Blind Date, Part 3 Our Saturday Trip


Part 3 Our Saturday trip

We had our shower together, and washed each other clean. I had a thought about something and decided if there was more of us, after today, then I’d go out and buy it. Anyway we played tickle in the shower and ended up getting more water outside than in. Jessie left and got dressed in the clothes she wore yesterday and I put on shorts and T shirt.

I looked at Jessie when she told me that she needed more clothes and to stop at one of those cheap clothing store, which we did. She started choosing different clothes and went to try them on. As I was waiting outside the change room, Jessie opened the door and beckoned me in with her finger. I looked around and saw that other people were down the front of the store. So, I opened the door, went in and locked the door behind me. There was Jessie naked, except for her platform shoes. The shoes make her about as tall as me.

Anyway there she was standing there all smiles and naked. She placed her arms around my neck and kissed me full on the lips. I grabbed her arse cheeks and pulled her into my hard cock. At that, she reached down past the waist band of my shorts, grabbing my cock and smiled. I looked into her blue eyes and then kneeled down in front of her, lowering my arse onto my heels. Jessie saw me go down, and so, splayed her legs apart.

I pulled her pussy into my mouth and found that she was already wet. I started to lick her slit up to her clit. Jessie moaned and I stopped and looked up at her and said, “Honey you can’t moan they’ll hear us and we’ll get in trouble.” she replied, “Okay.” and grabbed her skirt off the hook. She placed the skirt into her mouth and I resumed licking her slit.

As I licked I paid particular attention to her clitoris and every so often I’d bath the hood of her clit. As I sucked her I could feel little ripples run down her body and into her clit. Each time the ripple went through Jesse’s body, she’d moan into the skirt, which was still in her mouth. The moan was that loud I thought that anyone close by would hear it and come to investigate. Soon her clit had become hard from my attention, so I drew her clit between my teeth and started sucking as hard as I could.

All of a sudden Jessie started another orgasm. She pushed down hard on my mouth and her juices flowed over my face and into my mouth. The orgasm caused her knee to buckle and I was just lucky to catch her before she fell to the floor. I stood her up and she clung to me until she was able to stand by herself. The room smelt of sex from Jesse’s cum and luckily the clothes, except for her skirt, were still on hooks on the wall so none were damaged by us. I looked at Jessie and she smiled weakly at me, then she pushed me back against the wall and got down onto her knees.

Jessie pulled my shorts off and left my cock sitting in the breeze. She watched my cock while she started to jack me off. My manhood was already hard from my ministration to Jesse’s clit. It was now I felt what Jessie had felt, when I started on her. I kept on thinking that someone would hear us and come to investigate. I started moaning as Jessie rimmed my cock with her tongue, then putting my cock between her lips she ran down one side, licking the underside as she went. She came back to the head licked across the slit, casino siteleri leaving a trail of either cum or spit. Then she ran her mouth down the other side of my cock again letting her tongue lick the underside.

I know from my attention to her clit, the aroma of her juice, what she was doing to my cock and the fear of getting caught, excited me beyond belief. I could feel the cum boiling in my sack and rising every second. Jessie went back to the top of my cock and placed the head between her lips, as she started deep throating me. I knew I couldn’t take much more. So, I grabbed both sides of her head and started thrusting into her mouth. I was thrusting so much my balls were hitting Jessie on the chin. Then all of a sudden I rammed home into her mouth, pushing into her gullet, and shot my load. It was so incredible I pump at least two loads down Jesse’s throat, holding her mouth against my groin. As I finally came down of my high, I let go of Jessie, who had to take deep breaths before she could stand. Jessie was still kneeling on the floor, when she looked up at me and smiled. I thought I’m going to marry this girl, she was everything I ever wanted in a woman.

Finally Jessie could stand and as she did so, wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing me deeply on the lips. I could taste my cum on her tongue and her breath. When we were finished Jessie got dressed into her clothes. She handed me a wet one so I could wash my face, cleaning off her juice. As we were ready, Jessie took the clothes she picked, out to the front counter. Jessie also picked a few other clothes as well, which she asked for my opinion of.

I thought that she must be going to stay the night again, so I just told her everything looks good on you, which brought a big smile to her face. We bought the clothes and started our way out through the front door. All of a sudden I noticed this man, who walked out of an office. He saw us and smiled and waved and said, “Come back any time.” It was then I noticed the sign behind his head saying ‘These Change Rooms Have Video Cameras Installed In Them. Someone is Always Watching You.’ I showed Jessie the sign and she burst out laughing, as we left.

We got back into my car and drove to Palm Beach, which was about 45 minutes. Once we arrived we we bought some food and drink to take with us. A short time later, after some directions, I found the place that hired boats out. We hire a little tinny (aluminium boat) and proceeded to cross the water to this little beach. I remember this beach quiet well. Mum and Dad took my sister and me to this beach one day. It was in a little open cove that was named ‘Resolute Beach.’

As we were making our way across the water, Jessie said, “Can I strip down.” I replied, “Go girl.” and she took everything off and placed them in the plastic bag that carried the food. So I decided to stripped as well placing my gear into the same bag.

Jessie sat at the front of the boat with her legs splayed open. I knew of no other beautiful sight than this naked girl posing, herself, for me only. I just had to say something, “Jessie you’re the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever known. You don’t have to strip to stimulate me, you excite me just by being you.” Jessie smiled and it looked like she was crying, when she replied, “Jason I slot oyna can’t stop giving myself to you. I promised myself that after Tommy, my brother, I would wait till I was married. But I found you and I just want you all to myself.” At that Jessie crawled down to me and lay in my arms. I kissed her on the forehead and I said, “Well I suppose that I only have to say, be my lover, be my girlfriend, be my wife?” Jessie looked at me in surprise and said, “Yes to the first two. But, can I think on the last one?” I said, “Of course honey. Anything for you.”

It was then that I looked at Jessie and said, “Honey I’ve got to tell you something too.” She replied “What?” and she looked worried now. I said, “Honey, I had a relationship with my sister too. It happened and I can say truthfully that I love my sister very, very much because of it. I feel very close to her. So, I want you to understand the way I feel about Merry, is very deep.” At that Jessie looked at me, and I couldn’t tell what she was thinking when she said, “You sick fuck. How could you fucken have sex with your little sister. How could you take away her virginity. You fucken sick pervert.” I was attacked and I got angry, so I said, “Listen here, my sister is older than me, by 3 years. Second she’s the one who made the advance on me, playing with my cock and showing me how to fuck her. And last I love her more now, for who she is, than ever before. She’d never be replaced unless it’s with you.”

Jessie looked at me sternly, then laughed. She laughed so long that she nearly wept. Then as she recovered, said, “Oh, honey if only you could see your face. I know what you mean. Toby’s the same for me. I love him so dearly that I wasn’t thinking of any other man, until you. He was the only man who I would let touch me. He’s my hero and my protector and my lover.” She stopped for a few second and then went on to say, looking apologetic, ”I’m sorry. I was only pissing with you and seeing what you’d say. Honey I’m really glad you’re that close to your sister.” At that I calmed down when Jessie put her arms around me and started lightly kissing me over the face, then kissing me tenderly on the lips.

We arrived at the beach a short time later, and luckily we were alone. Jessie and I pulled the boat up the sand then took everything out. We found a nice tree that we could sit under comfortably, on the sand and have our lunch. After lunch, I was laying my head in Jesse’s naked lap, with eyes closed. Jessie was running her fingers through my hair. She said, out of the blue, “Does Merry have a boyfriend or is she married?” I said, “No. The last bloke was an arse hole and took her for money. She’s home now with mum and dad. Why?” Jessie was still running her hand through my hair, when she said, “Well Toby’s looking for a girlfriend and he’s very handsome.” I opened my eye and Jessie was looking down at me. I replied, “We invite them down for a weekend, say in a months time?” Jessie said, “Yeah that sounds good. I betcha they’ll get on as well as we do.” I said, “Yeah I think they would.”

Jessie then lifted my head up and placed it down on the sand. I was wondering what she was going to do, when she straddled my head with her knees and laid down, with her face close to my cock. I reached around her legs and pulled that hairless pussy into canlı casino siteleri my mouth and started licking on her slit. Jessie was bobbing her head on my cock and every so often she stop at the top, to lick around the edge of it. Jessie had also pushed her knees further into the sand, which helped me with access to her cunt. I was licking the slit, and chewing on her clit. I pushed one finger in and pumped her pussy, while her juices were overflowing and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Jessie stopped and swung around so that we were face to face. Then she pushed herself up onto her knees and as she sat back down, she put her hand between us, grabbed my cock and slipped it into her velvet pussy. This girl couldn’t get enough of cock and she knew it. Now she was riding my cock, lifting her arse up an down on it. I just laid there letting her work her own magic. Soon she was jackhammering on my cock and I laid there just watching her, when she stopped again, lifted off my cock and said, “I wanna try anal again.” She again grabbed my cock and plopped down on to it. The feeling of her tight sphincter, as it engulfed my cock, was enough to make me blow my load.

Jessie was sore for a moment, but with my cock covered in her juice, she moved past that quickly. She was now ramming my cock into her arse, when I slapped one cheek. Then waited and slapped the other. I kept this up for a little while when she put her hand onto her clit and started rubbing it hard. I was doing everything to keep from blowing my load, and seeing this I couldn’t stop. I shot load after load of cum directly into her arse. She rammed down once more and froze in that spot. The sphincter muscle was now clamping around the base of my cock, while Jessie was pulling on her clit. All of a sudden I saw her eyes roll back into her head and she stayed like that for a short while.

She waited in that position for some time, when all of a sudden she fell backwards onto the sand. My cock slipped out of her invaded arse because it had wilted, while Jessie was above me. I raised myself up on my elbows and looked down at Jessie and saw that she was wasted. I got up and lay next to her, just watching her breath. It must have been a good orgasm because of her panting and the colour of her face, being red.

I got up, walked over and picked up a drink for her. I went back over and laid back down. Finally she gathered enough breath to say, “Oh Jason that was wonderful. I love your cock.” I smiled at her and just opened the can and handed it over. She accepted and sucked some of the cola into her mouth. I waited for a short time when she looked at me and smiled. “I’m glad that I went on that blind date. I nearly went home because I hate people trying to match you up.” I told her the same thing.

When were rested enough Jessie and I got and walked down to the water. We started playing tickle and chasing the other down the beach or into the water. Jessie was really enjoying herself. She was smiling and laughing so much, that I hated to leave. But, it was getting late and we had to return the boat and go home. We washed ourselves once more and after that, got into the boat, and started motoring across the water. Jessie cuddled into me, as I rested my arm around her shoulder. I would every so often pinch her tit or nipple and she would pinch me back. Finally we were close enough that we had to get dressed, so we put on our clothes and went back to cuddling.

Part 4, That night

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