Brighton Cumslut Ch. 05


Whilst walking on the path in the park, Kirsty and Martin were chatting about what just happened. Kirsty felt wetness forming on her knickers as a dirty thought entered her head.

Kirsty gently pushed Martin against a small brick wall and got on her knees. She unzipped his flies and grabbed his soft placid penis taking it gently away from his pants. She started to work her hand on his foreskin and yanked it back quite roughly.

“That’s right cumslut I like it rough,” moaned Martin.

Kirsty moved her lips closer to his now semi hard cock, she licked the end of his cock whilst running her tongue all around the end. His cock hardened quite fast and when it seemed fully erect Kirsty put her whole mouth over his cock. She moved her mouth all the way down his penis and sucked then gently moved her lips up his shaft whilst sucking. Martin was breathing heavily as his cock started to grow hard.

Kirsty held the base of his cock with her right hand and with her left hand she fumbled with Martins trouser button and pulled them to his ankles. She extended her left arm and positioned it through his legs, started to touch his bum cheeks. Martin was in pure heaven really enjoying the sensations on his penis and lower body.

Martin opened his legs slightly wider apart and lowered himself against the wall. Kirsty managed to get a finger to his anus and rubbed it around his bum. She carried on sucking him as she managed to get one finger in his anal passage.

Martin pushed his bottom hard on her finger and it popped deep inside his butt. She started to wank with her right hand as well as licking and sucking casino oyna his cock. This was getting to much for Martin and he started to lose control. She felt warm sperm enter her mouth and she started to lick his cock hard whilst she firmly wanked him. She was still wiggling the finger inside his arse and could feel it was getting quite sloppy.

Another shot of sperm entered her mouth, it felt thick and stringy especially as she her tongue was still going around his cock. At this height of pleasure Kirsty gently scrapped her teeth on his erupting cock, just on its head. Her hand was tightly yanking his foreskin back allowing all his sperm to easily ejaculate and she jammed another finger of her other hand deep in to his bottom.

Kirsty carried on for a few more minutes until no more sperm came out. She pulled her fingers out of Martins backside. Martin looked at her in the moonlight and slightly lighted park, Kirsty put her finger to her mouth and sucked on it hard. It didn’t really taste of anything untoward but it made her feel like a slut. She then started to lick his cock clean and used just her tongue on him until her gently pushed her away. Martin pulled his trousers up and took her hand.

“Come with me slut,” Martin said with a perverted look in his eyes.

Martin took her for a walk to the other side of the park underneath the rounded arches in the lagoon. It was quite dark in that spot.

“Get your fucking clothes off, sit on the floor and and hold your slutty tits up for me,” Martin commanded.

Kirsty Pulled her top off, she stepped out of her jeans and unhooked her bra, she left slot oyna her knickers on and sat on the grass.

“Trust me, put your fingers in your slut pussy and make yourself cum,” Martin said in a soft voice.

In the shadows, Kirsty watched Martin undo his zip, he pulled his cock out and started to very gently stroke it, he started to rub his soft cock around her cheeks.

Kirsty rubbed her clit, she opened her legs as wide as she could and allowed her other hand to forcefully enter her own cunt.

“Good cumslut, let me know when you are close to your orgasm,” Martin said in a commanding voice whilst still rubbing his soft cock around her face.

Kirsty was really getting close to her orgasm, she kind of squeaked out “gonna cum soon.”

A few seconds later Kirsty then felt fresh wet warm piss leaking from Martins cock. Kirsty had her mouth closed as it dribbled off her lips down to her breasts, past her tummy to her clit where her hand was furiously rubbing.

“You better taste some slut, you owe me after last night,” mumbled Martin.

Kirsty still had her mouth shut as Martins piss went into full stream. He aimed his piss to her lips but she didn’t open them. In a perverted way Kirsty was rubbing her clit hard enjoying this dirty wet sex. The warm pee was magic on her throbbing clit. Kirsty was on the brink of one of the quickest cums in a long time, she opened her mouth to get some air and that’s when Martin forced his pissing cock into it.

“That’s right slut, taste it drink it.”

Kirsty was hitting full orgasm whilst she swallowed the first mouthful of Martins warm salty canlı casino siteleri piss.

“Good piss slut.”

Martin removed his cock from her mouth aiming the piss flow at her breasts as her pussy was warming on her fingers as she came. Martin finished his piss by slapping his pissy cock in her face to get the dribbles out of his foreskin. He pulled it right back and wiped it over her piss saturated face.

He stood over Kirsty, neither of them saying anything and Kirsty drenched, face to feet in his urine. Martin then lowered himself slightly and his cock was in line with her face. She moved her lips closer to his cock and started to lick it clean. She licked all the stringy cummy piss from his soft penis.

“Still coming back to mine?” asked Martin.

“Nah, I’m going home to shower, maybe another time,” Kirsty replied.

Martin grabbed a handful of her hair and started to rub it on his cock.

“Just drying myself,” He said. He then turned around and walked off.

“I will give you a treat tomorrow night at 9 o’clock, it will be best you do not make arrangements as I am sure your cum slut needs will be met,” Kirsty heard Martin say.

Kirsty sat there for a few minutes thinking what a dirty nasty slut she was turning into and what a fucking night. She had a bad taste of piss in her mouth and was pissy wet all over. With that thought and feeling Kirsty got dressed picked up her coat and bra and wandered off home.

After a hot soak in the bath, Kirsty was on her the net arranging two more meetings. She told both it was going to be a mini threesome, one with an older man named Dell and the other was Pete again. She made sure both lads would be at the park at 8.30pm and thought to herself, fuck what Martin said I’m a cumslut.

Tomorrow was going to be fun.

To be continued…..

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