Brandon’s Fuckslut Family Ch. 03


Brandon wasn’t sure what happened, one minute he was standing at the side of the pool, the next, he was climbing out, soaked and sputtering. He was glad he’d only been wearing a shirt and shorts, it stuck to him like a second skin.

He looked up to see Bliss, wearing a tiny silver bikini and looking down at him with a huge grin on her face. Then it dawned on him.

“Bliss. You little brat. You pushed me in, what the fuck for!”

“For laughs, Uncle B. You were standing too close, the temptation was too great!”

“You bitch. I’m soaked. I oughtta tan your ass!”

“You’d have to catch me first, Uncle B!” The tiny blonde took off, but because of his long legs, Brandon caught her with ease. He picked up the tiny, squirming blonde and over to a nearby deck chair, Bliss wriggling and trying to break free.

“Knock it off, Bliss or I’ll really do it!”

“You wouldn’t dare !”

Brandon didn’t like his authority challenged, he turned the blonde teenager over and pulled her bikini to one side. He swatted her ass 5 times, trying not to think how cute her little bubble-butt was and how firm it seemed. She wriggled a bit, but didn’t seem to be trying to break free.

As a matter of fact, she seemed to be drifting and rubbing against him. He let her up and she had an entirely different look on her face.

“I’m sorry, Uncle B!” she said.

“It’s okay.”

“No, it isn’t. I think you should take me inside and spank me some more!”

“Not necessary Bliss, you’ve been punished enough.”

“Who says I want to be punished Uncle Brandon? I liked having you spank my ass, it felt hot and very sexy.”

Brandon was amazed yet again at his sister’s crazy kids. First Julee, now Bliss? Oh no, he wasn’t going to go down this road again.

Bliss came over to him and stood on tippy-toe, her cute face and baby-blue eyes staring up at him. Her body was perilously close and she wasn’t backing off.

“Am I making you uncomfortable, Uncle B? I think I am. I think you’re having naughty thoughts, Uncle B. Perverted thoughts. Like the kind of things you did with Julee.”

Whoa — she knew and she didn’t seem repulsed or shocked.

“Silly Uncle B — of course I know, we do share a bed” Bliss purred. She wasn’t going to tell him what else they shared, she didn’t think he was ready for that — yet. When the time came though ….

Brandon turned away and headed inside, but Bliss followed right behind. He sat down on the couch and Bliss plopped her bikini-clad body right on top of him, wrapping her slim arms around his neck.

“You’re nice to cuddle with, Uncle B. What’s the matter? Dontcha love me?” Bliss wiggled around a bit, feeling his cock twitch.

“Of course I love you Bliss, you’re my niece and I … “

“Do you love me as much as Julee?”

“Bliss, that isn’t a fair question. Of course I do, but I … “

“You fucked Julee. If you love me as much, shouldn’t you fuck me too?”

“By your logic, I should fuck Autumn and Tabby as well.”

Fucking-A, Bliss thought, but she didn’t voice that thought. “I am only thinking in the moment Uncle B. I’m a cutie, I have a great ass and a nice, tight blonde pussy. I am also one, wild incredible fuck, but if you’re too dumb to find that out, then I can go.”

Bliss went to get up, but her Uncle held her arm.

“Wait a second.”

Bliss knew she had him.

“Bliss, are you sure about this? Once we cross that line, we can never go back. It’s a very dangerous line.”

Bliss crossed her arms under her breasts, God, she was sexy in a sexkitten kind-of-way. “Uncle B, people always underestimate me because I’m cute. I’m also a straight-A student and I know what is going on. I want us to fuck, simple as that.”

“No one can know. NO one, Bliss.”

“Julee will know. She can always tell when I’ve had sex.”

“When you’ve … you’re not a virgin?”

“Duhhh Uncle B — I’m eighteen, what do you think?”

That set Brandon’s mind at ease, at least he wouldn’t be taking her virginity. Going for it, he scooped up the tiny blonde teen in his arms and carried her up to the room she shared with Julee. Her lips were casino siteleri nuzzling his neck, little imp. God, were all the women in this house hot-to-trot?

Bliss was more savvy then he’d given her credit for, she moved out of his arms and wiggled her way to the bed, flaunting her delectable ass. “If you’re as great a fuck as I hear you are, Uncle B … ” she purred ” … I’ll let you fuck that next.”

He moved in and took her in his arms, she tasted of mint and sex. Her tiny little tongue slipped into his mouth and whipped around, she tasted her Uncle’s lips and Bliss’s hands literally ripped his still-damp shirt from his chest. “I’ll buy you a new one” she said, still kissing him.

“It’s worth it” Brandon answered, still cuddling her close, his hands now on her gorgeous tush, loving the rounded feeling of it in his hands. She was half on her knees on the bed, he stood up and sat down beside her, kicking his shorts off. Nothing underneath, just his skin and semi-erect cock.

Bliss was beside herself with excitement. She was going to fuck her Uncle B and feel that piece of meat in her cunt — maybe her ass — and cum and cum and cum.

“Hey, little miss?”

“Yes, Uncle B?” she said as she stroked his cock idly, feeling it twitch.

“Didn’t we discuss me spanking that sexy ass of yours?”

“Yes — Yes, we did. Oh Uncle B, please, warm my ass, it’ll get my pussy all wet and juicy for you.” She turned around and pulled her bikini bottom to the side, there were already telltale signs of moisture on her pussy lips. Brandon was beginning to sense that Bliss liked it a bit wild, her sweet face belying a depraved nature.

Brandon didn’t want to hurt her, but he’d punished her before and it had only turned her on, so he swatted her. At first, too lightly, she yelled for him to hit harder. His 3rd swat was just right, by the tenth, her ass was glowing and her pussy was already dripping girl-cum onto the bed. Bliss was moaning with joy.

“Oh, Uncle B, it felt so fucking good, your hands swatting my ass. Do you want to fuck me now, Uncle B? Do you?”

Brandon wasn’t about to cede too much control to Bliss, so he shook his head. “Not quite yet, Bliss. If you are going to have sex with me, like Julee did, you’re going to have to satisfy me as well.”

Bliss put her hand to her mouth. “Oh, I am sorry Uncle Brandon, you’re right. I should be taking care of you, sucking your wonderful cock and getting it hard to fuck me. I’ll take care of that right now, you’ll see, I’m a wonderful cocksucker!”

Brandon thought it odd to think of his niece as a cocksucker, but only for a minute, for the instant Bliss took his dick into her mouth, she lived up to her name. It was bliss, her talent for oral was unsurpassed. She sucked cock with skill, rubbing his balls gently while she blew him, going from tip to bottom and back again, her blue eyes never leaving his own. She made a show out of it and her mouth was warm and soft and her lips just sucked until he couldn’t hold it and Brandon came in her mouth. The little nymph swallowed it in one gulp. “It’s a talent” she smiled, anticipating his question.

“I-I’m sorry Bliss, I know you wanted me to fuck you and ….”

Bliss put her hand on his shoulder. “Silly Uncle B, I wanted your cum. No one can resist my mouth, so don’t sweat it. You are going to fuck me, you’re going to fuck the stuffing out of me!”

Brandon teased “Am I now?”

“Oh Uncle B, after I suck your cock and balls hard again, you won’t be able to resist me. You’ll stuff little Bliss full of hard Uncle-dick — make her squeal — and my tight wet pussy will grip your cock and …. “

Brandon grabbed Bliss and pulled her close, silencing her a kiss so savage it took her breath away. This was the Uncle B she had wanted to see, the one Julee had told her was buried under the surface of his calm attitude, a man of primal lusts and raw passion.

“Okay bitch, prove it. You said you can get me up again, suck that dick so I can fuck you.”

“Don’t you want to suck my hot little twat?” she leered at him.

“Later girl — right now, your mouth needs to be on my dick, got it?”

Wow slot oyna — Uncle B had a few surprises up his sleeve, Bliss was finding out. She smiled at him and her blue eyes sparkled, then her sweet, soft mouth was back on his cock.

“Mrfff, mrymm, mrfff” Bliss mumbled as she sucked his cock, with a different technique this time. She was more slithery this time, really wetting it, his cock glistened from her licking.

“What did you say Bliss?”

“I said you have a great cock Uncle B and I could get addicted to sucking it.”

“We’ll see about that, get back to work, you wild little slut.”

Brandon had good instincts, he seemed to pick up on the fact his niece liked talking dirty and nasty sex. Yeah, a little loving was fine, but Bliss really liked a bit of nasty with her fucking. Okay, he could do that.

Bliss wanted to really turn Uncle B on, so when she wanted him to fuck her constantly-horny cunt, she’d have a willing partner. She had no doubts she could do it, Julee had clued her in to some things, but didn’t mean she was going to make any assumptions either. Men could be such silly creatures, so Bliss continued to put her all into the blowjob.

Brandon kept pushing the thought that this amazing little fuckstress was his niece to the back of his head. Christ , he was going to hell for sure now, he’d had sex with both his nieces. Well, at least he hadn’t fucked the twins. Christ , if his sister caught them, she’d lop his balls off. Christ , Bliss has got a mouth like warm butter ….

Bliss loved this — if it was kinky or naughty, it got to Bliss. Maybe it was because people expected things of her because of how she looked, but Bliss rebelled against all her stereotypes. Oh sure, she looked sweet — but she knew she had the most fire of all the siblings. She looked like a sexkitten, but Bliss could do slinky or vampy with the best of them. Being a pale-blonde, people thought Bliss was dumb, but the wheels were always turning. It was she who’d cooked up this little web of seduction, and she’d seduced everyone she desired into her clutches. Everyone .

“Well Uncle B, did I lie?”

No, she hadn’t — he was rock-solid again, Bliss had made him that way in just minutes. His dick was red-hot and he felt like he might even be harder than normal.

“Okay hot-stuff, ready for the main event?” Brandon said in a mock-snarl, keeping the mood that they’d set.

“I can take anything you fucking dish out, you bastard!” Bliss said, but when his dick slammed hard into her cunt from behind, she screamed. Oh God, he was hung — Julee was right , he was one of the best & biggest cocks she’d ever had and okay, calm down Bliss, you can do this, this fucking bastard uncle of mine is going to know he’s been fucked !

Brandon couldn’t get over the difference in his niece’s cunts — Bliss was hot and wet and smooth, even though she was tight and tiny, she was taking all of his dick and fucking back. Bliss was a little sexpot, why hadn’t he seen that, the discarded bikini was evidence of that. She pumped her ass back against him as her took her, hard, and she was grunting and gasping, yet begging for more.

“Oh Uncle Brandon, that’s it, give it to me, you hard-cocked fucker, give it to me, yeah, that’s the way, yessss, fuck me, fuck ME !” Bliss howled as his dick reached bottom and she feared she’d split in two.

Brandon fucked her deep and hard and swatted her ass again, she shivered and bucked every time he did that — for such a tiny girl, she sure could handle whatever he was willing to dish out. His hips pistoned as he thrust in and out of her tiny, almost-virginal cunt. Her body was moving back and her blonde hair whipped every which way, but she wasn’t backing down, not in the slightest.

Brandon was impressed — Bliss might even be a better fuck than Julee, although their styles were totally different. Bliss looked like a kitten, but fucked like a wildcat, he laughed inwardly.

The wildcat came — loud, he thought his sister might hear her in Ireland — Brandon had to hang on, he couldn’t cum, he had to hang on, oh shitttt …..

His cum flooded her pussy and he hoped she had the common canlı casino siteleri sense, but “I’m on the pill” were the next words out of his niece’s mouth. He stopped worrying, kept cumming and fell on the bed, exhausted and relieved.

She rolled over on her uncle and licked his cock clean. Bliss loved cum and wished she could eat her own pussy. She thought Julee would probably get a kick out of eating her cummy cunt and vowed to make that happen.

“You don’t think we’re finished, do you?”

Brandon groaned. “Lord Bliss, have mercy on an old man.”

“Pooh. You’re not old and you came twice and I came better than I have with any boy . I made you a promise Uncle B — and you’re going to do it.”

“You don’t mean …?”

“I do mean. You’re going to fuck my ass. You’re going to fuck my ass good, lover!”

“Bliss, I — I’ve never … “

“You’ve never fucked a woman in the ass, Uncle B?”

Brandon shook his head.

” Never ?! Wow. Okay, well there’s lube in my nightstand, but first I guess I gotta get you up once again.” she giggled.

Bliss didn’t blow him again, she played with his cock while they played and kissed and she raked her nails all over his flesh. She wasn’t going to tell him that her anal experiences had been with Jo and her sisters and a strap-on. He’d be the first real cock in her asshole and he was quite a bit bigger than the slender dildo.

Brandon was ready, but he was actually nervous. He was no neophyte, but his niece — his eighteen-year old niece — was going to do something with him he’d never done with anyone else, she was going to be the teacher. It was a bit of a freak-out.

“Hey Uncle B, don’t zone out on me now. You’re ready — come here and fuck my shitter, it’s time for us to turn up the volume on this kink-fest!”

He was actually shaking, but he positioned himself behind her and slid his lubed cock into her asshole. It snapped around his dick and she yelped, but he went in deeper. It hurt, it stung like hell, but she wasn’t a novice and she was going to get her ass fucked.

Brandon was almost in pain — her ass was gripping his cock like a vise — but she had started this little game and he was going to see it through. He inched in deeper and saw her ass swallowing his dick, that gorgeous round ass that had been covered by that sexy silver bikini only an hour or so before.

“Oh yeah, it’s as good as I hoped, do it Uncle B, fuck that ass!” Bliss shrieked as he went in deeper. “Give it all to me, Uncle B, I can take it.”

Actually, Bliss wasn’t sure if she could take it, but she wasn’t telling him that. Using all the bravado she could muster, Bliss felt his cock sink in, god, it was like a friggin’ bat, but all of a sudden, it hit bottom and he began to move.

“You’ve got it all, you wild little bitch, migod, you took all of my cock. How does it feel Bliss, you little slut? You like having my hard dick in your ass, don’t you?”

At first, she didn’t think she did — it hurt like hell — but the pain lessened with ever minute and the sensations of pleasure washed over her. Now she was fucking back, her butt full of cock, her lover’s cock and she was impaled on it.

“Yeah, fucking LOVE it!” Bliss yelled and she went on auto-pilot. She was just fucking and being fucked, her body responding to each ferocious stroke, Oh god, she was cumming all over his dick, that log in her ass was making her cummm …..

Seeing Bliss cum sent her Uncle over the edge. He yanked out with a “Pop” and let go, his cum gushing all over her round ass and back. Bliss felt his hot cum shoot and it triggered a second, smaller climax, her clit actually ached , she came so hard.

“Okay, now we’re done!” she smiled as she kissed him and got up to shower. He watched her gorgeous butt twitch as she walked and Brandon was almost tempted to join her, but he was beat. Thank God the twins hadn’t come home, or Julee — it might have been awkward.

As the water washed over Bliss, her body ached and her ass was sore, but she was in Seventh Heaven. She took the shower head and placed it against her clit, Bliss was happy to be the little nymphette she was, cumming was such a nice, sexy feeling. As she saw more stars, she knew that the twins plan for their studly Uncle B would be a lot of fun for them as well. Then, she had her little secret to reveal that Bliss was sure would blow everyone’s mind.

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