Britney’s Adventure Ch. 4


She showered, letting the water massage her skin, and found a wide array of soaps and shampoos for her to use, she picked what she thought was the most expensive of them. She dried her hair, and also found a make-up kit underneath the sink, and redid her make-up, doing it as much as she could the way it was supposed to be for the party. She redressed in the outfit, she felt very renewed, in both energy, and in spirit, and felt ready for anything else that could possibly happen to her at the party. She opened the door, and saw the Roman still standing there. “Hello, Thanks for watching the door.”

“Miss, it was a pleasure, and the least I could do considering what you have done for me before,” He responded, still very formal.

“Thanks again,” she said, and went down the stairs, and back to the party. This was the first point in the party where she could actually sit back and enjoy what was going on. She found the drinks, and she was feeling dehydrated, so she got a bottle of water. She was sipping on it, and scoping out the room, seeing women in various forms of dress, and also seeing the men in the same position, most having drinks in their hands, and sitting in chairs talking, flirting, and laughing, and with some of them, moaning and grunting. She saw a woman who was in a Victorian style dress who was bent over a chair, while the man she had given head to earlier in the James Bond costume was behind her, grabbing her hips, and thrusting hard into her. She became entranced, watching the motion of the two of them, and getting caught up in their facial expressions, the woman in the throws of pleasure, the man squinting and putting forth full effort. She then felt a tap on her shoulder, and turned slowly, not wanting to look too eager to see who was behind her.

“Hello, I noticed you earlier, although I didn’t get a chance to say hello.” He said, before she even turned her head. It was the man dressed as the vampire that she had seen at the party earlier. He was a tall man she guessed 6’2” or 6’3”, and weighed about 200 pounds, with deep blue eyes, and jet black hair, slicked back. He put his hand on her leg, moving it up and down her inner thigh as he took the seat that was open next to her. She smiled at him, and continued drinking her water, as he ordered a Bloody Mary, and drank it there, the red color on his lips merely adding to the persona that he was portraying that night. She had always had a thing for vampires; the sexual feelings that come from having someone take your blood, especially from one of her most sensual areas, her neck. She loved men kissing her neck, it always got her going, not matter what the time or the place. That was the thing that she had missed the most about not having a boyfriend, not having someone to hold her, casino oyna and to kiss her neck. The man dressed as the vampire had finished his Bloody Mary, and moved closer to her. He moved in and kissed her, his tongue parting her soft lips, and making its way into her mouth. She obliged his unsaid request, and began putting her tongue into his mouth, and running it along the fake teeth he had in his mouth. His hand moved forward, cupping her breast through her top, her hand moved toward his crotch, after moving his cape from in front of him. She could feel the bulge underneath his pants growing; she broke off the kiss and smiled at him.

“How about we go off to another room?” She asked him, although really it was much more than a request, it was more of an order. She felt a hand on her shoulder, which was becoming more and more a common occurrence for that night, and she turned around slowly. Her eyes started at the floor, seeing white stockings clinging to small, smooth claves, going up through the knees. She saw the hem of a plaid skirt, which came down to mid-thigh, and as her eyes moved up she saw a white button-up shirt, tied together at the bottom, exposing a flat stomach. Liking so far, she continued up, seeing her breasts, and the skirt unbuttoned way too far for any schoolgirl to wear and still be in considered in uniform. Her eyes went up, to a wide open collar, and to a long, lean neck, up to a small chin, and full lips, and a small upturned nose, with bright green eyes, and wavy blonde hair, which was brought back into a ponytail.

“Hello, how are you?” Britney asked, in an attempt to get her to leave so that she and the Vampire could get back to what they were doing.

“I’m good, I enjoyed your little show over there earlier” she said, pointing toward the chair that Britney was tied in front of. “I enjoyed it a lot, I was on the couch with the mailman that was directly behind you, and I’m Amy by the way.” She said, reaching her hand out to shake with Britney.

“I’m glad my job as the entertainment was good.” She said, smiling at Amy, looking at her soft red lips. Amy sat on the other side of her. “Well, you know, we were going to go to another room, would you like to join u?” Britney asked, putting her hand on her leg, gently rubbing it, and moving toward her skirt.

“I would really like that” she said, looking into Britney’s eyes. The Vampire then got up, the bulge obviously showing in his pants, and grabbed a hand from each of them, and led them to an empty room in the house. On the way, they passed by many closed doors, and could hear moaning and screaming coming from inside, giving a surreal feeling to what was going on around them, the sounds echoing through the large hallway. The room was at the end of the hall, and contained slot oyna a four-post bed that had sheer fabric running between the posts, with red satin sheets on the bed. The vampire grabbed Amy, and pushed her onto the bed, she laid back on her elbows. She watched as the Vampire kissed Britney’s neck, and she let out a soft moan, and she could feel her pussy start to drip. Then the Vampire opened his mouth wide, and with his plastic teeth, bit into her neck, not enough to draw blood, but she felt a little jolt of pain when he did it. After the initial shot of pain went away, she started giggling, as was Amy by the bed.

The Vampire looked up at Amy “Remember, you’re next.” He said, pointing at her.

“Do whatever you want baby, I’m here for you.”

“So what happens to the women who get bitten by vampires?” Britney asked, still in his arms.

“Well, they usually become willing slaves.”

“I was going to do whatever you wanted anyway.” She smiled at him.

“I get very turned on by the curves a woman’s neck, and the taste of their skin.” He kissed her afterward, and then they heard a soft moan coming from the bed, they both looked over, and Amy was sitting there, with her legs spread, and she had a finger inside her completely shaven pussy.

“You like what you see?” She asked “It said to do it on the directions, I really like it too, I think I’ll keep it like this.” She said, her hand not leaving her pussy, as she leaned back and let out a low moan. Britney broke the embrace of the Vampire, and moved over to Amy, and put her finger into Amy’s pussy, their movements working together, as Britney moved in and kissed her, their tongue intertwining. She could feel the rumbles of the gagged moans Amy was attempting to produce. Britney moved another finger into her, she now had four fingers inside her, all moving around, rubbing the insides of her. Amy leaned back, breaking the kiss, and let out a low scream as her body stiffened around Britney, and came hard, her juices flowing fully from her pussy, onto her hand, and Britney’s. Britney moved up Amy’s body, which was barely on the bed, she grabbed her arms, and pulled her up so she wouldn’t fall off, and she sat down onto Amy’s face, holding her hands down, pinning her, her skirt pulled up by her hips. She lowered her pussy onto Amy’s mouth, and Amy soon awakened from her orgasmic state, and quickly used her mouth on Britney, who was already dripping wet. The Vampire had been standing off to the side, watching the two of them. He then moved onto the bed, on his knees, and pulled his cape back behind his shoulders. Britney moved her hands forward, and undid his belt, and the button, which she had trouble with, and put down the zipper. He wasn’t wearing underwear, which didn’t surprise canlı casino siteleri her at all.

“Come now, willing slave” he said, in a Vampire accent, as his hands touching her shoulders, and ran his fingers through her hair.

“Anything for you master,” she said, although not very convincingly, considering she broke out in laughter after saying it. She put her mouth over the head of it, and moved her tongue along it, and putting the tip right at the opening; he grabbed her head, and gently began moving it towards his body. She obliged his actions, slowly moving her mouth down his cock, letting her tongue slide along the bottom of it. Amy was still busily licking at Britney’s pussy, her face smothered in Britney’s juices. Her tongue moved around inside, licking all around in side, and she used her nose to rub up against her clit. Britney moaned into the Vampire’s cock, he could feel the vibrations on his cock, which made him moan softly out, his hand pulling with more force against her head. Britney was moaning loudly now, the vibrations sending the Vampire over the edge, grabbing her head as hard as he could muster, keeping her mouth on him, and he moaned loudly, shooting into her mouth. He fell back on the bed; feeling spent, as Britney moved down Amy’s body, and kissed her. She had kept his cum in her mouth, and transferred it to Amy, as Amy transferred the taste of Britney’s juices back to her. They kissed passionately for ten minutes, as the Vampire was recovering, and watched them intently, seeing their breasts against each other, and their soft lips meeting together, smothering each other with their juices. Britney broke off the kiss, and smiled at Amy, and noticed how wet Amy was. She motioned to the Vampire, who was playing with his hard cock, and he moved over by them. She whispered something into the Vampire’s ear, and moved up the bed, past Amy, whose legs were spread wide open. The Vampire moved between them, and pushed his hard cock into her pussy. It was the wettest he had ever felt a woman be for him, and Britney sat back and watched, and above Amy’s head. She grabbed Amy’s hands, and put them onto her pussy, and Amy used her skillful fingers to move in and out of her. Britney’s pussy was gushing with her juice, as she watched the Vampire thrust harder and harder into Amy. Amy was screaming loudly, after having another orgasm. She got Britney off quickly, there wasn’t the build up she was used to, and it rushed in and out. She moaned loudly, her breathing heavy, and when she came back from the orgasm high she was on, she knew that there was much more experiences to be had, and kissed Amy, while she was moaning, and kissed the Vampire, pulled her skirt down, waved good bye, and left the room, and walked back down the hallway, hearing moaning, and wondering if it was Amy who she was hearing.

I would like to thank the people who have contributed their ideas for this. Feedback of course is appreciated, and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading.

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