Brooke Ch. 03


The first card turns up- she receives her first task master. (It might be better to read the previous chapter to make sense of this chapter.)


Sunday morning Brooke awoke still fuzzy from a night of intense dreams. A deep feeling of loss turned to anger as she became aware; yesterday wasn’t just a dream but a real nightmare of a day.

The knocking on the door with the doorbell ringing pulled her aching body from the bed. The impatient knock and bell ring! It could only be her friend Carlene. That bastard of a thug had let her go! She ran to the door and wrenched it open. As suddenly as the door was opened she slammed her arms around her naked body.

“Brooke?” the young man stammered.

The anger overflowed and she shouted at him. “What the hell do you want nerdy boy?” Brooke looked him up and down with an obvious look of disdain. She recognised him from school so he was nineteen, the same as Brooke, but she didn’t know him well.

Last time they met he had smiled shyly at her while trying to make conversation. They had been at the same high school and would be in the same college next week so he thought they could hang out together. She had shrugged her shoulders and turned away, spurning his attempted friendliness.

Standing naked before a guy of her own age would be embarrassing but she felt infuriated and he was about to receive the full venom worked up from yesterday’s disgusting degradation. He stood before her looking like a startled rabbit in the searing light of her fiery temper.

Before she could give him the benefit of her acid wit she noticed the blue card in a trembling outstretched hand. “Where did you get that? Talk!”

“My uncle,” he managed to stammer.

“Shit! Who’s your uncle?” she spat angrily.

“Freddy,” he said, sounding apologetic.

“A bald guy, with a swimming pool, fancy house out in the sticks, with body guards in black suits built like brick walls?” she demanded.

“Yea, I guess so,” he spluttered.

“You had better come in,” Brooke ordered.

“It’s OK!” he said anxiously. “I didn’t know it would be you! Sorry,” he said in confusion.

He had enough presence of mind to hide the card in his hand but just stood staring at her.

“Don’t stand there with your tongue hanging out looking stupid. I want a talk with you,” she said, with more than a hint of a threat in her voice.

She turned quickly, expecting him to follow. He took a tentative step, following it with another, until he was through the door not thinking to close it. His eyes were on her ass, mesmerised by a dimple in the left cheek, formed with every stride.

“Close the door,” she shot at him over a shoulder.

He hurried to comply then tripped along the corridor to catch up, only to fall into her bedroom.

“I’m getting dressed!” she complained.

“Here, give me that damn card,” she ordered. Ripping it from his hand she cared little that he had, what was for him, a tantalising close up view of her naked body. He had seen everything when she opened the door and at the moment there were more important things than covering her nakedness.

One glance told her it was one of those cards. When someone presented one of these damnable cards she would have to obey them. Otherwise, her friend would suffer. The thought of Carlene held as a hostage by that mobster sent a shiver of fear through her. If she didn’t play his cruel game her friend would be punished. The thought of what he might do to her brought her down.

“It’s OK! I won’t, I don’t want to, I mean. I’ll just go,” William suggested. He didn’t make a move while torn between ogling her body, feeling guilty and curious. What did his uncle have over her that she was working for him like this? casino siteleri It was bound to be over money but how did she get mixed up with him?

Brooke shook herself. She didn’t notice his eyes following the bounce of her breasts as there were more pressing matters. “So, when did he give you that card,” she asked, at last becoming calmer.

She picked up a dress from the floor to sniff a pit and shrugged it on over her head. It was less sweaty than she was.

“Last night. My father took me there on one of his rare family visits. He slipped me the card,” William said, while following her into the kitchen. He remembered the smirk and suggestion that he could do whatever he wanted with the woman. He felt belittled by the suggestion that he could lose his virginity at last.

“I didn’t know it was you. I don’t want you,” he hesitated, unable to continue with uncle’s vulgar words in his head.

“What? You don’t like black pussy?” she smirked at his timidity.

“Yea, I mean, I don’t expect you to, err, to honour the agreement. I’ll just make something up,” he said lamely.

“Do you like your coffee black?” she asked.

Realising the milk was off he nodded his head.

“You’re going to help me with this,” she told him, waving the card and shoving a mug of coffee at him.

“Did you see Carlene?” she said, with a look of worry on her face.

He wrinkled his brow in confusion. “Could be, I didn’t see her face but saw someone there,” he stopped short. He knew they were good friends and wondered what it was all about.

“Did you see her or not?” she yelled at him. Calming herself she asked again. “What did you see, Willy,” she asked more gently.

He looked away. “A young woman, she was naked. She ran from the pool when we came in. I only got a glimpse of her, didn’t know it was Carlene but it could have been,” he said, trying to pacify her.

“Was it that bitch, what’s her name, Sandy?” Brooke asked.

“No, I didn’t see her. That was unusual, she’s usually waiting on uncle all the time,” he said.

“I guess you didn’t bother to look at the naked girls face!” Brooke said testily.

“She slipped away quickly before my dad could see her,” William said, in defence. “She was slim, short, dark short hair,” he shrugged.

“Must be her,” Brooke sighed.

“What’s going on Brooke? Why is she there?” he asked, leaving out the question of why she was subjecting herself to this card thing.

“She’s there to make sure I do as I’m told. Whenever someone presents one of these cards I have to follow instructions,” she grimaced.

“Bloody hell,” William whistled.

“Exactly right,” she whispered. “You gointa help me outa this?”

“What can I do?” he asked.

He looked as though he meant it and while she had him hooked intended wringing out of him every little bit of sympathy. “You can help by giving a good report to your uncle. First, tell me all you know about him.”

He told her a little about uncle Freddy’s background but wasn’t sure what he got up to these days. There was some kind of drug connection as well as sordid clubs, and gambling, but his side of the family kept clear of that so-called business.

“We visit rarely as he’s considered the black sheep of the family. My mom hates him. Dad doesn’t tell her I visit with him,” he added.

“When are you supposed to report back on my compliant behaviour?” she asked.

“I’m supposed to phone him tonight. Oh! A message, you’re supposed to go to a club, the Golden Chain. Be there by seven,” he said, with a shrug, meaning he had no idea what it meant.

Brooke grimaced. She had never been there but knew of its bad reputation and that was enough of a clue as what was expected of her. “What about the slot oyna police? Do they watch him or want him?” she asked.

“Dad said he keeps away from the sharp end of the business these days. I guess they know of him,” William explained.

Brooke wished her friend was here. Carlene would have been able to work out some kind of plan. Either the consternation showed on her face or she had thought out loud for William butted in on her thoughts.

“I can help, I want to,” he said.

“We need to get Carlene out of there, she’s in serious trouble and so am I, if we don’t,” she sighed, leaving what sort of trouble unsaid. It seemed she had accepted the need of help and he was the only one at the moment.

“There might be a way. When I was little I fell into the pool drainage channel. There’s a grill the other end, outside the walls. If it could be loosened that’s a way in and out,” he said. His excitement grew as he thought it through.

“Uncle Freddy doesn’t get up until late, so the best time to break in would be early in the morning,” he enthused.

Brooke pulled him to her for a strong hug. “Do you think you could get us in?” she breathed into his ear. “I would be so grateful,” she cooed. She felt his cock hardening and pressed up against him. His innocence and sincerity was a refreshing change from the abusive men she had encountered recently.

She kissed him on the cheek. “I know you can do it,” she smiled reassuringly.

The details of how it would be accomplished were driven from his mind. A beautiful woman, dressed in just a light summer dress, was holding him close. This was beyond his experience and he was unsure of what to do.

“How am I going to get there? What if we get caught? The guards will be there and there’s security cameras!” he exclaimed.

The last thing Brooke needed was for this nerdy guy to wimp out on her. “You need to report back to your Uncle. That will make him think he has me where he wants me. He won’t be expecting anything then.” She pushed him away holding his hands.

“You had better use that card, just to make it sound real on the phone,” she said, affecting a demure expression. She looked up at him intently with head slightly down and to one side. She was trying to make him feel more assured but he just stood there.

The signals were all there for him to make a play for her so she could tell him, ‘not until the job is done.’ He was responding to her but nothing doing. It occurred to her he was a virgin. She almost laughed at him. Instead she led him from the kitchen back to her bedroom.

He meekly followed. She stood with head down so as not to show her amusement. The sun shone brightly through the dress illuminating her luscious body. This was more erotic for him than being naked. She could see his cock growing harder in his pants.

She had already pushed too far. It would be humiliating for him to cum in his pants so she had to work quickly. There was no time for the demure girly act. She took a firm grip of his shoulders to guide him onto the bed.

“Lift your hips,” she told him. Pulling the jeans down to his knees she licked his thighs. Thankfully he still smelt of shower gel and spray. He must have doused himself and rushed over eager to meet the mystery woman.

His cock throbbed against her cheek. There was no time for niceties. She sucked it into her mouth and only then realised how large it was. It was about the size of Carlene’s strap on dildo she had so often sucked.

Brooke was going to try the usual submissive act but thought better of it. She dare not look up at him with admiring girly eyes, as the slightest encouragement would set him off. She gripped the base of his cock tight to hold him back. He would be all the more canlı casino siteleri grateful if she made him feel like a stud.

William had gazed in admiration at the exotic silhouette through her dress. As though in a dream he had sat on the bed and watched her undo his trousers. For a moment he was in a panic for she would see his erection and this had always been hidden with embarrssment. Watching her toss back the long hair and lean into his crotch almost made him cum.

He didn’t want to spoil the moment by spurting into her face. He felt anxious wondering what to do. Brooke and her crowd had always been way out of reach to him. He couldn’t believe she was holding his cock. He watched, so mesmerised by the image, he was unable to feel her licking his thighs. It was a wonderful creamy pale flickering tongue.

He watched his cock hit her cheek and gasped. Was she going to do that wonderful thing to him? Surely not! He watched her lips form over its head and gasped out loud. The lips were light inside with perfect white teeth gently nudging it. He felt the wonderful soft plump lips grip the head of his cock.

He felt elated and ashamed all at the same time. He wanted to tell her she didn’t have to do this he would do anything for her, anything at all. Instead he watched his cock slide between those luscious dark lips. There was a hesitation, a tighter grip. His eyes widened in shock.

Those wonderful lips kissed his crotch. Her chin was pressing against his balls. She had swallowed his cock entirely! He seemed to have lost touch with reality. It was as though he were watching a blue movie and it was happening to someone else. It was probably the only way he held on.

Brandi felt him twitch, ready to cum. She didn’t want to taste his sperm so pushed her head right down into his crotch. If he spurted now it would be past her tongue straight down her throat. She hesitated a moment but nothing happened. She assumed it was inexperience making him nervous, unable to cum. She didn’t want that either.

Her head bobbed up and down in a steady rhythm while gripping tight with her lips for plenty of suction. A hand delicately massaged his balls with the occasional scrape of a long fingernail.

With her lips gripping the head of his penis she looked up at him through narrowed eyes. She moaned loudly for the reverberations to tingle his cock. It was time to pull out all the stops.

With a loud sucking noise she let go of the cock to look up at him with a pained expression. “Cum for me, please. I need your cum, from this great big cock,” she whispered hoarsely, while stroking its length and fondling his balls. She licked some fluid then with exaggerated delicacy kissed its eye.

“Do you want to cum over me?” she asked sweetly. The expression of rapture on his face told her he was too far gone for an answer. She would just have to work on him.

She sucked a ball into her mouth then licked up his cock. All the time her hand worked him hard. At last he was about to cum.

William watched every move. He knew she was talking to him but couldn’t concentrate on what she meant. The sensations were overpowering. He knew this was the moment he was going to cum. His back straightened, his legs stiffened, his cock thrust upward.

He buried his cock in her mouth and the orgasm rocked him. Her mouth and throat gripped his cock tight but still he needed to reach further. He needed to enter her body to spurt his seed deep inside.

His body slumped back on the bed. His breathing calmed from the deep gasps of a moment ago. He opened his eyes not seeing the ceiling yet seeing everything in sharp focus. It was the very first time with a woman. He hadn’t imagined it like this. He thought it would be a quick fumble under the sheets in the dark.

His mind raced over all that had happened since she had opened the door. There was no doubt in his mind now. What ever it took he would save her by rescuing her friend.

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