Bringing The Family Together Ch. 03



Author’s Note: This is the third chapter of a three part story. I’m sure that you will enjoy this story more if you’ve read the first two chapters.


After they’d eaten together, Jason went off to meet some friends, leaving Suzy and Kathy alone. In a way, he was glad to get out of the house. All he could think about was Suzy, of what they’d done, of what he wanted to do. When he was with her, or around her, he couldn’t stop himself from staring, his cock rising at just a look from her, or from an image of her, of them, flashing across his mind.

For Suzy, she couldn’t believe what had happened either. It wasn’t as if she’d set out to take Jason, or any man, as her lover, but now the very thought of him, of his cock, sent her pulse racing and her pussy throbbing — just as the thought of Kathy, his Mum, her sister, did exactly the same to her. So, when Kathy looked at her the second they heard the door close as Jason left the house, she up and crossing the lounge to where her sister sat waiting.

Suzy slipped onto Kathy’s lap and wrapped an arm around her sister’s neck. She tilted Kathy’s chin towards her with her other hand and leant down to kiss her, softly at first but then more insistently, her nipples springing to attention as their tongues re-discovered each other. She eased Kathy back on the long settee, covering her sisters body with her own, their mouths locked together as they tugged at each others clothes.

“I thought he’d never go out,” Kathy gasped as Suzy pulled her blouse to one side, a button flying off in her haste, as she sank her mouth down onto her sister’s breast, kissing and licking.

Their urgency grew as Suzy freed Kathy’s breasts, releasing the tiny clip that nestled deep within her cleavage and pulling the sides of her blouse and bra apart. She sighed as she stared at Kathy’s breasts for a moment, at her wide, dark nipples, and then she was sucking them, drawing them into her mouth, her hands reaching lower as Kathy tried to drag her tee shirt over her head.

For a few long moments they were a tangle of hands and arms as they pulled at each others clothes, as they tried to free each other, to touch and caress each other. With a frustrated moan Suzy sat up and finished pulling her tee shirt over her head, both of them moaning as her naked breasts sprung free, as Kathy squeezed them for a second before pulling her blouse and bra down her arms, her own breasts thrust forward.

Laughing, they stood up, glancing at each other lustfully as they dragged their own clothes off. Suzy had her shorts off in seconds, and as her sister dropped her own short skirt to the floor, she turned so that her back was to Kathy and with an exaggerated slowness and a wiggle of her ass, she started to slide her thong down her slender legs. Kathy watched, her nipples and pussy throbbing unbearably as her sister bent over, giving her a glimpse of her deliciously wet pussy from between her thighs.

Kathy stepped behind Suzy as she straightened up, reaching around her to cup her breasts, her thumbs rubbing at her swollen nipples as her sister twisted her head to greet Kathy’s eager mouth, her even more eager tongue. Suzy twisted in her sister’s arms, their mouths only parting as she dropped to her knees, her mouth travelling quickly over Kathy’s breasts to her belly, and then lower as she almost tore her sister’s panties from her body.

“Take me to bed,” Kathy murmured.

“No … here … now … ” Suzy gasped as her tongue found Kathy’s clit for just a second before she dragged her sister onto the soft carpet beside her.

Their hands and mouths were everywhere, kissing and licking, touching and caressing, until Suzy straddled Kathy and lowered her pussy towards her sisters waiting mouth, as she sank her tongue into the wet folds of her pussy. For a while the room was quiet apart from their soft moans and the wet sounds of sex, but then it was echoing to their cries, to the sound of the desperate climaxes crashing through their bodies.

They held each other then, still naked on the floor, until Suzy stood up and pulled her sister to her feet.

“Now I think it’s time for bed,” she announced, giving Kathy a lingering kiss before leading her through the silent house to her sister’s bedroom.


A few hours later, Suzy was lying beside the sleeping Kathy, her mind in turmoil. She’d heard Jason returning half an hour before and now couldn’t get the thought of his body, his cock, of what they’d done, out of her mind, even though she had felt totally satisfied, totally fulfilled, with Kathy, with their lovemaking. She couldn’t explain what had happened, what she was feeling, but knew that while she loved and needed Kathy as much as anything she’d ever known, she had to go to Jason.

Silently, she eased herself out of bed, and crossed to the door between their rooms. If Kathy did see her, then she would assume that Suzy was going back to her own bed as they casino siteleri tried to do now that Jason was home. But Kathy didn’t stir, even as Suzy paused at the door and glanced back at her sleeping sister before slipping into her own room. She picked up her silk robe and shrugged her way into it as she left her room and made her way silently through the house.

She stopped outside Jason’s room and listened for a moment before pushing the door open and stepping inside. Jason didn’t speak, so she knew that he was either asleep or that he hadn’t heard her in the darkness. She stood still, her eyes and ears quickly becoming attuned to what was going on around her.

As she stared in the direction of Jason’s bed, she became aware of movement and soft sighs. She could make him out now, lying on top of the bed, naked, his cock in his hand. His eyes were closed, his lips dry, as he stroked his thick shaft, his other hand curled around his balls. Suzy stepped closer, her hands reaching for her breasts.

“I hope you’re thinking about me,” she said into the semi darkness.

Jason’s eyes flew open as he tried to sit up.

“Don’t stop,” she told him, stepping closer and dropping her gown to the floor.

Jason tried to reach out to her, but she stepped away.

“Don’t stop, I said,” she whispered, his eyes following her hand as it slid over her flat belly to curl around her mound.

The bed creaked as Suzy climbed up and knelt beside Jason. She rubbed her clit slowly as he watched, before slipping one, then two, fingers inside her pussy. She fingered herself in time to his hand as it stroked along his hard shaft, the two of them moving as one. She caressed her breasts with her other hand, mirroring his movements as he cupped his balls, before sliding her hand down her body to circle her clit. Their hands moved faster, their eyes raking over each other bodies. Their breathing became heavier, faster, their hands becoming a blur of lust and passion.

“I’m gonna cum,” Jason moaned, unable to hold back.

“Yeessss,” she gasped, her pussy clenching around her fingers as she joined him.

“Aarrrggghh,” Jason groaned, his cum pouring from his cock to splatter on his belly.

He let go of his cock, and they both watched mesmerised as another two or three jets of cum poured from it, as it jerked and waved about. When at last it sank back onto Jason’s belly, he sighed, his body relaxing with his release.

Beside him, Suzy pulled her fingers from her pussy and lifted them to her mouth, licking her juices slowly from them as Jason watched. When she’d finished, she leant over him, his hands reaching for her breasts as she licked and sucked the pools of cum from his body. Her tongue moved over his chest and belly, staying away from his cock until the rest of him was clean. Only then did she draw him slowly into her mouth, feeling him responding, growing, swelling, as her tongue swirled around his cock head and down his shaft.

Suzy stroked his cock, her hand moving with her tongue until his cock was hard and slick from her attentions. She carried on stroking his cock as she kissed and sucked and bit his nipples, before kissing him deeply, the taste of her juices and his cum still on her tongue as she plunged it into his mouth.

With a groan of desire, Jason pulled his Aunt on top of him, pushing his hips up to meet her as she ground her pussy against his cock. His cock slipped into her easily, and then she was pressing down and back, taking his hard length as deep into her body as she could, as Jason grabbed her hips and held her.

They moved together, slowly at first, but then faster. Suzy sat up, her breasts thrust forward for Jason to reach out to as she rode his cock, lifting off him and then dropping back, harder and faster, fucking him, riding him. They were both on fire, lust and desire coursing through their veins.

As desperately as Suzy wanted to feel Jason’s cum flooding her body, she wanted to prolong their pleasure as well, and so with an almost physical effort she slowed down her frantic movements and leant forward, her hands reaching out for the end of the bed as she lowered her nipples towards Jason’s eager mouth.

Jason sighed as he cupped his Aunts firm ass in his hands and pulled her onto his cock, his mouth searching out her taut nipples. They rocked gently together, their bodies moving as one, Suzy’s pussy moulded around every vein, every contour of Jason’s thick cock.

They rolled over, clinging together, until Suzy reached above her head for the end of the bed, her breasts rocking gently as Jason began to fuck her again, his cock stretching her more than she could ever have imagined as he reached deeper and deeper inside her. He pulled his cock out a few times and teased her, rubbing the tip across her clit before plunging back inside her.

With a grin that Jason barely caught, Suzy spun over when he pulled out the next time and lay on her front, wiggling her ass at him on an open invitation. He wrapped slot oyna an arm around her waist and lifted her, guiding his cock back between her thighs. But Suzy rose up onto all fours and wiggled her ass again. He stared at her wet, pouting lips, at the tight rosebud of her ass — and wanted them both.

“Not know,” she whispered, reading his thoughts, “Fuck me hard.”

But Jason ignored her for a moment, just long enough to cup her mound, to feel her wet pussy pulsing against his hand. He slipped two, then three fingers inside her, feeling her pushing back against him before demanding his cock. She reached between her legs, grabbing him and guiding him back towards her wanton pussy almost before his fingers were out the way.

Jason fucked her slowly at first, ignoring her demands as he stared at her rosebud winking at him with every long, slow thrust, with every urgent push of her ass against him. His ran his fingers, still slick with her juices between her cheeks, finding more of her moisture already there. He pressed against her ass, feeling her resistance for just a moment before his finger slipped inside her, just the tip at first, but then the whole length. He fucked her with it, slowly, in time to his cock, her breasts swaying.

Suzy pushed her head into the pillow to stifle her cries as she came, her body ablaze with lust, and then with a painful pleasure as her orgasm crashed through her body. Jason grabbed her hips and fucked her wildly, his cock erupting inside her, flooding her, his cum leaking from her as he fucked her until they collapsed on the bed, his cock still buried inside her, their passion spent.


The next few weeks flew by. During the day, Jason and Suzy stole what time they could when Kathy was at work, while at night Jason lay alone, waiting for Suzy to come to him, not knowing that she was with his Mum, that they were lovers.

A few weeks before Jason was due to go back to College he was out with friends for the evening. Kathy and Suzy were curled up together in bed, naked, satisfied from their lovemaking.

“Penny for them?” Suzy asked, looking at her sister.

“Oh,” Kathy replied quickly, blushing slightly, “I was just miles away.”

She snuggled closer to her sister, her head resting against her breasts.

“Come on,” Suzy urged after a few moments of silence, “I know you better than that … what is it?”

Kathy sighed and leant back against her sister.

“I know what we have is great, but don’t you miss it sometimes?” she asked quietly.

“Miss what, Kathy?” Suzy asked, already knowing the answer.

“The feel of a hot cock,” Kathy blurted out.

“Not any more,” Suzy told her quietly.

For a moment you could have heard a pin drop. Suzy couldn’t believe what she’d just said — and Kathy couldn’t believe what she’d heard. She twisted around to face her sister. Suzy looked away for a moment, not wanting to see the hurt, the confusion, on Kathy’s face. But when she looked back she saw something quite different.

“Who is he?” she asked excitedly.

For a second Suzy panicked, knowing she couldn’t tell Kathy the truth, at least not yet.

“Oh, just some one I met ……” her voice trailing away unconvincingly.

Kathy pulled Suzy to her, her excitement obvious as she caressed her sister’s breasts gently.

“Come on … tell me everything,” she instructed her younger sister.

“Okay … he’s local and he’s young … much younger than me,” she eventually confessed.

“Suzy!” Kathy exclaimed, “Is one of Jason’s friends? I hope not … he’d go mad if he found out.”

Suzy shook her head.

“A friend’s son,” Kathy said, “You’re fucking one of my friend’s sons!!

Suzy didn’t say a word, preferring to let Kathy reach her own conclusions. But as Kathy demanded more and more detail, Suzy became more and more confused over what to say, what lies to tell, what her sister wanted. It was obvious that Kathy was excited by the revelation that Suzy had a lover, and her own pussy was feeling heavy with her own wetness as she told her sister about Jason’s thick cock, the fact that they were discussing Kathy’s son exciting her even more. Even so, what she said next stunned her as much as sister.

“Do you want to join us? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind!”

Suzy’s mind was racing, not believing what she’d just said.

“No … he’d recognise me … I couldn’t risk his Mum knowing,” Kathy said unconvincingly, still believing that Suzy’s lover was the son of a friend.

“I’ll blindfold him,” Suzy said, her mouth well ahead of her brain.

“But I would still know,” Kathy said, almost regretfully.

Suzy pondered for a moment, her heart racing at what she was thinking.

“I’ll blindfold you as well then,” she said in such a way that they both knew a decision had been made.


Jason was puzzled, and not a little disappointed, when Suzy didn’t come to him in the night. He’d lain awake for a canlı casino siteleri long time, stroking his thick cock, not knowing that Suzy was with his Mother, their naked bodies locked together, as he drifted off to sleep.

But the next morning he woke up to find Suzy’s full lips around his cock, her tongue swirling around the tip before she took half his length into her mouth. He watched through half open eyes as her head bobbed up and down before he reached for her, his hands holding her swaying breasts before she straddled him and took his cock deep inside her.

She leant forward, her breasts crushed between them as she pushed her hips back to take his cock deep inside her before plunging her tongue hungrily into his mouth. He moaned against her as they broke their kiss.

“Sshhhhh,” she murmured, “Your Mum’s still in the shower.”

“Suzy!” he panicked, “If she ……”

“Keep quiet then,” she urged him, kissing him again as her pussy milked his long cock.

She rode him slowly, pushing up on her arms so that her breasts, her hard nipples, dragged across his chest as she rocked her body with his.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” she told him quietly.

He started to ask the obvious question, but she leant forward and stopped him, her lips just touching his.

“A lover,” she whispered, feeling his cock lurch inside her pussy, “A friend who would really like to meet you … to love you … with me of course.”

He started to speak again, but Suzy carried on quickly, his body moving faster against hers now.

“She’s very sexy … but a bit shy … so I’d need to blindfold you … both of you … and then help you … help you both … tonight …”

And then she cried out as Jason’s cum erupted inside her, his cock harder than he’d ever been. Her own orgasm followed, flooding her with pleasure as Jason continued to plough into her, his hands on her ass locking them together as they kissed wildly.


Kathy couldn’t believe that she had agreed to meet Suzy’s lover. She had tried to find out more, but Suzy had told her that she should just think about enjoying herself. Ever since Suzy had told her about her lover, and had said about bringing them together, she had thought about little else, her pussy throbbing with the thoughts running through her mind. But now, as the time approached, the doubts were setting in.

“What if he finds out who I am?” she asked for the hundredth time, this time out loud.

“He won’t,” Suzy assured her, “He’ll be blindfolded like you, and just knows that he’s coming to meet a friend of mine.”

Kathy nodded, accepting the same story as Suzy had told Jason.

“It’s time,” Suzy told her sister quietly.

Kathy nodded, tugging the belt the belt of her silky gown nervously.

“Don’t worry … it’s going to be great,” Suzy reassured her, easing the belt loose again before slipping a hand into softly caress Kathy’s breast as she kissed her.

She smiled back at her sister as she slipped out of room, telling Kathy that she’d better be in the hallway to wait for the doorbell. Instead, she went quickly to Jason’s room. He was naked, pacing the room as he waited for her. She kissed him quickly, before picking up the black scarf she’d left in his room earlier.

“Remember,” she told him again, “If this comes off all bets are off, so tell me if it comes loose.”

She kissed him, stroking his cock, before telling him that she’d be back to get him as soon as her friend arrived and had got undressed. Suzy then made her way to the hallway, her heart pounding. Beneath the silk robe she was wearing, every nerve of her otherwise naked body was on fire, her nipples solid as they rubbed against the soft material.

In the hallway, she waited for a few minutes before easing the door open and reaching out to ring the doorbell. She made sure to make enough noise to reassure both Kathy and Jason that someone had arrived. They both thought that the other was out for the evening, so they would believe that the noise was her lover arriving. She then made her way back along the hallway towards the bedrooms, making enough noise for two. She waited to leave enough time for her sister and nephew to think that her lover was getting ready, before stepping back into her own room to where Kathy was waiting.

“I can’t,” Kathy told her immediately from where she was sat nervously on the edge of the bed.

Suzy laughed.

“Oh, Kathy, you can … and you want to,” she told her sister, before adding, almost as an afterthought, “And you should see how hard he is already.”

Without waiting for an answer, she pulled Kathy to her feet and quickly blindfolded her with a second black, silk scarf, before giving her same warning she’d given Jason.

“I’ll go and get him,” she told her sister, before kissing her softly on the mouth, “Just wait there.”

She slipped quickly back to Jason’s room, where he was still stood where she’d left him, his cock now hanging semi erect. She touched him briefly, wanting Kathy to have the pleasure of feeling his cock growing in her hand. Then, with a delicious sense of anticipation that was turning her legs to jelly, she led Jason to meet his Mother.

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