Butch Black Girls


Man, sometimes I don’t know how I end up in these situations. Right now, I’m on all fours, face down and ass up on a locker room bench. And guess what? I’ve got a ten-inch Black dick buried so deep in my asshole, you can’t tell where it ends and I begin. Well, you can but you’d have to get really, really close. My name is Carlotta Moines. I’m a five-foot-eleven, busty and kind of curvy, dark-skinned Haitian woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. And there’s nothing I love more than a big dick up my big round ass. Oh, yeah. And it’s frigging awesome.

The dick in question belongs to my man Chaz Hyacinthe. He’s a big and tall, ruggedly handsome Black guy I met a few days ago at a party in the dorms of Carleton University. The younger brother of Temissa, one of my sorority sisters. And he’s all man! Chaz grips my wide hips tightly as he slams his dick deep into my asshole. I squeal as he slams that awesome cock of his into my shit hole. I love cock. Which would surprise the hell out of my friends because I’m a Butch woman. The toughest breed of Dykes out there. Yes, you can be a Butch woman and be Bisexual. It isn’t exactly common but it happens. Let no one tell you otherwise. Chaz smacks my big Black butt as he fucks me in the ass and I absolutely love it.

Most of the time, I love chasing women. I love pussy. And I’ve fucked all kinds of women with my trusty strap-on dildo. Black women. White women. Asian women. Hispanic women. Arab women. Native American women. I don’t discriminate when it comes to pussy. I am quite dominant with most of my women but sometimes, I like to be submissive with men. Only the most illegal bahis dominant of men ever stand a chance with me. I can spot them just by looking. That’s why I was attracted to Chaz. I’m big and tall, and I’ve got extremely short hair on top of it. And I love to wear masculine clothes. Most men and women I meet seem to automatically assume I’m a Lesbian. And most of the time I don’t bother correcting them.

Sometimes, my Butch status can be a bit of a hindrance. Lately, in the Lesbian community, there’s been a trend of Femmes dating Femmes. More than one queer woman I flirted with told me that she found me too masculine for her taste. Whatever. When I go over to the Straight side of the force, I also run into the same dilemma. It seems most men aren’t into tomboys and masculine women. I don’t know why. I’ve got a pussy just like every other woman on the planet. What do I have to do to get mine filled with dick?

Anyhow, as I was saying, I was at this sorority mixer at Carleton University. Just trying to get my freak on. My mostly Black sorority was throwing this bash and invited a lot of the Black male students from Carleton along with some Black guys from the University of Ottawa to attend. I was dancing with this Straight-but-curious Jamaican chick named Adrienne when I sensed someone looking at me. It was a big and tall Black stud from the Carleton University Rugby team. His name was Chaz and he saw right through me. My butch exterior didn’t slow him down one bit. He’s the kind of man who always goes for what he wants.

Chaz barks cuss words at me as he fucks me in the ass. Face down and ass up, illegal bahis siteleri that’s the way my man likes to fuck. And I absolutely cannot get enough of it. Chaz is fucking me in the locker room of the Women’s Rugby team of our University. Someone could walk in at any time. And neither of us gives a damn. We’re too busy fucking. My ass muscles grip Chaz member like a vise. I feel the deliciously hot pain of his dick ramming deep into my ass. It’s so amazingly intense. I can’t get enough of it. Anal sex is amazing. Nothing can make you feel alive the way it can. Absolutely nothing. Trust me on that one.

Prior to getting butt-fucked by Chaz, I made sure we were both ready. I kissed him full and deep, and unbuttoned his red flannel shirt. I patted the growing bulge in his pants, and knew at once how badly he wanted me. I unzipped his jeans, and out came his dick. Ten inches long, thick and all gnarly. He was uncircumcised, which doesn’t bother me at all. I’m not Jewish or Muslim. Or religious at all. I mostly go to churches to pick up sexually confused women. I knelt before Chaz and took his cock into my mouth. And just like that, I started sucking him off. Chaz leaned against a nearby locker and let me know exactly how he liked his dick sucked. It had been a while since I went down on a guy. Most of the time, those full lips of mine are teasing and probing some hot woman’s pussy. Well that day, they wrapped themselves around Chaz dick like my life depended on it.

I sucked him good, licking his dick head and flicking my fingers over his balls. Chaz moaned in surprised pleasure. I fingered my pussy while canlı bahis siteleri I sucked him off. Soon he was quivering, and I knew what was up. The dude was about to unload. I don’t normally did this but I let him blow up in my mouth. I sucked him dry. Chaz sighed in pleasure. Afterwards he wanted to fuck my cunt but I had a different idea. Back shots. I simply love them. Chaz was down with that. Has a man ever actually turned down anal sex with a woman? I doubt it.

For our backdoor fun, we had to do it right. Luckily, Chaz had condoms in his pocket and I had some lotion in my gym back. We made good use of both. And that’s how I ended up face down and ass up on the bench, deep inside the women’s locker room, with Chaz dick in my ass. He fucked me hard. Just bent me over the bench, made me spread my ass cheeks and lubricated me up before shoving in his magic stick. He fucked me hard, drilling his dick into the forbidden depths of my tight asshole. I screamed, I cried and I came time and again. It was beyond amazing. If you haven’t tried anal sex a few times, you definitely haven’t lived. I’m a Butch Black woman and I’m in praise of backdoor loving. What does that say about it? It rocks!

That experience changed me. I walked funny for a while but it was worth it. Chaz and I definitely are going to hook up more often. I need that magic stick of his. I crave it inside me, deep down where the sun doesn’t shine. My pussy gets wet at the mere thought of it. After fucking, Chaz and I showered together and then he hastily exited the women’s locker room, but not before I promised to drop by his dorm later. Just in case I needed a tune-up. I think I’m falling in love with dick again. Now, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop chasing women. I love pussy. However, I’m definitely going to be riding Chaz’s magic stick regularly. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

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