Blackmailed into Submission Ch. 03


Damn. It’s almost Noon. I can’t believe I slept this late. I guess fucking ten college guys dry will do that though. I wonder where Steven is. Maybe he went back to his place for the night. Oh well, I’m sure he will find me if he wants me.

Sliding out from under the covers I make my way to my feet. I really expected to be a lot sorer than this. Especially my ass. After David gave me that first good ass reaming, it seemed like everyone wanted to do it. Guess all the practice with vibrators and dildos paid off. I throw a robe on and make my way to the kitchen. There I find a note from Steven.

“Hope you slept well. I didn’t set your alarm when I put you to bed. You were great last night. The guys want to make it a regular thing but I’m not so sure I want to share you quite that much. Anyway, I left a copy of the video for you if you want to see how you looked. I put it in your stash spot in case you forget about it after you read this note. Just a reminder, I have a date tonight with Stacie. She said she wants to stay in so I will probably just bring her back to my place around seven or so. I’ll be out this afternoon with some of my friends. See Ya Later- Steven. P.S. I spent the $1100 you made on a gift for you. It’s in you stash spot too.”

Such a sweet son. Not only does he blackmail me into being his subservient slut slave, but also he whores me out to fuck and suck 10 of his friends. Then to top it off, he takes the money I earned and bought me something. I better get a cup of coffee and get upstairs to see what he got me. And maybe take a look at that tape too.

I set my cup down on the dresser and open my closet door. I move a few things out of the way and open my hiding spot. This is where I keep all my toys and other things that I don’t want my husband, Jack, to find. There on top is a gift-wrapped box. Below it is a tape marked, “Pool Party.” I pick up both and go into my sitting room. I slide the tape into the VCR and turn on the TV. The music comes on as the screen fades from black to show me strutting out to where Steven and his friends are sitting by the pool. It’s obvious that my son has taken the liberty of doing some of his own party planning and hid a video camera somewhere near the patio looking out to where the party was starting. I pulled at the silk bow on the gift-wrapped box and lift the lid. Inside is a dark blue velvet bag, like the kind that Crown Royal comes in but longer. I loosen the tie at the top and spread open the bag. I reach in and pull out the most beautiful crystal dildo I have ever seen. In fact I have actually never seen one, except for pictures on the Internet. I also knew that they were quite expensive, but I had earned $1100 the night before on my back and several times on my knees. I notice an engraving on the base.

“To the best slut whore in the world. Use this when I can’t be around and you need to fuck one of your hot little holes.”

It dawns on me that my son would have had to make this purchase in advance. In fact, much in advance to get the engraving done. That means he has known for a while that he was going to whore me out to his friends at the pool party. Such a sweet son.

And speaking of the pool party, it looks like my son hid more than one camera, as there is now a different shot of me stripping for the guys. I watch the show admiring how well I looked and how well all the guys responded. Without thinking, I begin to stroke the crystal cock in my hand and begin to develop a nice, warm, wet feeling between my legs. I don’t make it to the end of the movie, but I am sure I will finish it later. I also broke in the new dildo, using it on my pussy while I watch the slut that I am on the screen sucking off her son in front of ten guys.

I’m sitting around the house later that afternoon. When Steven comes in. I stand and walk to him and place a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you so much,” I tell my son.

“For what?” he asks me.

“For everything. For the gift, for the video, for whoring me out to your friends, for making me your slut slave, for everything,” I gush. “Is there anything I can do for you know?” I ask hopefully.

“No, not right now. I gotta get ready for my date with Stacie. And as for those other things, some you deserve, some you earned, and some is so you will think of me when I’m not here,” Steven explains.

“Well if your sweet girlfriend doesn’t give you what you need, you come find me. I’ll take care of you just the way you like.”

“So you think Stacie is sweet. I kinda thought you didn’t like her,” Steve asks me.

“Well to be honest, I got really jealous of her getting fucked by you too. But I guess if you can share me with your friends, I should be able to deal with you getting it from someone besides me. Anyway, she is really hot. Do you enjoy fucking her?” I ask, my curiosity getting the better of me.

“It’s different than when I am with you. With you, I just tell you what I want and you do it, no questions asked. And that is really fucking hot in my book. With Stacie, it is more of a compromise. casino siteleri She tells me what she wants and I tell her what I want and we try to meet in the middle. Pun intended,” my son laughs.

“Well you get to enjoy the best of both worlds then. A hot young girlfriend and a hot older submissive slut slave at your beck and call. And you know I will do anything you want,” I tell my son, emphasizing the word, anything. “In fact, I will be on the computer tonight looking for hot chats, so if you want to or need to, come in and see me when you get done.”

“Okay, we’ll see,” Steven says as he places a hand on my ass and squeezes, leaving me with another kiss on the cheek. Then he takes off back to his place to get ready for his date.

Truth be known, I am jealous of Stacie. She is young and hot, with looks that cross between Britney Spears and Christina Applegate from her younger days on “Married with Children.” Besides, she has a better chance of keeping a hold of Steven than I do. And since my son didn’t want me to service him before he left, he has plans to build up a load to give to her and not me. Well maybe I’ll finish that movie and try out that crystal dildo again.

It’s about six thirty when Steven and Stacie come walking into the house. I am watching some dribble on TV and sipping a double. Since Jack isn’t around this weekend I can allow myself a drink or two or three. I found out long ago that whenever I drink, I get very sexually aroused. And that wouldn’t do if my straight-laced husband were around. And of course there is the hope that after Stacie goes home, Steven may want to play for a while.

“Hey, Mom. Is it okay if we watch a program in here? It’s on the dish and not cable so we can’t watch it at my place,” Steven explains.

“Sure, help yourself. I’m just channel surfing,” I allow knowing I would let him do whatever he wanted right now or any other time for that matter. Steven takes the remote and punches in the information and gets some movie. Barely five minutes later, his cell phone rings. He stands and moves into the foyer and talks for a few moments before returning.

“I need to go help Mark,” he tells us. “His car is broke down and he needs me to see if I can get it going or give him a ride. I’ll try not to be too long. Stacie you want to go or stay here?”

“I’ll stay here. I’m sure your Mom can keep me company,” she says.

“Okay. Great. I’ll be back when I can. Call me if you need anything,” Steven says as he turns to walk towards the front door.

Stacie turns and looks at me as Steven walks away. “I hope you don’t mind me staying around. I’ve been stuck as a tag along for car repairs and it’s not something I really enjoy.”

“No, not at all. We’ve never really had much of a chance to get to know each other,“ I offer trying to hide my jealous feelings.

“That would be nice. I don’t have much in the way of female friends, and my Mom and I don’t really talk, so it’ll be nice to hang with you,” Stacie says.

I finish off my drink while watching the program that Steven had selected. I decided to get another when Stacie spoke up.

“Mrs. K, would you mind if I had a beer? My mom is so weird; she won’t let me drink at the house. “

“Sure, let me get one for you,” I respond and automatically secretly plot to get her drunk so Steven won’t get any from her tonight. I return to the family room with the beer and hand it to her as I explain, “I’m going to go sit out on the patio for a minute, I’ll be right back.”

“Mind if I tag along?” Stacie asks. I do mind, but I can’t tell her why. I try not to let anyone know that I occasionally smoke, especially when I’m drinking. “It’s okay Mrs. K. I won’t tell anyone you are smoking if you’ll let me have one too. That’s another thing my Mom is weird about.”

“Sure,” I stammer, “you can smoke if you want. I mean you’re over 18 now. But how did you know? I ask the young girl.

“I’ve been sneaking myself for awhile. And there are two things I know. One, a person that hasn’t been smoking can smell it on you, and I can smell it on you from earlier I guess. And two, a cigarette is better with a drink.

I sit at the table and light up, handing the pack to Stacie. I wonder if I have ever fooled anybody but myself. Here I was the more experienced person and this cute 18-year-old girl finds me out. I take a look at her as she pulls in a drag and blows the gray smoke out through her lips. I wish I had been that smart when I was 18. Of course, I didn’t care who I was fooling when I was 18. Life was a party and I made sure I was always invited.

“Can I ask you a question Mrs. K?”


“Don’t you get lonely with Mr. K being gone all the time. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to pry, but shit, I can’t imagine him staying away from you a minute more than he needed to,” Stacie compliments before taking a swig of her beer and another drag from her cigarette,

“Well, to be honest, Mr. K has other priorities. Some men are like that. They would rather make money than fuck,” I explain, slot oyna not realizing the effects the alcohol is having on my judgment. “And the money is really good.”

“That’s too bad,” Stacie says, “I hope they aren’t all like that. I hope Steven isn’t like that. I like to fuck way too much to be put in that position. Oh, I’m sorry Mrs. K, I didn’t mean …”

“It’s okay Stacie, I know what you mean. For one, I can almost guarantee you that Steven is not that way and two I do okay for myself even without my husband’s help,” I confide.

“Hey Mrs. K, you wouldn’t get me another beer would you?” Stacie asks me.

“Sure, I would love too. Be right back,” I smile and head in towards the bar. I shouldn’t admit to it, but with the alcohol effecting me the way you know it does, I was looking at Stacie in a different way now. Sure I was still jealous that my son was fucking another girl than me, but now I was starting to get jealous because my son was getting Stacie and I wasn’t.

I still remember fondly my days back in college. I had straightened up my wild, slutty ways with the help of my sorority sisters. They taught me to be a proper lady, get good grades and to stay in excellent physical condition, not for outward appearances, but also so I would feel good about myself. I also learned other things there too. Since it was planned that you strung along suitors with “good girl” virtues, we seldom finished a date with more than a seriously soaked pair of panties. When I first joined the sorority as a pledge, I was required to do certain things for other girls to alleviate the frustrations of dating in such a manner. My first week found me tied to the floor and having girl after girl sit on my face and eat her until she came. Then there were the occasions where I would go down on a girl after her boy friend fucked her. I really enjoyed licking cum out of a sweet pussy. And then there were the times when there would be another new pledge and I would get to sit on her face and have her lick me until I got off. Yes, I was starting to look at Stacie different now.

“Here you go Stacie,” I say handing the hot young blonde another beer. God she was cute. Long blonde hair, such a beautiful face with slightly pouty lips. Her tits were smaller than my 36Ds, maybe along the lines of a 34C, but still very, very nice under a pull over top that exposed a bit of her flat tummy when she would move certain ways. Her jean shorts looked to be painted on, flaring nicely over her hips and covering a most delicious looking ass. God she was fucking hot and I wanted her.

“Mrs. K are you okay?” Stacie asks breaking my trance.

“Oh. Yes. I’m sorry. I was just thinking about… I was just thinking,” I try to explain.

“Oh. Okay,” she counters with an impish grin on her face. “So you think Steven isn’t more interested in money than in fucking?”

“Definitely not,” I answer way to quickly.

“You seem so sure. Has he talked to you about it, you know, about sex?” Stacie asks.

I decide I better consider my answers more carefully and slowly. I certainly can’t blurt out that I am Steven’s slut slave to do with as he wishes. “Well we have a good relationship. We can talk about most things, but I can tell by what he does that he is more interested in sex, in fucking, than in making money. Lord knows his Father tried to change Steven’s ways but couldn’t.”

“Must be nice. I can’t talk to my Mom about anything. Hell everything I know about sex I’ve basically learned from Steven. And I’ve learned a lot,” Stacie says with a cute giggle. “But lately, maybe the last month or so, Steven has seemed to change. Do you have any idea what might be going on.” Stacie is looking me directly in the eye while she sexily twirls a strand of hair with her finger.

“No. I’m sure I have no idea,” I stammer.

“You know this is real nice. Sometimes I wish I could sit with my Mom and talk like this. But of course we would never get past the part where she would be lecturing me about drinking beer or smoking. Do you mind if I have another?” Stacie asks holding up the pack.

“Help yourself. You are free to do whatever you want here,” I comment hoping and not hoping she gets my double meaning.

“That is so sweet of you,” Stacie says blowing the fresh smoke from her lips towards my face. “It still bugs me about Steven, how he has been acting lately. There are times when he doesn’t seem interested or his mind is somewhere else. And there are the times when we finish and he says he has to go, really weird.”

I know why Steven gets up and leaves. He comes home and has his Mother suck his and Stacie’s cum off his cock while it is still fresh. And could he be thinking of me while fucking sweet young Stacie. I hope not. He should be giving this girl anything she wants. She could be a keeper. He cans always have slut sex with me, but you have to keep your girl happy. I should talk to him.

“Mrs. K, are you sure you are alright? You look a little flushed. I hope I am not upsetting you talking about your son and me this way. canlı casino siteleri Like I said, it’s just nice to be able to have someone to talk to about things.”

“Yes, I’m okay. I’m just trying to think of what might be bothering Steven.” At least something other than the obvious. “Maybe it’s his school work.”

“No I wouldn’t say something is bothering him. In fact, he seems happier than he ever has since I’ve known him. He’s just acting, well, different. That’s all,” Stacie counters.

“Happy, huh?” I ask with a bit of pride.

‘Yeah, like a guy that gets to have his cake and eat it too. I was wondering, since we are getting along so well if I could confide something personal to you and ask your opinion,” Stacie asks suddenly shifting gears.

“Sure, go ahead. I definitely know how to keep a secret,” I understate.

“For some time now, I have been having a reoccurring fantasy. Actually in all honesty it has developed into some hot wet dreams for me. I have it and wake up rubbing my pussy to it. In my dream I am having sex,” Stacie pauses, “with a woman. Do all women have these thoughts or am I just weird?”

“I don’t think your weird, but I don’t know if all women have those thoughts,” I offer feeling more flushed than earlier.

“I just don’t know if I would really like to try it or not. I mean the idea of having another woman lick me is really hot, I just don’t know if I would want to reciprocate. I had this one dream last week where I was ordering this woman around and making her do things for me. I did things to her and she got off too, but not from me licking her,” Stacie explains almost in a whisper.

“Oh, I see,” is all I can say.

“I don’t know. Maybe I can find some bi-slut that would be into that sort of thing. I think it would be hot to have another woman that way. Hell, maybe I would even get Steven involved too,” Stacie absently comments while finishing her cigarette. “Beth, are you thinking again?”

“Sorry, yes I was,” I respond.

“I thought so,” Stacie says standing. The young girl moves behind my chair and bends to whisper in my ear, “I could tell you were thinking, cause your nipples are getting hard.”

I look down and sure enough they are as hard as nails. Out of the corner of my eye I see a hand, Stacie’s hand as it moves from my shoulder down along the side of my breast.

“Does it get you hot thinking about that?” she asks gently cupping my breast.

“Umm, Hmm.”

Her other hand mimics on the other tit and then both nipples are pinched between her fingers. “Do you want to take care of me, to lick my pussy?” Stacie asks continuing to pinch and pull on my nipples.

“I would do whatever you wanted,” I admit.

“And what about your son, Steven. Do you want to serve us together or separate the way you do now?” Stacie asks as I realize that she knows all about me being Steven’s slut slave.

“I will do whatever the two of you want, together or separate,” I truthfully answer.

“That’s a good little slut. Now take off your top so I can see your tits,” Stacie commands.

I do as I am told. “Very nice, bitch. Steven has taught you well,” Stacie comments while running her hands over my body. “You look very nice. It’s no wonder Steven has been happy having you to abuse and use. Do you think you will enjoy serving both Steven and I?” Stacie asks.

“I will be a willing slut slave for both of you. I will do as you instruct and do everything I can to please you. Abuse me and use me for your pleasure and I will be happy,” I reply honestly.

“Good. Let’s go over to Steven’s place. He is waiting for us right now,” Stacie tells me. “All this other bullshit was just a game to see if I could hook you too. And you know, I think we will all be glad I did.”

We climb the stairs to Steven’s apartment over the garage. Upon opening the door, I see Steven sitting on the couch drinking a beer. “Well that didn’t take too long,” he comments. He comes over to me and gives me a kiss on the cheek. Then he turns to Stacie and kisses her deeply. As the kiss breaks, my son turns back to me. “You might as well take your shorts off. I can guarantee you won’t need them for the rest of the night. Then you can undress me and Stacie.”

I pull my shorts off which leaves me totally naked. I then turn my attention to Steven. I work the tight T-shirt over his chest and muscular arms. I then kneel down and untie and remove his shoes and socks. I stay on my knees and unfasten his belt and jeans, a task I had performed many times in the past. I help him off with his pants and notice that his 8” cock is starting to rise. I then turn my attention to Stacie.

I know I want to enjoy this moment and take my time. I start by standing behind her and rubbing her back. After a few moments I let my hands trail up to her breasts and gently cup them in my hands. I run my hands down to her stomach and find the bottom edge of her top. I gently ease the material up, slowly, almost painfully, until they are just barely covering her firm young tits. Then I move around in front and put my hands back on her top. Again I start to raise the material and keep lifting until her breasts are fully exposed. I fight the urge to feel or lick her yet and continue to remove the garment.

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