Blackmailed by friends


Blackmailed by friendsI was on Vacation with my husband Kostas and two couples that were friends of us.We stayed in a beatiful hotel and starting having fun all together.I noticed the two men from our group to occasionaly stare at me when i was sunbathing with my swim suit that really was exposing a lot from my breast and my but.Finding this amusing and exciting, knowing for sure that my husband likes this when it happens and enjoying some strong stimulation,i let it pass without giving some attention.Some morning Kostas left for an arranged diving and i decided to stay at the villa.My thought was that the two friendly couples would go to the beach as always.I arranged to get a massage in our villa yard and starting sunbathing, enjoying my privacy with letting my breasts naked to get a tan.Covered my large breasts with protecting lotion i layed on the sun couch enjoying my privacy.Soon the door bell rang and covering my naked breasts i opened to the masseur i expected.To my big surprise he was male, black and with an amazing body.Followig his directions i ended lying face down in the massage bed having a towel to cover my ass.He started oiling me and with strong and experienced hands drove my in an unbielievable relaxing feeling, illegal bahis that made me unable and unwilling to react when he removed the towel and starting massaging my butt.I felt so horny that when he proceededopening my cheeks, exposing both my holes leaving my totaly shaved pussy to his full view,i enjoyed so much the feeling instead of reacting by denial that i left with no shame a sigh of pleasure.My masseur got the message and started in the perfect pace to get bolder and bolder getting finally to fingerfuck meopening my soaking pussy more and more.I came like never before trembling and moaning.Then he turned me around exposing my naked breasts and shaved pussy.He spend time to massage my breasts and reassured for my arousing to the limit,he proceeded rubbing my pussy,opening my lips and putting as deep possible his fingers in my pussy.I came astonished by the strength of my orgasm, and after letting me regain my conciousness he offered me a giant black cock in my mouth.I took it eagerly and enjoyed the delight of sucking such a cock.This made it harder and larger and turning me on my fours he shove it slowly in my dripping pussy managing to take almost all of this in me.I came instantly and so i did in any position he illegal bahis siteleri fucked me eager to feel as many of my delights he was giving me.Finally he mooved to my face giving his huge black cock to my mouth that rewarded it with a blowjob that made him cum.Huge ammount of cum flooded my face, my mouth and slided from my neck to my breasts in white lines that covered all my breasts,stopping on my rock hard nipples.I sucked this amazing cock dry and using it as a spoon i cleaned my tits from his cum, licking it from his cock and swallowing every drop with delight. He then left me all relaxed and satisfied to sunbath naked and freshly fucked, amazingly satisfied.Before i even had the time to think what just happened,stil full of the totaly new delight i experienced, that made me caressing my naked body with lust, trying to prolong the feeling, i heard steps approaching and saw our two male friends coming towards me.I was so surprised and embarassed that desperately tried to cover my naked body with the towel,whispering an excuse to them for seeing me like this.There is no need for that,dirty slut, one of them told me with an offencive attitude.We saw every detail of the black fucker while screwing you like a whore.Embarassed canlı bahis siteleri as never before in my life, i managed to ask them not to tell my husband about it at all cost.They laughed and said that this cost is to let them both fuck me in any way they will tell me, adding that this will happen every time they want,since they have taped my fuck by the black big cock masseur,Soon i realized that i had no choice but to accept the deal.This turned to a first threesome where they used me like a whore, fucking me in any possible way came to their filthy minds,shoving their cocks (that were quait big and fat) in all my wholes, making sure that each of their cocks fucked my pussy,my mouth and my ass.They made me feel like a whore, obbeying to any of their filthy thoughts of how to fuck me as perverted possible, in sharing my body with both their cocks,hands,mouths and cum they sprayed me where ever they felt like.Then they made me clean their cocks with my mouth,sucking them dry from every drop of cum left on them.They were talking as dirty they could to me, while this was happening.After that they were repeating fucking me both together, evolving their perverted thoughts,more and more.The strange thing is that i soon started to like and enjoy being as slut as possible and i waited next fuck with pleasure,even more when they took this to another level, bringing friends of theirs to offer me to them to fuck me.More descriptions from my next experiences to come soon.

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