Bound for Hawaii II


Bound for Hawaii IIPlease read chapter one first.Bound for Hawaii Part III had barely heard Rule 5 as Jessica’s legs lowered her pussy onto my waiting mouth. I held my tongue out as rigid as I could and felt it slowly slide into her tight, hot, wet pussy. Her juices slowly ran into my mouth and I could taste her sweetness. There is no other taste like young pussy I thought to myself.I could feel hands slowly stroking and caressing my cock but I ignored them as much as possible and concentrated on the task at hand. Jessica had made it very clear that it was my duty to make her cum. I tongue fucked her as best as I could in my restrained condition. She got the idea pretty quickly and started slowly rising and lowering herself on my tongue. After a few minutes I let my tongue slide back to her asshole and when she came down on my face I slide it forward to her cunt hole and up to her clit. I could feel the tenseness in her body as my tongue came in contact with her clit.“Oh my God!!” I heard her say, almost in a whisper. She lifted her ass up a little so I could gain better access and I repeated the process over and over. Sometimes I would tongue her asshole a little, sometimes I would quickly flick her clit in rapid fire mode, and sometimes I would tongue fuck her again. The whole time her body would continue to tense and quiver. I could not see what was happening but I pictured her pinching and twisting her cherry top nipples, making them hard and engorged with blood.I continued to feel hands around my cock and I had no idea who it was. Was it Monica slowly milking the pre cum out of my cock? I already knew Monica loved cum.Was it Jen with her beautiful tits and giant nipples, bouncing up and down, her hands barely able to go around Sea Monster? Maybe it was both and they were locked in a kiss, their tongues fighting for superiority. Maybe, while Jen was playing with my dick, Monica was three fingers deep into Jen. Maybe…..I could sense I was almost putting myself over the edge with my fantasies so I started concentrating on Jessica again. When I went back with my tongue I tried to force it into her tight little kağıthane escort asshole. Once again, she could sense what I was doing and two hands appeared and she pulled her cheeks as far apart she could. I licked and pushed my tongue as hard as I could but her ass was impenetrable. I went back to her pussy for more lube and back to her ass, still no way in.One hand held her cheeks apart, another came under between my face and her ass. I watched as she dipped her little finger in her cunt and then slid it back to her ass. She pushed and twisted and finally got in up to her first knuckle. I had never seen an ass so tight. As she did this I licked and flicked away at her pussy. As I ate her pussy, she was able to get her little finger in further and further. Finally, she started to finger fuck herself as I ate her pussy. Her pussy really started to flow and I knew she was getting close.“Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuuck!” she yelled and she came all at once. Her juices started flowing out over my face and mouth. I lapped up all I could, the whole time thanking God for young, hot pussy.“Damn girl, you sure make a mess when you cum.” I heard Monica say. I felt something tight go around my dick and I realized someone was putting a condom on me. Jessica just leaned forward, her head resting on my stomach. I could see her tiny asshole and pussy quiver and convulse in the final stages of her orgasm. I could see the creamy pussy juice slowly leak out her tight and bright red pussy, her lips swollen and spread out in the perfect butterfly shape. Her juices covering my neck and chest. I wished my hands were free so I could pull her pussy to my mouth and suck all I could from her pussy.I felt a hand wrap itself around my cock and someone’s pussy being slowly lowered on to it. I could see from the top of their head it was Monica. Not many can take my size the first time so I was amazed as she slowly slid all the way down, the Sea Monster fully engulfed in her womanhood. I could feel the head of my cock pressing against her uterus and pussy slowly squeezing as she became used bakırköy escort to my girth.Jessica rolled off of me and turned around and started kissing my face and lips, cleaning her juices from my neck and chest, biting at my nipples and making them hard. I was able to get a good look at Monica, only the whites of her eyes were visible due to her eyes being almost shut. She had a slight smile, almost a smirk and her hands were busy rubbing her tits, squeezing them together and pulling hard on her tiny nipples.I could finally look around and see how my world had changed. A couple of hours earlier I was captain of my own ship, heading into the sunset on my dream trip. Now I was a fuck toy for three young women, held captive by my own lines on my own boat. I had an eighteen year old horny as hell girl licking her cum off of my face, I had her older cousin sitting on my cock and …“Where the hell is Jen”, I thought. I quickly looked around and she was nowhere to be seen. She must have been below deck, I hope she hadn’t gone overboard! I looked around, slightly panicked and all of a sudden the lines around my arms and legs pulled tight.“Looking for someone, Capn,” I heard Jen say. “Don’t worry someone has to be on look out. Besides, we don’t want you to get loose now, do we? I’m going to let these girls have their fun with you and then tonight you will be all mine. I’m going to need your undivided attention.”“What the hell?” I thought to myself. “I’m too old to keep this shit up. I can’t keep three old women happy much less three horny young women.” All my thinking caused my dick to begin shrinking and Monica wasn’t too happy about that.“Hey, you old fart!” “Fuckin pay attention to what you’re doing!” I looked up at Monica and she was slowly rocking her hips forward and backward. I could feel the tightness of her pussy as she moved and my dick started to harden again. “Oh, that’s nice!” she said, as she leaned way back, my dick pressing up tight inside her, against her g-spot. I could see the outline of cock and the head behind her mound, deep in her body. That şişli escort made my cock even harder.“Oh, fuck yeah! Give me your big old cock, Capn! Make me cum you dirty fuckin old man! Fill me with your cum, stretch out my tight fuckin pussy around your cock……! She liked to talk dirty!As she leaned back I watched her clit poke out from it’s hood, begging for attention I couldn’t give. As she rocked back and forth her clit played hide and seek, alternately sliding out for peek and then hiding in the safety of her pussy. Apparently I wasn’t the only that noticed because Jessica leaned and started licking Monica’s pussy from my dick up to her clit. She timed herself with Monica’s rocking and hit her clit with her tongue whenever it would poke it’s beautiful little head out.“Fuckin lick my clit, you little cum sucking whore! Make me cum on your face you bitch! You like my pussy don’t you! You like the taste of old man cum and pussy you little bitch!” Monica was lost in her own lust, she was beyond rocking now and was sliding up and down my giant cock. Jessica just put her head on stomach and flicked Monica’s clite every time she came close to her mouth while Monica pumped her pussy up and down on my cock. It was all getting to be too much for me as a guttural growl escaped from my lips.My cock exploded into Monica’s hot pussy just as she came. My cum was spurting, line after line, filling the condom and leaking out the bottom. At the same time Monica’s love juice flowing over my shrinking cock and mixing with my cum and Jessica was , ready and willing to enjoy it all. Just like the little lap dog bitch that she was. My dick popped out of Monica’s pussy and more juice leaked out. Jessica leaned forward and pulled the condom off from the tip and let it all flow over my dick. She proceeded to clean up the mess, playing with my cum with her fingers. She scooped up what she could and brought up to her cousin’s mouth, Monica sucking on Jessica’s fingers, tasting her own cum mixed with mine.I lay back exhausted. I couldn’t remember the last time I was able to cum twice in a couple of hours. I felt dehydrated and weak. I wanted to sleep.I looked down at Monica and Jessica and they were locked in a 69 position, plunging their tongues into each other’s love holes. They licked and slurped each other as they started anew.I felt the lines tighten again around my arms and legs, slowly pulling them apart.Why did I get the feeling I was in trouble now…………

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