Bits , Pieces Ch. 03


I was outside washing my car when the lady across the street came up to me. Her linen slacks and silk blouse accented her smooth cocoa colored skin.

“Hi, my kids have moved out on their own and my husband is always at the office,” she said. “Do you think you could mow my lawn for me? I can pay you.”

I had seen her before but hadn’t paid much attention. But I looked now. She was one gorgeous black woman. She should be on the cover of Vogue or the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.

“Sure, I’d be glad to. Let me run in the house and put on some sneakers and I’ll be over in a few minutes.”

She didn’t have a very big yard, but by the time I finished I was hot and sweaty.

As I was putting her mower away in the garden shed she came out and asked if I’d like something to drink.

“A beer would be nice if you have one,” I replied. “Do you mind if I jump in your pool for a moment to cool off?”

“Go ahead,” she said. “I’ll be back in a few minutes with that beer.”

I stripped off everything but my gym shorts and jumped in the pool. Damn, it felt good.

When she came back with the beer she had changed clothes. She was wearing a small white string bikini. The contrast between her cocoa colored skin and the white bikini was stunning. All I could focus on were the three small white triangles covering her breasts and pussy and what was underneath.

Needless to say I got a massive erection and because I wasn’t wearing any underwear my dick was making a major tent in my gym shorts.

I thought to myself, ‘what the hell’ and climbed out of the pool with my cock standing at full attention and I sat down next to her.

She looked at me as she handed me the beer and said, “maybe next time güvenilir bahis you could trim my bushes.” She motioned towards the hedge between her house and her neighbor’s house. But she kept her eyes focused on my boner and her hand was firmly resting on her pussy.

I hoped to be mowing her lawn and trimming her bush the entire summer.

It was 3 in the morning when we heard the tornado warning. Living in Kansas, Daddy and I were used to the blaring siren and we took it in stride, but seriously.

We both headed to the bathroom and got down in the bathtub to wait out the tornado.

It wasn’t but about two minutes before I felt Daddy’s cock poking me in the butt. I was only wearing a night shirt and panties. He had on his normal pair of boxers.

I said, “Daddy, you’re poking me.”

“I’m sorry; it has a mind of its own.” He reached down and grabbed his hardening cock from between my legs and pulled it up so it ran up my butt crack.

After the tornado we talked about what had happened.

It had only been a few months since Mom died and I moved back home. Dad was still sad and I knew he missed her still.

“Your mother and I used to love the time we spent in the tub hiding out from tornados,” he said. “I can’t think of a single tornado warning where we didn’t end up making love in the tub.”

I hugged him hard. He was making me cry and wet at the same time.

When the next tornado warning came I made sure I wasn’t wearing any panties before I climbed into the tub.

When I felt his dick starting to poke at me I lifted my night shirt up a little so his cock could slide between my legs. Reaching down I guided the tip of his cock into my wet pussy.

At that moment I’m not sure if Daddy türkçe bahis knew he was fucking me or Mom, but I didn’t care. All I cared about was his hard cock ramming in and out of my cunt.

I never paid much attention to the family next door when I was growing up. The two kids were a couple years younger than me. The mother seemed cute and the father seemed to always be absent.

When I came home for the summer before law school the two kids next door had left home for school. I saw the mother occasionally but never the father.

One morning I woke up early so I could do a morning run. I was lacing up my sneakers when I heard what sounded like splashing coming from outside.

When I looked out my bedroom window I saw my next door neighbor swimming in her pool. She was naked.

Her backyard lights were off but the pool lights were on. Every time she did her breaststroke kick and spread her legs I wanted to swim right up her pussy.

Climbing out of the pool she faced my bedroom window and dried off. I know she couldn’t see me in the darkness, but I swear she was looking right at me when she ran the towel between her legs to dry her pussy.

A few days later I saw her unloading her groceries. She was wearing one of those skimpy tennis outfits that showed a lot of thigh. I offered to help and she gladly accepted.

When I brought the last bag in she asked me if I wanted to sit down and have a beer with her. “Sure,” I said.

She handed me a beer and said, “Thanks for helping me. Can I ask you something?”

I nodded.

“Do you masturbate while you watch me swim in the morning?”

I almost choked on my beer but confessed, “some times.”

“Can I watch you?” she asked.

That was güvenilir bahis siteleri the craziest thing I’ve ever heard but my dick was betraying me.

She hiked her short skirt up and slid her hand in her panties as I unzipped my pants and grabbed my cock.

When I came a large wad of cum landed on her thigh. She quickly scooped it up and spread it on her clit before she finished masturbating.

After I stuffed my swollen cock back in my pants and zipped up she pulled her panties off and handed them to me.

“Keep these warm for me. You can give them back when you’re home for Thanksgiving.”

When I got out of the shower and dried off I put on a loose tee-shirt and headed down to the laundry room.

My son was standing next to the dryer holding a pair of my panties. He’s 22 years old and in his 2nd year of law school.

I really didn’t care if he had a thing for my panties. “So, you like my panties?”

His dad, the love of my love, died a couple years ago in a terrible car accident so it was nice having my son home for the summer to help relieve some of the lonely times.

“Your father liked my panties too. Especially the dirty ones.”

I took the panties he was holding and pushed them between my legs and peed on them.

Handing them back to him I said, “This is the way he liked them best.”

I could see he was getting a huge erection. “You can put them on right now if you want.”

The panties were made of a white silky material so when he pulled them up over his cock the wet material might as well have been transparent. I could see every vein in his penis and the mushroom tip seemed to be throbbing.

“You’re bigger than your father,” I told him longingly, wishing he wasn’t my son at the moment.

He just stood there staring at me and I could tell he wanted to grab his cock and start beating off then and there.

I reached out and touched his cock with one hand and reached between my legs with the other.

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