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I had you tied to my bowflex. You were blindfolded and you were on your back. Your arms tied to the back of it above your head. Your feet were tied up to the bar overhead and a rope wrapped around the back of your knees keeping them tight to your chest. Your ass was stickin up just off the bench from the tension on your legs. Your pink pussy bared to the air and your tigh little asshole easily accessible.

Spreading your pussy lips I pour warming lube on and in your pussy. Rubbing it in with my fingers I make sure every warm fold is covered. Some of it drips down to your ass and I massage that onto your tight little anus and the surrounding area. Your skin starts to heat up and a small sigh of pleasure greets my ears. Leaning down I low air lightly at you. The air against your wet skin sends quick shivers through you turning into a hot yearning building in your pussy. I leave the warming lube to do it’s job and kneel next to your face. I slap you on the cheek with my cock and you open your mouth and stick out your tongue eager to take my cock any way you can. I push my cock tothe back of your mouth to the tight entrance of your throat. with one hand I grip your hair, making a fist in the already tangled strands. With the other hand I slap you across the cheek at the same moment as I thrust forward, holding your head in place by your hair. You gag momentarily causing your throat to constrict around the head of my cock. As I pull out your throat grips the head o my dick and creates a wonderful suction. This time when I thrust forward again you are ready and push your head forward to match my thrust. Your face pushes up tightly against my body as my entire cock disappears into your warm wet mouth. with my cock buried deep in your throat I slap you hard across the face. You attempt to laugh as you normally do and it causes you to gag and swallow sending ripples of pleasure through my body. I pull out once more and slap you again on the cheek with my cock covering your face in my precum and your saliva. The sight makes my restraint break for a moment and I thrus hard back into your mouth, fucking your face fast and deep. After a few thrusts I reach down and slap your pussy.

The sensation instantly draws the blood flow to your pussy causing your clit and cunt lips to swell. The temperature of the skin rises even further and your cum begins to flow. I pull away from your mouth and you try and follow my cock. I stand up and straddle the bench you are laying on. I stand silently letting the anticipation build within you as you do not know where I am or what casino siteleri I am going to do. You shift your hips exposing your pussy even more. Without touching you I position the head of my cock atthe entrance to your vag, not quite touching you. Giving you no war ignore I drive my hips forward and bury the entire length of my cock into your tigh little cunt. The head of my cock pushes roughy agains your cervix and you let out a scream of pleasure/pain. I reach forward and grip your throat tightly. I mercilessly fuck you as hard and fast as possible giving your greedy cunt the pounding it’s been craving. You continue to scream as my cock stretches your tight cunt, driving deep with every stroke.
The muscles in your vag start to contract and with no warning a powerful orgasm rocks through your body. Your screams of pleasure fill the air driving me forward even harder. Your pussy grips my dick tightly trying to milk the cum out of it. Unable to hold back while youre moaning I thrust forward as deep as I can as my cock shoots ht sticky cum deep inside you. I thrust hard a few more times pushing my cum deeper intoyour cunt.

With a didlo in my hand I pull out quickly and shove it in instantly replacing my cock. I drive it into you with extreme speed as it bottoms out with each stroke. Hitting the perfect spot your orgasm begins to build, just beyond reach. Continuing to thrust the dildo deep into you I kneel beside you again shoving y cock Ito your mouth. Your tongue swirls around my cock tasting ever drop of our cum. After suckin my cock clean I move to lick your clit. I pull the toy out and use it to slap you hard on the clit coveringthe entire area in our cum. I bury the toy back into your eager snatch and quickly lean forward licking your clit and tasting our cum. Licking it all up I focus my attention on yor clit as I continue to drive the dildo deep Into you. Your body tenses on the verge of orgasm unable to cum from the dildo. I I stand up and pull the didlo out of your cunt and drive my cock back into you. Your pussy is on fire from the constant fucking. The feel of my warm cock driving against the back o your cunt pushes your body over the edge. Your entire body shakes and tenses as you are rocked by a massive orgasm. Your pussy convulses around my cock as your cum covers me. I continue to pound Ito you as your orgasm fades. As your body begins to relax I pull out and position the head of my cock at your ass. I push forward roughly sending shooting waves of pleasure and pain through you. Three thrusts is all It takes for your ass to take my entire slot oyna length. As soon as it does I grab the toy and force it all the way into your cunt. You can feel your ass stretching and you let out a scream of pain. Followed quickly by a moan of pleasure as I begin to slowly thrust in and out of your ass. pushing deep I move the toy in time with my thrusts. I pick up the pace and your muscles contract in time with my thrusts. My balls begin to tighten and I feel my orgasm building. I pull out and drive my cock into your cunt nex to the toy. You scream intime with my thrusts as your puss stretches to it’s limit while being fucked hard. The toy pushes up against your spot with every stroke and the tip of my cock and the toy push agains your cervix with every thrust. Unable to hold back any longer I explode letting a huge burst of cum into you. The hot cum filling you pushes you over the edge as well and a third orgasm grips your body. As we cum together I lean forward and kiss you deeply. As our orgasms fade I hold still, my full length packed tight inside your pussy next to the dildo. I reach down and begin to slowly move the dildo in and out. We soon both become too sensitive and I pull the to out. Your pussy adjusts quickly and grips my cock tightly. I slowly rock my hips feeling the warm embrace of your abused cunt. I pull out and bury my face in your cunt. Our cum tastes amazing mixed in your pussy. I push my cock back in once more soaking it in our cum for you to taste. You suck all of the cum off my cock enthusiastically savoring every drop. I lean down and kiss you deeply before untying you. We are not done… Just need to switch your position

You were laying on your back on the bench. Hands tied above your head and your eyes blindfolded. There was a bar holding your knees close to your chest and your ass and pussy were completely exposed. Cum from both of us covered both holes. You knew I was close by but I was silent and you couldn’t tell where.

SMACK! I smack your ass cheek hard and you let out a whimper. Both pleasure and pain. A few more seconds go by… Another smack, lighter this time and across your pussy. Your hips buck forward instinctively. Your body is craving morefrom me. You have finally given in to me turning into my little personal nympho.

Suddenly my mouth is on your clit sucking it into my mouth, letting it grind past my teeth as I do. Suckin on it hard I flick my tongue across it as I shove two fingers hard into your pussy pushing hard against your swollen gspot. Your pussy is swollen and tender but it is craving canlı casino siteleri more.

“fuck yes” you let out quietly.

SMACK! Another hard smack on your ass.

“may I cum please?”

I pull my mouth away and let my fingers sit stationary on your gspot. Not knowing what I’m doing your body visibyl tenses, wanting to cum desperately.

I ram my cock up to the hilt into your already cum filled asshole. “yes you can cum bitch” as I pound your upraised ass I continue to rub your gspot. The angle has my cock pushing hard towards the front wall and I can feel the sensitive wall of flesh being squeezed between m fingers and cock. Bothyour asshole and cunt start to squeeze down on me.

“thank you! Oh my GOD!” you scream as yet another orgasm sends your entire body into convulsions of pure pleasure.

“Milk that fucking cock with your greedy little asshole you little slut”

I pull out of your ass and instantly slam all the way into your pussy covering my cock in your fresh cum. After pulling out and slamming back in three times I shove my cock back in your ass.

“fuck me hard!” you yell. I smack your ass hard again and continue to slam my dick into your ass. Pulling ou with every stroke and slamming back into it. I reach forward and grip your throat seeing pure ecstasy on your face. I slam into you pussy once more and then back into your ass and then pull away.

Suddenly you feel my cock pressing at your lips. You open your mouth eagerly and I shove my cock into your throat. “taste our cum like a good little slut. Keep milking that cock” your only reply is to shove your mouth further down on to my cock. I pinch your nipple and then slap your tit lightly. I then place my hand on your throat and squeeze causing your throat to get even tighter around my cock.

I pull out sharply and then you feel my mouth once more on your clit. Tasting your cum nearly puts me over the edge. I stand up and shove my cock all the way Ito your pussy. “do you want my cum in your sweet little pussy?”

“please, please. Cum with me. Give me that fuckin cum”

I grip your throat and fuck your pussy hard feeling the pressure build up in my balls. Your pussy begins to clench as your orgasm builds. With a hard thrust I shoot cum deep into your pussy. The feeling of my hot cum filling ou pushes you over the edge and another orgasm grips your body. Your pussy convulses in time with my throbbing cock as I shoot more and more cum into you. Your pussy is so full of cum that it starts to seep out. I pull out my still hard cock and wipe up the cum with the head of it. I walk over to your mouth and say “taste it” as I slowly push my cock into you mouth letting you savor the taste of both of our cum

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