Butter Her Butt

It was a lazy Sunday morning, and we had just finished off a huge stack of flapjacks, slathered in butter and maple syrup, for breakfast. My roommate, Rick, was out of town for the weekend, with his band, “Barefoot and Pregnant”, and Pamela and I had the place to ourselves. Pushing aside our dishes for the moment, we sat in front of the TV, looking for something other than a televangelist’s broadcast to watch. We found a re-run of “Gilligan’s Island”, and put down the remote, cuddling in each other’s arms on the sofa. After a busy week, and an equally busy weekend, we had no other plans than to sit like lumps in our bathrobes, and watch the boob-tube.

As is often the case when I have a lovely lady in my arms, my hands started roaming Pamela’s body, almost of their own will. Slipping my hand under her robe, I gently stroked the skin between her sensitive breasts with the tips of my fingers, and Pamela cuddled in closer, her own hand moving slowly over my thigh. I don’t know how long we sat like this, just caressing each other, but we sat through at least two episodes of “Gilligan”, and were halfway through “Andy Griffith”, when Pamela tugged at the sash of my robe, and began caressing my balls. My cock began to grow slowly harder as she played with my balls, and I began fingering her perky nipples. I kissed her softly, and slipped my tongue between her parted lips. The kiss gradually became more urgent, as our passion grew, and we tore each other’s robes off, throwing them onto the floor.

Grabbing up the bottle of pancake syrup, I poured a few drops on each of her nipples. Cleaning the sweet goo off of her tits with my tongue, I took her sighs to mean that she liked it, and poured more syrup over her breasts. Flicking my tongue over her perky tits, I cleaned her up again, as she started stroking my cock with her small but talented hands.

Taking the syrup from me, Pamela coated my manhood with the sticky substance, and then started licking my cock; flicking her tongue over the head, and illegal bahis running it up and down the shaft. Slipping it into her mouth, she sucked my cock, and hungrily slurped at the syrup. Her tongue felt fantastic on my hard cock, and soon I was moaning and groaning like a man possessed. My body shook, as I approached orgasm, and I stopped just in time, and pulled out of her mouth. I almost came in Pamela’s face, as she licked a small droplet of pre-cum off of the tip of my cockhead.

I was now ready for another helping of breakfast, so I snatched the syrup back from Pamela, and started pouring it liberally over her thighs, and let it drip haphazardly over her belly and her cunt. Following the trail of syrup over her body with my tongue, I made Pamela squirm with pleasure. Teasingly, I avoided her cunt for now, and concentrated on cleaning the syrup from her tummy and her thighs. Her body shook a bit as I tickled her with my tongue, running it from her ribs to her hips; I paused to drink the syrup from her navel, and Pamela spread her legs wide as I licked them clean.

Not caring in the least that I was getting my beard sticky, I began licking the syrup from Pamela’s sweet cunt. I noted that this was one hundred times better than the flapjacks we’d finished earlier, and I proceeded to lick the platter clean. I ran my tongue between her pussy lips, and slowly around her clitoris, before plunging it deep into her love-hole. Pamela began moaning loudly as I tongue-fucked her, and she ground her sticky cunt into my face. I continued eating her, and soon the flood of her love-juices mixed with the gooey syrup, and I don’t know which was sweeter.

And I was hungrier than ever!

With my urging, Pamela got on all fours in front of the sofa, and I applied more syrup to her body. I drew several lines up and down her back, and I drew concentric circles on each of her buttocks. Nibbling from time to time, I licked the sticky trail of syrup from her back, and reached under to pull on her hard nipples.

Sexily illegal bahis siteleri swaying her ass in front of me, Pamela moaned her pleasure, as I started licking the syrup from her buttocks. I took my time about it, and I ran my tongue over every inch of Pamela’s lovely round ass-cheeks, licking up every drop of syrup from her hot flesh. Her moans came louder and louder as my tongue got closer and closer to her asshole. She loves it when I lick her ass, and I knew that’s what she wanted me to do, but I was going to make her ask for it. So I continued to tease her, licking and nibbling her buttocks, and slipping my tongue between them, tantalizingly close to her asshole. I flicked my tongue once over the outer rim of her anus, before going back to her buttocks, and she nearly whimpered when I did so.

Finally she’d had enough hoping, and she placed the bottle of syrup in my hand. “Pour some on my asshole,” she said in a whisper, “and then lick it clean.” I did as she asked, because I love to please her, and also because it is what I wanted to do in the first place. Squeezing the bottle, I shot a thick blob of syrup between her ass-cheeks, and I used my fingers to spread it around, and coat her asshole with it. Pushing her sticky buttocks apart with my hands, I proceeded to run my tongue along the crack of her ass, catching the syrup as it dripped down. Again, Pamela’s moans got louder and louder as I licked closer and closer to her anus, but this time I would not deny her her desire. I circled her asshole with my tongue, rimming her sweet puckered anus, and licked every bit of syrup from it. Her body trembled with pleasure as I rubbed her clit with my fingers, and licked her asshole. She pushed her ass against my face, and ground her pussy to my hand, and she screamed in pleasure as I penetrated her anus with my tongue. Her body was a mass of contracted muscle as she climaxed, and “Oh, GOD!” coated my hand in her cum.

Using the sofa for support, Pamela swayed her canlı bahis siteleri hips sexily at me, and she pleaded with me to fuck her ass. I was bound and determined to do just that, but I didn’t want to take the time to get the lubricant from the bedroom, so I took the tub of melting butter from our breakfast, and using the butter-knife, spread a generous amount over her buttocks. Then, with my hands, I moved it between her cheeks, and smeared it over her asshole. There was still plenty left on my hands, so I stroked my still-hard cock, slathering it with butter, too.

Kneeling behind Pamela, I touched her asshole with the tip of my cock, and she sighed sexily. The butter turned out to be the perfect lube, and I effortlessly slipped my cock into her asshole as she pushed her hips back towards me. Reaching around to massage her clit, I slowly and gently fucked her ass, and Pamela moaned in ecstasy. In no time, my climax was imminent, and I had to stop all motion for a moment or two. Pamela waited impatiently for me to start fucking her again, but she enjoyed my manual attentions on her clit.

When the danger had passed, I moved my cock deep inside her ass, and then pulled slowly back out. I did this again and again, each time moving in a little bit faster, a little bit harder, but pulling out slower still. Soon, Pamela was pounding her buttocks against my hips, impaling herself on my rock-hard cock, and she placed a hand over mine pushing my finger into her cunt. I fucked her ass harder and faster, and fingered her cunt, and massaged her clit, coaxing her orgasm from her. I was close, and I knew that I couldn’t possibly stop myself from cumming in her ass this time.

Biting Pamela’s shoulder, I fucked her ass with wild abandon, encouraged by her voluptuous moans of pleasure, and soon we were both shuddering violently. Our cries of joy filled the room, and my semen filled Pamela’s asshole, as her own orgasm flowed from her pussy like a hot spring.

We managed, somehow, to crawl back up onto the sofa, before collapsing in a heap. After a long luxuriant cuddle on the sofa, we regained our sapped energy, and we were able to clear away the dishes, before we went in for a nice, hot shower.

What a lovely way to spend a lazy Sunday.

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