Break the drought. Part 1

Bent Over

Break the drought. Part 1The number of guys we have met with cocks over nine inches probably about eight so they are few and far between, the first Anthony was and still is Anne’s most memorable fuck probably because he was both young and good looking. This next guy was probably the most unexpected, we were holidaying in Pt Macquarie a holiday spot in Nth New South Wales, Anne was on a no threesome kick and had been for three months. We had been on our balcony overlooking the pool are enjoying the view and a couple of drinks, below us the pool had few swimmers in but one guy was doing laps. The guy stopped after what seemed about forty and went over to a lounge and stretched out to dry, Anne commented on how fit he looked and picked up the binoculars ostensibly to check out the view but also to check out the guy she gave a small gasp and passed me the binoculars and gaziemir escort told me to check out what she could see. Without being too obvious I adjusted the binoculars and looked at the guy looking for what had surprised Anne, the guy was wearing swimming shorts no big deal I thought fairly well muscled I was about to ask her what the big deal was when I noticed his wet shorts were clinging to a part of his anatomy that was barely managing to hide under the confine of his shorts. I put the binoculars down and agreed with Anne it was impressive and we thought no more about it as he had wrapped a towel round himself and headed back into the hotel.The following day there he was again doing laps again, Anne had been in the pool herself in a bikini doing a couple of laps then got out to sunbathe on a lounge. The guy once again finished his laps gaziemir escort bayan lay on the lounge for a while before heading back to his room, that night after dinner I was waiting to get drinks in the bar when the guy came into the bar and stood next to me waiting for the barman to get round to us, he looked round the bar to where Anne was sitting she was wearing a low cut black dress with red piping that framed her cleavage. He turned to me and said ” Look at that woman there, gorgeous saw her in a bikini earlier bet she fucks like a rabbit” I gave him a grin ” She does, she’s my wife” .The poor bugger nearly died and spent a couple of minutes apologising until the barman got round to us, I told him to forget about it and invited him to join us at our table if he was on his own. I was still chuckling to myself when we got to escort gaziemir our table, I said “Anne this is” realizing I had got his name ‘Tony’ he introduced himself, “Tony this is Anne my darling wife and I’m Peter, Tony thinks you’re sexy or words to that effect”. Anne laughed and told him to sit down, Tony was one of those guys that’s easy to get on with no airs and graces by the second drink you would have thought we had known each other for years. Anne had gone to visit the ladies room when Tony was again apologising about his earlier comments, I again told him not to worry about it, he grinned and said “she is sexy though” I agreed and told him “if he did want to fuck her he’d have to ask her” Tony looked to see if I was joking with him, I just gave him a smile he was still looking confused when Anne returned and sat down next to him, I went up for more drinks leaving the two of them together I glanced back to see Anne with her hand on his leg if I knew her she was checking what she thought she had seen. Back at the table Anne still had her hand on his thigh and Tony had a big smile on his face, I asked if everything was okay he told me ” brilliant”.

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