Bisexual Camping Adventures Ch. 05


Please note that the characters in this story live in a world free of STIs and unwanted pregnancy – practice safe sex!


Christian, Zach and Penny lay on the blanket for about half an hour, soaking up the sun and talking about their past summer jobs and experiences.

“I don’t know about you guys,” Penny began. “But all of that fucking and cumming has made me pretty hungry. Why don’t we head to the camp to get cleaned up and have some food?”

The guys agreed and the trio started to get ready to leave. They decided to take a quick swim in the lake to wash the cum and saliva and lube off of their various parts. As Penny walked towards the lake both guys felt their cocks twitch as they saw cum oozing out of both of her holes, ultimately leading to a cum trail running down her inner thighs.

Penny noticed that she wasn’t being followed so she looked over her shoulder before entering the water and asked: “Do you like what you see? Do you like seeing your sperm seep out of my fuck holes?”

“Yes,” they both said in unison.

“You definitely wear our cum well,” Zach said with a smile.

Penny smiled back and then dove into the water. The three of them swam for a few minutes and then packed up Penny’s camping gear before heading back to camp. Upon arriving at camp Penny stashed her things in one of the female cabins (“I like you guys but we just met…and a girl needs her space!”). As Penny unpacked, Christian and Zach scrounged up some dinner and the three of them ate a good sized supper. By the time they had finished it was getting to be early evening and Penny announced that she was going to take a shower and then go to bed so she could enjoy not sleeping on the ground.

“Can we keep you company?” Christian asked.

“I was hoping you would,” Penny replied, smiling. “After all, I already know that the boys’ shower is usable.”

Still naked from their earlier exploits, the three of them walked to the communal-style showers and turned three of the shower heads on. Despite having cooled off in the lake earlier, the clean water felt good after spending a lot of time in the sun. With her eyes closed, Penny let out a satisfied purr as both guys watched her beautiful body under the stream of water. After a minute or so, Penny cursed.

“Shit,” she said. “I forgot to pee before we got in here. I really hate to leave this glorious shower…I’ll be right back.”

As she began to walk past Christian, he gently reached for her arm to stop her.

“You can pee in here, Penny,” he said. “We don’t care, right Zach?”

“It’s cool with me,” Zach agreed.

“Okay,” Penny said, smiling. “Some boys – and girls – seem to find it gross for someone to pee in front of them. But if you guys don’t care that’s perfect!”

With that, she went back under her shower, purred again and spread her legs slightly. She then pulled up on the skin above her pubic hair line and a stream of light yellow urine began to intermingle with the water coming out of the shower head.

“Ah, that’s so much better,” Penny said as the stream finished. “Do you two have any soap?”

“We do,” Christian said after a moment. “But there’s an issue with it.”


“It can only be handled by Zach and me – girls named Penny simply aren’t allowed to touch it.”

“Wow, that’s pretty weird,” Penny said with mock seriousness in her voice.

“Well, it makes perfect sense to me,” Christian retorted. “How about you, Zach – logical?”

“Perfectly,” he said with a smile.

“Well, I guess that would be okay,” Penny began. “I suppose with us being here all alone and there being two of you and one of me I couldn’t really stop you even if I wanted to, right?”

Zach and Christian looked at each other and then looked at Penny, a puzzled expression crossing their features.

“We don’t want you to feel…” Christian began.

“I mean, that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing,” Penny interrupted. “Some girls are into that kind of stuff. You know, being forced to do certain things against their will…”

Christian and Zach looked more confused than ever.

“I’ll give you and example,” Penny explained. “Let’s say there’s this girl named…Wenny. And she gets off on being forced to do certain sexual things by guys or girls that she trusts. And if those guys or girls ever started to do something she really didn’t want to do she would say a safe word like “rabbit”. And she’d like things to be pretty rough. And that game could start now.”

With that Penny turned away from the guys, closed her eyes and put her face under the water, purring softly again.

Christian and Zach looked at each other, looked at their three-quarter mast cocks, and smiled and nodded.

Christian walked up behind Penny and started to soap up her smooth, toned back with his bar of soap. At his touch, Penny let out a startled gasp and leaped illegal bahis forward a step and turned around, covering her big tits and bush with her hands.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” Penny asked, a tone of disapproval in her voice. “You shouldn’t be in here while I’m showering.”

“Relax,” Christian replied with a smile. “I just thought you could use some help getting clean. You look like you’re a pretty dirty girl.”

“I’m not a dirty girl,” Penny replied. “I’m a good girl and I don’t let strange boys touch me while I’m showering. I want you to leave me alone right now or I’ll call for help.”

“But we’re here to help,” Zach cut in stepping behind Penny so she was now between the two guys. “Christian’s right – you do look like a dirty girl. We just want to help get you cleaned up. Besides, there’s really nothing you can do to stop us.”

With that Zach grasped both of Penny’s arms from behind, firmly and not too gently. Penny let out a surprised shout but both boys saw her tremble a bit as well, belying the fact that she was getting very turned on. Christian advanced towards her and began soaping up her chest and abdomen and legs. Once they got a good lather he put the soap down and used his hands to massage the soap into her perky tits while playing with her raging hard nipples.

“Stop that,” Penny said, keeping her voice as indignant as possible while moaning in pleasure. “I want you to stop now. I’m a nice girl and I don’t let boys touch me like this.”

“You love it,” Zach said. “You’re look like a nice girl but we know you like having your perky tits played with.”

Zach let go of one of Penny’s arms so he could get in on the groping fun, too; however when he did she pulled away as if to escape. “No you don’t”, Zach said and yanked her back toward him. Penny let out a yelp and Zach reached his left hand in front of her body and gently but firmly grabbed her throat.

“Now listen,” Zach said into her ear. “You’re going to do what we say or things are going to get unpleasant, alright? We just want to play with your body for a little bit. You’re sexy as fuck and you’ve given me and Christian these raging erections by looking like a hot little slut. Now are you going to behave?”

“Yes,” Penny said. “I’ll do what you say.”

“Good,” Zach replied, keeping his hand around her throat for effect. “Now let’s see what you have down here…”

Zach snaked his other hand down Penny’s body until her found the curve of her perfect ass. He grabbed each cheek roughly and then proceeded to run his soapy fingers along her ass crack, eliciting a moan for his efforts. Meanwhile, Christian had moved down as well and was massaging Penny’s clit, slowly bringing her to orgasm.

“I think she likes it,” Christian said. “She’s wet as hell.”

“I don’t like it,” Penny moaned. “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. I’m just glad you’re not treating me like a dirty slut or hurting me at all.”

“What the fuck did you just say?” Zach demanded, spinning Penny around to face him and grabbing her throat again. “Did you just say we’re not treating you like a dirty slut?”

“I’m sorry I said that,” Penny said, looking down. “I don’t think you two are being limp-dicked fucks at all.”

“Limp-dicked?” Zach said angrily, grabbing the sides of Penny’s face and forcing her to look up at him. “I’ll show you a limp dick!”

With that he grabbed a handful of Penny’s hair (roughly, but not too roughly) and pulled her head down to the level of his raging erection, forcing her to bend over at her waist. Taking the base of his shaft in his other hand he slapped Penny across the face with his cock several times, producing loud slapping noises. He then grabbed her hair with both hands and drove his cock home down her throat. Penny made some loud gagging noises and tried to pull away from Zach’s cock but he just grabbed her hair with his other hand as well and proceeded to fuck her throat.

Christian sat back to watch for a minute as his friend face fucked Penny, a trail of saliva running from Penny’s ravaged mouth. He had to give Zach props for stepping up and giving Penny what she wanted. Christian found himself really liking Penny and couldn’t imagine being cruel to her in any way, but he also wanted to help her get off – and if being rough would do that then he was willing to give it his best shot. He stepped up behind Penny’s bent over ass and smacked it hard a few times.

“That’s what you get for lying to us,” Christian said, putting as much venom into his voice as he could. “You told us you weren’t a dirty slut, but here you are gagging on Zach’s cock. You’re probably thirsty for all of his cum.”

Christian could see Penny shiver after each smack of her ass and she tried to shake her head no at his accusations.

“Stop denying it!” Christian yelled. “Zach, give me that slut for a minute.”

Christian took illegal bahis siteleri Penny’s hair and pulled her up to standing. He then grabbed under her arms and told Zach to grab her legs and then lay her down. Penny started to struggle so Christian told Zach to pin her arms and legs. Christian then knelt down with a knee on either side of Penny’s head and lowered his anus onto her face.

“Okay, slut,” Christian began. “Start licking my asshole.”

Penny complied immediately, groaning protests the whole time. Meanwhile Zach began working a pussy juice-covered finger in and out of her ass (which was still a bit loose from their early romping). After a couple of minutes Christian got up and Zach took his place.

“Fuck you have a gorgeous body,” Christian exclaimed. “Zach, I think it’s time that I fucked this bitch.”

At that, Penny began to make louder sounds of protest into Zach’s sphincter and fought even more. The boys could hear Penny say. “no you can’t fuck me! I don’t do those things!” Christian tried to pull Penny’s legs apart but she had them clamped tight. He could pry them apart a bit, but as soon as he tried to get his pelvis closer to hers he would lose his grip and she’d snap them shut again. After trying a few more times, Christian gave up.

“You still don’t want to play by our rules, do you?” Christian asked.

“Please don’t fuck me!” Penny begged. “I want to stay a virgin!”

“She wants to stay a virgin, Zach,” Christian said. “A likely story. Well, I suppose there’s no reason we can’t keep her pussy intact. Flip her over onto her front.”

Zach complied while Christian grabbed a few towels and folded them up. Zach lifted Penny’s hips and Christian put the towels underneath, leaving her ass angled up off the ground a little bit. Penny tried to struggle but Zach held her hair roughly in one hand and he would pull her back to the floor whenever she tried to get up. Meanwhile, Christian knelt behind her with his strong legs keeping hers pinned down, effectively keeping her in position. Christian managed to get a finger inside of her sopping wet cunt (she was still clenching her legs together so her pussy was hard to access) and used her pussy juice to lube up her asshole.

“What are you doing?” Penny cried. “You aren’t supposed to put things in there!”

“You’re going to love it,” Christian said, smiling. “I’m going to stick my hard cock up your ass and then I’m going to cum deep inside of it.”

“That’s not what that hole is for!” Penny exclaimed. “That’s so naughty!”

“That’s the point,” Zach said, still holding her down. “You have such a tight little ass it would be a shame for us to not enjoy it.”

Christian coated his cock with Penny’s pussy juice as best as he could and spat on it for good measure. Then he grabbed Penny’s ass cheeks and started to pull them apart, but Penny cried “no!” and squeezed them together as tight as she could. Christian responded by smacking each cheek really hard and then roughly pulled them apart, digging his fingers into her skin and causing Penny to yelp. Christian’s cock twitched when he saw the perfect, slightly open asshole before him. He spat on it once more and then eased his cock in up to the hilt, elicited a moaned “fuck you” from Penny and a loud groan from his own throat.

“Fuck I love your slutty little hole,” Christian said, picking up the pace of his thrusting. “You’re so fucking sexy acting like a complete whore.”

“I’m not a whore,” Penny exclaimed. “You’re fucking my ass against my will. It hurts and it feels terrible. You’re both very, very bad.”

Christian and Zach smiled at each other and Christian picked up his pace even more. He was still grabbing Penny’s ass hard and started to slam it back into him to meet each thrust, making a loud slapping sound. Within two minutes Christian let out a yell and emptied his load into her bowels. After catching his breath for a few seconds, Christian withdrew his shrinking member (it was the third time he’d cum that day, after all), slapped it against Penny’s rosebud and stood up.

“Her ass is all lubed up and ready to go if you don’t mind sloppy seconds?” Christian asked his friend.

“You think I should plunge my cock into a hole filled with your cum and use it as lube?” Zach asked in return, knowing that describing it that way would drive Penny nuts. “That sounds really hot to me.”

Penny shivered with pleasure ask Zach stood up, clearly very turned on by what he’d said. When Zach let her go Penny tried to get up to run away, but Christian grabbed her and effectively put her in a headlock, squeezing her neck fairly gently but deliberately.

“We’re almost done, gorgeous,” Christian said. “Just do what we tell you and it will be much easier for you.”

“You’ve ruined my ass,” Penny cried. “You’re treating me like a complete whore. You’ve filled me with your dirty cum and now he canlı bahis siteleri wants to do the same thing.”

“You’re just too sexy,” Zach said. “We can’t help ourselves. Look at your beautiful face and your perky tits. They make me want to fuck the shit out of you. Speaking of which…”

Zach took Penny’s legs and lay her on her back on the shower floor, Christian still maintaining the headlock. Zach knelt down in front of her and Penny’s legs clamped shut again.

“The rules are simple,” Zach said. “If your legs are closed, Christian squeezes tighter until you open them up. Christian, if you please?”

With that, Christian began to tighten his grip and Penny grabbed his arm with her hands and tried to pull it away. After a few seconds Christian tightened more and then more until Penny let out a weak gasp. Christian was just about to let her go when Penny suddenly relaxed her legs. Zach smiled victoriously and Christian released his hold 50% of the way, allowing Penny to breathe comfortably again. Zach spread her legs and was rewarded with a delicious sight: Penny’s wet pussy and her partially open asshole which had a small stream of cum leaking from it. Zach plunged his cock into Penny’s pussy for about two dozen hard and deep strokes to get his cock moist. Then, without breaking his rhythm, his next stroke plunged all the way into her ass up to his hilt. Penny let out a loud gasp.

“I hate this,” Penny moaned, profound pleasure obvious in her voice.

“Sure you do,” Christian mocked. “We know how girls like you are. You pretend you don’t like guys using your body but then you’ll go home and finger fuck yourself thinking about what we’re doing to you. You know what? Here’s something else to get you off on later.”

With that, Christian squeezed his cock to get a gob of cum out, scooped it with his finger and put it into Penny’s mouth. In response she made sounds of protest while in reality willingly sucking it clean.

Meanwhile Zach was sweating trying to keep from cumming too quickly. Despite all the earlier cums the feel of Penny’s ass and the weird but definitely arousing situation were driving him ever closer to climax until finally he cried out and pumped his load to co-mingle with his friend’s. After basking for a few moments after his orgasm, Zach removed his half-deflated cock from Penny’s anus, gave her tight ass cheeks a halfhearted slap and leaned back on his elbows on the shower floor.

Christian removed his finger from Penny’s mouth and let her go, unsure of what to do next since him and Zach were clearly done fucking for a while. Penny collapsed to the floor and lay there without moving for a minute, breathing heavily. Then she rolled onto her side and crawled over to a shower wall to lean up against it, her wet hair in her face so the guys couldn’t see her expression. When she moved her hair back they saw her eyes were closed and a big smile was spread across her face.

“You guys did great,” she said softly. “That was exactly what I wanted. The only problem is that you fuckers were pounding on my G-spot as you ravaged my asshole! I really need to cum!”

With that she spread her legs wide and the boys could see a puddle of cum forming from a stream dripping from her pucker. She looked down and gave them a look that said ‘I’m impressed you had that much cum left in you!’, then she proceeded to take some of the cum and start rubbing her clit furiously while pulling her pussy lips up and back. Within thirty seconds she began to yell and squirt 3 long streams of girl cum onto the shower floor. Her body shook for a minute and then she slumped to the floor.

“That was so good but I am so tired,” she whined, a pouting smile on her face.

Christian and Zach exchanged looks, then proceeded to get up and quickly wash themselves off. They then picked Penny up and took turns holding her while the other washed her off, including the cum that was pooled on her legs. Once she was cleaned they toweled her off and put her sleeping clothes on (grey yoga pants with a tight pink T-shirt featuring a Power Puff Girl). Then Christian picked her up in his arms and carried her to her cabin, Zach helping him with doors and lights. Once in Penny’s cabin Christian laid her in bed and tucked her in while Zach went to the boys’ sleeping quarters.

“I’m glad I met you,” Penny said sleepily, looking up at Christian with her big, beautiful eyes and perfect face. “You really know how to treat a girl well.”

“We’re glad we met you, too,” Christian replied. “You’re a really awesome person.”

“Thanks,” Penny smiled. “But I specifically meant that I’m glad I met you, you dork. Can’t you tell when a girl is getting sweet on you?”

“It doesn’t happen often so it’s hard for me to tell,” Christian answered, getting a laugh from Penny. “But hearing you say that makes me really happy.”

With that, Christian leaned forward and gave Penny a long, deep kiss, their tongues lightly touching each other.

“Keep kissing me like that and we might be on to something,” Penny said. “Now let me get some sleep – I have a feeling I’m going to need my energy tomorrow.”

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