Britta Ch. 01


My name is Britta. I am a 40 year old widow. This is the story of how I came back to my sex life, which raises the question of why would I ever write about my sex life and let the world read about it. The answer is simple. It turns me on to think there are men or women actually reading this and masturbating. It’s like they are all cumming because of me. I find that exciting, so here goes my story.

I lost my husband in a car crash that happened four years back. It’s amazing how certain days just get imprinted in your head. The emotions, the mindset, everything just gets recorded in your head. I think it has to do with something about the strong emotions you go through. They do the job of recording everything in your head, precisely as it happened. It was a Friday. He was supposed to take me to this new restaurant in town, but he never came back home. I was dressed in this sexy black dress. I had plans. I was being naughty by not wearing any panties, but then I got a phone call, and rushed to the hospital to see the motionless body of my dear Bobby. That was the day everything changed. We never had children, we were not just ready for it. I guess we should have tried. If we had, I would not have been as lonely as I am now.

Yes, I am lonely. It’s been four years since I have been with a man. It may seem okay, but once a girl has had a cock in her pussy, she cannot live forever without being fucked again. Sex is addictive. Dick is addictive. The thought of a dick inside my pussy, in my mouth. The feel, the smell, the taste of cum. The sight and feel of a cumming dick. Shit, I am getting wet just thinking of all this.

Even though my libido was getting more and more severe, I didn’t try dating. There were always friends trying to hook me up or people asking me out, but all that sobbing lasted for an entire year. By the time I came back to my old self and life, all our savings were gone, so I had to start working.

I found a job with a local company, as a secretary. People tried flirting with me in the work place, but I simply acted unapproachable. Dating felt wrong, like cheating on Bobby. I know Bobby would have wanted me to move on, to find someone else, to be happy. I mean, I would have wanted Bobby to move on and start dating if I were the one who had died. Four years without companionship, how can you suppress your libido that long? I used to finger myself a lot, thinking of Bobby’s dick pumping in and out of my pussy, but too soon, this was not enough. I wanted more, so I went and bought a dildo. Even that would not suffice to satisfy my libido. Nothing can replace the feel of a real dick in your pussy, I guess. It was becoming frustrating now, but I still didn’t go out with anyone. The truth is, I was terrified just thinking of going on a date. What would I tell him? How would I tell him what I wanted? Bobby always knew just what I wanted. I knew I just had to do it, but I having such trouble getting started. Oh, I didn’t tell you, Bobby was my high school sweetheart! He is the only guy I have ever been with, his is the only dick that has ever been inside my pussy. Well, not just my pussy, all of my holes.

So, here I was, a horny, lonely, forty year old widow working on my laptop one day, and it just shut off. I thought the battery might be dead, so I plugged in the charger and started working again. After an hour or so, I unplugged the charger and my laptop shut off again. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the system, so I decided to call up Tyler.

Tyler is my eighteen year old neighbor who lives with his parents, Martha and Bryan. So I called Martha’s phone and told her about my laptop. Martha said she would send Tyler over.

Let me tell you about Tyler. He is a cute boy. He wears glasses and doesn’t have a big football player kind of body, but he isn’t skinny either. He looks fit, and has black hair and blue eyes. Shit, that combo always makes your heart race, doesn’t it?

I was wearing a white tank top and black pants. The straps of my black bra were totally out in the open. I heard a knock on the door so I went and opened it, and there stood Tyler. He looked at my face, smiled and said, “Hi Mrs. Hans.” His eyes wandered away from my face to my shoulders; to my bra straps and then came back to my face.

“Hey Tyler, come on in, and how many times do I have to tell you, you can call me Britta.” I walked in to the living room, and he followed me.

“So, Tyler, my laptop has got something wrong with it. It won’t work without the charger. Can you be a sweetheart and check it out for me?”

I asked him to sit down, and went in to my room to get the laptop. When I came back, he was looking out the window, and quickly looked back, smiling nervously at me.

So I handed my laptop to him, and just out of curiosity I looked outside to find what he was so interested in. The window had a view to my backyard and my clothes hanging on the clothesline. Standing out, in the middle of the line, were a black bra and a pair of panties. casino oyna So I started wondering why he would be nervous about that. Then I remembered the way his eyes went to my bra straps when I opened the door. Could it be that bras turn him on, did my bra turn him on? The thought was kind of interesting. No, interesting is not the word. I found myself blushing, and my heart sped up. I kept watching him, and I saw him looking at me from time to time while checking the laptop. He would look at my face, and then my shoulders, and then go back to the laptop. I wanted to confirm my suspicions. I have to say I was getting turned on by the thought that this 18 year old boy was after one of my intimate pieces of clothing. So I said to him “Tyler, I forgot to bring in my laundry. If it rains now, I won’t have any bras or panties to wear tomorrow.”

That did have an effect on him. At the mention of my bras and panties, he suddenly turned his head and looked at me. He just stared for several moments and swallowed hard. I guess he didn’t know how to respond to that. I went outside, took all my clothes off the line and brought them in to the living room where Tyler was working on my laptop. There were five bras and panties along with a lot of other clothes.

I laid the pile of clothes on the sofa next to me, and looked at him. Now he was looking at me, my shoulders and then the pile of clothes. He continued this for a while, and I was sure he had a fetish for bras, and maybe even panties.

After a while he told me that the battery was faulty, and he could test his theory by taking my laptop home and trying his laptop battery in it to see if it would work. He smiled at me.

I wanted to repay him, and a crazy thought passed through my head. Maybe I could give him one of my bras, but I was afraid that would embarrass him. So, I figured the least I could do was to give him some alone time here with my bras, and let him decide for himself. I said “Tyler, thank you so much, you are such a big help, and I didn’t even offer you anything to drink. Where are my manners? Wait here, okay?”

Before he could protest I went into the kitchen, got some juice and cookies, and waited about ten minutes before heading back into the living room. He looked very nervous as I gave him the juice. He seemed to be in a hurry. He drank the juice quickly and ate one cookie, then stood up, saying “Britta, I should get going.”

I said “Okay, do check out whether the battery is the problem or not, and let me know. Oh, wait take my number so you can text me about it”

We exchanged numbers and he hurried out of the house. I sat down on the sofa and checked the pile of clothes. One of my black bras was missing. He must have stuffed it in his pocket. I felt oddly aroused thinking of that.

I couldn’t get the thought of him having my bra out of my mind. I just kept thinking about it, and I started wondering what he would do with it. Would he wear it? No way, it would never fit him, his frame was so much larger than mine. Why else would he want my bra? Would he look at my bra, imagining me wearing it and jerk himself off? Would he use it to stroke his dick? I started imagining him naked with my black bra wrapped around his dick. The image of him jerking with my bra started making me wet. I was lying on my bed, and my fingers found their way to my pussy. I was more turned on, and my pussy was wetter than it had been in a long time. I started rubbing my pussy, and soon I was using my dildo. Would he cum in my bra? Oh it would be so sexy if he filled my bra cups with his cum. It would be so hot to see his cum all over my black bra. Shit, I wanted to taste his cum. It wasn’t long before I climaxed, and it was too long since I had such an orgasm.

I knew I couldn’t let this go, but there was a small feeling of guilt. I mean, it started off as fun, but now I wanted more. I knew I wanted more from Tyler. Giving him my bra was just a favor to this teenage boy. I was still thinking about it, getting turned on by it. I masturbated repeatedly while thinking of him, and now I knew for sure; I wanted more than this. I wanted to do things with him. I was so confused. There was a voice in my head telling me I should let go, I am young, I should live my life. Bobby would have wanted this. The voice was telling me to relax, and see where this goes. Maybe it was time, and I convinced myself I could stop before something got totally out of hand

I had to know what Tyler was doing with my bra, but I didn’t want to embarrass him. Maybe I could help him, give him more of my bras. He was, after all, a teenager with raging hormones. The thought of him using my bra was again turning me on.

I knew this need in me was not just a forty year old woman’s mid life crisis. This was the result of four years of loneliness and not having sex, not having a dick stuffed up my pussy. I always had loved cum; the smell, the taste, the feel. It always turned me on, and the thought that he might be filling up my bra with his hot slot oyna cum was such a turn on.

So I started devising a plan. The next day Tyler called me up and said that it was indeed a problem with the battery. He was standing in a computer shop and was calling to ask me whether he should buy a new one. I said fine, and he said he would return the laptop by that evening. I was so excited to meet him again

So I dressed up for him. I wore a white tank top and a black bra. The bra straps were out and the black color of the bra stood out clearly through my light white top. Just in case, I wore my best pink lace thong. What if he had a panty fetish too?

I was very excited as I waited for him to come by. He finally arrived, and when I answered the door, he hurriedly handed me the laptop and charger. I paid him for the battery and he turned to leave.

“Wait Tyler, are you forgetting something?” I asked.

He just stared at me with a blank face.

I said “Well, what all did you take from here? My laptop, you returned that. The charger, you returned that too, and didn’t you take something else?”

I could see his face go pale. He swallowed hard, and stared at me. He said “Wh- what Britta? I don’t understand.”

I said. “OH you don’t, do you? Hmm… let me ask you something. How do I look in this outfit?”

I could see he was very tense now.

He said, “U look good Britta.”

I said “Do you like my top, my white top?”

“Yes Britta.”

“How do I look in it?”


He was stammering.

I said “Oh, just good? I thought I looked sexy. With the bra straps showing and all. Do you think that is sexy, Tyler, when a girls bra straps are showing?”

He knew he was caught. He just stared at me

I walked towards him. “Tell me Tyler, do you like bras? Do you just like black bras, or all bras?”

I took his hand, and put it on my boob. He just looked at my face and then his hand on my boob. He looked at my face again and bit his lip and then squeezed my boob. A moan escaped my lips, I wanted him. All of my devious planning fled my mind, I just couldn’t resist kissing him. Oh, It felt so good to be kissed again. The feel of your lips being sucked by someone, especially your lower lips. The feel of someone’s tongue on your lips, then the feel of sucking on a tongue and the feel of your tongue being sucked.

After the kiss I looked at him, his eyes were closed. I asked him “What did you do with my bra?”

He replied, “I used it.”

“For what, Tyler?”

He once again looked tense, he looked down at his hand on my boob and squeezed it once more, which must have given him some of his confidence back. He said, “I used it to stroke my cock, and when I came, I filled the cups with my cum.”

Oh, that was such a turn on, the thought of his cum in my bra cups. I asked him, “Well, do you need more bras”

His face lit up, “Oh yes, Britta.”

“But, you have to do it in front of me, I want to see it.”

He looked at me, I couldn’t make it out whether it was confusion or shyness in his face. He just stared at me.

I said, “Okay, if you don’t want to, it’s fine. You won’t get to enjoy these.”

As I was saying this I walked away from him, but while I walked I removed my top and threw it on the floor.

He called, “Britta!”

I stopped and turned, giving him the full view of my upper body. My black bra was kind of skimpy. If he looked carefully, he could make out my nipples, especially since they were erect.

He just looked at them and swallowed hard.

I asked, “Yes, Tyler?”

That woke him from his trance. He looked at my face, and then unbuckled his pants and let them fall. He was wearing red boxers underneath. He pulled his boxers down and there it was; a six inch dick erect and thick. His pink head looked so good, so tempting. He started stepping out of his boxers.

I told him, “I want your boxers.”

He didn’t hesitate, he just threw them to me.

I looked at the boxers and examined crotch, it had a wet spot. Shit, the thought that this wet spot was for me was such a turn on. I looked at him, he was looking at me. He looked so cute standing there with his erect cock pointing at me. I looked at his cock and told him to stroke it.

He took his dick in his hand and started stroking it. Shit that looked so hot. I asked, “Baby do you need my bra?”

He nodded, so I unhooked my bra. I could see his breath become faster. I looked at his eyes, they were on my bra covered boobs. I slowly let one strap fall from my shoulder. Now one of my boobs was exposed. My right breast was out, my pink nipple exposed for his pleasure, and he started stroking that hard dick. I removed my bra fully, and I stood there topless before him. I threw the bra to him, he caught it and wrapped the bra around his dick and started stroking with it.

The sight was so arousing, I couldn’t help myself. My hands went to my chest and I started pulling my nipples; canlı casino siteleri before I knew it, my hands were inside my panties, rubbing my pussy. I was unbelievably wet. I started rubbing my clit. When he saw what I was doing he started stroking even harder, as if he was possessed. Suddenly he moaned, “Britta Im gonna cum’.”

I told him, “Catch your cum in my bra cup.”

He had already started cumming, and it was getting all over the bra. He kept on stroking and my bra was covered with sticky, white cum. Seeing this made me cum. It was awesome. It was the best orgasm I had in years. I took my hand out and it was wet with my pussy juice. Seeing this he called out, “Britta!”

I looked at him, he walked towards me, took my wet finger in his mouth and sucked on it. Shit, that was so sexy, seeing him savoring my pussy juice. Then he looked down at his flaccid cock and the bra in his hand.

I smiled and took the bra from his hand, putting it on right on front of him. I felt the wetness of his cum all over my chest. My nipples were coated in his cum. The smell, and the feel of his cum was wondrous; I knew I was going to finger myself again soon

He was looking at me with a totally goofy face. I smiled at him, gave him a peck on his lips and said, “You should go home. I’ll be wearing this bra for the rest of the day. Night, I’ll need the bra to rub on my pussy later. Get dressed sweetie.”

I gave his hardening cock a stroke and walked to my room. I came back in five minutes and he was fully dressed. He looked at me and smiled, saying, “Bye, Britta.”

I smiled and said bye. When he turned away I called his name and threw a red bra to him. He looked back and caught it. I said, “I expect you to catch you cum in this bra’s cups tonight, okay. I want these bra cups all wet and smelly with your cum tomorrow morning. I’ll be waiting for you , I don’t have any other bra to wear to work.”

You should have seen his expression. He stared at me with his mouth wide open. I again pecked him on his lower lip. He closed his mouth and smiled, then walked out the door.

I stayed in the bra until bedtime, by then all the cum had dried up. Still, knowing that I was wearing the bra that he had cummed in was so arousing, it was keeping me constantly wet. I didn’t want to remove the bra even before going to bed. I stripped down to my bra and panties and started playing with my pussy, thinking of what Tyler was doing with my bra this time.

Speak of the devil. My cell phone beeped, telling me I had a text message. It could be work, so I had to stop fingering myself and check the message. It was Tyler saying hi.

I replied, “Hi baby. What are you doing?”

The reply was a picture. It was the picture of his crotch. He had my red bra wrapped around his dick. He was fully erect and his pink dick head was glistening with pre cum. Shit, that was such a turn on.

It was common courtesy to send a picture back. So, I took a picture of my panty covered crotch and sent it to him. He could totally see my wetness in the panties. I stood up and sent him a picture of me in bra and panties, to show him I was still wearing the same bra he cummed in. His reply came, “You are so wet, I wish I could have those panties.”

I replied, “Ha ha, you can have anything you want baby. How is the soaking of my bra going?”

He replied, “Cummed in it twice already. We have all night, I want to see your boobs. Can you come online?”

He wanted to see me, and I was going to see him jerk. I switched on my laptop and he called me in Skype. When his video loaded, there he was, stroking his cock with my bra. That was all I needed to see. My fingers automatically went inside my panties and started rubbing my pussy.

Then he typed me a message in Skype, “I can’t talk. I might end up waking up mom n dad. Oh Britta, show me your boobs”

This 18 year old boy, half my age, was telling me things to do. He was using me for his pleasure, and it was such a turn on.

I took off my bra, and he sent another message, “Pull your nipples for me, think of me, there, pinching your nipples.”

I did, I pinched both my nipples. I pulled on them. I rolled them between my fingers.

“Oh Britta. That is so hot. Now, wet your fingers with your spit and then pinch your nipples.”

I did.

“Oh yeah Britta. Think of my mouth on your nipples. Me biting you, hard, on your nipples, my tongue all over your nipples. Pinch your nipples hard Britta. Think of it as my teeth and pinch your nipples hard. Roll them between your fingers, and think of your nipples being rolled between my teeth. Pull on your nipples, and think of me biting your nipples and pulling on them.”

Shit, this boy was good at talking me through this. I was doing everything he told me to and my nipples were rock hard. He could see that. He typed “Oh Britta look at those hard erect nipples. You don’t know how badly I want them in my mouth. How badly I want to feel it with my tongue.”

I used my hands to lift my boobs, like I was offering them to him, and typed in, “Feel free to come in and suck on them whenever you want, Tyler. Is that all you want, just my boobs? I have a whole body, remember?”

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