the steaming outside temperatures.

She passed a well manicured hand over her brow, “It is awfully hot today, isn‘t it? Can I give you a lift home?”

I only lived a block away from Jake.

“And maybe you would help me get all my packages into the house. Then we can have a nice cooling drink”

I knew that Jake would not be back from university until the following week whereas my own college had packed up for Summer a week earlier. The prospect of sharing a cool drink alone with her filled my head with a confusion of feelings. Would I do or say something stupid? Why was she inviting me back when Jake wasn’t there, anyway?

I could see that her trolley wasn’t that full. There wouldn’t be a load to carry from the car. But despite my uncertainty I managed to say, “All right. Thank you.”

All the way in the car I sat rigidly aware of her nearness, and the movement of her smooth knees and thighs, jutting from her brief Summer shorts as she drove. She spoke again of the unbearable heat at this time of year. “I’m showering four times a day.”

I gave her a quick glance and imagined water streaming over that long golden hair and then down over those breasts. I stopped looking and clenched my hands over my groin.

She parked on her driveway and went to open the front door, her legs, long and golden tanned, jutting from the white shorts she wore.

I took her supermarket bags from the back seat, still thinking that she wouldn’t have had much trouble handling them herself. However, when I reached the front door, she gave me that soul-wrecking smile as she reached to take the bags from me. “There are three big boxes in the boot, Danny. Would you put them in the garage casino siteleri please?”

Still unsure of what I was doing there, I opened the garage door, and when I lifted the trunk lid there were three large cardboard boxes. By the time I’d lifted the three out I was panting heavily and sweating like crazy even though I was only in T-shirt and shorts. Those boxes must have contained some kind of furniture pack because each one weighed a ton.

When I went up to the front door she smiled and confirmed that, indeed, the packs were a set of drawers she was going to put up in the garage. She handed me a glass, “Nice cool orange juice,” she said. Then she added, “Oh, you are all sweated up. They were heavy, weren’t they? I was lucky to find such a strong young man to help me” And her slender fingers ran from my elbow up to my shoulder. “So muscular.” Breathing became difficult.

Her next suggestion had the sweat increasing all over my body, “Look I’ve got you in this state. Why don’t you take a shower upstairs? I’ll be taking one myself shortly.”

I was so uncertain but was on the verge of refusing her offer when her hand closed over my arm. “Really I’d be glad of the company.”

She wanted my company? And she’d touched me twice. Was that significant? In spite of the confusion of thoughts and inhibitions in my untutored mind I stepped inside and she pointed up the stairs. “It’s second door on the left.” I had been in the house often enough to know that already.

I decided to go through with this quickly. In the brightly tiled bathroom I stripped off and stepped into the large shower space. I set the water temperature so that it was refreshing without being too cold.

I had stood there relishing the flow for less that a minute when I jumped as the shower door opened. Through the water streaming over my face and eyes I saw Mrs Johansen smiling and totally naked, stepping in beside me. She was too close for me to see lower but her breasts were as rounded and high as I’d always thought, and as the water streamed through that golden hair and down just as I’d earlier imagined she said,” No point in wasting water, is there?”

Nervous and not knowing where to look next, I kept my back half turned away as my cock had already jumped to at least half mast.

“Mrs Johansen—this–this isn’t—I shouldn’t–“

She placed a hand on my shoulder, “Call me Janice—I can’t be Mrs Johansen in this situation, can I?”

She turned her back, “Come on, Danny. Rub some of that gel into my back.”

Not sure whether I’d forgotten how to breathe I reached for the bottle of gel, and proceeded to rub it over her incredibly smooth skin. Telling myself this couldn’t really be happening, I kept to her shoulders and middle back until she turned her head.

“You can go lower, Danny.”

And with hands that trembled with the excitement of it I rubbed gel over the superb swell of her buttocks. “Oh, you have good touch, Danny.”

A little less nervous, I stepped up my massaging, and in doing so, got indiscreetly close so that my now rampant cock nudged against her buttocks.

She giggled, “My goodness what can that be? A baseball bat in the shower?”

And reaching back, her moist fingers closed around my cock. I almost collapsed with the shock of her touch. This was a first, and I feared I would cum immediately. Then she whirled to face me.

Her eyes staring earnestly into mine.

“You like me, Danny?”

“Oh, yes—but—“

“No buts, Danny—I know about—well—your inexperience—“

So, I was right, the whole world did know. Then I realised that Jake would have let it slip sometime.

Jake! I was naked in a shower and his mother was tenderly caressing my erection.

I mouthed some stumbling words about my concerns. And her lips gently settled on mine in a brief kiss. “No one need ever know, Danny. It is our secret. Call it my belated birthday present to you. I’ll certainly never talk about it.”

And we stood there in the streaming water staring at each other for a moment, her fingers gently moving up and down my cock. I’m not certain what tangle of thoughts filled my mind at that point—a hotch potch of ill-matched words like, ‘opportunity’, ‘shame’, ‘dirty’, ‘chance’, ‘caress’, ‘desire’, ‘feel’.

Then her lips slid down over my chest, as she bent that golden head down over my belly—No, she wasn’t going to–? Yes, she was. Her tongue licked along my whole swollen length, then back while her hand held my pounding scrotum.

God, what if I should cum in her face? Her tongue licked around the purple head, tickled around the rim. I had to look down, ablaze with the excitement of watching her do this.

She looked up once, taking the force of the shower in her face and the next instant she bent again and I felt her mouth envelope my cock completely. Her tongue and lips worked along and around it drawing my length to the very back of her throat. Her head bobbed forward and back in an intoxicating rhythm. What amazed me was that she slot oyna appeared to be enjoying it.

There was nothing that could have prepared me for this moment, totally lost to her ministration I felt a huge welling in my scrotum. “I’m going to cum,” I gasped, and her head merely nodded, and that very nodding brought me on.

Desperately I tried to draw back from treating her in this way but her hands held my buttocks, encouraging my climax to pump all my juices into her throat.

God, it was marvellous, yet I wanted to bury my face in shame. Shame at the act, shame at my weakness. Shame at what I had done to her. But oh, at the same time all my urges were to jamb my cock down her throat.

As my limp organ slipped from her mouth and the teeming waters washed away the last vestiges of my cum, she stood up to hear my abject apologies.

“Oh, Danny,” she laughed, wrapping her arms around me. “I expected it. It was your first. I’m honoured.”

Honoured? I was ashamed and she was honoured. Had I so much to learn? My fuddled brain could not fully comprehend how this had all come about. Had it been her intention to do this? Or was it just impulse?

Her voice broke into my confusion, as she took my hands and placed them on her water splashed breasts.”Let’s get dried.” And she turned off the shower.

Magic moment, that touch, the soft spongy sensuality of her body. The breasts I had admired from a distance were under my hands.

Outside the cubicle she handed me a towel and picking one up herself began rubbing at my body.

“Come on, Danny. Return my favours.” So, tentatively, I began dabbing at her shoulders with the towel. Down her arms and she twisted her body so the towel trailed across her breasts. “They won’t give you electric shocks,” she laughed.

Yes, they will, I thought.

She busily moved down my body, paying lavish attention to my genital area. “You are very well built.” she said. “But I knew you would be.”

Had she even thought about me in this way before that day? I had to ask.

She stood up straight her breasts jutting towards me and said, with just a slight sensuous clouding of her eyes, “I’ve been looking at you for a long time. You are a handsome lad—sorry—young man. And, more importantly, you have the body of a gladiator.”

“But you’re so beautiful—I never thought—that Jake’s—” She put a finger up to my lips.

“No mention of outside things for us, Danny. But I’m glad you find me beautiful.”

She glanced down, “And you’re so strong. Look you’re rising to the occasion already.”

I looked, and saw my cock was at half mast again, stimulated by those breasts so close, those shadowed eyes, so sensuous. She held out her hand to take mine, “Would you like to lie on the bed with me?”

This was leading exactly where I could never have dreamed. I wasn’t so dim that I didn’t know that if I lay on the bed with her we wouldn’t just lie there. Nervous, excited, knowing that such on opportunity would be rare, and burying that sense of guilt over who she was—my best friend’s mother, I allowed myself to be led into the bed room.

When she lay back across the bed totally naked, legs slightly apart, I realised that I hadn’t noticed that her pubic hair was exactly the colour of that on her head–a real natural blonde. I stood at the edge of the bed looking agape at the wondrous sight of that body on offer to me. The pink tip of those breasts, the curve from hip to thigh, the delicate lips peeping from that lower blonde bush. I had already cum once too quickly. Just looking at her lying there I feared it might happen again.

She seemed to peer into my thoughts, “Don’t waste time staring, Danny. You are allowed to touch.”

“I don’t know how.” I can’t believe I said that. What a dumb-ass I must have sounded.

“I’m going to show you, help you.”

Tentatively, I kneeled down beside her, placing my hands cautiously on her shoulders.

“Oh, how gentle,” she said with a kind smile. “Kiss me, Danny.”

I had kissed girls, so felt I could manage that. But kissing Janice Johansen was nothing like I’d experienced before. The moment my lips touched hers, her tongue was searching for mine. I had tongued with girls but it had never sent such tingling through my cheeks down my throat, to my very fibre. My cock instantly leapt to fully erect.

My hands, almost automatically, moved down from her shoulders and I let them glide gently over each breast, sensing the rising nipple under each hand.

She broke the kiss to murmur,” Nice touch, Danny. Finger my nipples.”

I did as advised and let my fingers play over those fascinating buttons, feeling them grow to my touch. Again she broke our kiss, “Mouth them Danny. “

Oh, God I was going to kiss those breasts. I was going to put my mouth over those slopes that I’d admired under blouses or jutting from the bikinis I’d seen her in.

My mouth travelled over the fantastic smooth skin of her shoulder and down onto the rise of the gorgeous globes. “Listen canlı casino siteleri to my breathing, Danny. You’ll know what’s good for me.”

I ran my lips up the slope of her right breast to the nipple and then on impulse moved my mouth all around the incredible mound, licking gently as my mouth moved. It was the first time my mouth had touched a breast sexually, and it was just fabulous. In one insane sensation I had the urge to place my now rampant cock against her breasts. It seemed natural to share the sensation they gave me.

As though she’d read my thoughts, her hand reached out and grasped my aching eager cock and drew it, as she turned her body, to butt against her nipples. Then she placed it between her breasts and I was able to squeeze them together around it. As I automatically heaved my hips upwards, she bowed her head to kiss the bulbous purple head jutting from the top of her breasts.

What a sensational feeling it was.

“Down now, Danny. Down—your hands—feel my flat belly. Yes, flatten your hands there.”

I was sorry to have to move my cock and my attention away from her breasts, but realised that there was a richer field to plough. My hand did as instructed and spread across the incredible flatness of her belly.

I circled my hand and watched her face pucker with passion, her eyes closing, her breathing getting shorter, becoming a series of gasps.

My fingers touched the furriness of her pubic mound, trailed there, such an intoxicating moment. Oh, here I was, so close to what I’d heard about, what I’d read about, what I thought I’d never be able to experience.

My middle finger in the course of my fluttering action touched on a little groove and I heard her grunt. I pushed my finger further over the groove which ran back between her widespread legs.

This was it, wasn’t it? This was the ultimate goal of male desire. The secret part of a woman. At first, as my finger ran along the groove it was like a tightly closed mouth.

Very quickly, as my fingers played, the mouth began to pout, lips broadening. Moist now. And then my finger sank in, as though those lips closed around it. My racing mind remembered the book word ‘labia’. That’s where I was. I was caressing a woman’s labia. I began moving my fingers further back, knowing that there should be a hole.

But as I probed deeper, her hand grabbed my wrist and gently drew my fingers back to the front part of her lower lips. “Just there, Danny,” she murmured. “Feel it. Feel my clit.”

Yes, I knew that word. This was important. And as her hand guided my fingers to an exact spot in that sensuous valley, I became aware of a small nub of flesh. A little button that swelled as my finger lingered on it. “Yes, yes,” she gasped. And I rubbed gently over and around it, aware that her thighs were trembling, and her breathing was heavier.

“Oh, God, tongue it, Danny. Please, tongue it.”

Tongue it? Did she mean—could she mean—put my mouth there?. Very firmly her hand nudged my head downwards. I turned my body so that we were head to tail, and I was looking at my own fingers rubbing in folds of pink petals. The golden hair surrounding it was lank with moisture, as I bent my head uncertainly towards that subtle spot.

What kind of taste would it have? The odour was exciting, when I would have expected it to be rank. Tentatively I nuzzled my lips among that moist pinkness, heard her moan softly. Her tongue trailed along my cock, giving me greater impetus to explore. My tongue licked. The taste was creamy. The texture mind-blowingly tender. Without any great difficulty my tongue found her clit, bigger than ever now. After giving it several generous licks, which caused her mouth to plunge around my cock, I sucked on it gently drawing it along my tongue.

My hands were free so I was able to trace beyond where my mouth was working and easily slipped into a very damp chasm. This is the vagina, my technical bookwormery told me. But then all technicality and naming of parts were forgotten as the thought of what I was doing, and what her mouth was doing to me, took over.

I feared I would burst once again in her mouth, everything was so intense. But at that point she pulled her mouth away from my cock and almost screamed,” Get it into me, Danny. Into me. Quick. Quick.”

And she pushed frantically at my hips to turn me again and I scrambled around to lie between her widespread thighs. She half sat up to grasp my cock and guide it to its target.

Soft and wide, that was the first sensation, as my cock entered her. My initial thrust was cautious but she jerked her hips at me and I was deep inside her. I was doing it and the rhythm of it was automatic, although her hip movements and the pulling of her vaginal muscles were tremendous incentives.

I was able to bury my face between her breasts while letting my piston movements become ever greater. From the pitch of her breathing I knew that she must be near and knew for certain that my balls were ready to explode. I wriggled a little higher so that my cock seemed to run the length of her labia before plunging up to her cervix, and on the third such motion, her head tossed, she gave out a groaning scream, and her hips rose up to meet mine, bursting my own dam.

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