Brett and Elizabeth Ch. 03


Once again, my heartfelt thanks to Mused for all of his time and patience. No one can work a sentence like you. Thank you.


It was well past eight in the evening when Dave and Alicia finally left the hospital. Margaret, the nurse who had seen them through Elizabeth’s horrifying labor with baby Samantha, ended up letting them stay as long as they wanted. With Brett, they took Samantha to the nursery, then went down to the café and grabbed dinner so Elizabeth could rest awhile.

When the trio returned to the room, Elizabeth was still fast asleep. Dave and Alicia bid Brett goodnight, saw the baby, whom they had already dubbed little Sammi, and left for home.

It was a warm June evening. The sun was low in the sky, bright streaks of pink and orange pierced the clouds. It was a beautiful ending to what had been a near-tragic day.

Hand in hand, they crossed the river via the pedestrian bridge. Alicia was unusually quiet and for once Dave broke the silence.

“Quite the day, huh, Alli?”

Alicia groaned. “One I never want to relive, that’s for sure. God, David, I can’t believe they almost died.” Alicia let go of Dave’s hand and wandered over to the ornate cement and iron guard rail. She leaned over and watched the muddy water rush under the bridge.

Dave followed Alicia to the railing and leaned a hip against it. “Try not to think about it, OK? They made it, that’s all that matters now.” He reached out and touched her hand.

She turned her head and smiled up at her brother. “I know.”

“So what do you think’s up with those two?” Dave asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.

Alicia noticed his frown and didn’t like it. “They love each other, genius. Can’t you tell? Don’t tell me you haven’t been noticing the way they act around each other.” Alicia loved her big brother, but sometimes she thought he could be so dense.

Dave snorted. “Well, I love you, but I don’t get all goofy around you.”

Alicia took a swipe at him and he threw up his arms in mock defense. Though she was only a few inches shorter than he was, he outweighed her by more than seventy pounds. His sister was hardly a threat.

“I think they’ve fallen in love, David. It’s different with them now. Somewhere along the way it all changed for them. I’m not sure exactly when I started to notice, early spring, maybe.”

“Well, where the hell was I? I didn’t get the memo.”

“I don’t think it’s something they’re sending out announcements for. Seriously, though, don’t make such a big deal out of it, OK? They’re probably having a hard enough time as it is.” Alicia turned away from the rail. She took Dave’s hand and they started walking. “Can I stay with you tonight? I don’t want to go home and face the inquisition.”

Alicia had called their parents from the hospital earlier in the day to let them know about Elizabeth. She’d mentioned there had been some trouble, but Elizabeth and Samantha had pulled through and would be OK. Alicia would tell their mom everything that had happened. There was nothing in Alicia’s life that her mom didn’t know, but she just wasn’t up to the task that evening.

“Sure, though I have to warn you that the place is a mess. I think I can find room for you,” Dave teased.

“Gee, thanks.”

After Dave and Alicia left, Brett went down to the nursery to retrieve Samantha. She’d been allowed out of neonatal almost immediately after being checked over and deemed fit and healthy as a little horse. She was already starting to eat like one.

Elizabeth was awake when he returned and happy to see him and Sammi. “I’d like to hold her, Brett.” She still felt very weak, and had yet to hold the baby. Her arms were almost aching to.

Gently, Brett placed Samantha in his sister’s arms. “Got her?” He sat down on the bed, in case Elizabeth needed help.

“Oh, Brett…” Elizabeth started to cry.

“I know, sweetie. I know.” He put his arm around Elizabeth and pulled her close. He still couldn’t believe he’d almost lost them both.

Alicia had helped Brett tell Elizabeth that Samantha would be the only child she’d ever have. Elizabeth had taken the news well enough, but now it seemed to be sinking in that, indeed, this would be her only child.

The night nurse walked in and smiled at the scene that greeted her. She’d heard what happened earlier. “Will you be staying all night?” she asked Brett gently, sincerely hoping he’d say yes. She thought it would be good for Elizabeth to have him there.

“I’d like to, if I can,” Brett replied, pulling his eyes away from his sister and Samantha just long enough to answer.

“Certainly. Elizabeth, are you doing alright? How’s the pain?”

“Fine, I’m fine,” she whispered, unable to look up.

“Well, this room is large enough for another bed.” The nurse gazed about the room. “Let me see what I can do about getting another one in here. If not, the chair reclines down. Not very comfortable, though. I’ll be back.”

Elizabeth had somehow lucked out and gotten the family suite. The room was huge, and with just the bed and three chairs, casino siteleri there was a lot of unused space. True to her word, the nurse returned shortly with two orderlies and another hospital bed. They wheeled it up alongside Elizabeth’s.

“This should do it for you. Elizabeth, you need your rest. Would you like me to take Samantha down to the nursery, after her feeding?”

“No! I mean no thank you. I want to keep her in here with us.” She felt a sudden sense of panic at the thought of the nurse taking Samantha.

“As long as you get some sleep, then.” The nurse turned to Brett. “Don’t hesitate to bring her down to the nursery if you need to.”

They took turns feeding Samantha, who fell promptly back to sleep once she had a full belly. Brett placed her into the little Plexiglas bassinet and helped Elizabeth get settled in to sleep.

Brett sat back down on the edge of her bed and took her hand. It had been such an awful day, and he just wanted to be close to Elizabeth, but it was impossible for now. He wanted to lift her up and hold her to him, but he couldn’t. He could talk to her, though.

“I thought I was going to lose you today, Elizabeth,” he whispered. His voice caught in his throat.

“You didn’t. I’m here, Brett. You’re not getting rid of me that easily.” She gave him a wide smile that squeezed his heart. “When can I go home?”

“Um, you just about died four hours ago, I really don’t think you’re going anywhere for a few days. You’re going to have to take it easy for a little while.”

“I know I just wish I could go home is all.”

“Soon enough, Elizabeth.” He smoothed her hair back. “I have to work tomorrow, sweetie, so Alli’s coming up in the morning, OK? She wants to stay here with you for the day. Is that fine with you?”

“I’m sure we’ll find something to occupy our time,” Elizabeth gave Brett a mischievious smile.

“Knowing Alli, she’ll be running you up and down the halls in a wheelchair. You better take it easy,” Brett warned, chucking her under the chin. “And stay away from the orderlies.”

Alicia showed up at eight the following morning, with Dave in tow. Brett left after having breakfast with Elizabeth, who grumbled about the liquid diet she had to put up with, at least for that day. She tried unsuccessfully to talk him out a piece of bacon. Brett was secretly pleased to see his sister become irate.

Alicia carried a huge bouquet of balloons and Dave hauled in a teddy bear that was half the size of him. Alicia had raided the gift shop on their way in. She’d also bought several books, a few magazines, and a manicure kit she’d found in there.

“Oh, you guys!” Elizabeth started to laugh, and then had to stop. It kind of hurt to laugh, though the pain medication she was on helped a lot.

“Alli bought out the gift shop. Where do you want this thing?” Dave didn’t wait for an answer, he just plopped the bear down on the nearest chair. Taking note of the extra bed, he commented, “Have company last night, Elizabeth?”

“Brett stayed all night. Why?”

“Oh, no reason,” he smiled and went over to kiss her cheek. “I wish I could stay, but I can’t. You doing OK? Do you need anything before I leave?”

“I’m good, thanks. And thanks for bringing Alli back.”

“Sure.” He made goo goo noises at Samantha, who was having her breakfast in her mother’s arms. He went to Alicia and kissed her cheek as well. “See you later, Alligator.”

The day flew by for the girls. Elizabeth’s day nurse was Margaret again, and she and Alicia got Elizabeth up and into the shower, which felt like heaven to Elizabeth. Alicia helped her brush out her long auburn curls and tied it back in a ponytail, then busied herself feeding and changing Sammi while Elizabeth slept for an hour after lunch.

The only low point of the day came when one of the aides came in with the paperwork for the birth certificate. Elizabeth wanted in the worst way to write Brett Michael McCarty next to “Father,” but instead slowly wrote Unknown.

“Sure you want to do that? If you put fu–Jim’s name on it the state will make him help you out, you know, if you want.” Alicia had almost called him fucking Jimbo, but caught herself just in time. She’d always thought Elizabeth would find it funny, but Brett and Dave cautioned her not to say it.

“I don’t want anything more to do with him Alli, you know that. I’d prefer to not have to deal with him for the next eighteen years, and Brett doesn’t want to, either. Besides, Jim made his decision seven months ago.”

“I know. I know. You’re right.” She peeked over at the baby, who was sleeping soundly next to Elizabeth in the bed. “Hey, let’s give you a manicure, and I think I’ve got some mascara in my purse.” She grabbed it and started digging through the oversized bag. Without thinking, she continued, “Brett will be here soon and you want to look your best.”

“What?” Elizabeth asked sharply. “Why would I care? He’s my brother.” Her heart started pounding a wild beat.

Alicia looked up at her and smiled the sweetest smile Elizabeth had ever seen. In that instant, she knew. slot oyna Alicia had figured it out.

Alicia dropped the bag on the bed and sat down next to Elizabeth. She took her best friends’ hands in her own and looked at her closely. She spoke carefully, “Elizabeth, it’s OK, you know. I understand.”

“How–what do you know?” Tears began to brim and threatened to fall.

“Stop that; don’t cry. C’mon Elizabeth, give me a little credit. Seriously, except for Brett, who knows you better than me?” Alicia asked, and then answered her own question. “No one.”

“I don’t know what to say, Alli.”

“You don’t have to say anything at all, if you don’t want to. But of course I want the details,” Alicia teased with a laugh. Alicia’s laugh was the infectious kind and once she started, Elizabeth couldn’t help but join in, painful or not. “Just think, Elizabeth, at least you’ve got Brett for a brother; you could have ended up with David.”

“Oh, Alli, he’s not so bad. He’s very sweet,” Elizabeth protested in Dave’s defense.

Alicia sobered for a moment, thinking about her brother. “Yeah, he is. He’s a goof, but I love him.”

“Well, you guys are two peas in a pod, then. You’re just as goofy.”

The girls continued their playful bantering for a few seconds longer, and then, with a sigh, Elizabeth said, “I do love him Alli. I can’t help it, but I do. I don’t know how it happened.”

“He loves you, too, then?”

Elizabeth nodded.

“Then nothing else matters.”

Elizabeth and Samantha were released four days later. Walking into Brett’s house, Elizabeth finally felt like she had come home.

Alicia stayed with them several nights to help with the baby. She was out of school for the summer and working part-time in her father’s office.

Brett and Dave were working on their cars, one hot Saturday afternoon in late July, when Dave brought up Brett and Elizabeth’s relationship for the first time. He’d only heard bits and pieces about it from Alicia. She didn’t have a whole lot to say about it, which was unusual for her.

“So, how’d it happen?” Dave was never one to mince his words, once he got around to it, especially with Brett.

“How’d what happen?” Brett asked, gritting his teeth as he tightened a bolt. Just then the wrench slipped. “Mother fucker!” he cursed and put the torn, bloodied knuckle to his mouth.

“You and Elizabeth. You two are, you know, together now. How long’s it been?”

Brett shrugged, “Spring, I guess. Why, you’ve got a problem with it?” He wasn’t sure he liked being questioned about his relationship with Elizabeth, even by Dave.

“Hell no, man, I don’t care. I was just wondering, that’s all. More curious than anything, I guess. I was just wondering how it all came about.” He didn’t want to upset his friend; he just wanted to know. No, that wasn’t right. He needed to know.

Brett tossed the offending wrench into his upright toolbox and raked a greasy hand through his hair. “I don’t know, Dave, it just did. It’s not like we planned it.”

Dave didn’t say anything, just nodded with a far-away look in his eyes. He decided to change the subject. “So what’s up for the girls’ birthdays?” In all the years they’d been friends, they had never failed to celebrate their birthdays together. Elizabeth’s was the following day and Alicia’s was five days later.

“We’re all having dinner at your parent’s tomorrow night.” Brett looked at him a bit strangely.

“Why the hell doesn’t anybody tell me anything? I’m always the last to know.”

Later that evening, after Elizabeth had put Samantha down to sleep, she quietly approached Brett. He was sitting on the sofa reading and didn’t notice a thing until she was nearly standing on top of him. He looked up, surprised, and set the book aside with a smile.

“Hey sweetie, come sit.” He opened his arms to her.

Elizabeth took his invitation to heart and dropped herself right down on his lap. Brett managed to stifle a groan and pulled her close to him.

“What’s up?” he asked, giving her neck a little nuzzle.

“I want my birthday present,” Elizabeth laughed, a sparkle in her blue eyes. Brett hadn’t shaved since yesterday morning, and his whiskers tickled.

“Greedy girl, it’s not your birthday yet. You’re not nineteen until tomorrow, nine thirty-seven a.m., if I remember right.”

“Bet I can make you give it to me,” she taunted playfully.

“Bet not.” Brett challenged her with a grin.

Elizabeth sat up and slowly untied the belt to her robe. Never unlocking her eyes from her brother’s, she let it fall down her shoulders to her hips, where it could go no further. She was completely naked underneath.

Brett swallowed. “No fair,” he muttered.

“Oh yes, fair,” she whispered and bent her head to his. Her mouth went to his left ear; he could feel it there, hot and wet as her tongue curled around his earlobe. She nipped him gently, then moved to the other side and did the same. She leaned back and smiled.

Brett’s hands came up her sides, along her ribs until they brushed the sides of her breasts. canlı casino siteleri His hands caressed them once, twice, and then he leaned forward and took one dark, stiff nipple into his mouth. His tongue teased and played, flicking over the little peak repeatedly.

“Mmm…yesss,” Elizabeth tipped her head back, her long auburn curls reaching Brett’s knees.

Brett tugged at the bathrobe, wanting nothing in his way. His mouth released Elizabeth’s nipple. Wrapping a strong arm around her waist, he lifted her and yanked the thin, lightweight robe out from under.

They hadn’t made love since before Samantha had been born, nearly six weeks ago. The trauma Elizabeth’s body had sustained and the residual pain had prevented it. Though, she certainly seemed up for it now, Brett thought, or rather, he hoped.

Brett’s eyes moved from hers, to her breasts, down lower to her belly and the still-raw looking vertical scar that dominated her lower half. It was red and shiny and five inches long.

“Don’t look,” Elizabeth whispered. “It’s ugly.”

Brett’s eyes flew back up to hers. He shook his head. “Nothing about you is ugly, Elizabeth. Nothing. I love you, all of you, including that scar.” His voice was strong, his words insistent. The scar represented her very life to him, and the tiny life sleeping in their bedroom. “You are so beautiful.”

Brett’s hands lowered and wrapped her waist, a waist so recently returned to her. Yet she was fuller now, her curves more pronounced, more womanly. She was not the girl she had been only a year ago, physically, mentally, or emotionally.

The first finger of Brett’s left hand traced a path down the scar to where it stopped, just above the curls hiding what his finger sought. After a brief hesitation, it continued lower into the curls. Elizabeth inhaled sharply through her nose, when her brother found what he wanted. Cautiously, worried Elizabeth was still tender, he pushed inside.

“Oh Brett, oh God that feels good,” she breathed.

Brett could feel how wet she was, how hot and aroused. The pad of his thumb rubbed her clit in circles as his finger pulled out, then sank back in. He bent his head to take the other nipple into his mouth, his tongue giving the same treatment. Elizabeth’s arms encircled his head, holding him to her breast. She could feel her orgasm building, she needed the release; it had been such a long time. She began to buck and ride his hand.

“Oh God, Brett, I’m gonna cum!” Elizabeth said in a loud whisper.

“Don’t scream, you’ll scare Sam,” Brett cautioned, knowing just how loud she could be.

“Oookaaaay, Brett, oh fuck, Brett!” Elizabeth’s body shuddered with her climax, and the effort it took for her to not yell out only increased the intensity of it. She writhed and squirmed on his hand, her orgasm continuing to pulse through her body until she could no longer hold herself upright. She collapsed against Brett’s chest, feeling her own chest heave as she struggled to catch her breath.

Gently, Brett pulled his arm free and encircled her nakedness. He held her close as she came down, stroking her hair and whispering to her how very much he loved her. He wanted to know if it hurt at all.

“No,” she mumbled into his chest. She raised her head and looked him in the eyes. “Take me to bed, Brett. I want you to make love to me.”

“You’re ready now? You’re sure?”

“Well, I don’t hurt anymore; I’d like to try, anyway.”

They rose from the sofa and made their way down the hall to their bedroom. Elizabeth peeked in on Samantha, who was sleeping soundly in her bassinet, swaddled in a blanket like a little burrito.

Brett came up behind his sister and wrapped his arms around her waist. He drew her back against him and whispered in her ear, “She looks so much like you in your baby pictures.” Fortunately, he didn’t see much resemblance to fucking Jimbo.

Elizabeth turned in his arms and snaked her own arms up his chest and around his neck. She smiled a bit wickedly and whispered back, “I am adorable; aren’t I?”

Brett picked her up easily and carried her to the bed. He placed her down gently, then straightened to remove his clothes. That job quickly done, he lay down and pulled Elizabeth into his arms. He kissed her deeply, his tongue sparring with hers.

Elizabeth broke the kiss and forced Brett on his back. She rolled on top of him and sat up. Brett couldn’t resist reaching up and taking her breasts in his hands. They fit so perfectly there. He caressed the nipples and watched as they hardened.

Elizabeth bent forward and started kissing him at his neck. She worked her way down, slowly moving lower, taking pause at his nipples to circle each with her tongue. Lower still she went, until she was hovering over his stiff, straining cock. She wrapped her soft hand around its base and slowly took the head between her lips.

Elizabeth swirled her tongue around it; it grew wet and slick with saliva. She began to work it towards the back of her throat, causing Brett to grunt with pleasure. Her mouth felt exquisite, so warm and wet. He felt the head of his cock going down her throat and he nearly shot off right then. Elizabeth’s ability to take him all the way down always amazed him. Somehow, though, he held back. He wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer.

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