Breaking Chasity Ch. 01


Breaking Chasity Part One: Low-Fi

This summer began as a peaceful new beginning to me as the wife and I were enjoying the serenity of the empty nest. My stepson joined the Armed Forces and his sister found her great love dishing out French Fries at a local fast food joint. All was a bit too perfect; I lounged in my underwear all day if I pleased and had no limits on the decibels I could power through the television or stereo.

My wife stepped between me and the television with the dreaded ‘I need a favor’ look on her face. I never refused her.

“Can Chasity and Kev move back in? They’ve got to get on their feet.”

“I don’t even care.” I growled.

The house was full within forty-eight hours.

Chasity, the stepdaughter, was twenty years old but carried the woes of a careworn forty year old. She had gotten a bit think since I had remembered and always bitched and moaned about her weight. She was no where near fat.

If there was one quality to her boyfriend, it was his hellacious movie collection. I began going into their room and rummaging through the VHS titles he had strewn about over creation. I was looking for one of his porn flicks; I knew the little bastard had them somewhere. I managed to find a few but there was an unlabeled one filed neatly next to the other. I popped it into the VCR.

At first, Kev was making stupid faces and demonstrating the lack of his photogenic qualities. I hit the cue button for an instant and stopped when the bed came into frame. A rap song played in the background and I could hear Chasity whining about something.

She walked to the edge of the bed in a night shirt as my member was steadily begging me to be released from its stuffy prison. Kev was having a time adjusting the camera for the right shot. The frame was finally still when he casino siteleri approached the bed, although he graced me with the view of his scrawny bare ass; I kept watching.

Chasity appeared to be bored as he furiously pumped between her meaty legs. She let out a periodic sigh and kept pulling her shirt down as he tried to bare her tits. With a final sigh, she wrapped her legs tightly around him and moaned. Kev got up and disappeared off screen. The lens zoomed to Chasity’s auburn hair and the aroused pink she possessed. The screen faded to snow.

“Having fun going threw everything?”

I knew that ear shattering voice anywhere. Chasity stood at the door with her hand on her hip. I thought she had gone to town. I didn’t say anything, I had no excuse. Her angry blue eyes awaited my answer.

“You can’t blame me. I thought it was one of his fuck flicks.” I said.

“Yeah? Well, it’s disgusting! I thought he threw it away.”

“He was probably going to-“

“Don’t take up for that son of a bitch!” She yelled. “It’s funny how he has me here and a tape of us fucking and I find this in the car.”

Chasity held a condom package between her thumb and forefinger. Tears were welling as her bottom lip quivered. I searched for consoling words when all I wanted to do was rewind the tape.

“Not like it’s a great loss, doll. He’s stuck on himself and if I didn’t have anymore to work with than what he’s got, I damn well wouldn’t have put it on tape.”

Her lips cracked into a much needed smile. “Quit talking about it, it’s disgusting.”

She studied me closely for an instant.

“What is it? You got that look. You got something to say.” Chasity demanded.

“No, nothing. I mean, I think it looks great.”

She approached me and gave me a hug. I was concerned about getting slot oyna my underwear to the laundry and the control I lacked, so I gave it a try. My hand went under her shirt and caressed her lower back. I whispered in her ear one of the nasty things I wanted to do to her. She stiffened and took a step backward.

“I am going to take a bath. I can’t talk about this. Mom would kill us both.” She said.

“Does that mean you would even consider it?” I asked.

“I’m not saying anything. Go ahead and watch the movie and I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Then what?”

“I said I’m not saying anything.”

“Chasity? Would you get mad if you came out of the bath and I couldn’t control my hands?”

She shrugged. I watched the tape a couple more times. She came back into the room with the same shirt that was showcased in the video and crawled onto the bed. I looked toward the nightstand and saw a pack of cigarettes on the floor. I asked her if I could have one.

On her knees, Chasity bent over to fetch the pack as my hand squeezed her plump ass. She made an uncomfortable moan, but I pulled her backward into my arms. She resisted as I tugged at her shirt. I told her how beautiful she was and it came off much easier.

I put my tongue into her pierced naval and explored lower to the inside of her hips as her breathing went crazy. I explained how long I had dreamt of her as I took her glitter painted toes into my mouth and tongued the arch of her precious foot. Her eyes rolled into her head.

“What is that about?” She asked.

“I’ve waited to do this for some time.”

“Kev just wants to fuck. Never any of this.”

“I’ll teach you everything.” I told her.

I lowered my head and burrowed my nose into her tiny dew flaps as she massaged the back of my head. I took in several whiffs canlı casino siteleri of her scent, held them in my lungs and exhaled onto her mound. She clenched her fists with two handfuls of my hair. I introduced a finger as I moistened her. Having loved older women for my natural life, I never realized that little pussies were made like Chasity’s.

Chasity freed my aching cock and began to squeeze it in the palm of her hand. She told me exactly where she wanted it. I wasn’t quite sure.

“I don’t think it’s going to fit just yet.” I told her.

I spread her legs further and parted her wet lips. I inhaled again as I slid my tongue into her welcoming hole. She gasped and let out a strange yelp. I raised my face to get a running start and darted into her tiny tunnel in militaristic repetitions. She demanded further action.

I took her ankles into my palms and let her guide my prick inside. She bared her clenched teeth as I hit something hitherto unknown to me. I took her toes into my mouth once again and marveled at the sight of my prick stretching her pink middle. Something in her pussy twitched uncontrollably as I lost control.

The sudden guilt overwhelmed me as I filled up her snatch.

“Oh fuck!”

“What? I take the pill.” She assured.

Relief. I stared at the creamy muck boiling out of her as she shot me a wicked wink. I kissed her freckled cheek and turned her to her side.

“Don’t look at my fat butt.” She whined.

“It is not!” I protested. “It’s gorgeous and I will prove it.”

“That’s okay.” She smiled.

I positioned Chasity on her stomach and hovered over her to rub her shoulders. My prick stiffened as soon as I stared at her ass. I wedged my cock into the cleavage of her ass. My fingers found their way around her lips and she began licking the finger I had fucked her with.

“I might have to think about this other deal. Kev never even touched my ass.” Chasity said.

“I’ll make up for it.” I told her.

I gently pushed into her creamy slit.


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