Blast From the Past


Please let me share something with you that I think you will like, but first a little background. My name is Steven and I am a married man. My wife and I have been married 6 happy years. Dawn, my wife is a beautiful woman about 5’7” with light brown hair and green-gray eyes. She is still stunning even after having given birth to two children.

Dawn is the love of my life. She is the reason why I live, the reason why I draw breath, but as much as wishes it the hard truth is that she was not the first. Sherry was the first love of my life. She is also around the same height as my wife but with blonde hair, green eyes and a hard-defined figure.

I on the other hand stand 5’9” with long black hair and dark skin, something that I get from my Spanish heritage. When I was younger I let my fingernails grow out long and I clipped them to sharp points like that of sharks teeth. Even now on occasion I will clip them the same way. My most dominant feature would have to be my eyes. The colors of my eyes are a golden brown with a dark brown almost black circle around the iris.

I have always had an athletic build. People have told me that I could be a body builder if I just put my mind to it. With 28-inch thighs and 16-inch biceps I tend to agree with them. The only problem that I really had a kid and teenager was my weight. I have never considered myself fat, but like most guys my age I was borderline. It wasn’t until I started studying martial arts did I start losing my belly.

My lust for women drove my training. Sherry had taken Tae-Kwon-Do classes and I saw what it had done for her, so having been interested in martial arts most my life I started training on my own. I guess this is how I caught the eye of Dawn as well as Sherry.

They had known each other in school and when I was dating Dawn, Sherry couldn’t stand it. Of course when I still spoke with Sherry my wife went nuts.

Even though it has been over a decade since we have dated, we still talk and I consider her one of my closest friends. My wife tried for many years to understand but she could never grasp the nature of Sherry and my relationship.

Sherry and I dated many times in high school. She was the first girl that I kissed. She was also the first girl that I had any kind of sexual encounter with, as limited as it was.

Like many teenagers at that time, our first real date was to the movies at the local mall. She wore a light flowery dress that hugged her girlish figure and developing breasts.

We made our way through the mall looking through the shop windows while holding hands and kissing in the isles. Making flirtatious passes at one another in the bookstore.

She would raise the hem of her dress up to her thighs, trying to see how much it would take to get my going and I must admit it didn’t take much.

In the toy store I pressed her up against the wall of stuffed animals kissing her hard. Our tongues playing tag with each other as my hand slid up her bare legs up under her dress. Her breathing quickened as my hand got higher on her virgin thighs until I touched her cotton panties. She gasped in fright and excitement at the touch. It seemed that she didn’t know whether to push me away or pull me closer.

Sherry was at odds with her desires and her reason. She finally slid from my clutches just as my fingers were rubbing the crease of her undies. An explosion of warmth enveloped my fingertips as they hit a certain spot, but she moved too quickly for me to realize what I had hit.

I noticed that her nipples were hard as pencil erasers when she glanced back. “I think we need to get out of here stud.” The smile on her face was one of frustration and bliss. Like a woman that knows her thoughts are a cardinal sin, but in the mists of lust it only makes it that much more exciting.

With our arms wrapped around one another we entered the theater lobby and bought some drinks. In the theater her head was resting on my shoulder as we moved down the isles looking for a seat. We arrived early by fifteen minutes and the theater was deserted. She and I took a couple of seats at the back of the theater so if someone came into the room we would see them but they wouldn’t see us unless they glanced back over their shoulders.

We sat and talked as we waited for the movie to start all the while our hands playing with each other. Our fingers would circle the other’s finger like mock tongues. I would turn her palm up and lightly scratch it with the tips of my sharp fingernails until they were flushed red and sweating.

I noticed her unconsciously licking her lips every few seconds and watch her eyes dart down to my lap then back up. The edge of her dress rested high on her thighs and her knees were turned towards me.

The movie started ten minutes late, but we didn’t seem to notice. Our bodies leaned in to one another with our heads resting on the others. She started rubbing my arm from forearm to bicep. She hugged my arm with her other arm putting mine in an awkward position. I was forced to rest my hand on her canlı bahis şirketleri naked knee.

Touching her legs made my blood burn and I began to sweat. Before I knew what I was doing my fingers began to rub circles on her knee. My movements didn’t seem to bother Sherry and in fact she slid her top leg down just a little bit almost like she wanted to spread her legs but that would have been too obvious.

She continued to rub my arm but as she did I noticed she was pressing the back of her hand to my chest. Sherry’s hand was rubbing across my nipple as she did this and whether it was intentional or not I couldn’t tell. But after a few minutes of this she had to of noticed my hard nipple and it seemed that she didn’t mind because she just kept on rubbing it.

Sherry’s attention was off my arm now and focused on my chest. This caused the circles that I was doing on her knee to widen and encompass her entire knee. We kissed. My hand began the slow travel up her thigh and back down again. My fingernails dancing across her sensitive skin and her reaction was to thrust her tongue into my mouth.

I felt the material of her dress as my hand slid under it. Her hand unbuttoned my shirt just enough for her hand to slip in. Even at the age of fifteen my chest was covered in fine dark hair, another gift of my heritage.

There was a heat coming from between her legs that guided my hand. I could feel the dampness even before my hand reached for panties, but when it did reach them her legs slid further apart.

I began kissing her face, then her cheeks, next her ears and then finally her neck. She let out a heavy sigh as I opened my mouth and gently bit her neck and pressed my hand against her covered mound.

Her next reaction was to claw at my chest and moan. I sucked on the skin of her neck as my fingers searched for that spot from earlier. It took me only a moment to find it, but when I did it was like she became a different person.

Sherry turned her head away from me offering me her neck as she began to grind into my hand. I was in shock. I had never thought that I could be this effective on my first try.

“Mmmm. Oh Steven.”

“You like that baby?” I whispered in her ear.

“YES!” she gasped as she was still grinding into me.

I smiled and looked into her eyes, “Then lets try this.”

I switched hands so that my left arm, which had been pinned, was quickly replaced with my right hand. The first arm was now around her back and reaching around her in almost a hug, but with one difference. My left hand was at her chest feeling her left breast.

My fingers found the edge of her panty and slid underneath them. They were so wet that my first thought was she had spilled her drink, but that wasn’t the case. The tips of my fingers probed her slit and were instantly wet at the touch.

“Oh. What’s this?” I breathed into her ear.

Her moans became steady as one finger slid into her and the fingers of my other hand tweaked her nipple. “OH YESS BABY!” Sherry said as her hand moved down to my lap and pressed against my groin. She ran her fingers up the length of my hard-on. Sherry grabbed at my cock through my pants and rubbed it against my leg as I inserted another finger. She tightened up, “FUCK! YESS!”

I pulled my fingers out just to the tips and slid them up and down her lips until I hit her clit. She shuttered when my fingernails grazed her clit and she let out a loud gasp. I had found it.

“OH! YESS!” she moaned. “OH! GOD! YESS!”

My fingers already wet began to circle her clit causing her to moan louder and louder. The faster I rubbed her clit the louder her got. I started alternating finger-fucking her and then rubbing her clit until she leaned back biting her bottom lip and running her fingers through her hair.

“OH! OH! I’m almost THERE!” Her hips were thrusting into my hand as my other hand pinched her nipple. “THAT’S IT!” With my two fingers on either side of her clit I moved them back and forth as fast as I could. Just listening to her breathing get heavier. “OOOH! OOOOH! YESSS! YESS!” Her body began to tremble. “OOOOH! GODD!” An explosion of warmth expelled from her cunt into the palm of my hand. “I-I’MMM CCUMMMMING!”

Her fists were pulling at her hail as her breathing came in deep gasps. I was stunned at what I had just done to her. I could do nothing but watch as she wiggled her pussy around my fingers until the wave subsided.

I don’t remember anything about that movie that we ‘watched’ and was forced to rent it years later.

When we left the theater her legs were wobbly and we got meaningful glances from the ushers.

After high school Sherry moved off to college and was in a relationship with this air force guy that treated her like shit. We would talk on the phone for hours and she would tell me of how he never touched her or seemed interested in her. She would have to beg for sex and even then it was less than desired.

I could never understand why because she was hot. She thought that he may have been cheating canlı kaçak iddaa on her, but she could never prove it. She would come down to visit one of her girl friends about once a year just to get away.

Now by this time I was already married with one kid and one on the way. This is when I heard that she was down for a couple of days. I returned home from working the nightshift when she and her best friend greeted me in the parking lot of our apartments.

She must have been working out, or maybe it was the lack of sex in my own life, because when I saw her, my mouth dropped open. She was wearing this short tight black skirt with black stockings and a white top that was tight across the chest and cut low enough to show off her delicious cleavage.

Ann was her friend and was also a looker. She was wearing tight black slacks that showed off her ghetto-booty and they were hip-huggers so when she bent over you see her red thong riding up the crack of her ass. She wore a red sweater the strained to cover her amazingly big breasts.

They greeted me with a big hug and right off I could smell that they had been drinking. Sherry gave me a peck on the cheek and squeezed me crushing her tits into my chest. Ann on the other hand gave me a full body hug. When she hugged me she pressed her entire body against me, which started to excite me, and I think that she knew it. She lingered there for a few moments, pressed up against me breathing into my ear as she nuzzled into my neck.

I invited them into my apartment knowing that my wife was there and if I didn’t that she would have thought something was shady. My wife had that ‘I can’t believe they are bold enough to come here’ look on her face, but she smiled and made pleasant conversation.

I brought my children down to meet her and she in turn pulled out a camera and started taking pictures of the kids. The conversation was dry and tension was in the air. Not just because of the uneasiness between my wife and this woman that I use to date, but because at one point while my wife and I were dating Sherry had told her that she could take me away from her at any time that she wanted.

When my wife wasn’t looking or was in another room Sherry would brush her hand against my hand or rub my thigh. I could feel her eyes on me as I would get up from the couch and caught her staring at my ass more than once.

At one point I wanted to test the waters and make sure that I wasn’t reading anything into this so I put my hand on her silk thigh, just below the hem of her skirt and noticed a smile wash across her face.

She seemed to not want to cause any problems between my wife and I so they got up to leave. I walked them to their truck, which was parked at the front of the apartments a couple of buildings down from mine. Once out of eyesight of my apartment both women pulled my arms into theirs.

“Why don’t you come over tonight?” Ann asked. “We were planning on going back to my place and have a couple daiquiris.”

“Yeah that is if you wife will let you out of the house,” Sherry said jokingly.

We reached Ann’s truck and they each gave me another hug, but this time it wasn’t the hug a friend gives another friend. Sherry reached up around my neck and pulled me close nuzzling into my neck. The heat from her breath causing sudden changes down below, “I wish that you could come over, but I don’t want to cause any problems.”

“I know,” I replied. “But I am married now and have to be a good boy.” I flashed her a crooked smile.

Her reply shocked me, “Oh honey you have always been good.”

Sherry opened the door and slipped into the passenger seat causing her skirt to ride up her thighs to the top of her stockings.

I turned and Ann was standing there. Her arms encircled me in a close tight hug. Up until that moment I had never thought of her in a sexual way, but she pressed her body into me and I knew there was no hiding my erection. Ann held onto me longer than I expected and nuzzled into my neck as well. Her hips started to grind into my groin feeling my hard cock.

Her legs wrapped around the bulge in my crotch and slowly rode up and down its length as she kissed my neck. Shivers ran down my spine as blood rushed up my cock. Then as quickly as it began it ended.

I watched as they drove off into the night. I was forced to walk back to my apartment and wife with a painful hard-on. The warm air of the apartment was overbearing and I began to sweat profusely.

“Well,” my wife began in a sarcastic tone. “That was a pleasant visit. Did you know SHE was in town?”

“No,” I answered truthfully. “Had no clue. But even if you’re not, I’m glad she stopped by. I haven’t seen her in three years.” Looking at Dawn I noticed her flushed cheeks and the look in her eyes that could only mean one thing. No sex for at least a week or more.

Only the ringing of the telephone broke the next hour of silence and Dawn was in no mood to talk on the damned thing. So I walked over to the stand where the phone lay and picked up the receiver.


The canlı kaçak bahis voice on the other end of the line was unmistakable. “Steven?” Sherry’s hypnotic voice asked. “Sorry to do this to you, but I left my camera over there.”

It sat on the coffee table in the living room. “Yeah I see it. Funny I didn’t even notice it.”

She chuckled on the other end of the line, “Would be a dear and bring to Ann’s place? I would come and get it, but we started drinking and neither one of us are in any condition to drive.” There was laughing in the background and Ann’s voice could be heard, but not understood.

“Well let me check first before I say yes,” I covered the receiver and turned to Dawn. “Dear this is Ann,” I lied. “Sherry is asleep and she just realized that they left her camera over here. She wants to know if I would mind taking it to her. Do you mind?”

She let out a big sigh and turned her attention to the television. “I guess. You don’t get to see her that often. Just don’t stay out too late ok.”

My heart leapt into my throat, then speaking back into the phone, “I’ll be there in a little bit.”

After kissing Dawn goodbye, I headed off to Ann’s place. My mind was racing thinking of all the things that could happen, but I kept telling myself that I was married. It may not have been happily at the present time, but for the most part we were happy.

Not like I looked too appealing at the present moment wearing a plain white t-shirt and black sweat pants with no underwear. My hair was always the same, long and straight, but I hadn’t washed it in a couple of days so it was soft and shiny.

My tongue was pierced and I unconsciously played with the ball by running it across the front of my teeth making a clicking noise. For some reason I was nervous and couldn’t figure out why, but then thought it may have had something to do with the hugs that I got from the ladies.

Ann lived just outside of town and it took me fifteen minutes before I was pulling up in her driveway. The night was moonless and without the lights of the city it made it almost pitch black.

The doorbell rang and Ann opened the door. My eyes went instantly to the sports bra that she wore. It looked as if she had cantaloupes stuffed into it and her nipples were already hard and standing at attention. She also wore sweats, but the tops of them were rolled down to her hips and they must have shrunk in the wash because they were skintight.

Noticing my gaze she smiled, “Sorry we didn’t think you were coming so we slipped into our bed clothes.”

“Oh no reason to be sorry,” I smiled back a joker’s grin. “Its not like I am complaining.”

Sherry stepped into the hallway, “Oh he’s here. I didn’t hear him knock.”

Now I had problems because she wore a two-piece red satin nightie. It was low cut and hung just above her hard nipples with string shoulder straps. The bottoms were loose like men’s boxers, but cut high up the thigh like a bikini.

Ann giggled, “Steven I think you have some drool on the corner of your mouth.”

Blushing I walked into her home. In her house it was cold, dark and there was music playing on her stereo. The living room was modest filled with mixed furniture. There was a sliding glass door that led to the backyard and the living room was connected to the dining room.

On the dining table was two mixed drinks that were two-thirds empty. “Would you like something to drink? We have been drinking daiquiris.”

“Sure if you have some mixed up.” Ann started to the kitchen, but stumbled after three steps, which caused Sherry the burst out laughing.

“Told you that you were getting drunk,” Sherry teased still laughing at Ann. Her breasts bounced noticeably as she laughed.

Ann’s reply was simple, “Oh fuck off, ha ha.” They both laughed.

A slow song started playing on the radio as Ann continued to the kitchen and Sherry turned to me. Walking up to me she gave me a hug, which turned into a dance.

We moved slowly to the music, our bodies barely touching just close enough for her nipples to rub against my chest. Their hardness tracing circles around mine as my hands held onto her hips.

My dick was again painfully hard creating a tent of my sweats. But there was nothing that I could do but wear it proudly. She moved closer and pressed herself against my hardness and grinned in response.

The song ended and the dance was over. By this time Ann walked back in handing me a glass of red mush.

“Has fresh strawberries in it. Taste it and tell me what you think.”

I took the drink and downed half of it trying to relax. That’s when I noticed that she noticed my pop-tent.

“I need another drink,” Sherry stated and she went in to the kitchen to refresh her drink.

“Well looks like you have a little problem there,” Ann flirted.

A puzzled look appeared on my face, “Pardon?”

She reached down and wrapped her fingers around my cock, “I meant this. Hmmm. Looks like you are having a problem with your sweats.”

I smiled, “I don’t think it is a problem, do you?” From the kitchen doorway Sherry stood watching Ann stroking my manhood. I tried to remind myself that I was married, but the alcohol was rushing to my head quickly.

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