birthday treat_(1)


It all started with us not having any Physics teacher. Our previous teacher had retired and life without Phy was very interesting. But it all became more interesting one day when this incredibly hot, sexy teacher came to teach us. You had to see her to really believe what I am saying.

She was about 30(she looked much younger), tall, slim with not even the slightest of flab. She had those nice perky tits that stood out due to her Wonder bra. And her face…..ohhh,I can’t tell you.She had the most beautiful face I had seen and her jet black hair that reached her shoulders. She had the perfect body. Her eyes behind those stylish specks of hers told me that there was another crazy side of her that I’d like to see. Well, studying in an Indian school, I had never seen a teacher wear such revealing dresses while teaching.

All the guys in the class used to stare at her while she was teaching. I was no exception. Although I was a prefect and one of the better guys in school, I could not resist stealing glances. After all a guy can’t resist a hot, sexy and beautiful woman. Her short, sleeveless blouses exposed most of her midriff to our flesh-hungry eyes.

Actually, I met her before she came to our class. I was walking backwards while talking to one of my friends and just as I turned around, I bumped right into her. My hands touched her breasts lightly but that momentary touch was enough for my sex crazy mind to fantasize about this sexy piece of ass.

As soon as I reached home that day, I had to jerk off thinking about her and how I would like to fuck her pussy & ass and then cum all over her spectacles as she kneeled down in front of me.

In fact she wasn’t the first teacher I was fantasizing about. My previous English teacher was also another sexy bitch…but that’s another story.

So, my private fantasies continued. I never voiced my opinion about her, but some of the other guys were quite open about their infatuation.
Then came my chance. I had been invited by a lab to spend 2 days there. Mrs.Banerjee(that’s her name) was to accompany me. I started thinking of how I could get achance to get into her pussy.

The first day passed off without any action although, I saw many a men and guys my age at the lab checking her out. I was happy to have such a sexy lady by my side. Throughout the day, I kept by her side trying to brush her tits or ass. But with no luck.

The next day, my birthday, my luck changed. She was dressed to kill. The way she was attired, anyone would think that she was out modeling and not lab visiting. Seeing her in that attire made me extremely horny. I knew this was my chance and I had to somehow fuck her. I started making my move. I started chatting with her about her past life, husband, life, etc. After this conversation, I felt her opening up.

Throughout our lab visits, I kept getting those slight touches. I even felt that she was willing to let me touch her. In fact in one of the labs, I was standing right behind her. Taking my chance, I started pushing my crotch towards her ass. My cock immediately hardened in my pants. It was pushing right into her ass and there was no way she would not have felt my hard cock against it. But she did not respond. Taking this as a sign of encouragement, I started pushing more and making my moves more obvious to her. Finally, when I felt that I might cum right there, she turned around and gave me that look. I immediately excused myself and I had to go to the bathroom to control myself. I even thought of jerking off in there, but decided against it thinking that cum might be useful later.

After this I maintained a bit of distance, afraid that she might tell me off. When the seminar finally ended, it was time to go. She was going to drop me off at my home in her car. Now was the time. I had to make a move. I had a feeling it was now or never.
Before I could say anything, she asked me,”What were you trying to do there?”
I was shocked. I couldn’t reply.

She repeated her question but this time her tone was different.


“What???You think you can get away with what you tried there.”

“I’m sorry”

“Sorry?? Who’s going to add the ‘Ma’am’??? Looks like you‘ve forgotten your manners.” She was trying to be strict but it was obvious she was getting excited as well.

“Grinding your cock into my ass like that.”

I was surprised to here her use the word ‘ass’. I got bold. Now it was my turn.

“Oh, shut up Mrs.Banerjee! You yourself are to blame. Dressing so sexy. You’ve been a tease all year long. I just couldn’t resist you. You look like you’re out to fuck.”

I paused.

”You’ve been allowing me to touch your ass, brush your tits. You were even pushing back in the lab when I was grinding my cock into you. I’ll tell you something. You are nothing but a HORNY,SEX STARVED BITCH!!!”

“You casino siteleri just need a cock in your pussy.”

Before I realized, she had pulled over to the side in a dark area.

“Yes, I need a cock. I need your cock. I want you to fuck my pussy, my mouth. Yes, I’m a horny bitch. I dress sexy because I want men to want me. You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to fuck you. I am ready to do whatever you want, but pleez…Please fuck me. I need you. Look how hard my nipples are. They need to be sucked.”

While I was staring at her tits, she started removing her clothes. When she had removed them, she was just in her bra and panties. My eyes again were fixed on her hard nipples poking thru the material of her bra. In the meanwhile, she had come closer. She took my right hand and made me touch her pussy through her panties. Her panties were soaking wet. Seeing my teacher wet for me and my cock, turned me on immensely.

I was mad with lust for her. I immediately kissed her full on the lips. I kissed her like I had never before. All the while my hands explored her partially naked body. As our tongues entwined, she unbuttoned my shirt. Then she knelt down and unbuttoned my pants. Now we were both in our underwears.

She then removed my undies and started rubbing my cock. I was in a totally different world. It was the first time someone else was touching my cock. It had only been subjected to the pleasures from my hand.

Luckily, she had parked in a secluded spot. So, we stepped out and continued our lovemaking.

“Ohh!I’ve been waiting so long for this.”

“Me too”

“You’ve got such a nice hard cock. It’s longer and thicker than my husband’s. How big is it?”

“Eight inches long.”

And she put her hot mouth on my cock head.

“Is this your first blowjob?”

“Yeah, and please make sure that it’s the best”

She started planting soft kisses on the underside of my rock solid cock. Then she took my balls in her hand and said,” I hope they produce a lot of cum.”

“Check it out for yourself.”

Immediately, she enveloped my cock with her mouth. She had about 4 inches in her mouth. One of her hands were rubbing my balls while the other was pumping at the base. Slowly she started taking more of my cock in her mouth. When there was about an inch left, I pushed her mouth and made her swallow the whole thing.

She gagged a bit. But then she started sucking my cock real good. She would take the whole thing in her mouth, then remove her mouth till just the bulb of my cock was in her mouth. She continued this for a while. All the while, I had closed my eyes and was experiencing an out of the world sensation.

Then she started deepthroating my cock. I looked down and that moment is still fresh in my memory. Seeing my sex Physics teacher’s bright red lips enveloping my steel hard dick was sending me over the edge. I realized that I was soon going to explode in her mouth, so I started fucking her mouth real hard.

Mrs.Banerjee started making those wild noises. The slurping sounds filled the surroundings.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum.”

“Yeah baby, give it to me, give me your cum. Make me swallow it.”

Her dirty talk was too much for me to take and soon she was swallowing my first load of cum. There was a lot of cum so some of it started coming out. I took my cock out of her mouth and the second spurt of cum landed all over her face and some even landed in her hair.

I moved back and admire the way I had covered her face with cum. She was looking like the true slut she was. What she did next is etched in my memory. She started licking all the cum from her face. This really turned me on and my deflating cock began to harden.

Seeing this, Mrs.Banerjee smiled at me and said,”Looks like your dick is ready to fuck my wet pussy.”

“But, first there is something else I want to do.”

I moved towards her, lifted her in my arms and placed her on the car front. Then I ripped off her panties and inhaled the aroma of her juices. I even made her smell her own juices. Then, I kissed her on the lips. I kissed her behind her ears, moving down to her neck, then her left tit, all the while she was moaning. I planted small & gentle kisses on her breast and then, took her nipple into my mouth. This aroused her more & she started moaning loudly.

“OH, YEAH!!!OOOHHHHYEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Oh, please suck my tits, lick my nipples, bite them. Yes, that’s it. Play with them.”

I continued this for a while before moving to her other tit. She kept on moaning and telling me to suck her tits.

After finishing with her tits I moved down to her stomach leaving a trail of saliva along the way. All the while she kept asking me to hurry up and eat her out. I continued teasing her for some more time. Slowly, I moved down to her pussy. slot oyna As I moved down, I could easily sense her heightened excitement.

I was in no hurry, so I started teasing her. As soon as I reached the fork of her legs, instead of moving my mouth to her pussy, I moved to her thighs. Gently, I kissed her thighs, placing small and wet kisses all along. I moved down and kissed her toes and feet. After a while, I moved to her other leg, giving it the same treatment but this time from down to up. She was getting impatient for me to bring her off.

“Hey, you bastard start licking my pussy, now. Stop teasing me. Get down….”

Before she could complete her statement, I started kissing her love hole softly. Her juice was so sweet, it tasted like honey. She tasted better than anything I had ever tasted. I wanted more of her juices. But I also wanted to see this slutty teacher of mine to beg me, plead me to bring her to an orgasm. Slowly, I liked the portion above and below her tempting hole. I was going to enjoy her come what may.

“Please, pleaze, pleez lick me, just suck my pussy. I can’t wait any longer. Pleez, I beg you.”

Finally after a bit more of my games, I started sucking her pussy. I parted her lips with my tongue and started probing her. It was my first time at pussy licking, but that seemed to be no problem at all. I felt like a natural at it.

“I’m sure your sweet nectar must have attracted many bees like me.”

“Yeah, but no one has ever sucked it like this. How many pussies have you licked, you sucker.”

“This is my first but by the taste of it I am sure it’s the first of many more.”

With that, I once again focused on the job at hand. I could see her clit sticking out. So, instinctively I took it into my mouth sucking it like some candy.

I knew I was doing the right thing as she kept moaning in pleasure. I moved my left hand up and grabbed her firm tits in my hand. While my mouth worked on her hole, my hands squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. Then I removed my mouth only to replace it with my fingers. First I slid my middle finger in. I was surprised it slid in so easily. So, I added another finger and started moving them in and out. Soon another finger joined them and now I finger fucked her really fast. I was going to make this as pleasurable for her as possible so that she would come back to me again.

She soon responded to my fingers and started moving her ass with my fingers.

Then, she screamed out,”AAAHHHHH!!!!! I’M GONNA CUMMMM!!!!!”

I immediately pressed my mouth to her pussy and soon she was screaming at the top of her voice,”OOOHHHH!!! I AM CUMMING!!! Yeah, suck it all up, drink my juices. Suck me dry.”

Soon, she came back from her heightened state of excitement. Immediately, her eyes fell on my rock hard cock standing out at attention.

“Looks like you really want to fuck me, don’t you? Look how hard it is. So long and thick.”

Her screaming and licking her pussy had turned me really on, and now her dirty talk was making me want to invade her shaved pussy with my huge hardon even more.

“So bitch! Are you ready to take my hard cock?”

“Oh yeah!! Please give it to me.”


“Your penis. Now don’t start teasing me again.”

“Not like this. You’ll have to beg in front of me for my cock. Ask me to fuck you like a whore in that slutty voice of yours.”

“Oh please, please fuck me. Fuck me with that big hard cock of yours. Rip me apart. Treat me like the whore I am. Please fuck me. I’ll do anything you say. Please just fill my cunt with your massive dick.”

That was all the prompting I needed. I started moving towards her.

She spread her legs as invitation as she sat on the deck of the car.

“Not like this. I am going to fuck you doggy style to make you realize what a real slut you are. Now, get down on your hands and knees on the ground and spread your pussy for me.”

I could tell she really wanted me coz she immediately got down from the car and got into position on the ground. She had spread her cheeks just like I had told her to.

“Now, please fuck me. I can’t wait any longer. Look how my pussy’s dripping for you.”

“Here take it.”

And with that I shoved all eight inches into her dripping her cunt.

“This is what you wanted, didn’t you. Here take it.”

Without waiting for her response, I started moving in and out of her pussy. I would take my cock out till just the head was inside and then pushed it in all the way.

At first she was crying out in pain, but soon her cries of pain turned to cries of pleasure. She started responding to my strokes and pushed back into me in a rhythmic motion.

“Oh yes, fill me up. Fill me up with that cock of yours. Fuck me harder, fuck me harder, harder.”

So, I increased my pace until my canlı casino siteleri cock was like a blur going in and out of her pussy. Soon she experienced the first of many orgasms. She cried out loud, ”I’m cumming”.

And immediately I felt her warm juices flood over my cock. She experienced several smaller orgasms after that but I was far from done.

I had fucked her mouth and pussy. Now, only one hole remained that I hadn’t fucked. So, I removed my still hard cock which was covered with all her juices and focused my attention to her asshole. Her pussy juices were flowing out, so I put my fingers in it scooped some out and put it on my cockhead. Before she realized what was happening, I pressed my pussy juice covered cock into her tight asshole.

She was shocked and started shouting, “What are you doing??? Don’t put it in there. I’ve never taken it there. Please don’t do it.”

“Don’t worry, Mrs.Banerjee. I’ll go slow. It might hurt just a bit at first but once it gets in, you’ll beg me to never take it out.”

“Oh, just don’t hurt me.”

I pushed my cock into her shithole, but it was too tight and did not allow my cock entry. So, I once again put my cock in her pussy to lubricate my cock.

After fucking her pussy a bit, I again pressed my cock into her asshole. This time the tip went in. I was excited about the fact that I would be lucky enough to fuck my first ass, which happens to be a virgin ass, on the day I myself lost my virginity. So, I started pushing harder. This made her cry out in pain and she asked me to stop it. But, I was too excited at the moment to give up the opportunity. So, I pushed in even harder until the head of my cock was inside her ass. I waited so that she would get some time to adjust to this new feeling.

“Oh, please don’t do it. It hurts so bad. My asshole’s burning. Please I am ready to do anything else, but please not this. Your cock’s too big for my ass.”

“Just shut up bitch. I am gonna fuck your ass and make you love it.”

Saying this, I started pushing my cock in, bit by bit. She kept crying out in pain but I didn’t stop. I just couldn’t stop. I had only one thing on my mind and that was to fuck this pretty ass of hers until she would be moaning in pleasure.

I had about two inches inside her ass, and well her ass was so damn tight, I could barely manage to push my cock in. I don’t know after how long, but finally I had managed to get nearly 7 inches of my cock in. Then, in one move I pushed the rest of my dick into her. She cried out in pain but I was in altogether another world. My whole cock was enveloped by her hot & tight ass. My cock was stretching her ass to the limit. I waited for a while savoring the feeling of her tight ass and also allowing her to adjust to my dick.

I started moving my cock in gentle strokes. Slowly I increased my pace till I had a decent pace. She was crying out, now it wasn’t in pain but in pleasure. She started moving her ass in tune with my cock and soon we had built up a steady rhythm. We fucked at this pace for a while until she started shouting at me to fuck her harder.

“Ohhh, yes that’s it fuck me. Fuck my ass. Fuck it harder. Give me your cock. Fill me up. Just keep fucking my ass harder, harder, harder…AH,AAHHH,AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

I gave in to her demands and fucked the slut like she wanted to be. I started talking dirty to her.

“So slut! You like a cock in your ass, don’t you??? You wanna be fucked like the whore you are. You just need a cock. You are a dirty teacher who just likes to fuck her students and be treated like a bitch. You like to be treated like a piece of meat, isn’t it???”

“Oh yes, I like to fuck young men with big cocks. I like to be filled up to the hilt.”

“Tell me, how many students have you fucked at our school?”

“Oh, you’re the first. But at my previous school, I had fucked at least one guy from each class I taught.”

I was getting excited listening about her previous sexual encounters.

“Did you fuck any teachers???”

“Oh, I had a regular sex partner at my previous school, whom I’d fuck almost daily. That is until I was caught by the Principal and thrown out.”

Hearing this increased my arousal & I increased my pace of fucking her ass until my cock was nothing but a blur. I looked down to see my stiff cock going in & out of her ass at full speed. Just the sight of it sent me over the edge, and my first spurt of cum went into her ass. I removed my cock from her ass quickly and my second spurt of cum landed on her ass and her back. I turned her around and sprayed my third spurt all over her breasts.

She was covered with cum. Her breasts, her ass, her back. Her face was covered with dried cum from earlier.

Soon we cleaned up and dressed and she dropped me off at my house. As I was getting down, I said “Bye slut.”, and gave her a wicked smile.

Perhaps, tomorrow I could arrange a few more cocks to fill all her holes.

Things were certainly going to get better.

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