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As I grow older, I discover in myself a passion for a lot of things. My name is Roger and I am an adventurer of sorts. Five feet ten inches tall, lean and in good shape. A good-looking black man in his early forties. I was once in the U.S. Marines and after that, I was a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department. I loved my job but hey, eventually all good things come to an end. I had to retire. I needed to do something new with my life. Police work had grown boring for me.

I picked up a girl Theresa at this bar one night. Theresa was a chubby, pretty-faced Hispanic girl who didn’t look a day over nineteen. Her figure was large and lovely and her booty was big, round and simply hot. This Mexican gal worked as a security guard to help pay for college. I was flirting with her and dancing all night. We ended up going home together. It was a lot of fun. This girl was simply wild. We had barely gotten to my place that she practically ripped my clothes off. Theresa kissed me, then went straight for the dick. She sucked my cock and balls. I looked at her and stroked her short hair as she sucked me off. I closed my eyes and enjoyed what she was doing to me. I don’t know where this girl learned to suck dick but she was pretty damn good.

When I came, Theresa drank my seed. Next, I returned the favor by eating her thoroughly shaved pussy. Yeah, I like lapping up young broads. I fingered her and licked her to ecstasy. Afterwards, we did our thing. Theresa climbed on top of me and began riding my dick. I was holding onto her hips and thrusting into her like there was no tomorrow. I loved the feel of her tight pussy. We fucked and sucked the night away. I put her in a cab the next morning. Her dorm was pretty far away.

Yeah, it was a lot of fun being retired. Next woman I hooked up with was Hilda, a tall, large woman with blonde hair güvenilir bahis and green eyes. This large dame with friendly eyes came from Germany. Back in her country, Hilda was in the army. We talked about the service. Soldiers are soldiers no matter where they are. Hilda told me stories of her sleeping with young male soldiers in the army. Hell, she confessed to me that she slept with a few of the women too. We laughed about that one. Hilda was bisexual. I didn’t care. All I wanted was to get her into bed, and I did.

I took Hilda home and man, she gave me a treat! Hilda sucked my cock and balls like no one has before. At least, not by a woman. Once, while at the academy, I was sexually frustrated since there weren’t a lot of females around. A gay recruit helped me deal with my frustrations. His name was James and he was the best cocksucker ever. I let him suck my dick and later rewarded him by shoving my cock up his ass for a few nights. He was the best cocksucker ever. Hilda was almost as good, which means a lot.

Hilda sucked my dick and when I came,. this Germany beauty drank my cum. Next, we fucked. Hilda got on all fours and spread her butt cheeks, which were fairly large but lovely. I was surprised. Most females just don’t volunteer for anal sex the first time you hook up with them. Well, this girl did. I pressed my cock against Hilda’s back door and slid it into her asshole. Man, the feeling of a woman’s tight ass around my dick felt so good, I almost shot off right away. Hilda pressed her big butt against me and I began thrusting into her, shoving my dick deep into her asshole.

I was humping Hilda’s butt like there was no tomorrow. The big girl began cursing in German. I had a pretty good idea what she was saying. People of all cultures cuss while fucking. I continued to drill my cock into her asshole for the better part of türkçe bahis a half hour, until I couldn’t take it anymore, then I came. I filled her asshole with my cum. Hilda screamed loud enough to wake the dead. Later, we lay there, gasping and sweating. Hilda kissed me, and we went to sleep.

The sex with Hilda was so great that I began to make it a regular event. Still, I wanted something she didn’t have. One night, I went to a gay bar and picked up a dude. A tall, lean and muscular Latin stud named Emilio. He was simply hot. Emilio was bisexual, something that was taboo in the macho Latin culture so he kept it a secret from his wife and family. His secret was safe with me. The black community didn’t like gays either.

Emilio and I took a shower together, then we got busy. He bent down and sucked my dick. I felt his warm lips suck my cock and balls. He was so good at it, better than Hilda and James had been. I stroked his hair as he sucked me off. Later, I returned the favor by sucking his long and thick, uncircumcised Latin cock. Emilio made a confession to me as I sucked his dick. He told me that he’d always been a bottom with men and that he wondered what it would feel like to fuck a man in the ass. I stopped sucking his dick for a moment and asked him if he had ever fucked his woman in the ass. He nodded. I told him that man booty felt just as good, if not better. He ended up trying mine. Emilio bent me over and shoved his cock into my ass. I had never been fucked in the ass before. This was a first for me. I felt his hard cock ramming into me and although it hurt, I was starting to like it. He pounded into me, hard and quick. I screamed loudly, in both pain and pleasure as his giant prick ravaged my hole. Finally, he came, sending his hot cum deep inside me. He held me, since I was near collapsing. Later, we laughed and exited the shower.

Two güvenilir bahis siteleri days after Emilio left, I slept peacefully. I woke up in the middle of the night to find Hilda knocking on my door. Apparently, the towering German girl had a surprise for me. In spite of the late hour, I was curious. Hilda was wearing a black leather outfit under her jacket. It fit nicely over her big, sexy body. I gasped when I saw the strap on dildo that was fixed to a leather harness around her waist. I looked at Hilda. She winked at me. Smiling, I invited her inside.

We ended up having more fun that night than all the other nights combined. Hilda greased up my asshole before shoving the dildo inside me. I stroked myself as the big girl shoved the dildo up my ass. I must say the sight of her, big and sexy, was hot to me. Hilda whispered some sweet words in German to me as she fucked my ass with her dildo. The action was so hot that I soon came. Hilda pulled out of me. I kissed her. I wanted very much to return the favor. Hilda complied by getting on all fours and spreading her butt cheeks wide open. I slid my dick into her asshole, and pushed until I was buried up to my balls. Hilda screamed. Roaring, I fucked her big sexy ass like there was no tomorrow. We both came many times that night.

Man, these days I was having so much fun that I couldn’t believe it. Let me tell you about one of those weeks of mine. On Friday, I went to Theresa’s dorm. We kissed, and then she rode my dick like a Texan cowgirl on a wild horse. I loved her sweet Latin pussy. On Saturday, I visited Emilio at work. He sucked my dick in the men’s bathroom and I repaid him for the fucking he gave me the other day by burying my dick up his fantastic Latin ass. He loved it. Sunday I spent with Hilda. The German girl was so damn kinky and hot. I fucked her ass so much that I’m pretty sure her anus is permanently dilated. She did the same thing to mine with her thick black dildo. We made each other scream loud enough to wake the dead. It was a lot of fun. You know what? I think I’m going to enjoy being retired!

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