Birthday Treat: My Own Wench


Playing with a ‘wench’

This was written for a friend, who had fantasies of being treated as a ‘wench’ and serving people in public. It started out to include only those things she had thought about, but it soon included things she now wants to happen, but which she had not thought would turn her on before.

I had been taken to the club by a girl friend, who thought I might like a surprise for my birthday. I was surprised, but very excited. The club was private, and the booths provided discreet places to spend time with whoever you want. On offer was plenty of drink, but a couple of specials were drawn to my attention. In particular were the waitresses, or more accurately wenches. All were dressed alike initially, though I could see one or two in the dark recesses appeared to be losing or changing their attire. The one we had been given was wearing the standard shiny, silky electric blue top and black skirt. The top was close fitting and low cut, the skirt equally close fitting and short. Both clung to our wenches ample curves, and along with the shiny, nude-effect nylon on her legs and heeled sandals on her feet, made her a very appealing proposition.

Trudy, the friend who was treating me, whispered in my ear as our waitress approached. “As you know, she is to be treated as our wench for the night. She will do whatever we say once we have ordered from her, and I mean… anything. Happy birthday!”

I watched as our wench asked us for our order. Trudy asked for a bottle of wine and some nibbles, and turned to me. I looked straight into the wenches eyes and asked for her name. Vanessa was the reply. I asked if she was happy to be our wench and take our orders for the evening, and she nodded and smiled, saying that was the house rule and she hoped she could be of service to us. The word ‘service’ was emphasised with a lick of her luscious, red lips. On her return with our order I got straight into enjoying my wench.

“Show me what you are wearing underneath your uniform,” I ordered. Vanessa unbuttoned the low cut top and revealed a large firm pair of breasts inside a straining, silky black bra. She then lifted her skirt to display the nude nylon were tights, hiding a neat, white thong barely covering her mound.

“Mmm, nice, though I don’t like tights, they get in the way. Give them to me.”

Vanessa slipped off her shoes and slid down her tights, putting her strappy heels back on as soon as the nylon left her feet. Smoothing her black skirt in place she handed the tights over to me.

“Good, now as you are my wench, you will remain as you are wherever you go to around the club. And to remind you that we don’t take being disobeyed lightly, bend over and lift your skirt. I think I would like to spank your cheeks now, and as often as I can this evening.”

Vanessa did as she was told, her full, round breasts hanging perfectly inside teh tight blue blouse, straining the fabric. I leant over her and spanked her very firm round cheeks hard, until they turned a light red. I covered her over with her skirt again and sent her on her way, but asked her to bring me a large candle when she returned. I watched as she served both men and women on other tables, her nipples showing clearly that she was already aroused. Her wenches ankara bayan escortlar blouse was left wide open, and the erect flesh was pushing at the silky black confines of her bra as the other customers enjoyed the sights, but only Trudy and I could give her orders.

I turned to Trudy and smiled my thanks for this present, saying that we could both have some fun here. “How much do you want to be involved, or are you happy just to watch”, I asked her. Her smiled response meant we were both going to be taking advantage of our wench when she returned. Trudy is not a regular girlfriend, but is someone I have known a long time. She and I have had some fun and pretty rampant sex when we were both without partners, and she knows of my interests. Her eyes were glinting as she asked me if she could give the next instruction.

Vanessa returned quickly, breasts on show to the club as she walked across the room, but no-one seemed too concerned. As she placed the large candle down on the table Trudy slid to one side and ordered Vanessa to kneel in front of her. She did as she was told, and knelt facing Trudy’s legs, now open for the wench to view up Trudy’s skirt. Motioning Vanessa to kneel lower and look at what was on offer, the wench was ordered to remove Trudy’s underwear and give them to me. Vanessa slipped her hands under Trudy’s skirt and worked them up her thighs, making sure Trudy enjoyed the slow touch of her fingers against her bare flesh. I saw Trudy raise her pert ass a little and then watched as the wench drew off the flimsy knickers. Standing up she gave them to me as ordered, leaving Trudy smiling and now naked below her knee length skirt.

“I want to see your nipples properly, they look like they are ready for us. Take them out and really make them aroused for us to play with,” was Trudy’s next instruction. The wench looked at us both and then undid the front clasp on her bra. Her magnificent breasts spilled out and stood proud as her bra swung open. She slowly lifted her hands and pulled at her own, already erect, nipples. This was not quick enough or hard enough for Trudy. She reached forward, brushed the wenches hand away and gripped her right nipple hard. Pulling and twisting she raised the nipple away from the full breast and let it go, repeating the move time after time on both nipples until they were red and hard, points of tortured flesh. The wench was writhing in front of us in a mix of pain and pleasure, panting noises coming from her half-open mouth as Trudy tortured her. Suddenly Trudy stopped.

“Take my friends cock out and suck him, now, until I say stop”. I was happy to let Trudy keep issuing the commands, she seemed to be enjoying this “present” as much as me, and this order was one I liked. Vanessa, our wench, now bent towards me and unzipped the front of my trousers. I shifted to let her take them down a little. I was not wearing anything underneath tonight, and this was noted by Trudy as she commented, “Looks like there’s more than one of us enjoying the way this wench looks and feels!”

Vanessa sprang my hard cock free, and it stood proud in the low light of the club. It had grown to almost full length just with watching the events unfold, but as Vanessa went straight down onto my cock, it ankara seksi escortlar continued to swell inside her warm wet mouth. What a sight, a full-bodied wench leaning over me, breasts exposed and nipples aroused and with her mouth taking more and more of my length inside it. I grew harder and longer as her talented lips slurped their way up, down and around the head and length of my solid flesh. It was bathed in saliva as she worked away, and neither of us noticed what Trudy was doing until the flash – captured on her camera phone, the wench’s head perfectly poised at the top of her work, most of my now fully erect cock on display and sticking out from between her red lips.

Vanessa continued to work away, and I wondered how much of this I could take before unleashing a very full load into her mouth. I decided to take a little more control myself, and glancing over at Trudy for approval I stopped Vanessa when she had all of my cock embedded in her glorious mouth. I eased out of her mouth and tucked my cock back inside my trousers. “You need to work a little harder, and not on me. Can you get Trudy close to orgasm? Mmmm, I think you can and will, now. Wench, bend down and use your fingers on my friend, I know she is wet and waiting for you.”

Trudy arched her eyebrows at me, but didn’t object when our perfectly obedient wench, Vanessa, bent down and pushed the hem of Trudy’s skirt up and exposed her trim bush and already wet and pouting cunt lips. She bent to her task and spread Trudy’s lips apart gently before sliding a single finger inside. Vanessa was paying close attention to Trudy’s perfect pussy, and my view of her pendulous breasts and round, tight ass was perfect too. As Trudy began to move her hips a little, Vanessa slipped a second and almost immediately a third finger into the wet, spreading pussy lips in front of her, settling down on her knees to her work. I thought she needed some encouragement, after all she was a wench who is there to serve. A sharp spank on her ass brought a drawing in of breath, but barely a pause before she went back to work and lifted her cheeks to me for more. I duly obliged, and she started to drive her fingers in and out of my friends spreading, engorged cunt lips as I began to spank her harder and harder. The wench’s breasts swung free as she rocked back and forward with each blow, back to receive the blow, forward to take it and drive her fingers harder into Trudy’s cunt. Finally I saw her get a fourth finger into my friend and Trudy exploded onto her, almost gushing as she came, the juices flowing freely over Vanessa’s hand.

“Lick it clean, then you can receive your reward for a good deed well performed!” Slowly Vanessa brought her hand to her mouth and took each finger one by one into her mouth and licked off Trudy’s juices. My friend was lewdly spreading her legs and lightly teasing her clit which had been almost ignored with the wenches drive into her sopping folds. As she finished her last cleaning operation, I reached for the candle and then stood the wench up in front of me. Reaching under her black skirt I found the sopping wet knickers between her legs. This work had aroused her and she was waiting for her reward for arousing us. Moving the soaking fabric aside I pushed two fingers bayan ankara escort straight into her soft and welcoming cunt, and watched Vanessa stifle a moan as she felt them slide around inside her, reaching for that lovely spot that some women have that drives more quickly to reach their orgasm. However, I wasn’t going to play here long and after a few minutes of gradually driving my fingers harder and deeper into our wenches cunt, I slowly withdrew and reached for the candle. I asked her to carefully sit down, and I positioned the fat candle perfectly between the now wide open lips of her sex. She sank slowly onto it, taking its fat girth inch by inch inside her. It was a good 7 or 8 inches long, and a couple of inches across and I could see what it was doing as she struggled to accommodate it. I reached for her breasts, holding them, rolling their full weight in my hand before pinching the nipples again and again as she filled herself on the hard, unforgiving rod reaching into her depths.

“Vanessa, I want you to bring yourself to orgasm, to cum on this hard, fat candle. Make yourself come before me and I will cum all over your magnificent breasts. If you fail, and I have covered your flesh before your orgasm, I will remove the candle and tie you up to be used by anyone who passes this table for the next hour, but with the strict instructions only to take their pleasure and not give you any relief.”

Vanessa, our ever obedient and raunchy wench, began to rotate her hips on the candle, making it move within her folds. She began to pant as I stood up and removed my trousers and pointed my solid cock at her face and breasts. Leaning in I pushed it into the wenches mouth and let her suck, even though she was concentrating on the waves of pleasure building up in her stuffed love tube. Finally her dam burst and she began screaming around my cock as she came hard down onto the candle, driving it ever deeper and coating the table beneath her with her juices. The sensations of the noise and silky lips was too much for me and I could feel the point of no return arriving. I withdrew to leave Vanessa to complete her orgasm and slid my cock between my wench’s breasts. The smooth feel of warm flesh enveloped my cock and I came hard, a fountain of white cum spurting up onto the wench’s breasts and neck. More spasms, more cum, hard pulses as I coated her globes in my milky white liquid, finally slowing down and slipping between their weight with my own juices easing my now deflating cock’s passage.

“Wench, what a shame, I was looking forward to leaving you for others to enjoy. Perhaps another task will be harder so we can watch you serve as you are clearly meant to, and are very good at. However, you are free to serve another couple now, but you must not clean up until they tell you to do so.”

With that I had her stand up and Trudy and I watched as the candle slowly eased its way out of her cunt, leaving her groaning now, empty and wanting more of that hard invader. However, a wench needs to know who she serves, and tonight she had served us well. The rest of our evening was spent relaxing and watching the various couples enjoying the club and its facilities. We saw many wenches taken in many positions, some couples just enjoying each other whilst other people watched and at one point a lesbian couple using a male servant to service them both with his mouth only, whilst they had a huge double dildo sandwiched between them. Finally we left, but if I knew my friend Trudy it would not be long before we were back.

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