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Brother and Sister: An Unexpected Get Together

My sister Vanessa and her husband Michael were probably the most idyllic couple I’d ever met, they positively glowed whenever they were in each other’s company, and both being naturally happy, vivacious people, it was always a delight to be around them, although as I lived a few hundred miles away, that didn’t happen all that often, so when I got the call from Vanessa inviting me to come and stay the weekend with them, I jumped at the chance. I was a couple of years older than Vanessa, so had kind of looked after her as she was growing through those difficult teen years, she always knew she could rely on big brother to deal with any unwanted attention from the males around the school, and there was certainly plenty of that because Vanessa had developed quickly into a woman, and by age 14 could almost pass as an 18 year old, a fact I found highly disturbing at times, especially as she went through a period of wandering around the house wearing not much at all – something mom was always telling her off about ! She and Michael had met in her last year of high school and it had been love at first sight, and they’d been married now for almost 8 years.

I drove the few hundred miles to their place and arrived early on the Friday evening to an effusive welcome, lots of really joyful hugs from Vanessa and lots of firm hand shakes from Michael. After I’d placed my gear in the spare room, we sat around having a cool drink and catching up on some of the things that had been happening in our respective lives, before Vanessa produced a delightful salad and chicken meal, which I scoffed down in no time flat ! still being a bachelor and not the greatest of cooks I grabbed every opportunity to enjoy a meal prepared by someone else, but Vanessa seemed unusually delighted by my appetite and my generous compliments ! after the meal, we again retired to the lounge and sat around with a fresh cool drink. It had been one of those glorious late summer days of beautiful sunshine, and even in the early evening was still quite warm, so I’d changed to a pair of shorts and T Shirt and Michael had done the same, Vanessa had gone with a pair of tight shorts that showed off her long, beautiful brown legs to perfection, and a thin half top that hung loosely over her breasts, and as I sipped my drink I looked at her and thought my goodness she was still one of the sexiest ladies I’d ever seen ! she was perched on the arm of Michael’s chair almost directly opposite me and about 5 or 6 yards away, and as she twisted to say something to Michael, the half top clung to the side of her breasts, and I realised with a start that she wasn’t wearing a bra ! her nipples were suddenly clearly defined by the clinging material, and I felt the heat rising in me the way it had done all those years ago when she would prance about the house in almost nothing ! I quickly tried to focus my thoughts in other directions !

After a few muffled words and a nod from Michael, Vanessa turned back to me and smiled warmly, “Ben, I guess you were a little surprised when I rang and invited you over for the weekend”, I nodded, “well, there was a specific reason for that, but I’m not sure how to put it” again she glanced quickly at Michael, and again got that slight nod, she took a deep breath and I almost groaned at the sight of her lush breasts thrusting against her top, ” the fact is that Michael wants to watch me have sex with another man !”, I guess my jaw dropped and my eyes popped and I let out a strangled sound, and she held up her hand in supplication, “Please hear me out” she said, ” Michael and I share a fantastic sex life, and it’s been fantastic because we’ve always been honest with each other and we’ve always shared our thoughts, feelings and fantasies, and one of the hottest of those fantasies for Michael has been to see me illegal bahis with someone else, and I have to admit that the thought of being with someone else with Michael watching turns me on too, I’ve never experienced another man, never even seen one naked and aroused ! but as we talked about it we both realised that if it was to happen, it would have to be with someone I felt totally comfortable with, totally safe with and someone that I had at least some sexual feelings for. The only one that fitted all three of those was you !! and when I mentioned that to Michael and admitted that I’d had sexual fantasies about you ever since I was 13 years old, and at one stage had even hoped that you would be the one to pop my cherry, he said we just had to ask you over ! that the thought of the third party being my own brother just blew his mind !”

I guess I just sat there staring at them both in a state of total shock saying absolutely nothing !, her words echoed and re-echoed through my mind, she’d fantasized about me just as I’d fantasized about her when we’d been teenagers, she’d thought of me popping her cherry and now she was suggesting we have sex in front of her husband ! I couldn’t believe it, this must be a prank, a practical joke of some king, a cruel jest ! but there was no sign of that on either of their faces, both were smiling at me with just a suggestion of uncertainty in their eyes. Then Vanessa moved, sliding from the arm of Michael’s chair, she moved over and dropped to her knees in front of me, her hands coming to rest on my bare legs, just above the knees and looked pleadingly up at me, ” I realise that this has come as a bit of a shock, but it’s very important to Michael and I, we need to know how we feel and how we react, and I wasn’t lying when I said I’ve had sexual feeling for you for a long, long time !” then that familiar smile crept on to her face and her hands moved slowly up my legs towards my rapidly swelling cock ” can you look me in the eyes and tell me you never had sexual fantasies about me when we were growing up ?” she asked, I groaned and shook my head ” and can you look me in the eyes and tell me that you don’t still have those sexual fantasies about me ? that you don’t have strong sexual desires for me right now ?” my groan this time seemed to come up from the very bottom of my feet, and her smile became a teasing grin, “you don’t have to answer that, I think this speaks for itself !” and her hands moved up to cup around the massive bulge in my shorts !! gently brushing over it and cause it to leap into even greater hardness ! “that looks, so, so uncomfortable” she crooned, “I think we should do something about it, don’t you ?” and she reached up and undid the button at the top of my shorts and eased down the zipper ! it sounded incredibly loud in the quiet of the room, and I quickly glanced over at Michael. He was leaning forward in his chair eagerly watching what Vanessa was doing, an expression of pure delight on his face.

Meanwhile Vanessa tugged gently at my shorts, and without even thinking I lifted up from the chair and she slid them right off, my cock was almost exploding through my under pants ! and she sucked in her breath sharply, “My word, you are excited, aren’t you, and so deliciously big !! I wonder if I can make it even bigger ?” and she leaned back on her heals and lifted the half top up over her head and cast it aside, and I sucked in my breath sharply at the sight of her magnificent breasts ! breasts that I’d only previously fantasized about seeing, and here they were, right in front of my eyes, so ripe, so firm, so incredibly mouth watering !! and my cock took yet another giant leap, much to Vanessa’s delight !! Then Michael spoke up for the first time, his voice incredibly hoarse, “Take them off, take off those pants, you know you’ve been dying for years to see your brother’s illegal bahis siteleri cock, to touch it, to suck it ! don’t wait any longer !” and Vanessa didn’t, reaching up to hook her fingers into the waist band, she dragged them down over my swollen cock and it leapt into the air, almost colliding with her face, and she gasped loudly, kneeling there wide eyed as she gazed at my bobbing, throbbing cock ! I’d always been told by females that I was pretty well endowed in the cock department at a little over 8 inches, and Vanessa certainly seemed to be impressed “Mmmm” she whispered, and Michael had to lean forward to hear her, “such a beautiful, beautiful cock, and so big !!” she seemed quite lost in a world of her own, so I leaned forward and cupped my hands around her ripe breasts, rubbing my fingers gently over their swollen nipples, “and you’ve got such incredibly sexy breasts, Sis, if you only knew how many times I ached to see them, ached to touch them ! oh yes, you’re quite right, I fantasized about you then and I fantasize about you still, but I don’t want to fantasize any more, I want to fuck my horny little sister, right now !!”

My words seemed to snap her out of her reverie, and she straightened up and smiled, “I always used to call you big brother, but I never dreamed it would be this true !” and she reached out and stroked her hand up and down the length of my cock ! “Oh yes, big brother, you really are going to fuck your little sister, right here and now !” and pushing herself to her feet she quickly slid both her shorts and her pants from her body and stood before me totally naked ! as I stood up and took her into my arms and gently kissed her we were both totally oblivious of Michael’s presence, all the desires pent up over those years cascaded to the surface and the gentle kiss became a hungry, passionate exchange of lips and tongues, as our hands roamed over each other’s bodies, then we slowly sank to the floor and without any apparent guidance from either of us, my cock slid quickly and easily into her tight, hot pussy ! her head flew back and she cried out “Oh yes, fuck me big brother, fuck me !! oh god, I’ve wanted this so long, and it feels so good, oh I do love having your big cock inside me, harder, harder ! fuck me, fuck me !” her words were driving me wild and I rammed my cock as deep as I could into her steaming pussy, over and over and over again, while my mouth hungrily ravaged her breasts and her incredibly large nipples ! they seemed to have grown an inch since we started – something I was to find out later that was the physical sign for her that she was nearing her orgasm ! “Oh yes, little sister, you’re so tight and so hot, so beautiful , so sexy, and so damn horny I don’t ever want to stop fucking you !!: I cried out, feeling the juice in my own balls begin to bubble and knowing that I was close to exploding, so I rammed harder, and she screamed louder ! then we both came ! my juices shooting deep into her writhing pussy, her own hot juices cascading over my spurting cock, and our bodies shook and shuddered and bounced up and down on the floor ! I don’t know how long our orgasms lasted, our bodies seemed to feed off each other with waves of electricity passing back and forth, but we ended with a deep passionate kiss and a gentle stroking of each other’s bodies until we became aware of the presence of Michael once again, he had discarded his own clothes and was sitting cross legged along side of us sporting a magnificent erection which Vanessa gleefully rolled over to and began to suck lustily ! and it didn’t take long for her to bring him to a shuddering, groaning explosion too !!

Afterwards the three of us lay around naked, sipping another round of cool refreshing drinks that Michael had insisted on fetching from the kitchen, and I was surprised that they seemed just as glowing with canlı bahis siteleri each other as they had always done, looking at them, you would never have guessed that only a short while ago Vanessa was wildly fucking her own brother ! Vanessa related some of the amusing attempts she reckoned she’d made to catch my attention when we were teenagers, and I admitted to the schemes I’d tried to get even a quick glimpse of her gorgeous body, and the times I’d lain awake masturbating over a picture of her in bather’s that I’d sneaked from the family album. We were propped side by side against the couch and she reached up and stroked my cheek “and did tonight make up for all those frustrations ?”, she asked, with a grin “Well” I said, returning her grin “at the risk of offending Michael I’d have to say I wish I had been the one to pop your cherry ! and we’ve wasted a lot of years just dreaming, so I hope tonight was just the first of many !!”

Vanessa turned to look around at Michael and chuckled in an almost evil way “I think my big brother wants to fuck me some more” she said, “and how do you feel about that?” asked Michael, a hot look coming into his eyes, “Oh, I want him to fuck me lots and lots and lots” she said impishly, and Michael groaned, then Vanessa’s tongue came out to brush across her lips and I saw the slight jerk of her throat as she swallowed, “and there’s still one cherry left to pop ! how would you feel about Ben fucking my ass ?” she asked. Michael’s whole body seemed to convulse and his cock leapt into instant hardness, and Vanessa grinned hotly “While you are fucking my pussy at the same time !!” she said. There wasn’t any need for either of us to answer the question, our rock hard cocks said it all !! and it wasn’t long before Vanessa was straddling Michael, her pussy firmly wedged onto his throbbing cock and her ass waving in the air as my red hot cock slid slowly into her virgin asshole !!! god she was tight ! tight and hot, and feeling Michael’s cock throbbing through the thin membrane of skin as I thrust deeply into her ass was the most erotic and electrifying experience I’d ever had !! having two cocks inside her seemed to drive Vanessa right over the top and she alternately cried out for Michael to fuck her, and for me to fuck her, and we both tried our best to comply ! but it wasn’t long in that threshing heat that we were both unloading our cum juice into her gyrating body !! and Vanessa was having the loudest, most violent orgasm of her short life !! afterwards we all three lay exhausted, still entwined, my cock still jammed up her ass and Michael’s up her pussy ! and we fell asleep.

A long time later, I awoke to find my softened cock had slid from Vanessa’s ass, so trying not to disturb them, I moved away and got to my feet and tiptoed out to the kitchen to get myself a nice cold drink, then wandered out to the back garden to let the cooling breeze wash over my sweaty body. Shortly afterwards, the back door opened and a still naked Vanessa emerged, walking straight up to me and throwing her arms around my neck, “Thank you so much, big brother, I was so afraid you’d be too shocked and would run away or refuse, as soon as Michael first raised the subject of a threesome, I knew it had to be you because I’d wanted you so long, but I didn’t realise you’d wanted me for so long too ! I wasn’t sure how Michael would react to me with my own brother, and at first he was a bit uncertain, but he could see how much I wanted it even if I couldn’t explain why, and now that it’s happened, I am just so, so happy, how about you ?” I moved her away to arms length and looked deep into her eyes, “this has been the most fantastic night of my life, you are even more beautiful, exciting and sexy than I ever dreamed possible and there will never be a time when I wont be there for you in whatever way you want me !!” She slid urgently back into my arms, “Oh Ben, fuck me again, fuck me right now !!” so I did ! and when Michael still didn’t put in an appearance I fucked my hot little sister all over again !! and we both loved it !!

Mmmm, life is looking so much brighter now !!!

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