Buying Panties with Mom


My mother did it one day. I had no idea it was going to happen until it was already happening, and I had no choice but to go along with it. This is the best I can recall of exactly what happened during that forty-five minutes that in some ways will always stay with me.

First off, let me tell you that my mother is a truly sexy woman, and we have been living secretly as husband and wife for years. She’s fairly well-off, and she has this thing she likes for us to do, and we do it several times a year. She and I will go to some far-off place and take a vacation, as husband and wife. We let everyone assume that we’re a May-December romance, and because my mother is so stunningly attractive, and because she’s obviously the one who has all the money, I imagine that most people figure I got the better end of the deal, and don’t think twice about it. We’ve lived out this secret play so many times, I can’t count it. She has the money to go to nice, out-of-the-way vacation spots.

During one of our visits, a few years ago, my mother did something completely unexpected at the lingerie store. Of course, we had always had intense pleasure visiting lingerie stores on our past vacations, and picking out panties that were supposedly for her, acting as if we were husband and wife. We’d done that tons of times, and the sex afterward, with all the panty play, was always fantastic. When we went into this particular lingerie shop in a less-frequented section of London, on that particular day, there were a few customers, but my mother asked one of the sales ladies over (I’m still certain that she intentionally picked the sexiest one) and asked if she could have her assistance for a while. The girl was in her early twenties. She dressed very fashionably, with a distinctive style, and had an unusually distinctive and beautiful face. Her accent sounded so sexy. This was my impression of her when she asked my mother how she could help her. I instantly wanted her. My mother then said something that made my blood freeze. It literally felt like that. I could feel the sense of paralysis creeping up my legs. Keep in mind, we weren’t in a foreign-enough country where the girl didn’t hear and understand my mother completely the first time. She didn’t have to struggle to make the girl understand. She was very plain. She said, “Can you please help me pick out some panties for my son to wear?”

My worst fear (or, at least, the beginning of my worst fear) came true. She didn’t immediately respond. The sales girl simply stood there for a while, not leaving us alone, or even backing up, and not paying any attention to anyone except us. It’s just that she was thinking the casino siteleri situation over, and it was obvious what she was thinking. All three of us knew it was obvious, and all three of us knew that when she said something in response, it was going to be her decision. I didn’t feel turned on at this point. I felt like everyone was about to find out the truth, and even when you’re thousands of miles from home, and no one at home is going to know the real truth, because it can’t pass that far, at least some people are going to look at you and know your secret. I figured the secret was out. As it turned out, it wasn’t. The girl finally smiled, not in a perky, fake way, but in a genuinely warm fashion, and she said to both of us, “Sure. I’d be happy to find something that suits your son perfectly.”

The second completely unexpected event of the day then took place. This sales girl did something that I will always think about. She led us to where they kept the panties, and no one ever realized that we were mother and son, because she acted completely normal. She kept the secret, and that meant that she was part of it. She was in on it, and it seemed possible that she might actually like it.

She started to show us various pairs, asking very discreetly about my preferences. We soon moved from panties that I had no interest in, like thongs, or see-throughs, and found our way to the panties that I did like: the full, satiny panties that cover your cock and your bottom in secret pleasure.

I found out what the sales girl was thinking when she asked me, in a very quiet voice, “Are these the sort of panties that turn you on?”

She actually wanted to know. My mother interrupted, and said, just as quietly, “Yes. These are the kind that turn him on the most.”

That was it. My mother had basically answered the question that had been hanging in the air ever since she had first brought the sales girl over, and she had agreed to cooperate in a mother buying panties for her son. The answer was that my mother and I were having sex. We were living in incest, and the panties were meant for her to put on me while we made love. All this was suddenly clear, and all three of us knew it.

The sales girl was thoughtful for a second, and then seemed to have made up her mind. She asked us to please hold on for a second, and she went over to one of the ladies working in the store–presumably her manager–and said something no one could overhear between the two of them. There seemed to be some agreement, and the sales girl came back over. Without saying a word, she started walking toward the back of the store, and when we got to the dressing rooms, she slot oyna stopped, and turned to us. We stopped in our steps and she said to us quietly, “You’re lucky there’s no one in the store right now, or my boss wouldn’t let me do this. Hurry up and get in here.” She opened the closest door, and all three of us quickly slipped inside.

The second the sales girl had locked the door and tested the knob, she turned around and, looking me right in the eye, told me to undress. I paused. My mother said, quietly, “That’s my job, sweetie.” The sales girl whispered, “Let me watch you undress your son then.”

I have to take a second to explain that this happens to us sometimes. I’m in good shape, and I’m handsome, and of course my mother takes peoples’ breath away, so every so often we end up living out some kind of sexual fantasy. It actually does happen outside the pages of dirty magazines.

Anyway, my mother began to pull off my shirt, kissing my bare skin as she uncovered it. When the top half of me was nude, she undid the button of my trousers very quickly, with skillful movements, and then, holding the button still together, she unzipped me, so that, because she was still holding the trousers together, I wasn’t yet revealed. My mother moved a little to the side, so that the sales girl had a direct view, and my mother slowly opened my trousers up, making it clear that I was wearing a pair of pink satin briefs underneath. Suddenly she yanked my trousers to my feet, and she leaned back. The three of us remained in silence. My mother and the sales girl, I knew, were both admiring the look of my hard cock pushing out against the silky panties. I was standing there letting them see me, and feeling more erotic by the second.

The sales girl very slowly, very gently, slid her hands inside her neat business skirt, and she slipped her panties down her legs. They turned out to be white satin, with a lace border in the front and back. Very good quality satin, as it turned out. She really knew her panties. Without a word, she knelt next to my mother, and began to pull down my pink silk panties. My mother immediately helped, and so they each took a side and pulled. My cock was caught for a second, in which I thought I would explode, and then it was free, and the panties were being pulled down my legs by both of them.

The sales girl lifted up my feet one at a time to remove the panties, and then, very gently, repeated the procedure, lifting up each of my feet in turn, in order to change my panties. They were her panties she was making me wear. She and my mother each took a side, and slowly, almost too slowly, but not quite, began lifting the sales girl’s canlı casino siteleri panties up my legs, until finally I could feel the satin wrapping tightly around my balls. They did not tuck my cock into the panties. Neither of them felt inclined to do so.

As as if they both just knew what they should do, they began to take turns putting my penis in their mouths, all the time rubbing my balls and my bottom through the sales girl’s panties. I had four hands rubbing me, and they were passing my throbbing cock between their mouths. They had different styles of sucking, and different methods of moving their tightly-wrapped lips up and down. When one of them wasn’t sucking, she would speak directly to me, very quietly. For instance, the sales girl gave one final dramatic suck to my still-hard cock, and then my mother quickly slid it into her own mouth. When the sales girl had her mouth free, she kissed her own panties, which I was wearing, pulled a bit at the edges, and said to me, “My panties look beautiful on you. I feel so wet right now. Please come in my mouth. Those are my panties after all. Let me taste your come.” Then she gently pulled my penis out of my mom’s mouth, and put it back into hers. This continued on for a very long while, since my mom had really taught her son how to last, over the years. Finally it was the sales girl who swallowed my come. I just happened to go over the top when my cock was in her mouth, although it was the feel of my mother tugging at the back of my panties, and rubbing my bottom, that made me explode. The sales girl sucked until I was done coming, and left my penis completely free of come. She had taken it all, and there was a lot of it.

The sales girl stood up and smoothed her skirt, and declared quietly, “I’ll leave you two alone. Please come out one at a time.” She then eased her way out of the room, and my mother and I were left alone. My mother was still fully dressed, and I was naked, except for the panties that the sales girl had picked out that morning. I was standing up, and my mother pulled me down beside her, and, within the confines of the room, began to kiss me slowly, all over my body. She also caressed my body with her soft hands. I began to become hard again, and once she noticed this, she reached into my panties, and began to rub my asshole. She sucked me very slowly, and even though she took her time, no one ever bothered us. Eventually I came a second time in that small dressing room, into my mother’s mouth this time, although she did the same thing the sales girl did. She sucked until I was clean.

Finally, completely exhausted, she helped me put my clothes back on, and we discreetly exited the store. There were no stares. No one knew what had just happened. We went down the street, at a very comfortable, relieved pace, and eventually ate at a little restaurant where we could sit alone.

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